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(generated from captions) Tasmanian Government on a devil recovery program. If you like your politics but are sick of the election campaign then ABC 1 is the place for you tonight. Australia's most loved music video program Rage is hosting its election special, giving Australia rare insight into the musical tastes of the people we elect.Australia's seconds in command, Anthony Albanese will be on the couch alongside deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop and the Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt. Mr Anthony Albanese has been good enough to join us in the studio this morning. But before we have a chat, let's take a quick look selections.Coming up
at a cup of his selections.Coming up is nirvana who I got to see what was then this obscure band but there was a real buzz about them at the first ever big day out. They played at the Horden pavilion rather than on the big stage because they weren't the main headline act. But it went off. People could not get in, off. People could not everyone who was at the Big Day everyone who was at Out that day and it was pretty hot Out that day and it hot day tried to hot day tried to cram into Horden. Sensational gig, great band, ended band, ended too early. # I need an easy friend, I deal with the head to line, I do think you fit this shoe, I do want you to have a clue.This is Wide Open Road. They're a band nah began in Perth but made a name for themselves right around the country. And then in England, and right around the world. This to me is a great Australian song. It's a fantastic song to turn up loud when you're in the car. # I feel to explode, yell my insides out of the sun # The wide open road, it's a bide open road. It's a wide open road.Good to see that Anthony Albanese has picked a Perth band there.Show my biassome!Let's talk of Nirvana first.I saw them in Perth actually .Many moons ago I'm sure. Obviously we do want to talk about Rage first. Nirvana, what's this say about you, that you found them obviously, you like them as a band when they came out here?Well, they were great and it was a time when pub music was great in Australia, got to see lots of local bands as well. It was difficult to make the choice in terms of narrowing it down and in inn deed just up the terms of narrowing it down in inn deed just up the road here from here from the ABC studios, in the parallel street the the parallel street the vulcan hotel had a floor that was below where people stood to watch the bands and bands like Cellibate Rivles, it was hot, dinghy, fantastic, it was good time to be hot and it's a pity that I think the live music scene isn't as big today as it was then. I think pokies have got a bit to answer for.It's hard for us to imagine you sitting here in your suit and tie, to think of you as being someone lurking in a dinghy but the somewhere, listening to these music acts but you clearly have a lot of stories to tell about your association with stories like Nirvana. Is this another side to Anthony Albanese that we have no idea that's
about?That was the time when that's what you did. A lot of it was political as well, some of the bands you'll see tonight, like Willie Bragg had a political message, Bruce Springsteen had a message about working class politics, so there was a political edge to it all, certainly the Clash and a lot of the great bands inle the UK at that time arose out of anti-Thatcherism and of course bands like Midnight Oil with my mate Peter Garrett, it's very odd having seen Peter many times perform at pubs to often when heeds be in my office, he tends to like standing Peter and he'd be over you doing the whole moves things as he talked and was off a bit disconcerting. He never made a big deal of it and I don't think lead like it if you mentioned it but there were times where you had flashbacks to Frenches or to the Dee Why, or the various pubs.You talk about the political message, let 's take a look at what some of your fellow Rage programmers chose. We'll start with the Deputy Leader of the Opposition Julie Bishop.In the mid 80s a group of friend frert Parramatta I went to Italy for a trip around Europe and at that time Madonna had just broken on to the scene and Like a Virgin was being played everywhere and we literally sang our way around Europe singing Like a Virgin. And it brings back great memories and it was the beginning of a fabulous career by the one and only Madonna # I maidet through the wilderness. Somehow made I threw, didn't know how last until I found until I everyone's sort of until I found youI think everyone's sort of sat on a train everyone's sort train and watched the scenery go past and got into the rhythm of the movement as power along the tracks and I think this next clip kind of takes that idea and matches it with what's kite a hypnotic track, in a way executed.
that I think is just perfectly executed. It's Michelle Gondery directed it, he's done a number of other films and clips as well but I think this is a really simple concement almost, mathematical and really I think beautiful and perfectly executed. This is Star Guitar by Chemical Brothers. # MUSIC A bit of house music there from Adam Bandt, before that was the material girl with Julie Bishop's choice. What's that say about those particular political foes?I think it just says that people's musical tastes come out of their experience and certainly with Julie I did the backpacking thing around Europe in 1988 so there are songs that I identify with 1988 and backpacking including Beds are Burning and whenover withdraw went into a bar or what have you in Greece or anywhere in Europe, that seemed to be playing, them and INXS were the big two Aussie bands that were justral breaking through at the You do associate dish stayed in London with these wonderful Scots people, and they these wonderful Scots and they were into the Proclaimers so every time I hear the Proclaimers Proclaimers so every time hear the Proclaimers do 500 Miles it reminds me of being in London, so it's people's experience and that's a goods thing. It's part of what culture is about, whether it be music or art or novels or movies, is in part identification of who we are, that's one of the great things about art , one of the great thing about the ABC as well in various forms.You must look for some musical relief at a time like this, head long into a campaign, let's talk about the campaign. The latest polling by Newspoll, further bad news for Labor essentially saying you're in trouble in marginal seats in Victoria and NSWDoes that come as any surprise to you and more importantly has this switch to Kevin Rudd failed?We know that the election isn't this Saturday, it's next Saturday. And that people shouldn't be taken for granted. And the thing about politics is that it reflects life and society as well. We now live in a fashion whereby we're bombarded by all this information all this noise, things move far quickly than they used to and I certainly don't write off our chances of success next Saturday. It is true to say that we're the underdogs in this campaign, we have been from the very beginning, but as people focus in the last week about do they want the NBN, they'll have to veet for u do they want the better schools plan, tail have tote for, better health care, there are these fundamental differences, during this election campaign, from a lot of noise that's carried on in the media, you would think it was about other things that respect particularly relevant to people's lives.Nonetheless, your message is not cutting through is it?We'll be one
pressing that home.Only got one week left?We'll be pressing it home as people focus in the last week. It's very different from the feedback that I spent two hours on train stations yesterday morning as I do regularly, yesterday at Lewisham and Petersham, the feedsback I have was extremely positive. People are engaged, people are concerned about issues like schools, and the NBN, people are concerned about the failure of the Opposition, you're right, it's one week to go, we don't know yet what their costings, they haven't submitted a single to Treasury or finance.That has pretty much blown up in your face in the last couple of days?No, some of the media sin spin has done that'S at all about perception?That's one thing we're up a against. We had early on in the campaign, we had front pages in newspapers here alleging that
I'd newspapers here alleging I'd breached the kufy except there was no I'd breached the kufy there was no breach of curfew and there were no planes and it wasn't true and there's a range of articles if you go through, the media bombardment that we've had, I don't think Australia's seen anything like you'll
this itself it before and you'll have owicationally, I've heard a couple of ABC commentator say sats oh well they're entitled to do whatever they want in the free press." They are, but what they're not entitled to do is to break the journalist's code of ethicses and to confuse opinion with fact. They're entitled to put whatever opinion they like as long as it is out there as opinion, they're not entitled to report things that are just their opinion as if they are fact and that is one of the lines that has been crossed day after day by some of the tabloids in the country.Can I draw your attention, this morning we're expecting to hear an announcement from the Opposition immigration spokesman scoments Scott Morrison - unfortunately I believe we've got the PM