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(generated from captions) to remember that if Rudd can get anywhere near 50 seats I think that will be considered internally that Rudd 2 was a success. They were heading for a 35-seat, 30-seat wipe out so he was done the job he was brought back to do which is save the furniture in some way but it's still going to be a very tough day.Everyone watching will grown when I suggest this possibility but is it possible in your view that we could be going to another election, a double dissolution at some point soon because of the whole carbon tax repeal issue in the Senate?Well the Senate is the great unknown and no-one can predict what will happen in the Senate. The Coalition won't get a majority but it may be a situation where there's a balance of power that's ameanable to the agenda the Coalition has. Even if Coalition can't get its carbon tax removal through it's not going to rush off to a double dissolution. It would stack up some double dissolution bills and hold the election close to the due time anyway. I don't think everyone should worry about rushing off at the end of the polls and let's hope there is a Senate that's workable. For most of the time of the Howard Government we didn't have the numbers in the Senate, we had to negotiate through a Senate with the Democrats in the balance of power and we achieved a lot. So it can be done.Gentlemen, we're out of time but thank you very much, it's been a pleasure program
to have you in.And that's the program for tonight. Don't forget to stay with the ABC tomorrow as election night unfolds from 6pm eastern time
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your mobile. I'll be back at 7:00 on your mobile. I'll be 7:00 on Sunday night for a one-hour news special analysing one-hour news the outcome. Hope you join me then but the goodnight.Captions by CSI Australia


On air and online. This is the program where television meets the web. I'm Matt Cargill and this is News Exchange. Live.
This Program is Captioned In the news - election eve - Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott wrap up their final pitches to voters. More than 1.2 responses to the ABC's Vote Compass yields some surprising results. And US and British spy reportedly crack the codes that protects the world's emails, bank accounts and medical at the
records. Later, a closer look at the social media election. As Australia goes to the poll who has dominated in the digital domain.As we head into neck
the final stretch, it's almost neck and neck.What do you think - who has run the better race online and has your vote been won or lost on social platforms? Here is how you can connect with News Exchange: Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are wrapping Kevin Rudd are wrapping up campaign 2013. The Opposition Leader has he
posted this to Twitter. He says he was conducting live crosses talking about his positive was on
plans for the future. The PM was on the NSW Central Coast making his own pitch to undecided voters. Almost 15 million people will decide at the ballot box and late polls suggest it won't be a Labor victory. Here is chief political correspondent, Mark Simkin.Kevin Rudd really is cooking with gas.Come on over.But Labor's campaign, that's looking a little underdone.Are any of these ready yet?Not quite.Many of his own MPs expect it will be messy. Some doubt Labor will pick up a single seat. Others expect to lose between 10 and 20. If the PM's got any doubts, he isn't showing it.We intend to prevail on election day.APPLAUSE.He has been buoyed by an 11th hour bug in the Coalition's operating systemI said to Mr Abbott what happened with this debacle of internet censorship policy. It was "Well, well, well - any way - we're not doing that more or less".I'm happy to take responsibility, happy to take personal full responsibility for every mistake the Coalition makes.Last night Coalition HQ released this policy paper. It proposed what is supposed to be Liberal heresy, an internet porn filter with little strings attached.This is a rough beginning.Entsch rougher ending. The Coalition dropped the policy.There was a failure of quality control.That is symptomatic of evasion and deception.While Tony Abbott is likely to control the Lower House.The Senate could be another matter.They go for the blue tie.In his final pitch, the Opposition Leader is urging voters to avoid Independents and minor parties, arguing that something that looks cute can still bite you.Sure, they might be fun. Sure, they might be different. But they will damage our country and damage our Government.I've never been in the business of would have, could have, should have. It's a bunch of hypotheticals.He is doing his sums. The PM reckons he needs to persuade he needs to persuade 400,000 voters to switch camps.I have news for you my friends. This election ain't over yet. I have news for you - there's fight in the old dog yet.Mark Simkin reporting. The major parties are active on social media. One street from Labor:

The Liberal Party posted this image quoting Tony Abbott:

