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(generated from captions) an announcement from the Opposition immigration spokesman scoments Scott Morrison - unfortunately I believe we've got the PM speaking now in Darwin, so we'll just cross there nowI'll just wait for thumbs all around... You guys OK over there? Just tell me when you're right, that's all.Get another pod, nyrk.Sorry.That's OK, just wanted to make surern was right. Everyone OK? Good. Sorry? A few more minutes. Maybe we'll have a general all around thumbs Maybe we'll have a around thumbs up if people are ready to go. OK? It's great to be back in Darwin. Let me make some remarks first on Syria and then turn to the matters we are debating here today in Darwin and across the Northern Territory. As you know Australia assumes the presidency of the United Nations Security Council on Sunday. The situation in Syria continues to evolve. And we continue to be in close consultation with our friends partners and allies around the world. The work in New York itself on the preparation of a Security Council resolution is proving to be increasingly problematic. There are a range of views on the council in terms of the best way forward. The Australian Government position is as I've stated before, and that is that our conclusion is that the result is there is overwhelming evidence that chemical weapons has been used in this attack and that the Syrian regime is in our view responsible and we have high confidence in reaching that conclusion. We've reached these conclusions based on our national assessments of all information available to us. From both classified and unclassified sources. On the question of where to next, in Syria, these are matters which are obviously being deliberated on in various capitals in the world including in Washington. I spoke this morning with ambassador Beazley in Washington, and we discussed the position being taken by the Administration, including the release of its most recent conclusions on the number of fatalities in Syria as a result of this chemical weapons attack. I reiterate again what important
I said yesterday - it's very important for all Australians who are either in the Middle East, in Syria certainly, in adjoining countries and in the wider Middle East to pay continuing attention to the advice provided in Australian travel advisories. I emphasise again that any Australians currently in Syria, just to get the hell out of there. It's not the time to be fooling around. These travel advisories are not put together lightly and it's critical for the 80,000 plus Australians who are currently in the Middle East, that they and their families in Australia watch these travel advisories closely. Let me turn to what closely. Let we're doing today here closely. Let me turn to Darwin. It's good we're doing today Darwin. It's good fob here with Luke we're doing today here in
Darwin. It's good fob here with Luke Gosling, our candidate for
Solomon. It's Luke Gosling, our candidate Solomon. It's good to be at this wonderful Galaxy Poll superclinic Solomon. It's good to be here
at this superclinic here at this wonderful Galaxy Poll superclinic here in Palmerston. What you're looking at is What Australian Government funded.
We the Australian Australian Government We the Australian Government We committed prior to the election to build the GP election to superclinic here. I've just spoken to some of the superclinic here. I've spoken to some of the folks
inside spoken to some of inside and there are remarkable inside and there are stories about the work that's ongoing here. stories about the work ongoing here. The first six months of the year they tell me that some 27,000 people have been through these doors. I think elsewhere in Australia we often lose sight of the fact that in this part of the world we have a rapidly growing population. Often a very young families and with particular needs. And in many respects what happened here is this GP superclinic here in Palmerston has become the extended accident and emergency of Royal Darwin Hospital, having spoken with some of the our experienced nurses here who have worked day in, day out at Royal Darwin in some cases to for 30 and 40 years. The health pressures on the people of Darwin, the area, are large, that's why we've made sure that this is our number one priority here in the Territory and here in Darwin in particular. When I look specifically at the needs of this GP superclinic I just spent time now talking with one of the practice nurses here, who told me herself of the extraordinary increase in if case load that she is encountering in this facility. But more broadly in Royal Darwin we've been in the investment business. $14 million to Royal Darwin to provide extra operating theatre capacity, nearly $19 million for short-term patient accommodation and what you would call a form of subacute care. $10 million obviously to establish this Palmerston GP superclinic, $19 million to establish the Alan Walker cancer centre at Royal Darwin which I remember open bag back in 2010 to provide decent cancer services which prior to that for most of which they would have to travel to Menzies
Adelaide. $34.2 million for the Menzies school of health research to build centre for excellence for indigenous and Government is re-elected, we have committed and are committing to inversing a total committing to inversing a of $110 million in the building of $110 million of a new hospital here of a new hospital here in Palmerston. This of a new hospital Palmerston. This is critical for these people who live in these communitieses, because frankly the health and hospital system here is bursting at the seams. Stories I've heard before of people now being two to a single cubicle in A & E at Royal Darwin, frankly, I'm not sure that that would be tolerated in most parts of Australia. The fact that we have such crowded conditions at roim Darwin underlines the absolute important of two things in my mind - number one, making sure that Royal Darwin is being properly used itself, number two, building an additional hospital here at Palmerston. I sometimes get the feeling that the Territory Government here is quite happy just to see Royal Darwin hospital fall apart. Our commitment's clear. Darwin needs two world class hospitals. One at Palmerston, one at Royal Darwin. Not one single continuing hospital, two for the future. As the population demanded this extraordinary community warrants it. On that point I emphasise one further point for our Territory friends - the Australian Government's investment of just under $20 million for the supported Darwin with
