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Tonight on 7:30 WA - trams in city malls.Absolute disaster. I can't honestly see the logic of it.Is anyone on board? I just don't think they've thought it for marriage equality.I am prepared to say publicly I support gay marriage.

Good evening. Welcome to the program. I'm Andrew O'Connor. The city of Perth is ramping up State
its opposition to ensure the State Government doesn't decide on either the Hay Street or Murray Street Malls for max light rail tracks. The government is expected to reveal its decision soon but a targeted campaign of mock-up trams in the Hay Street Mall is gaining momentum. Oliver Peterson reports. Thousands of people pass through each day. They're the city's only dedicated pedestrian thoroughfares. But for how much longer? We don't want to light rail obliterating the pedestrian amenity of our pedestrian amenity of city. The city of Perth is city. The city behind these mock trams city. The city of Perth Street. They are behind these show the impact behind these mock trams in Hay
Street. They are show the impact of the State
Government's promised $8 billion light rail system which could go through the middle of both or one of the thoroughfares. The Hay and Murray Street Malls are 16m wide shop front to shop front. By comparison, Melbourne's Bourke Street Mall bourk which trams running through the centre is more than double the width.To put light rail into our pedestrian malls will kill the 40 year heritage we have established in our city.I don't think it is the right decision. Hay Street and Murray Street are the two pedestrianised streets in our city and to sabotage them by putting light rail down there would really undermine the walking qualities of those parts of our city.The last time Perth saw trams in the middle of either mall was during the 1950s. Bringing the trams back is enough to make some do hand stands.It is a great idea.Why is that? Any additional public transport that helps people get place us is a good thing and it is moving with the right place
times.Diabolical. Turning the place into a desert. No-one will come here.I don't like it. There is not enough room.The size could convince people it wouldn't feet.It is not just the City of Perth which is asking for public feedback about running the trams through the middle of the mall. The ABC understands the Department of Transport has been mall over the last few days where it has found opposition where it has from putting light rail in the mall. Peter Greene is leading a campaign to ensure trams don't disrupt the malls.It is a disaster. Absolute disaster. I can't see the logic of it, I can't zoo see reasoning behind it. I know most of the people who operate in the malls, no-one can understand why they would want to take a pedestrian thoroughfare with seats and meeting places and put a light rail down the middle.He has established a fighting fund as the CBD becomes concerned.It is a disruption to the flow of the city. We have spent so much money sinking the railway line between Perth and and we are going to do the opposite in Hay Street Mall. Seems crazy.The max light rail project is due to be completed in 2019 connecting Mirrabooka in the north before connecting either to the QE2 Medical Centre or station station. While Troy Buswell is on a light rail research tour around Europe, the most conscientious issue he faces is which route through the CBD. He left the talking to the Director-General of Transport.I am here to make sure we have a rigorous and exhaustive process of determination. They work very well throughout Europe in constrained malls. You must understand that they are about 1 or 2km apart when we have five-minute frequencies.If the Government decides not to proceed with light rails through the malls, the other and preferred option by the city of Perth is through St George's Terrace. But Mr Waldock is concerned about the city's 'Don't Max The Malls' campaign.When I see of St George's Terrace with no cars and just a light rail, when I see descriptions of the rail through malls, I don't think it represents the true picture. I think it is important we do represent the full picture.But Lisa Scaffidi argues the aesthetics of the mall will suffer. Trees, lamp posts, statues and entranceways into shopping centres needing to change which may defer the Government's plans.Given the will
expense of this, I believe it will be delivered to probably Kings Square and we would see the western and eastern routes being part of a future project brief.Transport planners believe there is a better location through the CBD which has been ruled out by the Government.Wellington Street connects to the heavy rail of the Perth station, MacIver and Claisebrook and, as it is closer to Northbridge and East Perth, it will get a lot more people using the train and service those areas.With all these differing opinions, the State Opposition hopes the Government takes them into account.It is impossible to decide what is the best option at this Street Mall is a at this stage. I option but as to Street Mall is a very option but as to what is the
