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(generated from captions) I'm just very - yeah, very everything.Warren McErlean
proud and humbled by everything.Warren McErlean who has been honoured in this year's Bravery Awards. Let's return to our top story. Labor's official campaign launch is about to get under way. Our political editor Lyndal Curtis is at the Convention Centre in Brisbane and joins us now. I gather everyone is probably shuffling in now. What what'sed the mood there?Well, we are being treated to a selection of Australian music from the '80s. I'm reliving a bit of my youth here. We have seen a number of ministers come in and take their places. You might be able to see behind me, this is the venue where the launch will be held. There is a stage in the middle of the seating. Kevin Rudd will speak at a theatre in the round this morning from Labor Party. It's a smaller audience than was at the Liberal's campaign launch in the city a week ago. But a more upbeat affair than Julia Gillard's launch in 2010 which was come par bring Australia tier with just Julia Gillard on the stage. Now Kevin Rudd will his
be introduced by Albanese and his wife, Therese Rein will be the person who speaks before Kevin Rudd comes in. I will just take a look at what's happening behind me. It's Bob Hawke, one of the former prime ministers. Paul Keating, another former prime minister won't
will be here. Julia Gillard won't be attending.Lyndal, we can expect a number of policy announcements today?Yes, there will be policies aimed at small business, will be policies aimed at business, increasing
temporarily temporarily what's called the instant asset write-off. It's of
currently $6,500. That was part currently $6,500. That was of the mining tax package. Kevin Rudd is going to propose to increase it to $10,000 so that means businesses can write-off assets immediately. There will also be policies for - sorry - for jobs, for apprenticeships. Some talk about TAFE, which is one of the ways that apprentices are trained. A policy to increase the number of hours apprentices work on Commonwealth-funded buildings, over $5 million. There also be - Mr Rudd will attempt to gee up the troops as Labor heads into the final week. It does need to win over more people, you would have to say, looking at the broad sweep of opinion polls which have been going in one direction and that's in favour of Tony Abbott. Labor is putting a lot of hope in the last week of the campaign. They believe there are people undecided still to be won over. Today will be about jobs and jobs and jobs.As you say, Lyndal, the Labor Party there framing it as jobs, jobs, jobs versus the Coalition's cuts, cuts, cuts?It certainly will be pushing that message too. Mr Rudd will be, I'm told, seeking to draw a distinction as he has through the campaign, between what a re-elected Rudd Government would do a and they would be pushing that message of cuts very hard. It is helping to build its own support. Mr Abbott, of course, said this morning there not be a massive fiscal hit to the economy from the Coalition's policies. We also said we haven't seen all the cuts. They will be outlined later this week. Possibly after the electronic ad blackout comes in. It's something, of course, the Labor Party has criticised, saying if Mr Abbott wants to put his plans out there, he should do it now. That applause is for Paul Keating. He is walking in as we

Wong. They are upbeat
About their chances, saying this election is winnable. They do face a this election is winnable. do face a severe uphill battle to try and win back Government given the state of the current opinion polls.Yes and they are facing an uphill battle and they may, in the end not get there. It is a roll of the dice for them in this last week, they do have a lot of ground to make up and they don't believe - some don't believe they are making the sort of gains they need to make, particularly in Queensland, to be able to win some seats that might offset other seats. There are MPs saying they are putting more into
effort than they have before into their own seats. This launch is about to begin and we will go to it now.Let's cross to the Labor Party conference as it gets underway. APPLAUSE