accommodation facility at Royal Darwin with 100 beds was there to take pressure off Royal Darwin by being able to take a large number of patients there who didn't need to occupy acute hospital beds. This is where I would really like to take it right up to the Government of the Chief Minister Mr Giles. Why on earth has he decided to take this facility, built with Australian Government funds, away from the patients who need it at Royal Darwin and use it for a rehab centre which I'm told has a few people in it on a given day? There's 100 beds there. It's there to take the pressure off Royal Darwin. Yes he has simply in honouring one of his own unfunded election commitments from back when decided to use it for a rehab centre and simply of course payed it for that purpose. I believe in cooperative Federalism but when you're provided a facility like that, $1le 9 million to take 100 beds worth of pressure off Royal Darwin itself it should be used for that purpose, not be used for alternative purposes. So our commitment is not just to make sure that we have a proper use of Royal Darwin facilities but on top of that that you have also a further expansion of Royal Darwin through a $50 million investment into the Royal Darwin children's Hospital. That I believe is the right way for the future as well. Many have worked in peed well. Many of our nurses here have worked in peed atible and

the concern by health professionals is also the concern by a number of the very clear, that health professionals is very clear, that they want to very clear, ensure that kids are properly treated and this means that we do need a dedicated kids facility at Royal Darwin and that's what we're economying that $50 million towards, so number one, $110 million leer, number two, to ensure that we enhance further Royal Darwin for the future, these are all about priorities for ensuring that we are building Darwin's future, building the Territory's future, and building Australia's future through a properly functioning health and hospital system. Two final points and then I'll take your questions - more broadly, we are in the business of ensuring that the needs of the Northern Territory and the needs of Darwin are meet across the board. When I look at what we're building in the education system, apart from the large number of libraries and multi purpose facilities, we're also through the better schools plan radically investing in Darwin's and the Territory's schools into the future. Under Mr Abbott's taef plan schools here would be $1.1 million worst off. This I think is something which all Territorians will take keen attention on. Also Mr Abbott's plan to get ridz of the school are nearly 6,000 kids in Territory who draw upon that and each of them over Territory who draw and each of them over the
course of their kids' education for an course for an average family would cost them some for an average family cost them some $15,000. Finally, on the NBN, the National Broadband Network we currently have 22,000 homes and businessings in and around Solomon where the National Broadband Network fibre network is already under construction or complete. Under Mr Abbott's plan here in the Northern Territory, there will be something like 26800 homes and Premiers which will not get fibre optic cable. These are big differences. Finally on housing affordability, here in Darwin what I find right around the place is their number concern concern is adequate access to health and hospitals, number two is they want to make sure they're also linked properly to the National Broadband Network and they want to make sure that we are doing all that we can as a Government to build housing affordability for the future. That is why in our recent release of further funding under the national NRASS schemer with prying funding for a further $130 or 40 homes here in Darwin will be offered a t@market 20% less than the national price. There is a huge population pressure here, we need to ensure that housing is as affordable as possible, and we stand do more in the future under the national rental affordability scheme nmplt conclusion we're about building the Territory's future and Dane win's and I've said before when I was here last time it means building Darwin's economy future which is why the Government is committed if returned to these upcoming elections to ensuring that we build in the Northern Territory also a special economic zone with a different tax rate for companies so that we attract businesses from right across Australia and right across the world to build, operate and locate here. You've come here this time as a national press gallery, it takes a long time to get here. This is remote by Australian national standard and my view is I'm Pro territoryian, I want to see this territory grow in the future and to have the jobs and new industries of the future so that we can in turn deliver the economic and financial resource s to support our health and hospital services, to support our schools, to support affordable housing as well. Tomorrow, the Australian Labor Party will launch formally its cam page for the 2013 election. One thing I emphasise is the absolute important of building the industries and building the jobs of the future and building the apprenticeships of the future. Apprenticeships for us are number one, two and three priority, we are proud of the fact that in the period that we have been in office, we have literally funded, hundreds of thousands of apprenticeships and trainee ships right across the countryIn fact, some 20% improvement on the numbers that existed prior to our coming into office. These are important advances.But unless we are producing the apprenticeships of the future we're not building prop xwrerl for the future as well. So I'm look forward to being able to announce further measures apprenticeships when we gather together for the official launch of the lawn Labor together for the launch of the lawn Labor Party campaign in Brisbane tomorrow. REPORTER:Aren't you campaign in Brisbane REPORTER:Aren't you just
matching what the Coalition campaign in Brisbane tomorrow.