best option, option but as best option, we need to develop that best that long-term vision. that long-term vision.For all the public debate, none of the stake holders oppose light rail and Jemma Green believes the discourse demonstrates how Perth is developing.Light rail shows a commitment to a city growing, it is a more permanent kind of public transport and allows planning to be optimised.The Education Minister Peter Collier went to ground this week under siege over the Government's cuts to education. For the second week we invited the Minister on to the program to explain the cuts and for the second week he was unavailable. While apparently reluctant to face questions, it looks increasingly likely he will soon be facing a hostile industrial Gisborne from the Teachers' Union joined me earlier. Welcome to 7:30 WA.Thank you very much.It is 10 days since the Government announced the cuts, your executive met today, what are you planning to do? We have set in place the framework for a campaign. We know this may not be a short episode we are dealing with. We know we have issues in front of us for 2013, immediate as a consequence of budget cuts. We know there is going to be more bad news from 2014. From what we are hearing, 2015 is going to look worse.Is it straight to industrial action? No, it is not. In the last 10 days we have been trying very hard to put pressure on government to have some re-consideration, so we have been working with and setting up our partnerships with other education unions, working with the principals associations and with the parent group. We are outreaching beyond to the broader union movement as parents with children in public schools. We will be parents with children in schools. We will be moving out
beyond that and schools. We will beyond that and as broad as we can into the broader community. Then we have got a big community rally we are organising for Tuesday afternoon up at Parliament House. At that rally, there will be a number of speakers representing information about what's happening and the impact s they are seeing as a consequence of the budget cuts. We will then put an ultimatum to the Premier. That will have a timeline. If the Premier is going to still continue to be obstructionist in the circumstances, we will be moving forward to some form of industrial action.The fact you are moving to this public Premier
campaign, you feel like the not
Premier and the Minister are not long to your concerns or the concerns of principals and parents? They are certainly not listening. I think the Premier and the Minister have become deaf. They are so busy trying to convince the WA community that got, the new funding mechanism, is the best one and that actually we all agree with it. I think what we are seeing here is we are being hoodwinked. The Premier talks about there will be ceilings on teaching numbers. We know we are looking at 6,000 plus extra children in our schools.What happens in circumstance? More kids but no more teachers. What happens? We are puzzled. We have conditions teachers have fought for to benefit young children by having caps on or maximum sizes for classrooms. We are not sure how on earth this Government will manage that. There is apparently another 12,500 predicted for 2015.The Education Minister made himself unavailable for interview. When they came to the election they basically promised to give the best possible education for WA students. Do you believe they are breaching that promise now? Can I say, I think from what we can see here in the August Budget and the way information has been rolled out, the Barnett Government, without doubt, went to the State election in March knowing full well what they were going to do to public education, so while Mr Barnett was out there promoting him standing up for Julia
WA public schools by saying to Julia Gillard "You are not giving us enough money for Gonski", his next line was "You are not telling us what to do in education", at that very same time, this Premier knew he was going to be delivering significant cuts. Not only was he giving away opportunities for our young children with $670 million available but he was actually going to slice even deeper and take away even deeper and take opportunities. It's almost despicable he is even deeper and take away those
opportunities. It's despicable he is going to try and frame up that he has a needs-based funding that is going to do well for our children. It is not.You say you will give him a timeline. How long has he got? We will be looking at the end of the week. We will be having the rally on Tuesday. We will get a timeline by 5 o'clock Friday. We believe timeline by We believe the needs of the young children in WA, the concerns of parents and the concerns of school leaders and teachers need to be addressed immediately. People are planning in schools for staffing, for the type of programs they're going to be offering next year. We need to get a decision here very soon.Anne Gisborne, thanks for your time.Thank you very much. With just one week until the Federal election, one of the key WA battleground is most marginal seat Brand. It is held by the Resources Minister Gary Gray. Once a savage public critic of Kevin Rudd, return
