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(generated from captions) much for your time this morning on ABC Weekend Breakfast.Now the Treasurer, Chris Bowen has been speaking in Sydney this morning. Let's bring that now. REPORTER: The PM has saying the Opposition have been committing fraud.There are real questions on costings. We have seen Mr Abbott over the last 24 hours saying we will release that at the end of the next week. Hello, the election is next Saturday. The end of next week does not give the Australian people enough time to see their policies and cuts in full. As I say, if you don't know what they are going to cut, then don't vote for them. If you did know what they are going to cut, you wouldn't vote for them.You have accused them of deceiving the Australian people. That is a strong line.After the advertising blackout, after people have had the chance to fully examine their cuts, then you are not being up front and honest with the Australian people. I've had two debates with Mr Hockey in this election campaign. There was meant to be a third one. He has pulled out of the third and final debate. Why? Maybe he doesn't want to face the question why we won't see costings and cuts announced as late as next Wednesday. We were you
told constantly the line was you will see it all in good time before the election. Thursday or Friday before polling day is not good time before the election.Your figure that the Coalition had a $10 billion black hole in their costings, has been rebuffed by public servants. Has this taken the sting out of your attack.?We released in the interest of open necessary, the Department of Treasury and Finance advice to us. We made it crystal clear in that press conference that we had commissioned this work, not the Opposition. Two, that it was done before the election was called, not in process. This was done called, not in the the election was process. This was the election was called. Three, that different assumptions would load that different assumptions outcomes. For example, I would load to different pointed out that outcomes. For example, pointed out that the
Opposition's promising to cut the low income superannuation the bonus or payment. the low income bonus or payment. Now this is bonus or payment. Now this is a very retrograde move in and of his taking money away from one in three Australians, earning less than $37,000. They have claimed $3.7 billion for this save. If you think it's going to start on 1 July, 2014, the saving is less. If you are going it make it retrospective and take the cut over a longer period of time, then you would make more money. Mr Hockey could clear this up today, release your costings and cuts. He might criticise our press conference earlier in the week but we put our documents out. Mr Hockey show us your costings.A new opinion poll in the 'Financial Review' shows you are trailing in McMahon. Are you in danger of losing your seat?I grew up here, I went to school around the corner. Representing this area is important to me. It's been important to me for the nine years I've represented the area in Federal Parliament and the nine years before that I represented area on Fairfield council. It's not a fly in, fly out thing for me. Getting more resources for this area, getting more support for this area and dealing with the challenge examples. As a member to
of Cabinet ensuring we continue to grow as an economy. I've never taken the view that any vote is to be taken for granted. I've worked and earned every vote. I still live here in this community, unlike the Liberal candidate who doesn't live here. This is not a game. This is real, like Ed who grew up in the area he represents, it's what we do and we will be