Antony Green is the ABC's election analyst. He has been crunching the numbers and looking at where the election will be won and lost.From 6pm Saturday night the results will roll on in. No daylight saving in Queensland, so all the seats will come in at once. The trends might differ from state to state. In Tasmania, Labor is expecting a bloodbath one of those to go is Jeff Lyons in Bass. Across Bass Strait in Victoria, Labor may do slightly better but will lose seats like Corangamite where Darren Cheeseman is trying to get elected for a third term. Adam Bandt is highly likely to be defeated because of the Liberal's change of preferences. The danger is north of the Murray River in NSW where the party is at risk of losing seats and most of them will be in Western Sydney. Seats like Lindsay held by David Bradbury. Even next door in McMahon, Chris Bowen, the Treasurer he is in a safer seat but he may be defeated at this election. Labor gain seats in Queensland where Kevin Rudd's gain seats Kevin Rudd's home state would deliver a few gains for Labor. There are very few Labor seats in Brisbane. Labor had hoped to push the blue sets seats into the red column but now many are at risk. Labor needs to gain seats. That's the key thing to say about this election. If we fill in the chamber with the seats as we are starting at 6pm on Saturday night, the Labor Party won 72 seats at the last election, the Coalition, 73. The Coalition will gain two seats with the retirement of the Independents. The Coalition needs one more seat to get into Government. Labor needs four. At this stage, all the polls are pointing a swing to the examples Coalition. The swings are to the Coalition in every State. It looks like Tony Abbott should be PM after Saturday night.The ABC has been tracking the electorates visited by the two leaders over five weeks. In total there were more than 160 of them. Reporters Nick Dole and Melissa Clarke look back on the journey to polling day. There was always a wow factor. Celebrity fascination with Kevin Rudd was as strong as ever.Lovely, thank you.If one star didn't burn brightly enough, why not turn to another.He's from Queensland and he's here to help as well.At showgrounds and on the streets, the read-out on public mood was positive.Kevin.But voters worried in NSW and Queensland were reading something else.They don't like us and would like to give us the old heave-ho.Time for the fight back.If he wins, you lose.On Tony Abbott's spending plans.Cut, cut, cut to the bone.On parental leaveCrazy idea to give $75,000 to millionaires.Kevin Rudd was thinking big. He had a revolutionary plan for a NT tax haven.I believe in the Territory. I love the Territory.He promised half a billion dollars for the industry. billion dollars for the car
industry. He wanted to move the biggest Naval industry. He wanted to move biggest Naval Base in the
land.We industry. He wanted to move the land.We have got biggest Naval land.We have got to build
things up, biggest Naval Base in the
land.We things up, haven't we?And things up, haven't we?And look to power up the high speed to coast rail to power up the high coast rail network. But the campaign came coast rail network. But campaign came close to de
railing in the second coast rail network. But the railing in the second last week.This is a $10 billion week.This fraud.The Treasury and budget office spoke out against misuse of their documents. The heat was on. The fight of Kevin Rudd's life just got tougher.I've been in tougher spots than this and have come from behind before!APPLAUSE. Kevin Rudd's five-week fight for office is almost over. If he doesn't win it, Australia's 26th PM will hand over to its 28th. Nick Dole reports the man who began his run for office three long years ago. I've got the gorilla vote, obviously.Vigorous and rigorous, there was never a vote he wouldn't chase.Five seconds, ready!Working up to the pinnacle he likened to Everest.The last few paces are the most dangerous.He drew on the second generation of Abbotts.Bridgie, babe, you have got things under control?Control? They sometimes wished he had more.I think I can say he had a bit of sex appeal.A daggy dad moment.Parenthood was never more important to Tony Abbott, paying $5 billion for it, never a greater shouldn't you be paid at your shouldn't you be full wage on parental leave.Mr Abbott had two core commodities to market. Taxes to axe.If you want to scrap the carbon tax, you have to vote for the Coalition.And boats to stop.We run this country and we decide who comes here.Those themes were the ones he had run on continuously for three years, adding some trust, a message about maturity and one about no surprises and the pitch was complete.We have the team and we are ready.Three years ago, Tony Abbott pulled an all-nighter hurling himself into the final Friday before polling day. 33 days in, he has that trademark energy but is If he
keeping something in reserve. If he gets the prize he's after, he will probably need it.Nick Dole there. The ABC's Vote Compass has revealed the economy by far is the key issue for voters. The app has provided an insight into the views of the electorate with more than 1.2 million responses. Adrian Raschella has been reviewing the data. Over the five-week campaign Vote Compass attracted an extraordinary level of interest. More than 1.2 million people have logged on to the survey, with the economy rating the number one issue.They spend too much money.Us battlers are struggling and we're the ones that can't survive.Health, education and climate change are also important to people. On asylum seekers, Vote Compass showed ALP voters are split on the PNG solution while a majority of the Coalition supporters wants the boats turned back.If they want to come here, they should come the proper means.They should be allowed to settle in Australia.Early on, Vote Compass showed parochialism wasn't working in Kevin Rudd's favour in Queensland with Tony Abbott ahead on competence. A majority of Australians want mining companies to pay more tax with more restrictions on foreign ownership of agricultural land and coal seam gas exploration. Car industry subsidies weren't a vote winner, even in SA and Victoria. A majority of people support same-sex marriage, although Coalition voters are still divided. And all up, two work
million people struggled to work out how to vote for.I have no idea who to vote for. They are as bad as each other.I don't trust any.What is the most important issue in this campaignTo create work for the Australian people.If the economy is going down and down, one day we collapse.There is still time to take the survey at Vote Compass.To topics trending online. We election. The 'Age' the has endorsed Kevin Rudd and Ron Burgandy too. He has spoken Burgandy too. He has about the election.We laughed, we cried, we became distracted by Tony Abbott's banana hamock. I certainly did. And forgot a Labor Party ever existed. Good times, Australia. G20 leaders are meeting in St Petersburg, but there is little sign the world's leaders are moving towards agreement on the Syrian crisis. Russia is maintaining its opposition to a US military strike out UN authorisation. The US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power wrote on Twitter:

