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This program is captioned live. Tonight, breaking news - the shock split
of James Packer and wife Erica. The leaders' last minute pitch
for votes before Australia goes to the polls. A Muslim man punished for sending hate mail
to families of dead diggers. A revolver and bullets found
in the garden of a childcare centre. And Angelina Jolie and family
settle into life in Sydney.

Good evening. To our election coverage
in a moment but first to the shock spilt Reporter Chris Maher joins us now
with details. Chris, what can you tell us? Mark, the couple was married
in France six years ago and have three children - son Jackson
and daughters Indigo and Emmanuelle. A short time ago,
the couple released a statement which says:

"It is with great sadness
that Erica and James Packer "announce their separation. "We remain deeply close friends
and incredibly proud parents½ "and our children are our priority
going forward." It's not known
how the family fortune estimated at $6 billion -
will be divided. Mark.

This time tomorrow night,
polls will be closing and if all the predictions
are right, voters will have elected Tony Abbott
as Australia's 28th prime minister. But today,
Kevin Rudd was refusing to give up as both leaders converged
on the key battleground of Western Sydney. We'll chat live with both men
in a moment but first, political editor Mark Riley
begins our coverage. Contrasting campaign conclusions, Kevin Rudd
does his Rocky imitation... Do you want your penalty rates
and overtime protected? ALL: Yeah! ..while Tony Abbott opts for a more traditional
Hollywood ending, complete with cute puppies... (LAUGHS) ..trying to draw out
the final votes. Come on, come on. Kevin Rudd pounding
his shock-tactic message... If you have any concerns or anxiety
or uncertainty about whether Mr Abbott's
massive cuts will hit your job
or your school or your hospital, don't vote for him. Repeated at every stop on a frantic sweep of marginal seats
in Western Sydney and Brisbane. Tony Abbott appeared
assured of his destiny. Appreciate you having me
on the program. Look forward to coming on again
in a different capacity. That, despite a bumpy 24 hours - botching his internet filter policy first including
automatic blocks of pornography but hours later,
after an internet company backlash, it didn't. Now, I'm happy to take
full responsibility. As more Coalition policies
began appearing on its website, without warning... Pop! There it is! One cutting funding
for literacy and numeracy teachers in childcare centres... Lower wages for childcare workers,
higher fees for parents. ..another easing accreditation rules
for aged care homes. There's some wishful thinking
in Labor but mostly pessimistic acceptance

that the polls have pointed
to only one possible outcome for the past two years,
and still do today - a Coalition landslide. Last night's final
Seven News ReachTEL poll shows the Coalition holding a 53-47 lead with Mr Abbott
as preferred prime minister, and the campaign surprise package,
Clive Palmer climbing to 7%. Firing Kevin Rudd's call
to the faithful... Our job is to close that gap
within the next day or so and I believe we can do it. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) With this endorsement... Keep fighting. ..tempered by the possibility that the fight might end
in a 1996-style Keating wipe-out. It would be stupid to deny
that that's a possibility. It is a possibility. As shadow treasurer Joe Hockey
got in on the cuddly dog act... Seven. Say hello to Seven -
Mr Stokes owns that one. And if the polls are right, and these pictures
with daughter Frances are a guide, Tony Abbott might have to buy
a new puppy after tomorrow - for The Lodge.

Live now to Prime Minister
Kevin Rudd in Brisbane. Mr Rudd, thanks for joining us. If you were to win tomorrow, how would you improve the lives
of people here in Sydney? Well, for the people of NSW