ironically it was Mr Rudd's return to the prime ministership that bolstered Mr Gray's hopes of retaining the seat, but he is in for a tough fight, up against a Liberal opponent who has been virtually campaigning for the past five years. Oliver Peterson reports. He was happy to stand side by side with Julia Gillard when she was Prime Minister. Days before she was rolled, he was publicly attacking Kevin
Rudd.What he can't do is lead the Labor Party.But now Gary Gray, who agreed to stay in cabinet under the Rudd Government, has been keen to sweep earlier comments under the carpet.They were made in the heat of anger and frustration.Thanks very much
Gary.Despite remaining in cabinet, the Resources didn't appear to be in cabinet, inner circle when he was quizzed about the PM's plans to slash the tax cut in the Northern Territory.Were you part of it? Thank you very much.His decision's to back Woodside's plans to using floating LNG technology has raised eyebrows. Last week there was star power on hand to Gary
launch his campaign.Vote for Gary Gray, vote Labor.The electorate of Brand has always been held by Labor since it was created in 1984. With a changing demographic and a margin of 3.3%, there is every possibility the seat could fall to the Liberal Party at the Federal election.You are getting new housing estates there and it is a different demographic to the one that has traditionally made this a Labor seat. Good morning.The Liberal Party has been targeting this seat with its candidate, highly visible over the last five years.I'm an ordinary country girl. I'm a small business woman. I'm wanting to get out there and have a go. I connect with the community.I'd vote for Donna Gordin. We've had Labor too long.I not take too much note of it but I hope Kevin Rudd wins.I don't in any case think Brand is the kind of electorate that responds too heavily to candidate factors, outer suburban factors particularly. Name recognition of the local member tends to be local low. As a local real estate agent, Donna Gordin hopes bringing key shadow members to the electorate in the terms of government, including the election campaign.Welcome back to Brand. To me, local issues are State issues as well Federal issues. You need all tiers of government working together to get better outcomes for the community.One of the biggest issues for all the contenders is the need to re-ignite the local economy.I think most of the issues these days is for the kids, you know, and the education and trying to get 'em off the street.Brand includes Kwinana, Rockingham and the northern suburbs of Mandurah. It has a high unemployment rate, particularly amongst young people. According to the 2006 census, the area had the lowest number of residents with a university qualification anywhere in the country.I think it is
important that country.I important that as our resource important economy changes construction to production,
that construction to that we start to provide our that we start to provide young waun Western Australians with young waun Western with the skills they need to be with the skills they part of a production economy instead of the resources part of the economy.We need a stronger resource sector so we are getting apprentices and giving training opportunities to our youth.While the major parties focus on kick starting the economy, the Greens candidate Dawn Jecks wants a greater focus on social issues.We have a housing where
crisis. We have a situation where one in three renters are in housing stress, where one in 10 people with a mortgage are in housing stress.The Greens polled competitively at the last election, securing almost 14% of the vote. After preferences, assisting Labor. The role of the minor party in this seat battle could again be in play. Minister Gray won by just over a thousand votes in 2010 with a swing against Labor of 5.5%. William Bowe believes Labor's chances have not only been boosted by Kevin Rudd's return as Prime Minister, the State Government's performance this term.It is certainly a good thing for Labor that we now have in office at the State level a which has been in office for a
while, the honeymoon is over for them and they while, the to
for them and they are starting to accumulate political baggage.Regardless of the predictions, both Mr Gray and Ms Gordin say they are not taking anything for granted and will be campaigning right up until polling day.I work hard and the people will make their own minds up on the basis of the kind of person they want to represent them in Canberra.I'm just very proud and passionate about this region and I just want the best deal for the people that live here and the place I love and work and live and I hope they give me that opportunity. If this electorate really is in play, then that's a sign that Labor are headed for a very bad show.