Mary Gearin has our report.

The will be a battle of wills between these two men - the US and Russian presidents. Smiles for the cameras at least but behind the scenes, both men will be trying to Marshall of
their allies on opposite sides of the Syrian question. It's not even Otto figures agenda but the summit's host say he gave way on one participants
point.TRANSLATION: Some participants asked me to give them time and the ability to policy
discuss other issues of foreign policy which were not on the agenda but which are important and urgent, above all the situation in Syria. I propose to do this during the dinner.Perhaps as a sign of the strained relations on the issue, the US leader turned up late to that issue, the US late to that dinner. While many are demanding a UN mandate before approving military action, it seems increasingly unlikely and America is clear on unlikely and on who to blame.Russia
continues to hold the council continues to hostage and shirk its international responsibilities, including as a party to the chemical weapons convention.While Britain's Parliament has already dealt that country out of any military response, PM David Cameron says he's carried to the summit new evidence from UK laboratories that sarin gas was used in Damascus. As the talk goes on against the grand backdrop of St Petersburg, it seems a long way from the conflict that split the world's leaders. US and British intelligence agencies have reportedly cracked the encryption that secures a wide range of online communications including emails, banking transactions and phone conversations. The claim is made in fresh documents leaked by fugitive American contractor, Edward Snowden to newspapers on three continents. The documents indicate the National Security Agency worked in conjunction with its British counterpart, GHCQ. They deciphered the even description by getting co-operation from technology companies and court orders. A new internet law that bans Vietnamese citizens from using social media has come into effect. Blogs and websites shouldn't be used to share news articles, banning the discussion of current affairs online. It also requires foreign internet companies to keep their local servers inside France-Presse
Vietnam. The news agency Agence France-Presse says it's erred in withdrawing an unflattering photograph of French President Francois Hollande who will. The pictures showed the French President with a Goofy smile in front of a school blackboard. AFP says the photo was pulled because of an editorial position. It admitted its mistake after the picture was widely shared on social media. Election 2013 hasn't just been fought out it's been playing out online. The parties and the leaders all have a major presence on social media, in particular Facebook and Twitter. They have been using platforms to make policy pitches and show they can engage with their constituencies online. In the final hours of the campaign, the election continues to feature in discussion on social networks. Now this Trendsmap
shows shows how Ausvotes and Auspol are shows how Ausvotes are dominating. There have been more tweets are dominating. more tweets since the election was called more tweets since the was called than in the entire was called than in the year leading up to the last
election. The year leading up to the election. The two leaders were election. The two leaders asked about their view on asked about their social asked about their view social media on radio.Is social media on social media important?Up to a point.My answer is absolutely, which is why we which is why we need broad want.Twitter has been the go-to platform. Adam Sharp says he is pleased with how both sides of politics have engaged with voters in 140 characters or less.You have seen both candidates taking voters along with them on the campaign trail. By following Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott on Twitter, you are there with the front row seat to the events they are going to, the doors they are knocking on, the people they are talking to and becoming part of that conversation. After one of the debates a few eveningsing a, Kevin Rudd said "I've time for a few more questions and started taking questions from regular voters, something Tony Abbott has done before. It's exciting to see how these candidates use Twitter to bring voters along for that ride. We are seeing voters and it's interesting to see the patterns. When the election debate as way nounsed, the bulk of the conversation was about Kevin Rudd, really a response to the calling of the election and setting of the date. Coming out of that first debate, the conversation turned more towards Tony Abbott. Now we were in the heat of a real campaign. As we head into the and
final stretch, it's almost neck and neck. A 50/50 conversation. The conversation revving up further and further, just as we are seeing off line. People coming out of their homes, joining the community discussion in their town squares and bringing that conversation discussion in their town