Well, for the people of NSW and Sydney, we need to build to the economy of the future. Investing the new jobs of the future, and guarantee that people have proper protection in their workplaces. Their penalty reds and over time the second thing is that by investing in the schools of the future to allow better schools plan, which is a $10 billion investment across the nation, with the largest part going to the schools of NSW, which Mr Abbott would cut by $8 billion. Finally, investing in National Broadband Network for everybody in Sydney, rich or poor, outer suburbs or inner suburbs, which Mr Abbott would otherwise cut and put people back to old copper wire. The bottom line is that that is a positive plan, and if your listeners and viewers tonight had any doubts about what Mr Abbott's cuts would mean for their jobs, schools and hospitals, then they shouldn't vote by him.Why should voters trust you when you have chopped and changed leaders, and policies like a carbon tax?The bottom line is this. Everybody around the world has to act on climate change. Look into the future and it will be one of those things that our kids and grand kids will have to bear. By acting on climate change, we have brought about a big reduction already in carbon emissions from electricity generation. We have actually increased by about 20% to go deeper cent the size of the renewable energy sector, and there is more to be done. Mr Abbott would cut all that, including the clean energy corporation. We do not think that is the right investment for the future.Thank you, Mr Rudd. Allied to Tony Abbott in Penrith. Thank you for joining us, Mr Abbott. How like you offering to improve the lives of Sydney side as?To begin with, I am not just running a scare campaign. Frankly, it is embarrassing that after six years in government, or that Labor can offer is a scare campaign. It just shows that Kevin Rudd has no record to defend and nothing to say about the future. Under the collision, no cost to health, no cuts to education, no change to pensions, no change to the GST. In fact, health and education spending will rise modestly under the collision. You mentioned a scare campaign. You have long declared that it is a budget emergency. So why have you savings measures being so small? And I reckon $9 billion is pretty significant.That is the way the budget bottom line has improved. I think a $16 billion reduction in debt is pretty significant. But I want to make it clear that under the condition, we will build a stronger economy, so that everybody will get ahead. We will scrap the carbon tax, end the waist, stop the birds, and in Sydney we will build the West connects, because we will lead the roads of the future, and I would like to be known, should we win tomorrow, as an infrastructure Prime Minister.It is election eve. Is it time to stop playing possum and admit to are very likely to win. Look, anything can happen. I think a lot of people are toying with the idea of voting for minor parties and independents. Don't do it! Independence wrecked the last parliament, don't let them Rex the neck -- wreck the next Parliament. If you want a strong and stable government you need to vote for your Liberal National Party candidate in the House of Representatives and in the Senate as well.Thank you, Mr Abbott.

Political editor Mark Riley
is back in Canberra tonight. Mark, is Kevin Rudd
any chance of a late comeback? Well, he must be some chance, but it is very unlikely at

it is very unlikely at this stage. Those polls have been stuck on a collision landslide for many months, and indeed, most of the past few years. Labour is holding onto with tracking poll, coming back a bit. It has made over one million telephone calls to voters over the past five weeks, but it does not tell us how many of those voters just hang upon them.What is your prediction for tomorrow?I think of the Coalition does not win by 12 seats, there will be a lot of coalition strategist and pollsters in the unemployment queue on Monday. How much power could minor parties and independents again tomorrow?In the Senate, quite a bit. That could tip Tony Abbott from having the balance of power. An independent is possible in it in died down in Victoria. Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott are door. Most will be in the Senate.

This election could be won or lost
here in Sydney where four Labor seats are held
by a margin of less than 3%. Others at risk include Gough Whitlam's old seat
of Werriwa and maybe even McMahon,
home of a very senior minister. In Fairfield, voters were lining up
to have their say. Greeting them, the Treasurer
and Member for McMahon, Chris Bowen. People do like the fact that
their local member is the Treasurer. He's taking on former cop Ray King, They know it

They know it means they have a seat at the Cabinet table.

He's taking on former cop Ray King, who was gagged
from speaking to the media, just like fellow Liberal candidate,
the elusive Jayme Diaz. This isn't a good look. They all may be in a room together
sharing war stories. I don't know where they are! Voters are mixed. You think the Liberals?
Yes. Definitely voting for Labor. Kingsford Smith will also be tight. Heart specialist Michael Feneley is taking on
Labor's Matt Thistlewaite. It's going to be a heartbreaker, it's going to go
right down to the wire. It's going to be extremely close but there's a huge momentum
for change. The people of Kingsford Smith
will see that Labor invests in the community. Labor's held Kingsford Smith
for more than 60 years but the Liberals are hopeful
of pulling off an upset. Bookies are already forecasting
this seat to be the tightest in the country. I am voting Liberal today. I am a small business owner. I have always been a Labor voter
and I am not changing now. Liberals are hoping to secure
several Sydney seats, including Lindsay, Parramatta,
Banks, Reid, and Greenway, where the elusive Mr Diaz
is likely to walk into office. I did call your office. Mate, I've already talked to you. Oh, well - maybe if he wins.

