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stunt of the campaign. The Greens this week promised an arts policy to produce more artists like the one they hired for their launch, which doesn't strike me as such a great idea, especially when it seems what we really head to are more engineers. But maybe the Greens are right. Maybe more arts train would go give us candidates with more ability than Julian Assange, who did this for his Wikileaks party. (SINGS) # We have # The chance to turn the pages over. What can I say? That's so bad it beat for shear awfulness even Craig Thomson's lonely walk through a shopping centre looking for one friendly voter. Assange win miss prize for the campaign's worst stunt. That's the show. Legacy Week this week. Please support the families of the fallen and wounded. I'm Andrew Bolt. No near, - no fear, no favours. fear, no Supours. favours.

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Hello and welcome to Meet the Press, I'm Kathryn Robinson. When Bill Shorten announced he was voting for Kevin Rudd in the ALP leadership spill in June he effectively paved the way for the former PM to roll Julia Gillard and return to power. He said he did it to save Labor from an election whitewash. But how with opinion polls signalling certain defeat many power brokers are questioning whether Julia Gillard would have done a better job. Does he regret switching camps? Bill Shorten is our guest today. Clive Palmer has shown us this week he will do just about anything for a vote. Just how far will he go? The leader of the Palmer united party joins party joins us feature on the children of the Tampa. 12 years on the I had I can kids Australia rejected are now all highly educated young adults in New Zealand. We meet the young refugees and hear their stories. The CEO on Australia's biggest korpbt book maker on how to protect the nation's football codes from match fixing.They've got to guarantee the integrity not so much for us but for the punter and the game of course. According to the opinion polls, all of them, this time next week Tony Abbott will our Prime Minister. Today's exclusive Galaxy poll reveals Mr Rudd's numbers have gone backwards since the election was called. Labor's two party preferred vote now sits at 47%. If you're a punter the good money is on Bill Shorten to be the leader of the opposition by the end of the year. Not great odds for the party ahead of its campaign launch in bris today where education minister Bill Shorten joins us from this morning. Our panel Adam from the Australian and Sarah from had News Corp Australia. Good morning. Bill Shorten, thank you for your time today, happy father's day and thank you for spending it on Meet the Press.Thank ,no worries.On 26 June you switched camps from Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd at which you said was a huge personal cost. If you look at the polls particularly today and the way they've been trending, do you think it was worth it?I think Kevin Rudd has made Labor competitive. I would say to all those who predict it's lay down massier that Tony Abbott will become the next Prime Minister, please don't under estimate the great Labor Party. We're committed for a positive vision for Australia. Kevin Rudd is doing our national campaign launch today. When you vote for Labor you get a guarantee on jobs, education, disability care, national broadband network and better situation. We have a view of Australia and a positive view of Australia over the next three years that only Labor can deliver. On the other hand we know what the coalition is against. They are against acting on climate change. They are for unfair, unaffordable parental leave schemes. There is still seven days to go on this election and we are competitive.Do you think it was right switching from Julia Gillard to Kevin Rudd? Do you think Kevin Rudd has changed?Yes, I do. I also know that Kevin Rudd has made us competitive. This election is about who has the best plans for the education of our kids. I am a parent of children of school age. But for all of the parents of children of school age only Labor has a six-year plan. We saw Bronwyn Bishop in a bizarre intervention from the twilight zone of politics rubbish every Tasmanian school child's education. The opposition has spent three years bagging education reform saying money doesn't fix problems and then because they know they're not trusted on the brand of education they're trying to be Mini Me on education. There are lots of reasons to consider voting Labor, not the least of which is the wellbeing of the future generation of adult Australians, our schoolchildren.It was widely reported that the first you heard of the Prime Minister's proposed Northern Territory tax cut was when it was announced. Then this week we saw Kevin Rudd suddenly announce a new mental health policy while he was participating in an online social media forum. During the people's for rupbl he unexpectedly adopted a tough stance on foreign investment. Would you accept that for a lot of voter this is is creating an impression that Kevin Rudd is really developing policy on the run?Well, I don't think he has been developing policy on the run. I understand your question and I have seen it written