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(generated from captions) Townsville now where the PM Kevin Rudd is just about to address a local campaign event. This is the Wanderers cricket club in Townsville, the electorate there is Herbert. We're going to bring that shot up for your right now. Kevin Rudd is just stepping in, we'll take you there now.I'd like to pay my respects to the local nation, the other group who couldn't be here tonight. Certainly like to pay our respects to our creator, PM Kevin Rudd, Kathy otool, and everyone here tonight esp specially my indigenous family here, and I just heard everyone saying, you know, the chances are pretty hard but I wish everyone well, I've been to every political parties' launch and just listening because there's an indigenous activist for the last 45 years we still got a long way to go in improving our business especially still having diseases that developing countries have eradicated and so I always attend and I look forward to win, or cut it just above win, or cut it just winning, whether win, or cut it just above the winning, whether you're in
power or Opposition, winning, whether power or Opposition, you still
play winning, whether you're in
power or play a very important role for the play a very important the politics in this the politics in APPLAUSE
I'd like

the best and I'd like to wish everyone all the best and uncle Ernie who will hand off to my wonderful uncle who has been a long time around and he and I actually worked and were advisers to I think the goss Government after the 189 years of a gerrymander and we - 32 - imI'm judicially not wrong. Thank you PM. I usually like doe baiting with prime ministers so uncle Ernie plays a major role being involved in the trades and labour movement, working under the Goss Government and it really inspired me. Once again, welcome and all the best, and we just have to believe in the spirits and fate and destiny. Good bless you all. APPLAUSE Thank you very much Dr Grace, for welcoming us or for honouring us with your presence tonight. It's now my very to introduce tonight. It's now my very great
pleasure ladies and to introduce the candidate for the Federal seat of Herbert, the Labor candidate, and a great worker over the last 12 months, and a person who I want to see and you want to see to be the member for Herbert, next Saturday, can I introduce Kathleen O Toole.Thank you mike, thank you very much. It gives me great pleasure to welcome our PM Kevin Rudd here today to our community. It shows that he has faith in the fact that we are here fighting hard for Labor. I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land upon which we meet, elders past and present, and can I say how proud I am to hair the land with the oldest living culture in the world. Something that as Australians we need to celebrate every day. PM, we appreciate the fact that you've come all the way to Townsville this evening, after your highly successful launch this morning, you spoke really in an exceptional manner this morning to Australia talking to us about what our plan for the future is. You talked about Labor value, the values that we all share, the values that say no Australian will be left behind under a Labor Government. SCATTERED APPLAUSE Townsville has been exceptionally good to me, I was born here, I was educated here and raised here. I was married here, my parents are here this evening, my husband's herings my mother in law is here, I have a brother here, two sisters here with their family, I have two grandchildren here, I have my daughter here and my son in law. And that is something that I'm proud to celebrate. SCATTERED I started my working life when I was 18 with my mother in partnership in a business so over 28 years I have worked, owned and operated small businesses, including a vocational education company that I started from stamp scratch, it was CEO of a disability employment with
organisation where I worked with some of the most vulnerable people in our community, people with mental health conditions and physical and mental disabilities. I also worked as the service director for the Townsville Mackay Medicare locals newly established rehab service. A service that came to this time funded by Federal Labor Government money. APPLAUSE I am running in this election because I want to see my grandchildren have every opportunity that I have had and this community under a Labor Government will offer that to not only my grandchildren but to every child in our SCATTERED APPLAUSE Let me assure you, I will not stand by and watch jobs and services being cut from our community. We have stood by in Townsville with three local members and a Federal member so silent it is unbelievable. While we have seen 800 While we sector jobs go. 226 of those from our Townsville health service. This does service. This does not take account for the community services jobs that have been lost as a result of cuts to services in our community. I will continue to advocate on behalf of this community to meet the needs of the most vulnerable people that live in our community with us. People with mental health conditions, I will advocate to ensure that disability care will be rolled out the first regional disability care office in Queensland will happen here in APPLAUSE I will not stand by and see our town split in two, half of the people in our community who have access to fast broadband now, while the others will simply have to stand by with second rate services that the Coalition is rolling out or intending to roll out for our community. We will all have the benefit of NBN into the future. APPLAUSE I will work really hard tirelessly to ensure that every child in our community, my grandchildren, my great niece, will get a world class education. Every child in our community deserves the best education that they can have, regardless of who their parents are, regardless of where they live. Regardless of how much money they have. And regardless of what their cultural heritage

It is only Labor Governments in this town this that have invested in infrastructure and thank you PM and the Deputy PM as well for the $20 million that you have dedicated to the Dalrymple Road to flood-froof what has Dalrymple Road to what has been a problem in our community for what has been a problem in community for many, many APPLAUSE Labor has invested four times the amount of money in half the time on our Bruce Highway. That is a record we stand proud of and we need to get that message out there into our SCATTERED APPLAUSE I will be working very hard to the very last moment on Friday night. I will make sure that we can convert every single vote that is hoomly possible to ensure that we have a Federal Labor Government returned in this country, a Government that will be led by Kevin Rudd, a Government led by Kevin Rudd that will take us into the future with vision, something the Coalition actually doesn't understand I fear to say. So thank you very much for coming this evening, PM, and I'm sure everybody would love to hear from you. APPLAUSE Thank you very much Kathy for that most impressive address from the future member for Herbert. Ladies and gentlemen, a person who has visiting Townsville countless number of times, I think three times Mr PM just over the last four or five week, a person who has worked very, very hard for Townsville and we really appreciate that. A person who we believe is a great leader of our nation. Ladies and gentlemen, please join with me in giving another great welcome to the honourable Kevin Rudd, the PM of Australia.