Later, we look at
the election's biggest lies and tomorrow, join Mark Riley
and our panel of experts for our full election coverage
on Seven and 7TWO from 5pm.

To other news now and a self-proclaimed Muslim cleric who sent hate mail to the families
of fallen Australian soldiers has escaped a jail sentence. The court heard the sheik has been on welfare
for five years after seeking government protection. Man Monis arrived at court
facing two years jail but seemed confident
he would walk free. After court, I talk. And he did, emerging unrepentant. There is nothing wrong
in my letters. My letters are like
flowers of advice. The self-styled cleric sent grossly offensive letters
to several families within days
of their loved ones' deaths, calling diggers "murderers" and comparing some
to Hitler's soldiers. One sent
to Private Gregory Sher's family was too offensive to read in court. Joan Senger also received a letter after losing son Craig
in the Jakarta bombing. The time the letter came, I was just feeling worse than I can ever imagine
anyone ever feeling. Monis' letters
even attacked the government which has paid him welfare
for the past five years and offered him
political protection. He pleaded guilty to using
the postal service to offend, ending a 4-year legal fight. In sentencing Monis
to a good behaviour bond and 300 hours community service, the judge took into account
his guilty plea, saying it spared the families extra pain. No sentence will ever
bring her husband Matthew back or allow their son Alex
to grow up with his dad. You don't think
you did anything wrong? All contents of letters,
I believe in them. Skaf gang rapist Mohamed Sanoussi
has had his parole revoked just a day after it was granted. As Seven News revealed last night, two of his brothers and a cousin were charged with bashing a man
at Revesby on Wednesday. Because the brothers live
at the same house where Sanoussi was to have stayed, he can't be released. The Parole Authority
will meet later this month to consider
alternative accommodation. Sanoussi has served 13 years
of a 16-year sentence. Parents have been shocked
by the discovery of a handgun found hidden at a childcare centre
in Sydney's south-west. State Crime Command officers
have also dug up dozens of bullets that had been buried
with the revolver. At Playtime long day care, in this garden bed,
hidden underneath bark, a nasty discovery by police who knew exactly
what they were looking for. It was part of an investigation
we'd been doing for some weeks. The .45 calibre Webley revolver
is similar to this. (GUNSHOTS)

Detectives also found
58 rounds of ammunition. The gun is one of the most powerful
'top-break' revolvers ever made. The one at Greenacre was not loaded. The children would be within
an enclosed area close by but not readily accessible
to that area. Hard for kids to find
but child's play for its owner. Police are hoping
neighbours in Mimosa Road or any other witness can shed light
on how the gun got here. Detectives are hoping
to examine security vision. Diagonally opposite
the day care centre, one house is laden
with surveillance cameras -

We're confident we will be able to find the person
who put it there. Parents are upset. That's terrible. The centre's manager was shaken but says at least there was never
a threat to children. Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie
is settling in to life in Sydney She's expected to direct a movie
here over the next few months with husband Brad Pitt
paying a visit. It was Shiloh, Zahara and Knox leading Angelina
and the junior Jolies, touching down
just after 6:00 this morning.

REPORTER: What are you
looking forward to most here

That's Pax with the purple bear, Vivienne holding Mum's hand,
and Maddox in the beanie. No limousine, but a plain white van
took the family to their city hotel, the A-lister catching
fellow passengers by surprise. And there she was,
just sitting there. Kinda shocked at first, then I walked right by,
didn't say anything, didn't do anything and then kinda sat to my seat and I'm like
"OK, I know who that is." They were sitting, naturally,
in first class. I thought she would be taller
but obviously, she's beautiful. They were soon checking out
some local landmarks with Zahara and her mum enjoying
some spring sunshine on the balcony. The 38-year-old
is directing the film 'Unbroken' - how Olympian Louis Zamperini survived a World War II plane crash
at sea and being taken prisoner
by the Japanese. This is no flying visit - Angelina Jolie will reportedly
be in Australia for three months working on the movie. She has already scouted
studio locations in Sydney and on the Gold Coast. The Jolies are expected to move
to a luxury home in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - Police piece together a deadly crash
in Western Sydney. What caused this mega pile-up
of 130 vehicles. And Naomi dazzles
at the world premiere of 'Diana'. What the critics think of it, next.