in various parts of the media. Let me assure voters that Kevin Rudd has had an abiding interest in northern Australia for a very long time N terms of mental health, Pat McGorri, as former Australian of the Year has worked extensively with both sides of politics. Pat stood up next to Tony Abbott as recently as last week or the week before last. Labor has put mental health as one of its priorities over the last five and a half to six years. In terms of investment in Australia, Kevin Rudd and Labor understand we're a modern economy and open to investment from the rest of the world. But we also respect there needs to be transparency and that there is community anxiety that needs to be dealt with about does Australia still own Australia. We do. Kevin Rudd can talk about northern Australia, that he is committed to mental health and that we have a clear view about Australia's place in the world to me emphasises that Labor understands we need to engage with the rest of the world. Interestingly, if you want to engage with the rest of the world, rather than just focus on our mineral resources we have to focus on the resources above the ground, which is our people. Again, that's education. If you think that education is important in this election, there is only one vote, that's Labor. Minister, can I ask you about the costings debate. This week the government was comprehensively humiliated when senior Treasury officials tore to shreds your claim that there is a $10 billion hole in the coalition's costings. Firstly, did you know about that in advance and secondly, you can explain how it could possibly be a so-called fraud when a wide range of assumptions can be used to make policy costings?Let me answer both questions with one proposition: Why are the opposition not revealing what they're going to do, how they are paying for their promises? Why are they not revealing what they're going to cut? The opposition has run the equivalent of a car yard where they have offered the prospective customer - that, the 15 million voters in Australia - they have put a sheet over the car, they won't tell you how much it will cost or tell you how it would work and they expect you to buy it sight unseen. The opposition are plying - playing hide and seek with the Australian voter about what the promises will cost. Adam, you're a senior economics writer. You know even better from me from some of the people you are talking to in business, people are scratching their head and shruging their shoulders when they look at the proposal that says you can get up to $75,000 for some people to take parental leave but they are not looking at issues around child-care or better schools funding. People don't scoop...You haven't answered either question. You didn't answer weather you knew in advance about the announcement...Are we talking about the announcement by the government public servants. I know the government has been working very hard to draw the media's attention to the fact that we have an opposition who want to be in charge of a budget over the next four years which is probably realistically something like approximating $1.4 trillion over the next four years and they say they've come up with $30 billion in cuts over that time and they are saying, keep moving, people. Nothing to see here. This is an election that does deserve the opposition presenting their alternative costings. Peter Costello, the former Liberal Treasurer tkwrer in Australia introduced the charter of budget honesty. It's a scandal that the opposition are saying - they said that before the election they would reveal their policies and costings when the election was called. We now have seven days to go. They're not accountable and saying they will do it in good time. You know that 10% of Australia has lodged a postal vote. Australians are being forceed to vote before the opposition have revealed their policies and costings. Labor will not, even if we're behind in the polls, give up fighting this election and we will certainly not let the opposition sneak their way into power when they won't even level with the Australian people what their promises are costing and what cuts they will make in jobs, education and health care.Minister, you are saying that it wasn't an ill conceived idea, that it hasn't put the party backwards by announcing this $10 billion alleged fraud, that the Prime Minister and Treasurer and the Finance Minister announced this week?Don't you think it's scandalous that the opposition won't tell us what they are going to pay for and won't out line the costings of all of - all of their policies? Are you satisfied in the immediata, the fifth estate, that you have one side in Australian politics not explain what they are going to do? Yes. I think a lot of voters want to hear what the opposition is doing on its costings but we also want to hear from you and your Government. Are you happy with the announcement made this week about the $10 billion alleged fraud that the coalition has made against us? I completely support our efforts to put a spotlight to rip the cover off, to turn over the stone where the opposition are hiding their costings and cuts. I have a memory. I know that when conservative governments get to power - this is what they