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(generated from captions) can Kevin Rudd buy himself
another three years in the top job?

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd
joins me now from Townsville. Good morning.

Given the latest poll,

That is predicting a loss of 20 seats on Saturday. That's a landslide. Do you believe you can come back in less than a week?I think your listeners and viewers this morning are more interested to know what the policies are for the future rather than a rolling analysis of the opinion polls. The bottom line is we entered this campaign as the underdog. We remain the underdog. Let's call a spade as a spade. I think your viewers this morning want to know what we are fighting for in this election. What I'm fighting for in the election is their jobs, their job security, their pay and conditions, theirover time, penalty rates, whether funding is kept up for schools or whether there will be slash and burn to their hospitals and whether they will get broadband in their suburb. Saturday will be the time they make that judgment. I'm out there arguing the case for why our plan is better for building Australia's future and I think people are scratching their head about some of the policy judgments of Mr Abbott on the run, including his most recent explanation of foreign policy in Sir kwrafp.We will talk about that in a moment. Mr Rudd, your wife Therese spoke at the campaign launch yesterday. She introduced you. Let's take a look at that.I want to intro take a look at that.I want to introduce my best friend, the love of my life, the bloke who's not afraid to dream big for all Australians. A man who carries his country boy sphaoeul everywhere with him. Come on out Kevin from Queensland and say g'day to Australia.Is this your counter strike to Tony Abbott's daughters