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Election 2013 - The Reaction -

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(generated from captions) Scheme happens, and that we keep the Coalition Government on their toes. It's a remarkable... Go on. Can I ask you, Bill - Tony Abbott is threatening a double-dissolution if the Labor Party doesn't help rescind the carbon tax. What's your view on that?I believe that we cannot afford to do nothing on putting a price on carbon pollution. Why should the next generation of Australians have to deal with worse problems than their parents did because our current generation put its head in the sand? Not putting a price on carbon pollution is just putting off till tomorrow, problems which should be dealt with today. So you don't accept he's got a mandate, that Tony Abbott has a mandate, to get rid of it?Labor very clearly has said that it wants to put a price on carbon pollution. Saying does Mr Abbott have a mandate - he also said he wants to change the Fair Work act. We certainly believe that, in a fair go all around at work. We don't want to see a return to what has happened in previous Coalition governments, where workers had their conditions undermined. Labor is still Labor. Our values are still our values. Clearly, the electorate and a proportion of the electionerate have said -- electorate have said they want toz a better Labor than what they've seen. But they also want to see the Labor Party be what it is - supporting the creation of jobs, and the maintenance of jobs in Australia.Bill Shorten, New Zealand to leave it there. Thank you for your time tonight.Thanks, Bill.Good evening, everyone. Cheerio. Bye.We'll take a short break and be back with more of the election 2013 coverage right after this. Stay with us.

This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: This is Election 2013 - Australia decides.

That was the drama when Tony Abbott was making his acceptance speech there. We might go back and show you again what happened. Some random fella has got up on the stage with the Abbott family there. He is on the left, having a great time.(LAUGHTER) The cameramen have tried to frame him out. He's made a nuisance of himself, was collected by security, and will probably never be seen again.(LAUGHTER) He's not a member of the Chaser, is he, Karl?I don't think so, Lisa. Craig would know!He might be related to the streaker at the State of Origin.We should be grateful.He was fully clothed. We should count our blessings.Peter Costello can't wait to get down there!(LAUGHTER) You can sort him out!We should mention, we lost Scott Morrison about 30 minutes ago, because the minute Kevin Rudd decided he was going to make his concession speech, Scott knew a good party when he saw one. We do thank Peter Costello and Vanstone Vance -- Amanda Vanstone. Thank God Amanda was wearing that shirt, otherwise we would have drifted off hours ago!The key seats now - we will kick things off with Kennedy.

A good performance by the Liberal Party.When you say that he gets home on Labor Party preference, always has, Bob Katter, not in a majority in his own right.Labor and National. He was a Nat as well. We have probably seen the end of the Katter party experiment. He paid a high price being distracted by the big party.It took him away from his own seat.Right. Now to Sophie Mirabella's seat.

Sophie Mirabella was in trouble. You may not have saved her with your campaign visit there.I'm not going to give Sophie away yet. She had done well on prepolls. She has a lot of postals. She is very much in that

a lot of postals. She is very much
in that contestClinging on long enough.I think it will take a few days before that one is decided. Why is it that someone in what should be a safe Liberal seat is in such trouble.

should be a safe Liberal seat is in
such trouble.I'll tell you why, it's the same which Windsor was elected in New England and the same way Oakeshott was elected in Lyne. If you can beat

way Oakeshott was elected in Lyne.
If you can beat the Labor Party home as an independent the Labor Party gives you the preference and takes you over the top.The issue of independents is they take

takes you over the top.The issue
of independents is they take over they don't take margin am.This is the Clive Palmer seat.

The Liberal vote looks too low for the Libs to win that. I think Clive Palmer will.With Clive Palmer in parliament it will be sensational in all sorts of ways.He was going to come on, but he stormed off. Trouble with the jet.Whizz down in the Palmer jet.He was promising Round 2 with Karl. He did a storm off and wasn't going to do any more media interviews.He was afraid of being interviewed by Karl, the smiling assassin.Queensland.This was interesting. Finish Mal Brough told us he wasn't sure if he was going to win this.