will do. Week 1, week 2, oh-oh, books aren't what we thought they were. I know we had promises about not sacking people or cutting to the bone in education or health care. Whatever happens on 7 September, I for one and Labor as a whole will say we will hold the other side of politics to account. I think that the easiest way to sort out who is right and wrong about costings and assumptions - the issues you are legitimately raising with me, the easiest way to fix this is for the opposition to show what their cuts are. We don't have to have an argument about what is right and wrong.We have plenty more to talk about. Stay with us, we have more with education and workplace relations A Crime Stoppers after the break on Wanted. ticket to Sydney. She's wearing her school sports (WONDROUS MUSIC)

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Welcome back to Meet the Press where you can join the conversation by using the Twitter are hashtag MTP Ten or via our Facebook page. Back to minister Bill Shorten - if the polls are right, next week the Labor Party demobpopgs. - opposition. Many MPs might not have the jobs they once had. Can you tell Australians how an ALP in opposition would look and would you ever put your hand up for leadership were it to become available?I am not going to deal with the hypothetical of defeat. What I will do like I know the whole Labor team will be doing is fighting every minute, every hour, every day until the election to put the case for Labor and the case for a positive good society in Australia. Questions about Labor's loss after 7th September are not on the top of my mind. I have thousands of people I'm still yet to speak to about Labor's proposition - better schools, more jobs where you have a fair go at work and don't get ripped off. National broad band network, lifting superannuation so people don't work their whole life and retire poor and making sure we have a good health care system. That's what matters in Australia, jobs, superannuation, disability and health care. We haven't given up in Labor yet.It's been reported this week that senior members of the ALP are now privately of the view that the party might have performed better in the election campaign under Julia Gillard than Kevin Rudd. What is your view of that and would you have liked to have seen Julia Gillard take a more advisable role during the campaign?Again, I'm not going to engage in a hypothetical discussion about other scenarios. What I know is that the scenario that confronts Australians voting in pre-polls as they are in my own electorate of Marynr non or elsewhere are who do you trust with education. That's Labor. We have a six-year plan. We have trade training centres. The Liberals won't fund centres in Australia for six years. They won't fund trade training centres so kids can get apprenticeships. Who do you trust on superannuation? We want to lift it to 12%. The Liberals want to freeze it at 9.25. We want to freeze the contribution tax. The Liberals want to put one on. When you look at disability care and the creation of jobs over the past five years to me it's what matters most to families, it's jobs, schools, health care, work.On your schools policy, how can you be so sure that spending more money on schools will lift standards? Ever since the Second World War we have spent more money every year on schools. Spending has been going up faster than inflation and school numbers. Your policy is to increase the rate in school spending but all of the evidence shows that standards have been falling for decades. So how will spending more improve standards?No, I don't agree with you that spending resources in schools doesn't deliver out comes. We had a review by eminent Australians chaired by David Gonski. It had a look at what were the best performing schools? It examined 1,600 of the best performing schools where kids were getting the best out comes. It eliminated various outliers in terms of statistical measurements. We have a representative sample of the best schools in Australia preparing kids for their adult life T shows what is the resource standard at the - standard at the best schools. So, yes, teacher quality comes into what makes a good school. Parental engagement is what is important to a child's learning. But what we have empir Rickaly measured and debated inside and out is the appropriate student resource standard. We believe all schools should get to that. A lot of schools are not adequately funded for the educational needs of their kids. I think it's crazy in Australia that 63% of primary schools cannot offer music lessons to their kids. You can tell me that more money doesn't fix the problem. I would say why can't my children get access to music to fall in love with music as part of their core offerings at a school? There are kids who are falling behind in literacy and numeracy. They do need that extra coaching. If you think schools are adequately funded in this country, speak to any child of a - parent of a child with special needs or a disability or impairment they would say that Labor is right. Education is not the only issue in this election. But I don't think there is an issue more important than preparing your kids for adult life. On that again, if you think will is no difference between the parties, please look at education. There is a month of Sundays between the paltry offerings of the conservatives and the fair dipbg yum work of both Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd, mighter Garrett and myself, of many people to make sure we have schools in Australia that look after our kids. Money is part of the answer. Yes, it is.Bill Shorten, we are out of time. Thank you very much for your time on Meet the Press today.Have a lovely father's day, everyone, cheers, thank you.Coming up on the show, the man who wants to be PM and it's not Tony Abbott. Our interview with Clive Palmer is next. VOICEOVER: Heart disease
