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(generated from captions) Canberra today. That's his final major pitch ahead of the final days of campaign.We're taking you now to another spot in Sydney, where the Treasurer Chris Bowen has been addressing the media at his electorate office in the western Sydney suburb of Fairfield. This has begun in the last few minutes.Well thanks for coming out everybody. Well, six days to go to the election, and we see more extraordinary steps from Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey to hide their cuts. This morning, Mr Hockey said that they'd be providing a consolidated list before election date. Not sure what that mean, where are the costings, where's the detail, where are the cuts? We read in some
the paper this morning that some journalists on a selected basis are being His Honour parliamentary Budget office costings but aren't allowed to take them away. This isn't transparency, this isn't being people and we read that three major policies of the Coalition, their broadband policy, their border protection policy and their climate change policy, are not even going to be costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office, let alone the Treasury or the department of finance. That's transparency either. Of course, Mr finance. That's not
transparency transparency either. Of course,
Mr Hockey has pulled out of the Mr Hockey has pulled out of
debate which had previously been agreed between him and I for next been agreed for next week, we agreed at the for beginning of this election for next week, we agreed at campaign to have three debates. We've had two, we had agreed to a final debate in the final week of the a final debate in week of the election campaign, Mr Hockey's reneging on that agreement and refusing to turn up. Why? The Australian people are entitled to ask why, what have you got to hide, why would you hide your cuts, why would you hide your costings to the very last days of the election campaign after the election advertising blackouts snlt why would you do that? If you're so proud of your policy, you boast that I've submitted 200 policies to the Parliamentary Budget Office why shot share them with the Australian people, why wouldn't you share your cuts with the Australian people? This is not an appropriate way to deal with the Australian people, in an election campaign. If you're not prepared to be honest with the Australian people you don't deserve to be the Government of Australia. If you don't know what Mr Abbott will cut, then you shouldn't vote for him because if you knew what he'd cut you wouldn't vote for him. Happy to take questions. (INAUDIBLE) Yes, we've released detailed plans in our economic statement, every policy announcement we've made, we've announced how we're paying it, Mr Abbott said at the beginning of the election campaign when we announce our policies you'll have the offsets, the detail, it just hasn't happened. They said we'd have to wait until after the preelection fiscal outlook. That was three weeks ago. They said we'd have the policies in good time before the election, two days is nowhere near good time before the election. (INAUDIBLE) It's just not true. He's just making these things up. We've announced our costings, our policies, I put out an economic statement with allocated funds, all our policies been fully costed, any policies we've put in for casting after the election was called up on the Treasury website there for all to see. Obviously we all have busy commitments, I had a commitment in my electorate where I was being honoured by one of the groups in our area, one of the church and they were giving me an wayrd, that was very important to me. Also there was another big community event elsewhere in the electorate with several thousand people attending which I'd previously confirmed I would attend and I felt they were important obligations, now of course I had a good chat with the team yesterday, before and after the campaign launch in Brisbane, I thought they did a terrific job, I would have loved to have been there but we all have various commitments around the country, given the commitments I had here, I felt fulfil those. I read that morning. I read that morning. I read councillor Carbone is a member of my campaign team. That councillor Carbone is a of my campaign team. That came
as of my campaign as news to me and not. as news to me and him. He's
not. He's the democraticly elected mayor of elected He's not a member of my campaign team, plays no role. No role, holds no office in my campaign. What we're seeing here is a pretty frankly desperate attempt by my political opponents to get up things that aren't true in newspapers about Mr Carbone and he can deal with the specifics of thealliation. I wouldn't know because he's not on my campaign team. Here I am answering your questions about it, pore than happy to answer hold a press
your questions about t it. I hold a press conference almost every day. I do media interviews with various outlets across the country every Singhle day answering questions not only as Treasurer but member for McMahon. My opponent here has refused to attend five community debates, between him and I, hasn't attend one, some of them had to be cancelled because he wouldn't turn up. That's not transparency, refuses to answer media question, refuses to hold a press conference to answer anything, anything about his campaign or any allegations or suggestions made. When the Labor Party hat a candidate who was rude to a woman in a wheelchair 12 years ago, the Liberal Party Senator Brandis said he must have immediately disendorsed but there's a double standard here, the Liberal Party is trying to hold Labor candidates to one standard and their own candidates to a completely different much lower standard. Here's another example of exactly the same thing and I see a certain radio program in Sydney this morning which has been actively campaigning for my opponent and that's fine, they can do that, making this suggestion. Let me be very clear. I served on Fairfield council between 1995 and 2004. I'm very proud of that service. It's also a very well known fact thatle I was a strong opponent of fung Ngo. He and I were very strong opponents of each other and I became mayor after he was opponents of each other and charged and jailed. Frankly the reason I was able to become mayor is because he was no longer there to vote against me so I'm not going to have any suggestion that's been run up by this smear campaign which is being motivated by my political opponents in this election that in any way there is a question to answer here. As I understand the law from some time ago and the advice from department of local Government was that a charge was not enough to expel somebody from Fairfield Council. That there was a set of arrangements in place under the local Government Act which I would have said we should follow. (INAUDIBLE) Mr Abbott, he's always been a lion and a mouse