squares conversation on Twitter as decide who to vote for on Saturday of the the final stretch of the campaign is where the conversation becomes more about the political junkies and the entire community coming together in that global town square to discuss the issues ahead. You see a lot of the same patterns by candidates of tweeting photos and engaging with people directly. In many cases, you see Australian politicians embracing that even more fully than we saw last year in the US, because they start seeing that feedback loop and they see what a strong conversation there is for voters on the platform.Much the Auspol may be on Twitter. Facebook has 9 million daily users. The head of communications, Mia Garllick says politicians and parties have used a number of different ways to connect with voters.We have seen three different ways that people are connecting and engaging on Facebook. One is the Australian electorate. They have been talking to their friends and family about the politicians and political issues. But for the politicians directly, we have seen them posting up photos of what they are doing during the day, going out on the campaign hustings, meeting people. We have seen policy announcements and we have seen some great behind the scenes footage. Tony Abbott posted up a photo of himsz with his father to commemorate Father's Day. Just before the first debate we saw Kevin Rudd post up a photo of himself sitting at a desk with all the policy briefings in front of him saying "I've got all these policy briefings but does anyone have a good joke? "The Australian Communications and Media Authority has restated that suggest three million of us no longer have a Landline. There was also research done by the Romney campaign in the US that found that in a key swing State of Ohio there were two million voters not watching on TV, they were watching it online. People are two-screening. We are seeing people on Facebook while they are on TV and talking about it. Because people changed how they are communicating, it's important for our political leaders to be going to where the people are and connecting on social media.We have been asking you about the social media lex. Tristan says "Liberals weren't bombarding me with selfies. A modest and straightforward campaign". Another user "The WikiLeaks party, brilliant online campaign". Gavin, "Labor have run a far better social media campaign but to what benefit". Let us know your thoughts using Facebook or Twitter. Politicians the world over are taking to social networks. Latin Americans in particular are embracing platforms at a rapid rate and that's something the politicians are honing in on. Kathryn Stolarchuk reports. the politicians are honing on. Kathryn Stolarchuk Latin America is quickly overtaking the Latin America is overtaking the rest of the
world in Latin America is quickly
overtaking world in social media use. world has the second-highest world in social media use. It penetration rate behind the United penetration rate behind United States. And it's Twitter that is the preferred site foreign gauge meant with 7 of the most 25 world leaders hailing from the region. Among the most active is Argentinian President, Cristina Fernandez.I think there has been an evolution in the President's use of a tool like Twitter. I also think hey has become more comfortable communicating through this platform because it's easy to distinguish among politicians and public brands.Her posts range from musings over her love of the TV show 'Game of Thrones' to attacks on her political opponents and media outlets. She once tweeted 34 times in 32 minutes. For many Venezuelans, monitoring Twitter has become a must after Hugo Chavez joined in April 2010. Despite his death earlier this year, he has more than four million followers. The country's current President, has followed suit, using social media voters and the Opposition. TRANSLATION: To find out about incidents, events TRANSLATION: To find incidents, events or decisions being made, Venezuelan authorities do not communicate first by TV, radio or a speech, but through Twitter. That has caused us to be alert and monitoring constantly.Column bee an President, Juan Manuel Santos uses it to report on Government news or to take a position in disputes. TRANSLATION: I use Twitter, sometimes to send messages to clarify certain things, to communicate with the country. Because one puts out a tweet and immediately, if it's something important, it comes out in the media. Instead of making so many press conferences, one uses Twitter.Almost two-thirds of world leaders have joined the Twitterverse and it's no surprise that the most followed account belongs to US President Obama who boasted 35 million followers. But Latin American leaders are gaining ground one tweet at a