It's great to be back It's great to be back in Townsville. This Townsville. This is a wonderful part of the Australia and we're part of honoured here tonight to have a honoured here tonight great Australian Labor candidate in candidate for Herbert. It's great tonight to be here with Bronwyn Taha, a great Labor candidate for Dawson. You come from an extraordinary part of Australia. And I love it when I come back here and as Mike said before I've lost count the number of times I've been up here. 20, 30, 40, I wouldn't have a clue over the years. What I love about this place is its spirit, the beauty of Magnetic Island, what I love about this place is that it has a real can-do attitude. I love the fact that you just hop in and get stuff done. I love the fact that you've got a genuine North Queensland spirit about you. I love the fact that you regard Brisbane as as far as away as Canberra. They're all down south aren't they? I love the fact that you have this remarkable identity, and that you care about the reef, you the
care about the industries of the region, you care about the defence personnel, you care about making sure that we're bringing unew industries is to the region, you care Townsville, a truly great Australian city. And it's my honour to be here be you again this evening. Friend, in politics, there are certain things worth fighting for. There are important things worth fighting for. It's important for your community and across the country to fight for people's jobs, you don't have a job, you don't have a pay packet. You don't have a pay packet, you can't pay the bills. You can't pay the bills mean s your problem with the mortgage and you certainly can't take that holiday at Christmas with the kids. Having a job is the beginning of human dignity and therefore what we fight for as an Australian Labor Party and what we fight for as Australian Labor representatives here in North Queensland is jobs, jobs, and jobs, they're our 1,429 one, two and three priorities.

We fight for good jobs, we fight for jobs with decent pay and conditions. We fight for jobs which are protected by an independent umpire. That's what we fight for. And it's an important fight, not one that we've just won within a generation, but I look around the room tonight and I see faces, old and craggy and some young and beautiful, but old and craggy ones who have been there in the fights over the generations to make sure that we preserve a decent industrial and working culture in this country where everyone has a right to a decent job. So friends that's what we stand for, number one, number two, number three, jobs, job, jobs because it's so fundamental to everything else. But I listen carely the to what Kathy just said about what's happened here recently. When you look at a city like Townsville , with an axe taken to it and 800 people losing their jobs under a Liberal-National Party Government and then 220 or 30 of those jobs being axed at the local Townsville Hospital, it says a lot about what Mr Abbott's priorities are as well and that I could not put more starkly as the challenge, the choice the alternative before the people of Townsville right now.

Captions by CSI Australia You know something - the message is the same. Everyone wants a sense that their job can be secure and what they want is a Government and a party which is determined to fight for their job to be security secure. APPLAUSE The Liberal-National Party in Townsville have treated the people with contempt. They've said to 800 citizens your job not important. They've said to 240 people who work at Townsville Base Hospital your job's not important. I say each of those jobs is important. Say I say that each of those workers is important, I say the work that and as an act of work that they do is important and with them and as an act with them we ha as Party stand up for with them we ha Party stand up for them and will fight for them. So folks will fight for them. there are things worth fighting for. there are things worth for. There really are. Jobs, pay, conditions. Your hospital, your schools, and as Kathy reminded us just before, whether or not you're going to be in one of those suburbs lucky enough to lucky enough to get fibre optic broadband or one of those unlucky enough if Mr Abbott's elected to baby left to languish with clapped out copper wire. You see the broadband debate says a lot about Mr Abbott. It's essentially a digital divide. Richer people, they will get their own broadband, their own high speed broadband because they can pay for it. Poorer people, you can always go jump in the lake, that's essentially what he's saying, because what we say as an Australian Labor Government all Australians are equal. Whether you're from Townsville, Cairns, from Ben Cousinsberg, Rocky, from Mackay, anywhere up the coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, you name it, every Australian is equal and should have equal access to To some of the older folks here tonight let me explain why. Back in the 19th century it was seen as a luge innovation to have a universal postal service. That is a right to have a letter sent to you with a stamp on it and a right for you to send a letter to someone else be it down the road, down to Brisbane, down to Melbourne or over to London or wherever. It was called a universal right. And stfs revolution when it came in, people it came was pretty novelel. Prior to that you had despatch writers, some of them looking like Alexander Downer and some of Alexander Downer and off they would Alexander Downer would go and deliver their stuff. Only a few got to deliver stuff. Only deliver these despatches, we thought that was wrong and then you had the birth of a universal postal service, because it provided communication possibilities for all people. Then we got to the 20th crept and