Tax time is extremely complex,
Brad. Luckily, people have us to help decipher what it all means
for health insurance. That looks like fun -
can I have a go? Sure.
After you've read the manual.

VOICEOVER: Call the experts and
get health insurance or get taxed.

A 24-year-old man has been killed
in a shocking crash between three cars
and three trucks in Villawood. He was trapped inside his car
and died at the scene. His male passenger
suffered chest injuries and was taken to Liverpool Hospital. Witnesses say their car
was speeding along Woodville Road. It took more than six hours
to clear the wreckage. Rush hour turned to crush hour when more than 130 vehicles collided
in thick fog in England. Wrecks stretched right across
the Sheppey Bridge in Kent with cars and trucks
crashing into each other for 10 minutes.

No-one died in the pile-up but at least 60 people were hurt,
8 of them seriously. Witnesses say

some drivers were going too fast
in reduced visibility, some didn't have their lights on. The bridge was closed
for around nine hours while it was cleared. It's been a desperate few weeks
for politicians, telling all sorts of tales in a bid to gain - or hang onto -
power. But the PolitiFact Truth-O-Meter
has been watching and tonight, it declares the winners
of the biggest whoppers. The Truth-O-Meter has spoken and the Pants on Fire award
for the campaign goes to the Coalition's plan
to stop the boats by buying them. It's much better
and much more sensible to spend a few thousand dollars
in Indonesia. Tony Abbott later admitted
he mightn't buy any boats. I reckon
they'll pocket all that money and they'll put it to better uses. I don't think
we're going to be buying boats. Labor was awarded the most persistent falsehood
of the campaign. Mr Abbott says that he wants to bring
about $70 billion worth of cuts. $70 billion worth of cuts. So it was just pure politics. Keep repeating the number,
even though it was called false. One of the worst offences
didn't come from a politician. VOICEOVER: The federal Coalition wants to privatise
public healthcare, just like America. The nurses' union
got a Pants on Fire for that. The Coalition
may have lots of faults but they're not stupid enough to go
and fiddle around with Medicare. It was left to a voter to utter
the campaign's most important truth. My question is about the generally
low quality of candidates. Maybe they'll be better next time. The first reviews are in for Naomi Watts' portrayal
of Princess Diana and they're far from glowing. The Aussie actress looked gorgeous
in white when she hit the red carpet for the movie's London premiere
overnight. The 44-year-old admits
it's her most difficult role yet. I haven't done this much research
on a film ever because there was
so much information available and, of course,
I didn't want to miss anything. One reviewer has already labelled it
"a fabulously awful film." Another, "atrocious and intrusive."

Sport now with Jim Wilson. Jim, all set
for the minor premiership decider? Mark, what a build-up. We're live to ANZ next
to a Bunnies and Roosters legend, as South Sydney and the Roosters
prepare for a heavyweight showdown. Plus, axed - the Raiders finally lose patience
with Blake Ferguson. So where to now
for the troubled star? And Murray meltdown - we'll show you the moment
when Andy lost the plot.

Shortly, live to a Rabbitohs
and Roosters legend but first, the sacking
of troubled star Blake Ferguson. The final straw for the Raiders was Ferguson's no-show
at a board meeting this morning. A string of off-field indiscretions
left Canberra with no choice. We certainly gave him
plenty of chances but in the end,
it just became too much for us. The Sharks are now the frontrunners
to snare Ferguson while the Bulldogs and Eels
are also interested. The Dogs arrived back today
after their loss to the Broncos. Ben Barba
didn't return with the team. The stage is set for a classic minor
premiership decider at ANZ Stadium when South Sydney
take on the Roosters. We're live to Matt Carmichael. No more talk,
we're almost game on!

Will the Roosters risks Sonny Bill Williams?He has been in doubt with a calf injury, but the risk is say that he will play tonight. One couldn't, an absolute legend of both clubs, Premiership when it with both of them, does not think it is a good idea for the Roosters to risk that the strike weapon before the finals. He also thinks South will try to test his temper with tactics.