The Federal election campaign today erupted into a row over policy costings with Kevin Rudd left red-faced after senior department heads publicly distanced themselves from Labor's claims of a $10 billion hole in Coalition costings. National affairs correspondent Heather Ewart reports. At last the finishing line nears. With just eight days to go, Labor remains the self-proclaimed underdog. It certainly can't afford damaging headlines like these in newspapers around the country today.They have no shame, there is no sense of embarrassment and yet three of their top public servants have called them out for deliberately trying to mislead the Australian people about the Coalition's policies and costings.What Kevin Rudd and his economic team thought yesterday was a clever move to claim a $10 billion hole in Opposition costings backfired badly.These $10 billion errors will of course need to be made up with other cuts before the election.In an extraordinary development, the Treasury and Finance Departments and the Budget
Independent Parliamentary Budget Office declared they hadn't costed Opposition policies as implied. This dominated the campaign today, drowning out any other message as Kevin Rudd stuck to his guns.I stand by everything the Ministers said yesterday and by my own statements because the fraud being perpetrated on the Australian people is by Mr Abbott leaving the full release of the details of and cuts until election of the details of his costings and cuts until election eve.It
is time and cuts until is time to start is time to start telling the truth, start being honest with the Australian people. Enough is enough. Please apologise for engaging in this engaging in this talk of fraud.For weeks Kevin Rudd and his team have hammered the Coalition's failure to release full costings and run a scare campaign about spending cuts. Any momentum they might have been gaining on that front is now gone. Instead, precious time in the crucial final stage of this campaign was lost to Labor today. It was on the defensive from the moment TV news shows began this morning.To prove that what the government was presenting was wrong.How about sending to the Australian people? Why don't you release them to Australian people? The squabbling, the accusations and counterclaims continued all day.Here is our best estimate, what is your answer, Mr Abbott, to that estimate? Where are your cuts precisely going fall? Where, as I said here, are these figures wrong and none of us, none of you here today, will know the answer to that until Mr Abbott actually comes clean with his costings? The fact is it is a political tool that's being used by both sides in recent times.What's happened with the costings, both have parties have done. In 2007 Labor left their costings very late. The Coalition has left their costings late. This time both parties do it and it is unlikely to change.But this former adviser to Julia Gillard believes it is time for all sides to take stock.I mean what has happened is that the political parties have worked out how to game the system. They do that by holding off submitting their costings to Treasury and Finance, they that by getting alternative policy options of their opponents costed through the system and what you've seen now is the whole system becoming a confusing is the whole system confusing mess.A mess the Coalition clearly confusing mess.A mess Coalition clearly sees running in its favour. Its campaign remains disciplined down to the wire, while Labor struggles to cut through with yet another announcement on yet another new theme.Today I'm pleased to announce if re-elected, the Australian Labor Government will appoint Australia's first Minister for Cities.

Now to the issue splitting Christians as well as the major political parties in the run-up to the election. With both the UK and New Zealand passing legislation to allow same-sex couples to marry, activists in Australia are hoping to use that momentum to push for change here. They are targeting key seats across the country including the seat of Perth which has a large gay and lesbian contingent in the community.It is a global movement that's dividing political parties, Christians and the gay community itself. We are at a crossroads. want to, I guess, change such a significant bedrock of our society? The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd thinks we do.All of us should be allowed to marry the one we love. That's why, if I am elected Prime Minister, I will support marriage equality legislation within the first 100 days of the Parliament.I accept that he is entitled to change his mind. I certainly haven't changed my mind.For this Perth couple, Kevin Rudd's change of heart is a welcome development.When we first got together 30 years ago it was against the law in WA to be in a gay relationship. You could be sent to jail, with or without a flogging.Gay rights in WA have come a long way since then, including the right to adopt children. But couples still can't get a marriage licence, something supporters are campaigning for in key seats across Australia.Graeme is referred to on my tax return as my spouse. We are taxed as a same-sex couple for Social Security purposes, we are a same-sex couple, we have contributed as a couple to society, in our case for 33 years. We just think that it is about time that relationship was officially recognised by the Government.We are supporting equal marriage.Gay lobbyists believe the issue could make a difference in marginal seats like Perth which has a large gay and lesbian community.It is not just about the economy or asylum seekers or the carbon tax. They're important. But equal marriage
is up there in the top five. Labor's campaign comes as part of the UK and New Zealand join a total of 15 countries that have legalised same-sex marriage but the furb r push for change here is being opposed by a high-profile lobby group representing churches.We need to have a good look at the ethics around a government that will enshrine a separation of a child and its biological mother or biological father by re-defining marriage in this way.The Australian Christian Lobby points to the voting down of same-sex marriage bills as opposition.42-98. You won.