this other new fangled instrument came along called the telephone and when it came along people sailed said gee that's pretty flash and rich, only the rich people could have a telephone," until we as a community decided there could be universal access for the telephone. Sure you payed for how much you used it but you had a right to have a telephone service to your town, community and city and that had revolutionised Australia in the 20th century. The ability to pick up the phone and talk to someone in Melbourne was frankly a miracle given where folks were the previous century. Guess what folks? It rolls on again. And the new universal postal service, the new universal telephone service, is called the universal broadband service. And the future it should be provided universally to everybody at the same price at the same affordable rates and with speeds comparable right across the country, that's what Labor Governments are committed to doing. When you hear me in the week ahead talk about the digital divide, between rich and poor, between country and city, between North Queensland and elsewhere in the country, that's what I mean. It's pretty basic F you have high speed broadband at your home you can upload stuff, you can download stuff and send it anywhere over the world, and you can actually boost your small business and you can contact people who you haven't been in touch with for a long, long time. That's what it's for. That's what it's there for , Mr Abbott says "oh no clapped out copper wire for you, $5,000 to connect it for you if you really want some fibre opt Mick maybe and for you you can have a speed which is smile's pace cubed." The digital divide is a bit like saying there should be a postal service for rich and poor, a telephone service for rich people and a for people and a telephone service believe that there should for poor people, and broadband service for believe that people which is believe that there should be a
broadband service for poor people which is flash, and people broadband service people which is not. It is so fundamentally inequitable, because broadband will be because broadband will be your ability to communicate and engage with the community and the world and in the 21st century so that this young possum up the front here will have all of her life opportunities unfold before her through high speed broadband, just with this one and this one and these young people here. But if they don't live in the right bush suburbs unde-Mr Abbott's Australia if he's electioned, guess what? No-one for you or you and your. I don't think that's right. Do you think it's right? There is a basic fundamental distinction of what it means to vote Labor or Liberal in this seat of Herbert. I cannot understand anyone in the town who argues for Townsville's future who says that you should have some infrastructure provided for rich people and none for poor people. It doesn't make sense. It's just wrong. It offends the Australian sense of a fair go. So folk when I said before there are certain things worth fight for, fietels for job, hospital, school, infrastructure, fighting for the broadband that you deserve here in North Queensland and here in Townsville, that's what this Government and this party is determined to do. APPLAUSE As I said earlier today I'm the PM of a Government in the building game. We're building stuff. We're building broadband, building school,
building university, you name it we're building it. You know why? You've got to build your future but the alternative is this. Mr Abbott's alternative vision is to cut, cut and cut again, $70 billion worth of you.
cuts coming down a roads near you. Job, health services, education services, broadband services and the rest so our challenge in this week ahead here in this critically important seat of Herbert is to make that distinction absolutely clear. We'll be building Townsville's future, he'll be cutting Townsville's future. Right across the board. I heard as I came in someone saying up here Kathy that the challenges were big here in the seat of Herbert for this election, well they are. But I know also for a fact that Tony Abbott is in Townsville a bit of a blow-in. He's not from Queensland, he might pretend sometimes to be from up this part of the world. I've heard him say in a public function he's more after a Queenslander than I am. A bit odd but he said that to me a number of times. Tony Abbott did not come here yesterday, for tourism importantly potential. Tony Abbott came here yesterday because he's worried about the Liberal-National Party holding on to the seat of Herbert. SCATTERED APPLAUSE So when Tony Abbott comes here let me tell you it's not because he's in love with North Queensland, it's not because he's in love with Townsville, he wants to do a bit of snorkeling out at Magnetic Island, it's because he's worried he could lose this seat to this fantastic woman and our job is to make her in that place. APPLAUSE Friends, Kathy is a fighter, Bronwyn's a fighter, I'm a fighter and we're going to fight this election with one objective and that is that we prevail on 7 September. It's not just here for the sake of talking to this person and talking to that person, it's about prevailing in election so that the Labor cause, the Labor mation, the Labor vision and the Labor project is able to be implemented into the future in order to build up the Townsville of the future as well. That's it. Just finally, let me just mention one more thing about Mr Abbott - this recent visitor to Townsville. For its tourism attractions. A lot of people around this lot country are lot of people around country are scratching their heads about Mr Abbott. They're heads about Mr scratch scratching their head about a few scratch scratching their about a few things. They're about a asking themselves "Mr Abbott if about a few things. you think you're such a asking themselves "Mr you think you're such a shoe-in
