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(generated from captions) in the advertising we will see as this campaign enters its final week. I'm joined now by one of the Labor ministers at the launch, the Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus. Welcome to ABC News 24.Very good to be with you.I'm told Labor hopes in the last week to pick up a couple of points to make the polls closer. Do you need to do more than that to win?It's been close since the start. We think we can win and we think we will win, Lyndal. I'm looking forward to hearing the PM today with a positive message, talking about what our record has been, talking about what our agenda is for the future.How much of this is a scene setter for the final campaign week? Jo of course it's a scene setter. We are going to focus closely on what matters to Australians and what matters is a good record of economic management. You have got to look at the present state of the Australian economy, compare the Australian economy to places around the world and think how much better we are doing here in Australia because of the sound economic management we have had and because of solid policies and we will be comparing, as you have said in the introduction, our policies with what we expect to hear, what we have Party
already heard from the Liberal Party and Tony Abbott, which is basically an agenda of cuts, cuts to the small business incentives that we have got, Bonus.But they haven't announced the $70 billion worth of cuts announced of cuts you are accusing them of making. Tony Abbott says there are some more modest savings to come but he says there won't be a massive fiscal squeeze and the Coalition's language on achieving a budget surplus has changed. Do you think you have oversold that argument?I think Mr Abbott is showing again how he is not fit to be PM of our country. We have got thought bubble after thought bubble, wild announcement after wild announcement. Not just a few weeks ago we had a budget emergency from Mr Abbott. There wasn't one, of course. But now he wants to say something different.There has been the occasional thought bubble from the PM?He apparently said on TV this morning perhaps there wouldn't be any boats bought in Indonesia, having announced with great splash this was going to be an important part of his policy. He is not to be believed on anything to do with the economy. The $10 billion hole in the Liberal Party's costings, which was exposed last week, we have heard nothing from them about it.Although, that is disputed and you had the secretaries of two departments, finance and Treasury, saying different assumptions in the policies.This has been utterly misrepresented, Lyndal.They said different assumptions could deal with different outcomes.It's up to the Liberal Party to expose what the assumptions are, what is their policy, how did they get the 12,000 jobs they are going to cut, how did they get to say what that will save to the Australian budget. How did they get to the $5 billion they falsely attributed to the carbon price scheme.On the Labor side you have to win seats. Is that possible, given we have seen the polling over this election campaign almost always have the Coalition in front?Of course, it's possible. I think that we not only can win, I think we will win. I'm looking forward to this last week of the campaign because very many people are undecided, Lyndal. We think, m my seat where we have been doing thousands of phone calls and thousands knocked and thousands of doors being to as many knocked on, there might to as many as a fifth to as many as a undecided. to as many as a fifth of voters
undecided. That means it's up for grabs in this final week. I'm looking forward to hearing the PM's message today and looking forward to putting the message across Australia when many people will be making their decision.In is a launched focus on Kevin Rudd, the volunteers are wearing T-shirts with Kevin Rudd in big letters. Does he own this campaign, win or lose?He is our leader. Like it or not, that's been the tradition of Australian political campaigning now for decades, that there is a focus on the leaders. This campaign has been no exception.Mark Dreyfus, thank you for your time.Thank you.As you mentioned there, as