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(generated from captions) tape. Mr Rudd will also detail plans to boost the number of apprentices. Our political editor Lyndal Curtis is at the Convention Centre in Brisbane and joins us now. Lyndal, what message will be delivered at the launch today?Well, there will be a few messages delivered by Mr Rudd who will be holding the needience in the round, not the usual set up. There will be a number of announcements on jobs, small businesses, apprenticeships and on TAFE. A gee up for the Labor Party faithful. Mr Rudd will be seeking to draw, as he has threw seeking to draw, as he threw the campaign a distinction between what a Labor Government would do and the Liberal Government would do. I'm joined now by the Finance Minister, Penny Wong. Penny Wong, welcome to ABC News 24.Good to be with you.What do you need this launch to you in order to get enough momentum into the final week?The focus of this launch will be jobs, jobs for the future, jobs for young Australians and also with a strong focus on apprenticeships. As you know, we understand as a Labor Party, just as we have invested in universities and schools in Government, we also have to keep building on the investment we have made in apprenticeships because that's such an important part of pathways for young Australians but making sure people have jobs in the future.You go into this final week of the campaign behind, don't you?It's a tough fight. This has been a difficult election campaign, Australians know that. It is about the future of the country. You will Mtly whatever the noise of an election campaign, ultimately people are voting on what sort of future they want for the nation and what Kevin will do today is lay out our plan for the future jobs for Australians, something we haven't heard from Tony Abbott. We have heard a lot about cuts, not a lot about jobs.Mr Abbott said this morning, people would see, when they see his costings, there will not be a massive financial squeeze and the language coming from the Opposition side, they have been talking about not bringing forward the return to surplus. Do you acknowledge the things you are warning of may not be the case?Absolutely not. If that is the case, why shnt they released their costings and budget bottom line. The only reason you would hold back everything until this last week in an election campaign, where the economy is so important, where your economic spoke people have said they want to end the age of entitlement, the only reason you would hold back a lot of these policies and the full budget figures is because you want to hide what your true plans are. We know they are going to cut the Schoolkids Bonus. We know they will hit small business with a tax hike. But these are only some of the details which have come out.But even if he does wait to release to his costings, until say the Wednesday, that a is the final few days of the campaign when people from your side say that is the point at which the undecided voters make up their mind. They will have time, won't they?What we have seen in this election campaign is the Opposition Leader playing hide and seek with the Australian people. That's the reality. Look, today is a day for Labor to lay out our plans for the future. stand in - for the future. I stand for the future. I think they
stand in - they are positive and optimistic which stand in - they are positive and optimistic which stand in stark contrast to the games we stark contrast to the games see from the alternative PM.On that question, you released Treasury and Finance costings of what was said to be Opposition policies, they were what you knew of public policies. Did you poll it size the public service doing that?Certainly not. We asked the department to cost these things on behalf of the stated policy.But we did see both the heads of Treasury and Finance put out a statement saying they did not cost Opposition policies, different assumptions could lead to different conclusions. The same from the know
Parliamentary Budget Office.I know the Liberal Party want you to believe a certain amount of spin. If you look at what the departments have said, it's consistent with what I've said to you. They weren't asked to cost Coalition policy because the Coalition hasn't given it to them. Joe Hockey could clear all of this up, he could release his costings today. He says he has 200 policies them
costed. Why would he sit on them until the last couple of days.One final question, Mr Rudd has been attacking Tony Abbott for not having the temperament to used foreign policy, how an Abbott Government would handle the crisis in Abbott the crisis in Syria. Most of the crisis the prime ministers have come to the job without foreign policy experience?If you think about Tony Abbott's recent comments including his comments today, it shows what a joke he would be. This is a bloke on national television today, on the ABC, who said in response to a question I think about the crisis in Syria, look, it's not always about goodies versus baddies, it's about baddies versus baddies. Is this the approach you want from a PM on foreign policy. Can you imagine him at the G20, barrack, it's baddies versus baddies.Most prime ministers learn this open job.I've yet to see a leader of a Federal political party wanting to to be PM who would be this embarrassing when it comes to foreign policy.Penny