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Well, he wants to be the Prime Minister. And he will do just about anything to get there. This week, egged on by Sydney radio hosts Clive Palmer tried to appeal to a whole new audience by twerking. For those who don't know, that's twerking. The mining magnate is using tax cuts to appeal to the wider community, pledging the Palmer united party will cut income tax by 15% if elected to power. Good morning, Mr Palmer, thank you for your time.Good morning, happy to be here.One of your key platforms is to cut the tax rate to 15%. That's all well and good for the punters out there who see it as more money in the pocket but at what cost is this? What will it mean to services and infrastructure?We want to grow and stimulate the economy. Our most important policy which allows that to happen is allowing companies not pay their tax in advance based on an estimate quarterly by a- but allowing them pay it yearly based on an actual result. The forward estimates show that will release $70 billion into the economy in one year. Each time that $07 billion circulates into the hands of more people the government will get $70 million more in taxation. Tony Abbott wants to shrink the economy to the size of a pea and Kevin Rudd wants to tax us to oblivion. With the policy you mentioned, that will free up another $10 billion to the economy. That 2,500 dollars, if that circulates 10 times a year with its economic stimulus combined with the fact you're paying 10% GST every time it circulates the government will get more revenue back.Based on your tax policy, have you come up with any rough estimates of what sort of revenue hole at least in the short-term that would create in the federal budge. Surely there is room to cut federal spending maybe in the bureaucracy for instance. What areas would you target?There are a lot of areas to make the government work better. There wouldn't be one public servant who says his job is as rewarding or as productive as it could be. You need to have people there who have been in business and know what to do. In the Gillard Government they have only 13 years experience working in the private sector yet they're running a $1.5 trillion economy. Is it any wonder the budget didn't balance and we're going down the drain at $3 billion a week. As far as costings, who would you go to? The budget office that said we would have a balanced budget six months ago. Treasury - what would they know any way? They are a bufpblg of guys who have never been out in enterprise and never been in the world world?You took offence in the press at a cull and you hung up on him. Isn't it true that part of being in a democracy is been subjected to the scrutiny of an occasionally robust media.I didn't hang up on him. I was on a mobile phone and it dropped out....To say "get stuffed", is that not true?I don't know. It may have been one of my staff or something. I don't handle all my calls. But I do know in this election the media want to present the outcome before an election has been held. We have candidates standing in 150 seats across Australia. We're the only party that's brought up economic policy. Governments come and go. Prime Ministers rise and fall. But policies go on forever. The media is not interested in putting to the candidates our policy. I would have thought as one of the most successful people in business in the country they would be valid things to put but they haven't. This week you made headlines for twering and challenged kudkud and Al Atterab Kevin Rudd to a tkerk- off on the lawns of Parliament House.It does make a mockery of it. Kevin Rudd has refused to debate me 10 times. The twerking is meant to show how crazy the situation is. These guys are boring, they know nothing. If you keep doing what you have always done, Australia, you will get the same result. We need a revolution to get more response for the taxpayers' buck. All they can do is tax us more. Kevin Rudd has put on five taxes since he has been Prime Minister. Tony Abbott wants to take $70 billion out of the economy and drop living standards 25%. Is that what you really want? If you're happy with what is being done now vote again for Abbott and Rudd but if you believe Australia can do better, recapture the spirit of the Anzacs, give us your vote and make it the lucky country. We're out of time. Thank you for your time today.Thank you.Thank you for your time as well. Coming up on the program, the ref gees Australia rejected. We meet the children of the Tampa 12 years on from their dramatic mid-sea rescue. Hello.