Can we go back to the previous slide. I'll explain why Mal - we can't go back. Why it's a problem more Mal. The Greens are preferencing the Palmer party. If they preference the Palmer party and they get in front of the Labor Party, then the Labor Party preferences kick into Palmer and can take it up. You see the reason this is wrong is that it's distributing it as if it's between Labor and Mal. Whereas, in fact, it's between Mal and the Puff Party. Add the 7.6 to Puff you get to 25. Labor delivers 21, 25.Almost all of that to Palmer.What causes the problem for Mal is it's so low. 21%. Well explained.Did you get that. He flagged that. We thought he was well and truly ahead and he said "No, hold your horses".What you might have thought was the Greens would preference Labor before the Puff party. That created the problem.Now to Ross Greenwood at the touch screen. A bit more of that social media.I'll give you a bit of that. Talk about the seat of Fisher. Peter Slipper was the encumbant in the seat. The former Speaker. He polled 921 votes, around 0.4%. That is easily the lowest that any incumbent candidate or sitting member polled since Alex Buchanan in 1972 polled 6.2%. And Craig Thompson polled 3.9%. He would have broken the record, in Dobell.Let's tell you where the election was won and lost. First to Brisbane. Here in 2010, this is how it looked before the election tonight. As the information comes through, there's one seat that has changed here. That's the seat of Petrie with Luke Howarth going this there. Going into central and Northern Queensland. Nothing has changed. That is another important one. Tasmania. It's important here. You see here 2010, it was broadly Labor held, but you can see as we update it there's only going to be one Labor member and three Coalition members came in. In Victoria this is the other. It was important at the last election to allow Julia Gillard to hold power. These three seats, looking at it, that the

These three seats, looking at it,
that the collision will take all seats. Western Sydney was seen to be the big battle ground for Labor. As you can see all Labor held. Tonight there are three seats going to the Coalition. Some tweets came in. Go to social media. This is an interesting one. Kevin Rudd sent a photograph of himself via Instagram. Here he is. The former Prime Minister or still the Prime Minister to you the Australian people.How does he do that? I don't know. It was off his account. His selfies are getting good.

don't know. It was off his account.
His selfies are getting good. Let's go down here to the former Prime Minister Julia Gillard. We said how classy she'd been in congratulating the Labor Party. Here:

Again, very classy response. Also, too, the Premier of Victoria: I think a few people around the place - I can see Tony looks like a kid who won a ticket for the tour of the Willy Wonka chocolate factory. That was an impressive tweet by Julia Gillard, wasn't it, Laurie? Yes, it was. She's very disciplined and very gracious. She's a class act. She hadn't grown enough to be Prime Minister.Probably gets best concession speech of the night.She does. She didn't come to the Prime Ministership because she was ready. That's the tragedy of her career. Let's bounce into the shark pool and give everywhere a look at who is going down the gurg lar.

Us Labor people are resilient.We go into the shark pit, we go out again.We deserve to come back.

They weren't as bad in Western Sydney as they thought.No, they weren't.

We'll get some numbers, Labor has projections on final numbers.Best estimate is that the Labor Party will have 54 seats, giving the Coalition 95 seats, and the green one. Maybe another independent. Palmer or...We'll look at that after the break. We'll look at the seats in parliament. Stay with us. We'll be back after this short break. Don't go anywhere, promise. This program is not captioned. For your baby,
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This program is not captioned.

break. Don't go anywhere, promise.
Welcome back, we'll concentrate on the House of Reps. It could be central to Tony Abbott's plan to cut the carbon tax. Let's have a look.We can see from the graphics that the Labor