APPLAUSE G day. Labor
Welcome to the Australian Labor Party 2013 Federal campaign launch. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Firstly, I would like to welcome Lara Watson and her daughter Shania, to acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land. APPLAUSE (Speak able dialect) it is the traditional greeting. It, translated means hello and it can also be used when departing. My name is Laura Watson and this is my daughter Shania. We are Beeigubba women from north-east Queensland. I am the chair of the Queensland ALP, Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islander reference committee and it is with great honour that I do acknowledgement to country today. We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and water where we gather today. The Terribal and Jaggera people and we recognise this land has always been under their custodianship. We pay our respects to elders past, present and future. We also extend respect to all the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people here today. And the elders of recent arrivals
also. the elders of also. Our traditional customs and protocols are critically important to us. Along with teaching our children, hence why Shania is with me today. I would why Shania is with me today. would also like to acknowledge those who share these same values. Our PM, Kevin Rudd. APPLAUSE His Government and the Australian Labor Party that gather here today for this important meeting. Watamoli. !APPLAUSE Thank you Lara. Now please welcome Jessica O'Brien, who will sing the Australian national anthem. Please stand. (Sings) # Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free # With golden soil and wealth for toil # Our home is girt by sea # Our land abound in nature's gifts of beauty, rich and rare # In history's page let every stage # Advance Australia Fair # In joyful strains then let us sing # Advance Australia fair # # Advance Australia APPLAUSE Thank you Jessica. It is great to be here. Today's also Father's Day, so I begin with a big shout out to all the fathers in the audience and at home. I wish them a happy Father's Day. APPLAUSE

A special shout-out to my son and mate Nathan and of course his wonderful mum Carmel, who are here today. I thank you for your support today and every day. APPLAUSE Certainly a Father's Day with a difference and one to remember. One of the motivations of our great Labor movement has always been to provide the next generation with the greater quality of life than the current one. It is why Labor seeks to both create and anticipate the long term future. Whilst at the same time, dealing with the more immediate issues. It is great to be part of a modern Labor Government that is building the jobs, the schools, the infrastructure and the hospitals of the future.I have come a long way from Camperdown. I never imagined when I was Nathan's age that I would be standing here as the deputy Labor leader and Deputy PM of Australia. Labor creates opportunity. Labor seeks to govern because we understand that Government can play a role in improving peoples' lives. Our opponents seek Government because they believe that is what they are entitled to. For Labor, Government is never the end in itself. We govern so that we can build for the future. It is the Labor way. We built the aged pension. We built the trans continental railway. We built the Snowy Mountains scheme. We opened up universities. We built Medicare and now we are building DisabilityCare. APPLAUSE Over the past six years it has been my great honour to serve both Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard. Both of them have led good nation-building governments that saw us through tough global economic times. We created almost one million jobs. We have low inflation. We have low interest rates. We have higher work force participation. We have lower industrial disputes than occurred under work choices. We have achieved all of this... APPLAUSE We have achieved all of We have achieved all of this with We have achieved all with a triple A credit with a triple A APPLAUSE We returned fairness to the work place. APPLAUSE We are increasing the superannuation guarantee from 9-12%. We introduced the largest ever pension increase in Australia's history. APPLAUSE We took a million of the poorest paid Australian workers out of the tax system by tripling the tax free threshold,...APPLAUSE... Something that I know my good friend and passionate advocate for the disadvantaged, a great Queenslander Wayne Swan is particularly proud of. APPLAUSE We have taken action on climate change. We have supported the development of renewable energy. To give you just one example. More than one million solar panels have been installed across Australia on our APPLAUSE We are delivering sustainability for the Murray Darling Basin, talked about for decades, delivered by Labor. APPLAUSE If you'll excuse me, a built of indulgence on infrastructure. They talk infrastructure, but they don't do infrastructure. We have doubled the roads budget. We got the Hume Highway finished from Sydney to Melbourne on our watch. APPLAUSEWe have rebuilt one-third of the entire interstate rail freight network and something that I'm particularly proud of is that we have invested more into urban public transport since 2007 than all governments combined from federation right up to 2007. APPLAUSE Of course we had a pretty low bar compared with our predecessors. The Howard Government spent not a single dollar, exactly what Tony Abbott is promising to do, not a dollar to urban public transport. You can't deal with urban congestion if you don't build the Cross River Rail and the Melbourne Metro. APPLAUSE And of course our most important visionary infrastructure project - the National Broadband Network. APPLAUSE The NBN will transform the way that we work and the way that we live. The only limits to it are our imagination. What we know is if you get the infrastructure right, you will get the results over a period of time.If any single issue defines the failure of the Coalition to build for the future, it is their support for the outdated, unreliable copper network of last century. APPLAUSE But of course all these gains are at risk on September 7. Remember Medibank, introduced by Gough Whitlam's Government, removed by the conservatives. It took the great Bob Hawke to deliver. APPLAUSE Along with other social and economic reforms, including by working cooperatively through the accord, not dividing the nation, uniting the nation. APPLAUSEI pay tribute today to Australia's Labor PM, Bob Hawke and to Australia's longest serving Labor PM, Bob Hawke and I welcome Labor PM, Bob Hawke welcome Bob and Blanche here today. Stand up welcome Bob and Blanche today. Stand up Bob. Stand today. Stand up Bob. Stand up. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