since Jakarta when it comes to these hinges. He always the talks the tough talk here but when he has the chance to go and talk to the President of Indonesia about these issue, asking him to turn the boats back, explain why he can? Well he just doesn't take the opportunity. If he is elected on Saturday it will be time for him to put his money where his mouth is and actually deliver. He's been talking the tough talk for years about this issue, but of course his policy is wrong, you can't turn boats around on the high seas safely. You shouldn't turn people around to a country nah is not willing to take them. We've got an agreement with the country, that is willing to take people. That's Papua New Guinea, we want to take people to the condition that agrees to accept them and do it safely by plane. Mr Abbott if he's backpeddling, it's for good reason. REPORTER: Did you vote to protect or emtend any council privileges?I would have voted to enforce the local Government Act at the time. As I say, I'm more than happy to answer questions about this, it is on the public record that Fung Ngo and were very strong political enemies, in fact, there are some interactions between us which have previously been put on the public record where we had very strong arguments with each other. That is a fact and I am not going to cop Mr Abbott going around the country talking about smear campaigns when it appears his operatives are running exactly that against the Labor Party here in Mc-Marne. I'm here answering your questions about it, my opponent refuses to. I hear through the grape vine that Mr Abbott and Mr King are coming to McMahon tomorrow. Maybe that's an to put questions to him as I that's an opportunity for you to understand you've been unable to put questions to him as to do until this point. REPORTER: So to do until this REPORTER: So you voted to do everything lawful to clamp down on his privileges?That is my recollection and because I was a strong opponent of his. Talk to anybody in this area about those times and they will tell you that I, argued strongly against his influence on the Fairfield Council, I moved and acted to stop him becoming mayor, I'm proud of that fact, and might I say, some councillors are visiting in prison, not all of those councillors were Labor, some were Liberal, I never visited him in prison, because he was no friend of mine. (INAUDIBLE) Jared, if there were questions put to me, they would be rightly put to me. Mr King can explain to you if you get the chance to finally talk to him which I understand you have failed to do until this point, if you had that chance you could ask him whether he does know Roger Rogerson or if he didn't know Roger Rogerson why he was at his campaign launch. He did he didn't know him, he turned up at his campaign launch. Was it a Muir yell's wedding, was it a deed re chamber's moment. You could ask about the inconsistents what about what he said on the public report and what he said to the royal commission. You ask those questions. My point is that he should answer the question, questions get put to me every day, that is my job as a candidate for public office. I answer those questions. He's in hiding somewhere, I hear from sources in the Liberal Party that he may come out of hiding tomorrow here in McMahon. I'd welcome that. I'd welcome you and others being able to put those questions to him.Six days to go to the election, we're going to be out there earning every vote. A lot of people in my really start to focus on the
issues, might just let this gentleman leave, it moofkt might affect your gentleman leave, might affect your sound while he does that. People focus on the issues in the last week of an election campaign, we've got a good story to tell. We had a very compelling story to tell yesterday at our campaign launch. I thought Kevin Rudd put a fantastic foot forward for the reasons for the Labor Party to be re-elected. Our belief in jobs and growth and investment against the Liberal Party's hidden cuts. I believe we're still competitive in this election, I believe it will be close and we have a very strong record to sell. Getting away ahead of yourself. We're are running to win this election. (INAUDIBLE) Jared, the allegations of wrong doing, relate to things that I've seen reported in the newspapers. Now, if it is not wrong to accept meals at a club that's a matter for you to put to him. If it's not wrong to associate with convicted criminals, that's a matter for you to put to him. If it's not wrong to say that you've lived in this area for 40 years when you have not, that's a matter for you to put to him. These are all questions he could answer. If he has nothing to hide, hold a press conference. If he has nothing that he's uncomfortable in answering then come to a debate. Don't squib five debates. I'm not getting to put up with Mr Abbott says this is a terrible smear campaign against one of his candidates when at the same time his people clearly my political opponents in McMahon who are people who would like to see his candidate elected making things up, making things about somebody who is not even a member of our campaign team suggesting that somebody is a member of our campaign team when he is not, that's a smear campaign. REPORTER: Those first two issues relating to the other issues they were raced at the commission, he answered questions at the commission under oath.You can read the transcripts and you can put questions to him. If you're able to read the than scripts and if you're able to put questions to him. (INAUDIBLE) No, a newspaper is entitled to No, take an editorial No, a newspaper is entitled take an editorial position.
I've take an editorial I've said that there are some newspapers in Australia that have taken a I've said that there are have taken a strong editorial view from day one of this election have taken a strong view election and are campaigning actively for one result. I actively for don't think that's controversial statement. I don't think think when you look at some of the coverage that think when you look the coverage that is a
statement of fact. They're entitled to statement of entitled to do that. We're entitled to call it out. People, their readers are entitled to read their article, knowing that they're actively campaigning for a particular result in this election. I think I'm right in saying that Fairfax has very rarely recommended a vote for a Labor PM. I think this might have happened one or two times in the last 150 years or so, that's fine. That's their right. I know journalists in both stables who are good, objective, honest journalists toiling about doing their job. Just as politician on both sides are doing their job of trying to convince the Australian people of our positive plans for the future. All right, all good. Thank you.From Fairfield in Sydney's West, the Treasurer Chris Bowen just a slight le lay on that of a couple of minutes. A lot of local issues with some polls suggesting the Treasurer may