that the Labor Party in the ACT will hold the Senate place. And the Liberal as well. It's done and duffed in ACT. NSW - 2.5 quotas for the ALP. What do you think of that. I'm looking at the quotas on the AC - 2.2. The Coalition 2.4. The Greens have 0.5. I would thing the most likely outcome is three for the Coalition, two for Labor and one for the Greens. The bolter here, which we should acknowledge is that the Palmer United party in Queensland has three-quarters of a quota. Now, with that I expect the Palmer United party...That's Glen Lazereth.I would have to say at the expense of Labor.We'll lose. ALP three quoters.I'd say with Katter party and everyone else, I'd say they are on their way to a Senate seat. The other outstanding result in the Senate is South Australia - Nick Xenophon. I don't know if we can pull him up, he may have got two up.There he is, Nick Xenophon. Almost got his running mate up. He'll probably make it with preferences.I think he will. In South Australia you may have two lib, two Labor, two Xenophon. Xenophon outpolled the Labor Party. Will Sarah Hanson-Young breathe a sigh of relief?No, she's lost out to Xenophon's partner.To me it feels like Labor has underperformed in Melbourne. There must have been a problem with the campaign. The Greens did incredibly well there, not nearly as well as anywhere else in the country.I think the Greens peaked. Last election was the peak. They had a Senate seat in every state, they were band two in the parliament.Losing Bob Brown was a big factor. He was like a father figure.A lot of third party vote in Queensland has gone to the Palmer uniting party and the Greens preferenced the Palmer united party yip.I think with the loss of -- party. I think with the loss of Bob Brown the Greens lost focus. Some are hard members of parliament. People have not voted for that. They are disposed to vote for the environment but are not as strongly associated with the Green Party as they did under Bob Brown.There's an explanation for Xenophon as opposed to the Greens in South Australia - that is he, largery, conducts himself on issues and a positive -- largely conducts himself on issues and a positive campaign as opposed to telling everyone what is wrong with a major party. He's seen as a positive contributor and that built his support. Hanson-Young usually goes on about what is wrong with the Labor or Liberal Party. That negative message - it's not anything to vote for. That's why it's been successfulThe thing here is Labor and the Greens most probably lost the blocking majority. That is if the Coalition can get Xenophon the DLP and the Palmer United party to vote...It's four. Key issues. They don't have a majority in their own right. The outcome is Labor and the Greens will lose a block.Politically that's the best thing to happen for the Labor Partyy. If they had the blocking power and the Greens it would have put them in tough decisionsThe indication is the grouping would go along to abolishing the carbon tax.Final thoughts, Laurie?I think it's been a devastating defeat or the Labor Party. I think they'll get less than 60 seats. There's not much consolation. They held on to some of their talent. The younger generation in Western Sydney. It's important to save some of those. There was a potential leader or two there. Victoria surprised me. I didn't think Labor would do as badly. Queensland surprised me. I thought Labor would do worse than Queensland. Overall the Labor Partyy can't take a lot of comfort. They are clutching at Strauss. He - - sluching at straws -- clutching at straws. He'll be a good Prime Minister.Thank you, Australia is under new management and as the new PM says, it's open for business. It's been a historic night. It's been a resounding victory.Just recapping the state of the house as it stands now. The Coalition holds 85 seats, Labor 52, the independents have won and the Green retained one. That's 11 seats remaining in doubt.Most of the damage was done for Labor in NSW. It lost a number of seats in Tasmania and Victoria. Labor is holding grouped in Queensland. From us time to say -- ground in Question Time. From us thank you, thank you to our panellists.Scott Morrison, wherever you are, cheers. He's already over there. He's a couple ahead of us.Thank you to Ross Green wood at the touch screen with facts and figures and toys. And to the political number- crunchers, and our Channel Nine tech nirns and computer and graphics operators and

tech nirns and computer and
graphics operators and studio team And the sharks. All the latest developments on Today with Leila and Cam. Full coverage on Nine News. It's been a momentous day in Australian politics. For now, thank you for joining us and goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee


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Easy! Watch his left arm.
It could be broken.

Hey, check this out.

It was Velcroed under the dash. Thanks. He had a gun. Cluck, cluck, cluck!

OK, kids. I'm going inside.

Alright, kids, you ready? "Yeah, we're ready." We're gonna knock on the door. Knock on the door, Biggs.

Police! Freeze! Get away from the gun! Hey! What are you doing?!

Hands behind your back, Michael. You'll have to kill me!

Hands in the air! Against the


My baby!

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Get away!


Excellent work, young man.

OK, Michael.
Regular or extra crispy?


I could've done that. I'll have to get a tetanus shot.
Cosmo, cut me out of this.

(FRENCH ACCENT)That's $120 more. With the taxes American pay,
health care should be free. You got my vote, honey.
But you're still $18 short.

Marie! Marie!

Mark! Oh, Mark! What happened? Don't worry, baby.
It's not as bad as it looks. See? Legs still work. Yeah, but your neck, your arm. I got a plate in from an old
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Next thing I know, I was upside down. You were very lucky.

You have no idea. Mr Warren? Officer Porter. I'm sorry. You're under arrest. What is this? Some kind of joke? No joke. We'll straighten it out
at the station.