Bob worked with a fellow, the nation's greatest Treasurer...APPLAUSE CHEERING AND Got a few fans here. Paul Keating of course went on become Australia's 24th PM. APPLAUSEPaul Keating transformed our economy. Can you imagine any of the Tories having the guts to do what he did for the Australian economy, set it up for 22 years of consecutive economic growth. APPLAUSE And we are building on his legacy in superannuation. We are delivering, who delivered the best superannuation system in the world, we intend making it just a little bit better. APPLAUSE I say to Bob Hawke and to Paul Keating, that John Howard may have become PM in 1996 but much of your tremendous legacy is in tact today because you gave us long term Labor Government that entrenched your great reforms. APPLAUSE Ladies and gentlemen, I have had a bit to do with John Howard. Whatever you say about John Howard, he was a man of intellect, who had a vision for his country. Not my vision, but a vision nonetheless. Let there be no doubt, Tony Abbott is no John Howard. Mr Abbott is a man mired in pessimism and stuck in the past. He just sits in the parliament, we have seen it day after day, he sits there and just says "No, no, no, no, no". He's sharp when it comes to three-word slogans but dull when it comes to new ideas. He's energetic when it comes to running around Lake Burley Griffin but he's pretty lazy when it comes to policy development. APPLAUSE If you want a bloke who can jump through tyres, vote for Tony Abbott. But if you want a bloke who can guide Tony Abbott. But if you through the next a bloke who can through the next financial
crisis, vote for Kevin through the next crisis, vote CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Mr Abbott is a true blue conservative in every single sense of the word.He finds comfort in the status quo. He struggles with change and because of that he offers no progress. In today's fast-moving world, if you are standing still, the world goes straight past you. That is what will happen to our nation. He will tell thinks you want to hear, but he won't tell you what you need to know. What you need to know is whose jobs will be destroyed by Mr Abbott's cuts if he wins next Saturday. Shame!

While we build for the future, Mr Abbott lives in the past. He talks down our economy and he talks down our nation.He doesn't have a plan for next week, let alone a plan for next month, next year, or a decade from now. Where is Tony Abbott's vision? What are his priorities? During the about action on
about action on climate change, Mr Abbott described the science around the issue as absolute crap. His policy response is to plant a few trees. Laudable aim on its own but no answer to a problem that is so profound that it requires us to harness the power of the market, in the form of an emissions trading scheme. APPLAUSE Now it is one thing to be a climate sceptic, but it is another thing altogether to also be a market sceptic. Mr Abbott is both. When Labor asked parliament to consider what has been recognised as the world's best targeted economic stimulus package, aimed at saving the jobs of Australians during the global financial crisis, where was Mr Abbott? He was snoozing in his office. When Labor moved to wire Australia to the world via the National Broadband Network, an economic game-changer that will create jobs and revolutionise communication, Mr Abbott said that he had appointed Malcolm Turnbull to destroy the project. His words, not mine. At least appointing Mr Turnbull to sell the fraudband policy does show that Mr Abbott does have a perverse sense of humour.We know that Mr Turnbull believes in his fraudband policy of fibre to 40,000 fridges at the end of your street, about as much as he does direct action on climate change. He called it - Mr Turnbull's words "A recipe for fiscal recklessness on a grand scale". Let's be clear, the Coalition's fraudband plan is like building a four-lane lane
bridge that ends with a single lane dirt road. You don't get any benefit from the bridge unless you go back later on and widen and upgrade the road and it will cost you more when you have to go back and do it later.On broadband, we will do it once, do it right and will do it with Today, Australia took over the presidency of the United Nations security council in New York. APPLAUSE This puts our nation at the centre of global power, at a critical time.When Mr Abbott heard Australia was seeking this role in 2011, what was his response? He said this - I quote "I don't think we should be spending money we don't have to promote a cause which is unlikely to come to anything". Tony
There is no issue too big for Tony Abbott to show exactly how small he is. APPLAUSE He has got something to offer, if you want someone to join you on your morning run. But running the country? He's just not up to it. His ideas are too narrow. His world view ambition
is too restricted and his ambition is just too small. APPLAUSE The problem isn't that Mr Abbott is stuck in the past, the problem is that he wants everyone in Australia to stay back there just to keep him company. He doesn't like public transport, he doesn't like public schools, he doesn't like public health, he doesn't like the public delivery of broadband. I sense a pattern
here. Mr Abbott just doesn't seem to like the public. seem to like the