REPORTER:Aren't you pledged last week in terms of the cash figure, I think they pledged $110 million as well and why weren't the cameras allowed in with you to this GP superclinic?The application I understand was made to the Government of the Northern Territory sometime yesterday Territory sometime and late yesterday I'm advised now that the Northern Territory Government declined. What have they got to hide about not providing access to all you god fantastic to facilities like this. The Australian Government funded, this we're proud of what is happening here. 26, 27,000 people serviced and supported through a facility and Mr Abbott says he wants to cut funding to GP superclinics across the country. We've be built these services, what's the Territory Government embarrassed about in showing these services to everyone in Australia? So that is why we are passionate about our record here, 27,000 people in the first six months of the year receiving services in this locality. And beyond that, I've got to say on the funding for the Palmerston Hospital, when I was here last I said our funding commitment stood at $17 million, subsequent to that we increased that to $1130 million because we had an xrief of the Territory Government planning ducks and Drakes about what they would themselves propose to do in partnership with us and since increasing funding and since our statement of
increasing funding to $110 million to get this hospital built, after that. The Coalition committed the same number. You're either serious about health and hospital services which we are and we're investing right across the spectrum. I mentioned before these new fa.ds that we built at Royal Darwin and yet the other mob come from behind and say, "Maybe a bit here, maybe a bit there, we don't want to leave a gap" but on top othat what has the Chief Minister got to hide from the people of Australia about a fantastic facility like this? That's his problem, not (INAUDIBLE) It's just base Liberal National Party politics with Mr Giles putting the political interests of mob Abbott first and the health and hospitals interest of the people of the Territory last. REPORTER: Julia Gillard wonts be attending tomorrow's launch, will you be acknowledging here kribls this term and what role will Wayne Swan play in the launch?As I've said on each occasion, since returning to the prime ministership, that is I acknowledge Julia's contribution, a number of key areas ption, I think you've been with me on the road a bit when I've done that including yesterday in Perth and her role in the development of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. I understand her reasons for being where she will be tomorrow and certainly I will continue to acknowledge her role. I'm in the business of acknowledging all the strong, positive contributions of those who have gone before me. Julia is one of those, Paul Keating is one of those, Bob Hawke is one of those Gough Whitlam is one of these. These are leg sis of which we should be proud and honour in the rough and tough business of Australian politics. I think you had another part to your question. Wayne Swan?Mr Swan, I'm uncertain as to what role Mr Swan would have. REPORTER: (INAUDIBLE) I'll let you form our own local conclusions about the adequacy of the Country Liberal Party member but if ever I've seen a missing voice in member
Canberra, it's the current member for Solomon's voice. I have not seen any substantive positive contributions from her tail. What we have here is a record of strong achievement. We committed to build It's here. 26,000 people's We committed to build this. It's lives are different as a result. We have lives are result. We have built the result. We have built the Alan Walker cancer centre and as a result I assume hundred of peoples lives have changed because they don't have to take an almighty trip to Darwin. There is a proud record for to us build on here. I went out to the suburbs last time to see the rollout of the NAB fibre optic table. There are people itching from the defence communities and elsewhere who want to know that they've got adequate band width and band speed to get online with their friends and family and relatives around the rest of Australia because you know what it's like being a dwenls family, you're punished from pillar to post, every six months, 12 months, 24 months and it helps them, there's a proud record to draw on. So this - our candidate Luke Gosling who is a good man, a good Territory man, has not just tug empty phrases, he's talking on the basis of what we have done in bricks and mortar in support for extra nurses and practice nurses helping real people who need a 24 hours service out here in Palmerston, someone just said to me before the locals now regard this almost as the local hospital. You know why? Because the Territory Government under Mr Giles what we've seen from him is cut, cut, cut, it's like the entre to Mr Abbott's main course of double cuts triple cut, quadruple cut. We're it in blding business and you want physical evidence, it's here which I presume why Mr Giles said it was better that you good folk in the media couldn't see inside the good stuff being done here.Mr Polls out today suggesting Labor will lose this election, are you running out of time to turn this campaign around?I Australian people and in the