This one's on me! It's about time, you cheap
bastard! Hey, only one. I'm gonna make it a double. If I never see Gerard
in tights again, I'll die happy! Hey, fellas, look! It's on TV!

Hey! We're on TV!

Make it louder! (TV)"The Conroy brothers
were brought to the courthouse." When he grabbed me,
I thought I was gonna take a
dump. I did.
I had to go change my underwear. "Hey, 27 stitches! All because of
-" 27 stitches, my ass! "The Conroys have made
of excessive use of force..." Sam. "..against
Deputy Marshal Samuel Gerard." I don't look like that. He's
ugly. Nice suit! She'll have a martini
and we'll take the check. Who died? ".. three Tennessee
state corrections officers dead." "Stacia Vela of Channel 2 News,
Chicago." The United States Marshals! Put your hands together for the
United States Marshals Service!

(SHOUTS OF "Speech!")

Noah Newman, Cosmo Renfro,
Savannah Cooper, Bobby Biggs! You are without doubt the
excuse for a warrant squad I ever had to work with! But nobody got hurt. And
you stayed close on the lead dog. Woof! Which means you keep working. Let's have a round here!
A milk for the kid!

Mr Warren, we seem
to have a small discrepancy.

Let me help you with that. Er, that's not me. You aware it's illegal
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Come on. You ever tried towing
a car on the Dan Ryan at 3am? What about East 42nd, First
Avenue, New York City? What about it?
Ever been there? No.
Never? Never. You don't know anything about
a double homicide last December? Obviously not. Interesting.
The prints we took off you flagged this - federal
arrest warrant for Mark Roberts. Prints from the scene match
yours. This is bullshit. Let me talk to a lawyer.
Don't touch me! You'll get one at your hearing.
You're going back to New York. Back? I've never even been there! I don't know nothing
about a double homicide!

I'm tellin' you,
you got the wrong man!

Mark Warren. What's going on? Why is it taking so long? It's still being processed. Mark! Mark! Hold it there! Mark! It's OK. It's OK. What's happening? Just a little mistaken identity. Where are they taking you? It's cool. Everything will be
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I'll be right back.

Hello, Deputy.
Surprised you made it. Catherine.

This is Stacia Vela. This is US
Marshal Catherine Walsh - the
boss. I've seen you so much on TV.
You're lovely in person. Um, thank you. You're welcome. I'm going to take
Sam away from you for a minute. Sure. I'll wait at the bar. Never one to be afraid of the
obvious. I admire that in a man. Did I do something? Yeah. You hit your prisoner while
he was in handcuffs. He might
sue. He bit one of my kids.
He got smacked. So what? So what? Yeah. So what? 27 stitches is so what? What's the big deal? DC wants to take advantage
of this Conroy bust. You are gonna escort these clowns
to the federal pen, give a little speech to the press
- No, no. You are going to do a nice
little PR song and dance and
then... you are going to go fishing.
Or something. You are going to take a vacation.
You are going to be happy. OK?


The plane leaves at midnight.
You be on it.

Welcome to the unfriendly skies,

Move along. 72. Check.

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Set your bag over there.

Look on the bright side. We're always on time.

Close up.

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Clearance. F-PATS 343 Memphis. OK. Memphis and then La Guardia
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Turn out the light. It's late. Be a couple of minutes.

Hey! Hey! I gotta use the can. Hold it.
It's 20 minutes till we land. I've been holding it.
I... have to go right now. I'm serious. I'm about to

Can he go?

Yeah, let him go.


Let's go.


"Split on ice. Seven letters." Banana. No. "Bananas." What? Bananas. Plural.

Oh, yeah. Bananas.


What the hell was that?! Losing cabin pressure! Oxygen masks on! We're sinking!

Engine failure on two and three. This is F-PATS flight 343. We have an emergency.
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Take a deep breath.

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Roger! They found the two that fell out,
what's left of 'em. That Chinese fella, Ling,
dropped on a roof, into the
bathtub. Looked like a bowl of gumbo - I get the picture, Sheriff. Still got one prisoner
for - Mark Roberts. Seat 10D. I guess the river got him. No. No, the river
didn't get this guy. He's loose. If you can't find him
dead someplace, he's runnin',

We got a fugitive. Seems we might have ourselves
a bona fide federal fugitive. Name of Roberts, Mark J.