APPLAUSE My friends, I elections are about choices and in this election, the choice could not be more stark. I have had the honour of working with Kevin Rudd for 15 years. APPLAUSE I have never met anyone more focused on his vision for our country. His ambition for Australia is as big as this great country itself. His enthusiasm for serious, groundbreaking reform in the grand Labor tradition is extraordinary. Kevin has his critics, but one thing we know about him is that he cares about our country and as he said in his launch in 2007, he really is here to help. APPLAUSE At the risk of upsetting my leader, is Kevin Rudd a bit of a nerd? You bet. Would I pick him in a rugby team or in a boxing match ahead of Tony Abbott? No way. But he is the right man to lead this

APPLAUSE He is the right man to build the schools and hospitals of the future. He is the right man to build the NBN. He is the right man to continue to deliver economic growth, jobs and prosperity. He is the right man to deliver the Better Schools plan. He is the right man to take action on climate change for this and for future generations to come. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Kevin Rudd cares about your job. He cares about your family and he cares about your future. When he says that, we all know that he means it. Kevin is going to come on stage soon and tell you about his plans. But to introduce him, let's hear from someone who knows him better than anyone. Please welcome my friend Therese Rein. APPLAUSE CHEERING AND APPLAUSE CHEERING AND Good morning everyone.Thank you Laura for your generous and warm welcome on behalf of the people from the banks of the mighty Brisbane River. I paid my respects to all elders, past and present, across this great southern land. I am here today to introduce someone who grew up on a dairy farm, in a tiny Queensland town, population - 162. Someone who rode the farm horse to school sometimes. A man who carries his country boy smile everywhere with him. I want you to meet someone who will never forget sleeping in the car that night, not knowing where the next safe place to sleep would be, as his mum struggled to find a job after his father was killed. A man who knows just how important it is to have a place to call home. To have a job which gives you dignity. I want to introduce a son who watched his mum to have to travel far away from her family for weeks at a time to access breast cancer treatment. Who fundamentally believes in great accessible health care for all Australians. I want to introduce someone for whom the whole world opened up when a Labor Government made university education accessible for all, for everyone, even him. He is the PM who stood in our parliament and of all Australians, said that what our indigenous brothers and sisters had waited so long to hear to hear "Sorry". APPLAUSE He is the PM who governs for all Australians, no matter where you come from, no matter where you live, no matter how old you are, no matter who you love. He believes that dignity belongs to all, not just to some. APPLAUSE I want to introduce the steady pair of hands to whom I am so grateful for steering us through the global financial crisis. APPLAUSE

