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(generated from captions) We'll carry that live from the National Press Club today at 12.30 Australian eastern standard time. Scott Morrison has just held a media conference in Canberra. Let's listen to that now.Over the course of the last six years we have seen failure after failure after failure by in government on border protection. Labor is the guilty party when it comes to border protection failures in this country. In the first term of the Labor Government, 7,500 people turned up illegally by boat. In this term of Parliament we've seen more than 40,000 people turn up illegally by boat. Over that time they promised East Timor solutions, asylum freezes, they've had returns to Afghanistan which hasn't returned anyone at all. As Labor has made the big announcements they've always unrafrled at the end. That's the great risk here again. The government's PNG election fix is being held together by sticky tape at the moment and it is barely able to stand up till election day. The revelations again today of the serious issues on Manus Island, where sites like the dump side have been denied access and the locals are proving to be very unhappy with the way that the Rudd Government has been handling the issues on PNG means not only is the government unable to explain now in this final week of the campaign how it plans to resettle anyone in PNG, let alone everyone in PNG, unable to give one sentence about where they will be resettled, under what terms, for how long and when legislation will be introduced into the PNG Parliament to give effect to any of these things. Now also the issue of offshore processing on Papua New Guinea is unravelling by the day. This is a government who at the last election dumped a whole bunch of problems on our detention network on the other side of the election centres went up in flames when
Labor pushed the election and the detention and failed to deal Labor and failed to deal with their
border protection fame lures before the last election, chaos followed. We see this PNG arrangement held together with sticky tape prior to this election. All the implementation ish shurs, all the difficult things that need to be done to give effect to an arrangement like this remain to be done on the other side of an election. As Labor continue to try to dump all the implementation issues on the other side of an election, I think Australians are faced with a very clear choice. Who do they trust to be able to deal with border protection issues on the other side of an election? The coalition in this campaign have been very clear about what we're offering the Australian people. We restore temporary protection visas but deny permanence rez dejs. We will have genuine offshore processing. We will turn boats back where it is safe to do so. We will ensure that those who throw their documents away will not be in the queue at all when it comes to refugee assessment. Not at the back you of the queue as the Labor Party is proposing. We will put in complais a comprehensive regional deterrence framework backed up by $420 million of commitments that go out there, whether it's at sea, whether it's on land, working together working in Australia's sovereign interest to ensure we disrupt people smugglers' activity from Australia all the way up to source. That's the comprehensive plan. That's the solution that will work. It's the solution that has work ed before T would be implemented by a coalition government with the proven resolve and the proven record to get on and fix Labor's mess which they seem content other side of an election yet again.You didn't mention the coalition's boat buyback policy there. Yesterday we had Tony Abbott conceding that perhaps there will be no boats bought back under this there will be back under this policy. Why was it announced if it perhaps isn't even going to do what it was intended to do?That measure is part of the $420 million regional deterrence framework which we announced a few weeks ago. Which includes $67 million to support the Australian federal police to do joint operations with the Indonesian police. It includes $20 million for a community outreach Prime Minister to ensure we enlist villagers in supporting us which includes the bounties as well. It includes putting a supplementary fleet with our border protection command fleet out
which enables our navy to be out there and our Customs Service patrolling and intercepting vessels, not running a taxi service as they are under this government. This is comprehensive package backed up by a comprehensive team on the coalition side that are ready, willing and able to get the job done on border protection.Are you confident that bought boats will be bought back?It's part of the suite of operational measures that will be available to those joint task forces and teams on the ground. It was always an operational decisiono decision about how and when that's deployed. It will be an important tool in the box for them.The coalition has this strong border protection policy proven track record for methods introduce