Someone get me a map. Who's got a map? I got one. Oh, alright. Thanks, Earl.


OK. Now... I want you, er,...
setting up road blocks,
general radius of, er... 10, 12 miles. 20. What? He's got a real big head start. Oh, OK. Er, 20, then.
That sounds good. And, er... That should go in all directions,
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Said perimeter to extend
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Found a shoe.
Looks like prison issue. OK. Continue the search. We found the place he came
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State police found a shoe. What have you got? Nothing, nada.
It's like he doesn't exist. Is this food free? It's on the county. HewasMark Warren. IDs forged. Mark Roberts
is just a photo and some prints. This is the guy? Cute. Bring my gun?

Cute, huh?

Where will I find Deputy Gerard? Right here!

Bertram Lamb. I'm director of
the Diplomatic Security Service. State Department.
Special agent Frank Barrows. What's up? Mark Roberts. OK. What do you know about him? Double murder, robbery, escape.

These men
were not ordinary civilians. They were my agents. Murdered by Mark Roberts in cold blood
at the UN building last January. That's not on his warrant. Sanitised for security reasons. Why did he kill them? We don't know. His prints were at the scene.
We've been after him for months. Oh, so we're working for you now? No, no. That's not my intention. Your reputation precedes you. We want you to run the pursuit.
We want Roberts. Fast. We're fast.
Real fast. We will need to be kept
in the loop on this. We'll keep you up to speed. I want one of my men
to join your team. Special agent John Royce. No offence
but we work a lot faster
when we don't have any... help. No offence taken. You've no choice.
I've cleared this
with Marshal Walsh. Royce is one of our best men.
I'm sure he'll be useful. Good luck, Deputy. If it's any consolation,
I wouldn't like it. It's not any consolation. Take off your sunglasses. Why? So I can see your face.

Hi. How'd you pull this duty? He murdered my friends.
I volunteered. Did you ever make
a fugitive arrest before? No. Planning to, shortly. You have a weapon? Yeah, a big one. How about you?

Sure you want to get
cute with me?

You have a backup weapon? Never had the need. Get one. Keep that in your suit. Get a Glock.
Lose that sissy pistol. I'm not having any fun.
You know how cranky I get
when I don't have fun? Yeah, we know. Bob, get me
the director of police. Cooper, investigate the Chinese
guy. Cosmo, get the local sheriff
lined up and ready to go. He's feeling kinda
weak right now. You come with me. I think he likes you.

Martha? Just drive.

When can I get on that plane? When it's on the barge. Sam! I got something
on that shooter in the plane. Vincent Ling.
On his way to the pen.
He lost an appeal. Serving a life sentence for
murder for a Chinese mob hit. Sheriff in Metropolis found this
in a dumpster behind a

Our boy got a new set of clothes. Where's Metropolis? Let's bring in Superman and ask
him. Shut up, Biggs. Renfro, move that perimeter
20 miles south. He might have made it into
Kentucky. Statistically,
it's likelier he'll head
for a city. St Louis. North. Well, this cat ain't no
statistic. Not yet.

Holy shit. You're a lucky man. How many
dead? Eight!

got your little black box?

Save that light. (CAMERA FLASH) What's that?

That isnota ballpoint pen. Ah. Zip guns aren't
in prisoner transports? No. No. That's in spy movies. I saw one on TV once. James Bond movie. Shagadelic, baby. Shaft. Send it to the lab. Stinger. XL-17. Korean. .22 calibre. He found it
with his little flashlight. Hey! What the... hell are you doing? Huh? Er, that was my phone.
My personal phone. You're under arrest for
obstructing a federal
investigation. Not convictable. It's arrestable, big boy. Are you crazy? Is he crazy? No, but he's a carrier. My superiors won't like it. Iam your superior. Shut up! If you have information that you
keep from us, it pisses him off. Deputy,
get me out of these cuffs. Get out of them yourself.

Whoa, whoa! What are you doing? What's he doing?

What's next? Cow tipping? That's pretty good. The guy just brokemy glasses. I've never seen that before. I have.

This program is not captioned. Hardworking Aussies
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Don't have a heart attack, Earl.
You've lied to the cops before.