They lost. Okay.It opposition.42-98. You won. They lost. Okay.It was
defeated They lost. Okay.It defeated in the House of
Representatives They lost. Okay.It was Senate quite resoundingly, two-thirds Senate two-thirds majority almost, on both accounts. We also see in SA it was defeated. This issue doesn't actually seem to gain much traction.But supporters of marriage equality say any future bill would have a good chance of success if Liberal MPs were granted a conscience vote, something they have pushing for in marginal seats like Brisbane where the sitting Liberal MP has broken ranks to support gay marriage.I have decided to declare now that and bring this shamelessly divisive campaign to an end, that I would support a conscience vote if it was made available in the next Parliament.Here in WA, the activists are pushing for a similar result in Perth,. While Labor's candidate is happy to go on camera.The fact gay people would want to be part of this institution is a thing. I mean, they are making a very strong statement they want to live in monogamous relationships and they want to have the opportunity very often to raise children.Liberal contender Darryl Moore hasn't been available for an interview. Not even the Liberal's first open ly gay Senator Dean Smith who has been on the record as being against gay marriage would talk to the program.Want a selfie? Campaigning in WA this Howard was happy to stand up for the sangity of marriage.I'm opposed to it. I am a great believer in traditional marriage. I have been. I respect people's sexual preferences, not a question of prejudice.It is also a touchy subject within Labor ranks. Senate candidate John Bullock, opposition
who has previously stated his opposition to gay marriage, also wouldn't be interviewed. Even among churches, there is a diversity of views.I think I'm unusual in that I am prepared to say publicly I support gay marriage.Father Chris Bedding is leading a push for the Anglican diocese of Perth to acknowledge that same-sex unions can co-exist with traditional marriages.The kind Australian Christian
of Christianity that the Australian Christian Lobby represents is a Christianity with a very tidy God who has a very narrow set of expectations for how people are going to live in relationship and live in households. I tend to think that God is much messier than that.But the Christian Lobby does have support especially among the evangelical.We see in marriage it is meant to be between a man and a woman in the context of marriage. If we move away from that, we move away from a whole heap of foundational truth that affect our society.These churches hope the Liberal Party won't cave in and allow a free vote.If there are conscience votes on everything, how do we knot know who to vote for? Both sides agree marriage may not be a vote changer for most people, for some it is crucial. While this couple may not be a couple in legislation, it could change attitudes.33 years, how more committed can you be? In all other senses, this is a marriage.They are hoping they'll be able to make it official within their lifetime.I'm sort of thinking something informal. There is a certain irony that not far away, there is a little garden called Queens Gardens. I think it would be a delightful place to have a wedding. That's 7:30 WA for this week. In case you haven't had enough politics, there will be a national election edition of '7:30' next Friday so we'll see you in a fortnight. Until then, goodnight.

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This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

On this edition of One Plus One, is Kate Ceberano Australia's Madonna. And yes, there is life after spin.

This Program is Captioned Live. Hello, I'm Jane Hutcheon, welcome to One Plus One. Pop star, TV host, actor, festival director, Kate Ceberano has led an impressive car in the world of entertainment but she is returning to her true love, releasing her first original album in a decade. She sat down with the ABC's Adrian Raschella and reveals after more than 25 years as a recording artist, only now is she happy with her voice.Kate Ceberano, welcome to One Plus One.Thank you, it's a lovely to be here.You original
are back with your first original album in ten years. Why has it been such a long time between drinks?It has been a long time. The only answer I can give you was I had a gap year to have my child Gypsy. I didn't think it would take so long, not that I regret that, but the memory is strong, that's why I only have one. I didn't realise there would be so much of my subjective universe that would be consumed as you are as a mum. It didn't seem to be the right thing to do to indulge myself hours of writing, which often requires being alone, listening to one's self, engaging in one's own subjective thoughts when there's a child that needs you 24/7 and that you need to also learn how to be available for them. It was a really interesting process, actually, learning how to give up me and become us.When you decided to go into the studio to make the new album, did perhaps being a mother influence your inspiration in the way you wrote and the kind of music wrote and the kind of music you wanted to wrote and the kind of wanted to Mick?Absolutely. wanted Perhaps when you least expect it and need Perhaps when you it and need it, an invitation comes it and need it, comes out of the blue it and need it, an invitation comes out of the blue which was
from Dennis comes out of the blue from Dennis Han lone from he said I think you need to make an originals record. I was looking around for the person looking around for the who was going to say "Punked". He was saying I would like to invest my energy into you as a singer-songwriter. The songs you have written to date, you penned. We feel it's time you deserve this situation where you can indulge yourself. Well now, but I haven't got any time!Did you feel a pressure to come out with a hit?You