that work there. Why would you introduce this new buyback option so late in the election process and then turn around and say it may not actually even do what it was supposed to do?We haven't said that hat all. You're saying that it's part of a regional deterrence framework of measures and we had a regional deterrence framework when we were last in government as well. You need to be constantly filling your toolbox of measures in border protection to ensure that you can get the job done. Working with our regional partners throughout the region, we did this with the Indonesian Government, when we were in government last time through our cooperation between the Federal Police and the Indonesian national police and we will do it again. Labor it cutting resources to the AFP. The coalition is committing additional resources to disrupt people smuggling in Indonesia, in Malaysia, in Sri Lanka, and all the way up through the chain. We believe in it. This is a government that has to be dragged kick and screaming every single time to do something in this space. The coalition has always believed in T that's why you can rely on the coalition. We believe in strong border protection. Kevin Rudd believes in election fixes just like Julia Gillard did at the last election with her East Timor fix. We all know where that ended and we can see as we speak up in Manus Island at the moment, where this government's solution is heading if they're elected on the other side of next Saturday. How will you en sewer there are no joours are jurisdictional issues?One of the key recommendations the coalition made after the parliamentary joint Parliament - the joint Select Committee inquiry into the riots that occurred in Villawood and in Christmas Island was to get these jurisdictional to get issues sorted to get these issues sorted out between State and Territory Police and Territory Police and the Commonwealth particularly with DIAK, including access DIAK, including sites. Memorandums of understanding still remain sites. Memorandums understanding still remain not finalised between the New South Wales police and DIAK. Wales police and DIAK. Between the Queensland Police and DIAK. the Queensland Between the South Australian police and DIAK. Between the South police and DIAK. They exist as
we understand it in two jurisdictions, Tasmania, and the Northern Territory. These jurisdictional issues are critical to deal with things when they go wrong in your detention network. And we sthau that in the riots at Villawood, where State Police had to stand on the sidelines, basically, while people got on roofs and others burnt the centre to the ground. That issue remains unresolved by Labor to this day. The Labor Government was warned before the Villawood riots that they could face something like this and they dismissed it. When it was put to them by the New South Wales police that they were at risk of a centre being subject to riots and arson they even dismissed it as a possibility. We need to manage not only the detention network but also the bridging visa program as well.If elected this Saturday, do you concede that perhaps you will have a really large task on your hands given the situation in Syria at the moment? There could be an enormous influx of refugees from that country as there already is?Labor has left an enormous mess on our borders. An unprecedented level of mess. That mess extends to the occurred
arrivals, it extends to what's occurred in our detention network. There are so many loose ends in Labor's border protection arrangements that you - Labor is just tripping over them every single day. Pressures around the world continue. Whether it's in Syria, Egypt or other parts of the Middle East, there remains a big claim on resetlement places in Australia and that's why the coalition has moved to ensure that never again do we have the situation where permanent visas that are supposed to be available to people in Syria, like people in people waiting offshore like will
Egypt, that that their visas will be Egypt, that will Egypt, that that their visas come illegally by boat. We had completely separated those two programs. The best you can ever hope for is a temporary visa, not a permanent visa out of another program. Our offshore special humanitarian program and our refugee program has been quarantined. Absolutely quarantine sod we can address the needs that will come upon that program particularly with the unrest we've seen in the Middle East. You've announced a number of additional planks during the election campaign, to the PPL yet and when will we see the full raft of costings?I leave the costings questions to Joe Hockey. He is the shadow Treasurer. Each of the policies I have put out, whether it's the $420 million for the regional deterrence framework, the $10 million to support the Operation Sovereign Borders initiative, all of these measures and the costs of them have been included, the additional capacity on Nauru. We are redirecting $58 million that the government wants to spend building a detention facility in Singleton, we are going to take those resources and expand the xast on Nauru N each of the measure we've announced we every been very clear about the individual costs of those arrangements and the shadow Treasurer I'm sure between now and election day will be writing through those elements in terms. Overall package of savings measures as is already outlined a very significant component of that last week there are still several days to go between now and the election. When the election is on you will know we have announced all of our policies.Will you be projecting forecasts across the forward estimates period on the of arrivals?Our costings include our assumptions in terms. Savings we believe that can be made in this area by the successful implementation of our policies. Thanks for your time.

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