What... What's the trouble? We've got a fugitive loose
from the plane crash. Oh, is that a fact? Have you seen this man? No. I've seen nobody like that. What about you, ma'am? Er, no. Me neither.

Thanks for your help, folks.

Drive! Drive!


Oh, my!

Are you OK?!

You done good, Earl.

An 18-wheeler rammed a roadblock 15 minutes ago. They just found it.
It was heading south. Load up!
Like I said, south. We're gonna need boats.
This guy went into the swamp. Shit, I hate swamps. Hey, Lester,
we're gonna need boats. Yeah, you know, swamp boats. Right. Like they use in the

Bad news, Sam.
He got a .38 off the trucker. How many rounds? Six in the gun. Twelve in a box. Snakes'll get him, anyhow.

He won't get far in that boat he
done stole. It ain't got no
motor. I hate boats, bugs and boats. Sam, he got a boat from here.

Alright! We are gonna divide up
and search this swamp. One law enforcement officer each.
Who knows most about this
terrain? Alright, which is the ugliest,
most inbred, country sonofabitch?

You come with me.

How long y'all gonna be out? OK, com check with me on three.
Sam. Com check three. Com check.
Right there. If you see our man,
put up a flare,call for backup.
Stayinthe boat! How long y'all going to be out?
I got PTA tonight. We'll be out till we catch him. You be careful. Always.


I got a visual. Put up your flare.

He's moving. I'm going in. Stay in the boat! Wait for us!

There's a flare! Right through there.

Pull over to that bank!
Be careful. This man's bad
and he's got a gun.

It's him! Go!


I'll take the gun. Walk.

Come on, move! Move! What happens now? We dance. Walk. Drop the gun, pal. It's been a long day.
Let's end on a positive note. For me or for you? We all breathe, we all win. How long do you think I'll live
if you take me in? You forget about the plane? Look around you. You're caught.

It's over.

Let's go home.

Nah.Yougo home.

Hurry it up!
Come on!


Gerard's been hit!

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Over there!

How is he? He'll be fine.

How's it feel to nearly get
killed? If he wanted to kill me,
he'd have shot me in the head,
not the vest. Did it ever occur to you
maybe he just missed? I don't think we're dealing
with a guy who misses.

Maybe it's time
to let someone else catch this
one. You don't think I'm incapable? You're capable. Then let me do my job.

Don't make me wrong, Sam. You screw up and I swear to
God... I know.

I love you, Sam. (I know...)

But don't think
I won't fire your ass.

Biggs, you and Cooper stay here.
We're going back to Chicago. I gotta find out
who put the gun onthe plane
and who Mark Roberts is. Who's got my gun?

Look, I made a mistake, OK?
I usually work alone. We're lucky I got shot, kid. Lucky?
Yeah. If you'd shot a deputy, you'd not see your mama again,
I'd be in jail for shooting you.
Lucky. I thought
we don't take our work
personally. We don't. I do.

(PHONE) Just a second. Starbucks. Marie, some guy has a question
about a grinder you sold him. Excuse me.

Hello. Marie. "Mark!"
Can you talk?

Were you hurt?
I saw the crash on TV. No, no, baby, I'm fine. "They say you're a criminal." You murdered two people. No, it's a lie. (SIRENS)

Where are you? "I can't tell you that." I know there's some things I
didn't tell you about myself.
I didnotdo what they said I did.
You do believe me? I want to believe you, Mark.
I'm just confused and scared. "Listen to me. Before we met,
I worked for the government." "I was on a routine assignment
when it was ambushed." "I killed two men. In self
defence." "Marie, I did not murder anyone." Believe me. I wouldn't lie to
you. What are you going to do? "Find the person who set me up
and clear my name." It's something I wanted
to hide from but I guess I can't. Will I ever see you again? Come on now. Don't be crazy.
Of course you will.

Marie, I-I...
I hate involving you in this but, baby,
I got nobody else I can trust. "I can trust you, right?" Of course you can, Mark. "I love you." I need your help.

Got the case books on Roberts? Yeah. Listen,
there was a woman at the hospital
when he was arrested. She paid his bill. In cash. Find her.