Samsung has beaten Apple to the punch when it comes to the smart watch. The company used the biggest electronics show in Berlin as the stage for the launch of the galaxy gear. It can act as an extension to a smartphone by alerting users to incoming messages and calls. Users will be able to make calls without using their phone. It's powered by Android. The product features a camera and can also work with a selection of social media applications. Welcome to the future. Thank you.APPLAUSE.The unveiling comes weeks before Apple is expected to launch its own smart watch.It's great to think it's something that is going to open the new category of computers. They did that three years ago with the first galaxy to now with the watch. It's going to be huge.Technology is being used to help exercise the brain. A video game has been tailored for people aged over 60 to help them multi-task. It's called NeuroRacer and involves doing two things at once. A number of volunteers have been trying out the game and researchers say they are encouraged by the results. Now for a look at tomorrow's weather, here is Jenny Woodward.

Hello everyone. In spite of the heavy cloud cover, there are light showers today about SA and Victoria. Also across to the Goldfields in WA. Temperatures a little bit below average under the cloud but the really cold air is well south of the continent. Hot, dry northerly air mass continues over Northern Australia. There is a little bit of cloud pushing into south-west Queensland but it's been too dry for any rain. The Tasman high has drifted north. Strong winds on the east coast will be contracting to north of Cairns by tomorrow. But that fresh to strong easterly flow continues across to the Territory and the fire weather warnings continue. In WA, this is the pressure system that will deepen and there will be showers and storms about the south-west quarter with heavier totals of up to 50mm expected. Also through southern Victoria and western parts of Victoria, a few showers about and frequent showers will continue on the tropical coast. For election

Comments on the media election, who has won the campaign "The Greens have run the best campaign which may pay off considering their voting base is young". Adam says "In Bass we had Bass votes. Do the social connection for the can't dats". On another matter, EC says, "Bring Ron Burgandy to will
host the election coverage". We will have to see for the next kilometres
one. A robot orbiting 340 kilometres above the earth at a speed of 27,000km/h an hour has called home. The Kirobo is on board the International Space Station. The Japanese robot had a special message when it spoke from space.

Translated it said robots take their first step towards a shining future. It is on board to conduct experiments and take orders from its astronaut Commander. That's News Exchange for this week. Check us out at NX. Thanks for watching. This program is not captioned.

This Program is Captioned Live. The top stories from ABC News. The PM and Opposition Leader have made their final campaign pitches ahead of polling day tomorrow. Kevin Rudd was on the NSW Central Coast declaring that Labor could still snatch victory. Tony Abbott was in Melbourne casting
warning of the danger of voters casting their ballot for Independents and minor parties. Parole has been revoked Skaf gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi less than a day after the parole short decided he could be released. He has served 13 years of a 16-year sentence. The Parole Authority decided his post release family accommodation was unsuitable. G20 leaders remain divided over Syria as they enter the final day of their summit. Rush is a maintaining opposition to a US