course of the last Australian people course of the last week and ten days of this campaign will begin days of begin to look on to their choices. I've seen a range ofrl polls both public and private which suggest to me this election will end up a little closer than people think. Further more, my job is to argue positively for Labor's and the Government's contributions and achievements in each locality across the nation. We're in the building business, buildings the industries and jobs of the future, building the apprenticeships of the future, building the health and hospital system of the future, building the schools of the future, building the National Broadband Network of the future, and also maintaining Dunnward pressure on cost of living pressures on families. There are reports I understand in the press today about cost of living pressures in relative terms in the period that we've been in office relative to previous time, remember again, interest rates #2340u are the lowest they've been in 60 year, we've helped the family bottom line by increase the child-care rebate from 30 to 50%. We're keeping the school kids bonus and doing all those sorts of things whereas Mr Abbott's $70 billion worth of whack on cuts to jobs, health and education, is out there and causing people to be anxious. My challenge for Mr Abbott today is very blunt - name the day when you will release your full costings of your cuts to jobs, health, and schools. That's all. Just name the day. And if you don't name the day Mr Abbott it means that you are taking the Australian people for granted, and you believe that you can let it drift through until Friday afternoon.REPORTER: You haven't been to any of our regional centres in Lingiari, why?It's a big country and it's a big Territory.I've been out to nool nool as Luke reminds me. As a factual level I've been there twice, so it's worst bearing that in mind. It's a huge country, got to get around the whole lot of it. And therefore the message we're putting out to all the good folk who live in Lingiari is much the same, if you want the best quality health care, the best quality schools and St best quality Government services across the vast and remote areas of the Territory, then there's only option for you which is to support our Labor Party and also if you're in remote areas in the Territory, you deserve access to decent broadband and Wes whether it's through a wi-fi or through satellite. And we take our responsibilities to all Australians seriously. No digital divide should exist between one community and the next, we can't fizzedly get fibber optic cable out to very remote location I they need to know that that are other alternative systems.REPORTER: How important is that and will you be changing your message to the Australian voters, give Australia sneak peak?There's one core message for Australian - the Australian people which I will emphasise again tomorrow. Our core message so the Australian people is that we are building the economy and jobs of the future and protecting those jobs for the future, Mr Abbott is cutting those jobs and schools and hospitals for the future. And won't tell us how much. within that, if we are building within that, if the country's future and
building within that, if we are building
the building the jobs of the
future, the country's future and building future, we've got to be building the apprenticeships of the future and they're front and centre for the future and they're and centre for Labor policy, if and centre you don't have an adequate you don't have an number of apprenticeships which are properly supported into the preparations
future, we're not providing the preparations for building the economy of the future as well.REPORTER: Do you regret drawing in the Treasury and finance department in your costings argument given that it seems to have backfired?I think what the Australian people regret is the fact that seven days before an election, Mr Abbott refuses to be upfront with Australian families about where his $70 billion of cuts will fall. And I believe Mr Abbott is treating the Australian people with contempt because he believes he has the election in the bag, and doesn't need to front up to them and say, "I'm going to cut your job, your school, your hospital." That's what I believe is the core issue here, we're in the building business, he's in the cutting business. We're in the wiz of planninging and building for the future. Mr Abbott is in the business of $70 billion worst of cuts keeping that under crap, keeping the future of the GST under wrap, keeping the future of the Fair Work Act and its protections under wraps in the hope that he can slide through toon election victim other and then a week or so later say, "Oh dear, well, things are really terrible, let's now change England I've said before."Report report you you hope with your campaign has gone. Do you have a rabbit to pull out the hat?I believe that the responsibility I have as PM and as leader of the Labor Party is just to be very wlunt about the clois. The choice is between a Government which got St Australian economy through the global financial crisis, let me start that again a choice which is very clear between a Government which has managed to get Australia through crisis, and an Opposition which spent most of that time talking the Australian economy down. A Government which has been complex national security challenges challenges as well,
leading Australia through challenges as well, as opposed to Mr Abbott who said that we have no role to play effectively. Take his comments yesterday. A Government which is wild building nonfor the future which will turbo challenge the future, as Po thosed to Mr Abbott who would leave 60%, 70% plus of the country without fibre optic connections. So ultimately, elections are about choices. So my responsibility as the leader of the Labor Party and as the PM of the country is to put those choices starkly before the Australian people and to be completely up front through our economic statement prior to the commencement of the election campaign as to how they would be funded and what they cost. We have done that. And as of today Mr Abbott has refused to do so. So the Australian people will work this out in their own good time over the course of the next week and my job is not to comment on campaign, what I describe as paraphernalia but to go to the absolutely centrality of what we're on about which is putting the choice to the Australian people and I respect the wisdom of the Australian people to make their judgments in a seasoned and proper way and im-50 - I'm sure