The UN garage has security
cameras. Of course. Find the tapes of the murders. We won't get clearance. Get clearance and the tapes.
Don't tell me what we can't do. I'll get it done. His apartment was clean.
No phone, neighbours barely
remember him. What about where he worked? Going there next. Now. What you got on the zip gun? We covered the maintenance
workers who could have planted the gun. Except for one guy - Kevin
Peters. "He was on sick leave." Find him. Check them again.
Go through their families,
friends any change in habits,
bank and medical records. "I want one to squeak." I'm on it.

To see you walk in was like
the mainline of an ego boost. I didsomethingright -
you got to New York in one piece. It was all you, Sarge. You're a high commodity. They're
talking big dollars to bring you
in. Dead or alive? Emphasis is on dead. On the plane they tried.
Almost succeeded, too.

You tempted? Depends if you're the traitor
they say you are. That's bullshit! I got set up from the word go. By who? That's what I gotta figure out.
Somebody on the inside. Got my instructions
by the usual channels. I was to make a routine drop-off.
Then all hell breaks loose Damn, I thought I could
disappear. Boy, was I wrong. So what's your next move? Find the Chinese bag man from
the UN garage and hope he leads
me to the person who set me up.
Then get righteous. How d'you intend to do that? I got some ideas. You got the

It's clean.

Where's the key?

Make sure you take it all. I don't want you back here again. You don't believe me. I've gone as far
as I'm prepared to go. I'll catch the rest on CNN.

Good luck to you, man.

You're a lucky guy. The old lady
just kicked day before yesterday.

I can move out
anything you don't want.

It's perfect.

(PHONE) What have you got? "We're in Harrisburg,
Pennsylvania." Our fugitive jumped a guy,
stuffed him into his own camper. How long has he been there? How long was he in there? Six hours. Six hours. Look, we're exhausted.
We haven't slept for two days. Stay on the trail. Sleep next
month. Biggs and Cooper
found a guy in Pennsylvania tied up in his own truck.
He ID'd our man. Harrisburg. So heisheading
north. You should listen to me. I'll listen to you explain why
your assassin lets people live. (PHONE) Hello. Yeah. We're right on it. What's up? Found his lady. Newman. Newman! Where the hell is he?

Yes? Marie Bineaux?
Yes. US Marshals. What's this about? A few questions. May we come in?

Just a second.

Thank you.

What do you want? You recognise this man? Never seen him before. (KETTLE WHISTLES) Excuse me. Really? You sure about that?

Yes. Sorry. Maybe this'll help. A receipt from Chicago Memorial
for Mark Warren.
Is that your signature? Can you verify your signature? Are you here legally? You know the abetting laws? Five to ten years. Then they kick you out. Why are you threatening me? Even if I knew him,
it's no crime.
I've done nothing wrong. Mark Roberts has. DSS Special Agent. Sam Harmon. Your friend killed him with
his bare hands. Sam was my
friend. So was Neil Kasinski.
Neil had three little kids. Stop doing this to me!
I don't know anything. I haven't heard from him
and I won't. I haven't seen him. So youdoknow him. You lied to us. That's a federal offence.

Fellas, put those things away.
I'm sorry if we upset you, ma'am. If you ever have a need for us,
you can call me. This number.

OK? Did you do that painting?
Beautiful. You have a lot of talent.
I love the red airplane. Who took this photograph? A friend of mine. He's good. Who said it was a he? Nobody. I just figured.
I mean, you look so... happy.

Well, if that's all,
I need to get to work. Let's go, guys.

You're wrong about him. How's that? He could not have done
the things you say. He is a killer who murdered in
cold blood and probably will
again. He'll do anything,
use anybody to escape. I'm glad you're not going
to see him any more.

That's good work, fellas. I guess it was. Let's set up a
surveillance on her
and tap her phones. He won't make that mistake. Oh, he'll contact her.

(CAR HORN) Peters, the aircraft guy
who was on sick leave,
must've planted the gun. Two days before the crash,
his sister gets 20K. Where is he now? Wife says at the gym.
It was a 24-minute virus(!) Royce, go with Newman. Get me
those UN surveillance tapes!

This program is not captioned. Dinner tonight's at 7:30.
Maybe we should have some oysters.