BlockThis is the man who new every home lost would be another boy or girl growing up without feeling safe and that really matter ed.APPLAUSE. I want to introduce someone who's father, who's brother and parent in law, my mum and dad, all served to protect Australia. A leader who will never forget the sacrifice of our serving military, people. APPLAUSE.I want to introduce a bloke who is not afraid to dream big for all Australians and despite the sceptics, got Australia a seat at the G20 and initiated our successful UN Security Council bid.APPLAUSE. I want to introduce a husband who, when sent to Bunnings for a mozzie candle, comes back with Roman flares, blue tack, an extension cord, potting mix, a step ladder no mozzie candle. I want to introduce my best friend, the love of my life, my companion for over 35 years. Through the good times and the not so good times, a proud father-of-three, an absolutely delighted and besotted grandfather, a person for whom family is the core of happiness. Let's welcome now, the man who continues to fight for all Australians, often against the odds, who fights for our rights, including our rights at work, for our environment, for our security, for our prosperity, so that we can work together to seize the massive opportunities available to this country and realise our shared aspirations for an even shared aspirations for greater Australia. Come on greater Australia. Come on out, Kevin from Queensland and say g'day to Kevin from g'day to Australia.APPLAUSE. APPLAUSE. Well, thank you Therese for those words of extraordinary welcome. And for being the love and support of my life throughout the ups and downs of political life, because as you all know, without families, we are nothing.APPLAUSE. And Albo, for that warm-up of the century, thanks mate, terrific.APPLAUSE.And put your hands together for this great Australian Labor team!APPLAUSE. Person to person, man for man, woman forewoman, light years aof anything that sits opposite.APPLAUSE.Fellow Queenslanders, fellow Australians, fellow members of the great Australian Labor Party...APPLAUSE.In this election we are now engaged in the fight of our lives. It's a fight about the values which underpin Australia's future. A fight about our vision for Australia's future. It's a fight about how we go about building Australia's future. A future for the many, not just for the few.APPLAUSE. And for those who say the fight is up - I say you haven't seen anything yet!APPLAUSE. Because we have something worth fighting for and that's the jobs of all Australians, the pay packets of all Australians, an Australia which still believes in a fair go for all. These are the things worth fighting for.APPLAUSE. And despite anything that And despite anything believe in this election, we can prevail can prevail and we will prevail.APPLAUSE.

We believe in values, values of freedom, values of compassion, values of a fair go for all. These are universal values, they are Australian values, and fundamentally they are Labor values!APPLAUSE. The values that cause our party and movement to come that being more than a century ago. The values which inspired people to dream of a better Australia. Values which inspired men and women across the decades to build Australia's future. Values which gave us fair pay, fair conditions and an independent umpire. Values that built the age pension. Values that built a free public hospital system. Values that built a university system accessible for all under PM Gough Whitlam.APPLAUSE.

Values that built Medicare for all under PM Bob Hawke. APPLAUSE.

Values that built Julia Gillard.
DisabilityCare for all under Julia Gillard.APPLAUSE. And values that built superannuation for all under PM Paul Keating.APPLAUSE.

My friends, these are all values worth fighting for, values which gave every Australian access to a first class education and first class healthcare, rich or poor, country or city, long settled or newly arrived. Values that have also caused us as a movement to make the big calls on nation's future, big calls of on internationalisation of our country, regions in the world. We have
had the audacity to believe that through the agency of Parliament and Government, that we could always build a better Australia than the one that we inherited from our forebears. That's why we are in the business of progressive Government!APPLAUSE.

That's why we believe in progressive politics rather than Conservative politics, of building
because we are in the business of building the house up. The Conservatives are in the business of tearing the house down. Ours is always a positive vision that points optimistically to the future. Theirs is a negative vision that points back to a magical point in a mythical past that no-one can find. These have been the competing narratives of Australian history. The Conservatives know what they are against but they have never really seemed to work out what they are exactly for. I have never seen a decent reform the Conservatives haven't set out to destroy. Whereas for all our faults, we are always having a go at building a better Australia. Yes, that means we don't always get it right. Yes, that means we have made mistakes. But as a highly successful migrant in his 70s told me the other day in Adelaide "Kevin, the only blokes in life who never make mistakes are those blokes who don't do anything in life". To be fair, Mr Abbott has done a few things. He was one of Mr Howard's industrial ministers. He said WorkChoices was the greatest reform of the Howard Government and he did rip $1 billion out of the public hospitals in Australia but that is a for starters. Values, my friend, are one thing. How they shape our vision for Australia is another. The core of our vision of the 21st century is one where every Australian should have the right to a job, a good job, a job with fair wages and conditions. We also want an Australia where you do not live in daily fear of losing your job.APPLAUSE.

But where a job is lost, we are an Australia that helps you find a new job in one of the new industries of the future. We also want an Australia with vibrant small businesses where your small business can become a medium-sized business and your medium-sized business can become a big business through the sheer power of your enterprise. If we do not have profitable businesses we will not generate jobs of the future. We also want an Australia driven by the industries of the future, by new agribusiness, by new firms forms of manufacturing. And by new forms of manufacturing. new industries we haven't
dreamed of forms of manufacturing. And by

He we want an Australia in which the He we want an Australia which the education system delivers your kedz the education, skills delivers your kedz education, skills and training
they need to compete with the kids of Asia and the kids of kids of Asia and the