Geez, I'm glad it's them and not me!
(LAUGHS) There's niggle in all the games
and that's just gamesmanship - putting niggle on someone else
and try and get him off his game. They'll be trying to,
and he'll be trying to do that, he'll be trying to do that to them
too. Does the team that wins tonight take the edge going into the finals
over all the other teams and become the favourites
for the premiership? I suppose you'd have to say that I mean
I think Souths are favourites. Ron

Ron it will present the shield to the wider premiers. He still loves the Roosters, but really wants to present that shield to south tonight. He wants to see them with a minor Premiership and then go on to break that multi-year Premiership doubt.And absolute legend of the game.

It's a big day for the Sydney Swans, preparing for tonight's
blockbuster qualifying final against Hawthorn while premiership-winning coach
Paul Roos is returning to coaching, taking the reins at Melbourne. They certainly
haven't sugar-coated it. I know exactly what I'm coming into. Peter's been very honest,
the players have been very honest, I know it's going to be
a very, very difficult job, but I'm very excited
about being here. The Swans and Hawks
is live on 7mate tonight.

Andy Murray's US Open title defence
is over and included a giant meltdown
by the Scot. The world number three
was blown off the court by Stan Wawrinka. Murray smashed racquets
and berated himself as the ninth seed
stormed to a straight-sets victory. COMMENTATOR: Stanislas Wawrinka
earned his first major semifinal! Wawrinka will now meet
world number one Novak Djokovic who beat Mikhail Youzhny
in four sets.

I feel good about a Rabbitohs and Swans double. I'm not so convinced about the Socceroos against Brazil. We agreed.My money's on the Swans and the bodies.

Sydney's in for a warm
but smoky weekend. I'll explain why after the break.

It was a little overcast in
Canberra today but at least it did remain fairly warm and,
speaking of warm, it wasn't too cold in Canberra this morning
with a balmy overnight low of 6. For polling day tomorrow,
you'll be eating your sausage sandwich in overcast conditions -
temperatures will be slightly cooler then today - 21
for the nation's capital Sunday should be just divine
- sunny and 21 in Canberra

Checking finance now as investors anticipate
a Coalition victory tomorrow. The ASX 200 was up 2 points. Shares in BC Iron fell after a major shareholder sold off
a large stake in the company. Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. Mark, it was another lovely day
in Sydney to end the week. A health alert's been issued
for the weekend though. Conditions could be smoky
over Sydney with a number
of hazard-reduction burns planned to the north, south and west
of the city including the Ku-ring-gai Chase
and Blue Mountains national parks. The advice is
to limit your time outside if you're asthmatic
or have a heart condition. We hit 23 degrees today. Right now, it's 18. Western suburbs
were the warmest spots. From the satellite, there's plenty of cloud
through the nation's south-east thanks to a trough. We'll see hot northerlies
through central Australia tomorrow. and warming up again
ahead of a trough. Taking a look around
the country:

On the coast:

Sydney's in
for another warm one tomorrow. Fine conditions and 27 degrees. Western suburbs will see
a little fog in the morning then north-westerly winds will push
temperatures well above average. A weak change
will push through on Sunday so it'll be a slightly cooler day and we could see
a light morning shower in the city. It will be hot again
on Monday and Tuesday. 29 in the city on Tuesday. Up to 30 degrees in western suburbs,
Mark. Now, a final check
on tomorrow's election with our political editor,
Mark Riley. Mark, what result can we expect?

Well, I think the Coalition would be disappointed with anything less than about a dozen seats. There will be looking to pick them up in Western Sydney, and in Brisbane and across the top of Tasmania. For the ALP, the only hope they have left tonight is that people, as they go into the ballot bit tomorrow, and the pencil hovers above the ballot paper, change their mind. I do not think there is much hope of that happening.

Join Mark Riley
and our panel of experts for our full election coverage
on Seven and 7TWO tomorrow from 5pm. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Hello and welcome to this
Friday edition of Today Tonight. Coming up - this woman is 71. How old do you think she looks? Celia's secret a little later. Plus, footy stars behaving badly. The exclusive, sickening details of what this so-called pin-up boy
did to this disabled man. But we begin tonight
with the parents who worked their fingers to the bone
raising eight kids, only for one selfish son
to throw it all back in their faces. What he did you wouldn't do
to your worst enemy,