Babe? Adjoining rooms. What are the chances? I opened the door, thinking it was
a closet, and Rog was there. It's a room exactly the same
as ours. Mirror image. It's like we're
sleeping in the same bed. What's this door for? Oh, adjoining rooms!
Hey, hey! Oh, what are the odds? (LAUGHS) Wow.
How's that? That's the best thing ever.

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This program is not captioned.

I haven't worked out in months.
I gotta get my fat ass in a gym. Yeah, you're getting old.
And weak.

Gym of the living dead, huh?

Oh, hi, how you doing? US Marshals.

Have you seen this guy around?

I think he's the last one here.
Check the showers. Thanks. I'll check out over


Kevin Peters!

Cosmo! I got a dead guy here!

Dammit! The dude we just lost is
the guy who set up the zip gun
hit! What's the connection between
the Chinese and our fugitive? Get me the US Marshals office.
We got a homicide.

Where's the coffee? She's got a call
on her boss's cell phone. Carla, get us a lock on that


"Mark, the police found me." "I knew they would.
Are you alright?" "Yes."
"That's good." Just follow the plan
and this will all be over soon. It'll be alright.
We'll be able to be together. Get me a video print. "Inside the locker
there's a case with documents." "Can you bring them tomorrow?" "Of course." That's my girl. I love you. I know. I love you, too, Mark. I gotta go. Bye.

OK, what have we got? Got the tapes from the UN hit. I've synchronised the cameras. Sam, are you here?
Yeah. Henry intercepted a long-distance
call from Roberts to his
girlfriend. We're going to get the location. Excellent. OK, roll 'em. Who's that? That's Kasinski. Who's Kasinski? My fellow agent, who was killed. There's the mystery guest.
I assume it's Roberts.

Stop the tape. Put him on the big screen.
Move in close.

Bingo. Holy shit. The Chinaman
from the Windy City gym. Mr Slice 'n' Dice. Move on.

Mr Slice 'n' Dice and
our mystery man have a bag
exchange. What do you think is in the bag?
Bet you it's not dirty laundry.

Your friends are intercepting.
What d'you know about this? Nothing. Hey, Carla. Screen six. Who's
that? Move it over to the big screen.
Blow it up.

Back it up. Go forward. That's Agent Harmon.

Lamb said they were killed in
cold blood. It looks like self
defence. What's going on? I don't know. But it doesn't
look like the story Lamb told us.

Freeze that! Put that on the big screen. Move in on the briefcase.

Cosmo, how did they say they
connected our man to this crime? It was a fingerprint match. Move in. Fingerprint match.

They found his gloves in a
garbage can and
turned 'em inside out?

Print it up.

I gotta go to New York.

What the hell are these?
And what's in New York?

A rat.

Now, listen, Sam,
I'll do the talking, OK?

Don't get up, Mr Lamb. You make a better target
sitting down. So this visit
isnotto deliver our fugitive? Not with the shit you gave us. Excuse me? John Doe's fingerprints
you had planted at the scene.

You want the illustrated version?

Would you excuse us,
gentlemen, please?

Where did you get these? UN surveillance tapes. That is highly classified
material. Know about this, Barrows?
I'll look into it. Look into how you got those
prints. I'll tell you.
You had them on file because he works for you,
like the dead guys.
Right or wrong? We want information or
I'm on the next plane to

The man you know as Mark Roberts is Mark Sheridan. Ex-US marine, special forces, ex-CIA, black one of our kites in New York. Kite? Someone who does our dirty work. If something goes wrong,
he's on his own. Somewhere along the line,
Sheridan went bad. Got this from the same tapes.
Who is he? Xian Chen.
People's Republic of China.

In fact, a member of Chinese
intel. For two years,
we've known there was a mole selling secrets to China. We suspected Chen,
who delivered the money. Until he led us to Sheridan. Our agents Kasinski and Harmon
were supposed to intercept the exchange
between Chen and Sheridan. It went south.
Sheridan was better than we were. Better than us all.

Why did you keep all this from
us? Very simple. "Need to know." We believed you'd apprehend him and the issue
would be sorted out internally. Our confidence in Deputy Gerard
was misplaced.
He let Sheridan escape and managed to get shot
in the process. I admit it was wrong to withhold information but the
fact is that Sheridan killed our
agents. He's still at large,
he's armed, dangerous. Until we have him, we will
not know the extent of the leak. Now you have your information.
What do you intend to do?

Catch him.

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