in this you think you're such in this election why won't you come clean in Townsville and Australia about come clean with the people where your $70 billion worth Townsville and Australia where your $70 billion worth of cuts will fall?" Will it hit your job, school, your job, school, the local Townsville hospital which you've been to, the accident and emergency at 2 o'clock in the morning because you fell over and hurt your leg. Not sure if it was you but it was someone who looked like you. Because he doesn't want to tell you. And the reason he doesn't want to tell you is they don't want to frighten you because he knows that if you knew the truth you'd be frightened, too frightened to vote for him so people are scratching their head about whether this guy is fair dinkum, when it comes to Townsville's future I can say Tony Abbott is not fair dinkum. SCATTERED APPLAUSE But he's come up with a beaut policy for Townsville. Have you heard the one about paid parental leave scheme. It means that your taxes and if you're retired and you're a part pension and you're a self-funded retiree, your investment earnings all get to pay for one thing - paid parental leave for millionaires to cheque for $75,000, do you think that's a fair thing? That's Tony Abbott's future for Townsville. All of your tax, investment, taxed in order to pay to pay for Mr Abbott's I think absolutely lunatic idea of paid parental leave, the $75,000 checks for millionaires but people scratch their head about this because they think rightly that it causes us to question Mr Abbott's judgment. How could anyone have come up with this crazy idea? Do you know how much it costs? $22 billion. He is proposing a paid parental leave scheme for millionaires and billionaires which costs more in one year what we for child-care rebate and child-care support right across for every Australian. I don't think that's fair. I don't think it's a fair thingI don't think it's an affordable I also think it's economically I irresponsible but it gives I irresponsible but it gives us one I irresponsible but it one small insight into the judgment of this man who believes he has the prime ministership in the bag.Hen he came up with another brilliant policy the idea the other day. Did you hair about his policy on boats. It took a lofrts time down there in the Tony Abbott think tank, the Tony Abbott think tanch came one this idea - instead of having turn back the boats, we're going to have buyback the boats instead. So he's going to use taxpayer dollars to go up Indonesia and spend millions of dollars buying Indonesian fishing boats, do you think that's a smart policy? I think it shows a lot about the judgment of this man who believes he has the prime ministership in the bag. Can you imagine an Australian three star general sitting out there a fishing line end of the jetty up there in Jakartaar Java somewhere says "mate, 100 bucks for that boat, 500 baulks for that boat." There are three-quarters of a million boats in Indonesia. It will be the biggest boon to the Indonesian boat building industry in history. My point to you this evening is not just the whacky policy, it's the judgment of the man who believeded that this was a good policy idea. But there's a trifecta. We've had paid parental leave, that was pretty wacky, we now have the buy back the boats plan, that's really wacky and now we have Mr Abbott's diagnosis of the current crisis in Syria. Which is what I describe as the John Wayne school of international relations. When asked today about the conflict in Syria, Mr Abbott I am advised and I stand to be corrected by my journalistic colleaguings because I've been in the plane, but he said Syria is not between goodies and baddies, it's between baddies and baddies. My single comment to Mr Abbott is this - international relations is more complex than a John Wayne Western. So once again we scratch our head and we wonder about the judgment of such a person. Because as of today, my good friends here in Townsville, Australia assumed the presidency of the United Nations Security Council in New York. As of today, Sunday. I presume his first cable to our ambassador in New York will be "a fool's guide to who are the goodieses and who are the baddies in New York, who from goodies and the baddies in Syria." Preserving international peace and security, ensuring we have a stable world is again more complex than a is 9 50s Western? But this is what we are looking at with the think
judgment of this man. So I think why there are so many Australians scratching their head tonight and having a second look at Mr Abbott is just this - his priorities are all wrong. His judgment frankly leaves these decisions could come leaves us all wondering where from. And I really do question from. And his temperament from. And I really do his temperament for occupying
the highest from. And I really do question
his temperament the highest office in this land. Friends the highest office in land. Friends we are fighters, the leader
I'm a fighter, I'm your PM, I'm the leader of the Australian Labor Party, here's your candidate Kathy OToole, there's your other candidate, Bronwyn Taha. And tonight here in Townsville, we are among an army of true believers. And when an army gets going, let me tell you, the rest of the country feels it and they know it, so tomorrow morning, out there on the streets on the corners and into the eveningings I want to see Kathy sign waved on the street corners waved down there near The Strand so that everyone in the city of Townsville knows we're here, we mean business and we intend to see Kathy as the next member for Herbert. APPLAUSE You're watching an extended news bulletin here on News 24. That was PM Kevin Rudd speaks