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12 years ago a Norwegian cargo ship the Tampa became part of Australian history T responded to a mayday call from a 35m Indonesian fishing boat with 438 asylum seekers on board including 43 children. What happened next is infamous and helped structure the Howard Government's Pacific solution. But when you put the politics of the drama aside, there are incredible human storys to tell. This picture was taken at the time of the rescue by News Corp photographers. The children looked dissevelled, tired, malnourished and scared. This is them today, happy and healthy with bright futures ahead of them. Here is one of their stories.Hello. My name is Haddi. I'm now 21 years old in Auckland. I'm studying civil engineering and I was rescued by the Tampa. In Afghanistan there was no schools. Children had no future, including me. The biggest reasons why we left Afghanistan was because of the war. And generally that was the reason. We had no hope. No future. It was really dangerous. We knew we were living in the most dangerous country in the world. Obviously we couldn't do anything, just stay home, stay safe. The scariest moments in the whole journey was being in the boat again, not knowing whether you were going to be like - like you were going to get rescued or is there going to be another day. Because by looking at the0 ocean we didn't know if tomorrow was gonna be another day for us. And at the same time looking at others crying and praying for their lives. There was no words that can describe the moment we had when we saw Tampa, the big red container ship. We were so shocked and grateful. When Heather Clarke accepted us to come to New Zealand, that was the start of 13 years... She gave us a clear opportunity, the best country to start all over again. When we got to New Zealand we used this opportunity. Every one of us tried our best. To study hard and get somewhere. Me and my friends that were on Tampa are now a pilot, two of my - three of my friends are engineers. Right now I'm on my fourth year to become a civil engineer. I know girls that were on Tampa, Afghany girls, some of them are finished their degrees - nursing, business - this is all thanks to Helen Clarke who gave us this opportunity.News Corp Ruth Lampa tracked down the Tampa children. An incredible story. What was it like tracking down these kids who are now adults and what was your experience of meeting them like?The majority of the help came through the New Zealand Immigration Department. They put us onto the Hazara community where these children came from. They were incredible children. Not children, but young adults now, around 18, 19, 21 years old. Had a real sense of - they were polite, intelligent, articulate. Just lovely to meet. They were actually welcoming of the attention as well.And grateful to have you there.Very much.Did it meet your expectations? Were you expecting to find this outcome with the now young adults?I really had no preconceived ideas about them. They were precisely - I suppose how I expected them to be - we're talking about essentialy a typical migrant story. You had very hard- working parents that came to a country, worked very hard and provided for their children in a way where they were able to go on and excel and they have.You met two girls there, Houria and Taria. They were 6 and 7. They don't remember a lot about it all happening.They dent. But they met and found I suppose a real bond on the boat where they first met each other. They remember a lot of fear from the experience at sea. They essentialy have quite, I suppose, very sort of gentle opinions about making sure that people like them in that situation are treated properly.Let's take a listen to what they had to say when you met them.I would like Australians to take into consideration that these people that are refugees or seeking help are doing it for a reason. They probably come from backgrounds or countries that are not safe or war torn. What they're looking for is an opportunity and a brighter future - parents for their children, and a good upbringing and a safe area to call home.You know, sending them to desserted islands - this is not helping. It would feel like prison to them. I would feel that like. HaveII think they come in looking for hope. To be turned down...For a new life.It crushes their hopes.Ruth, it's important to note this all happened when the September 11 twin tower attacks happened as well. Their story was somewhat overwhelmed by that story, wasn't it?It was. These photos in our news limited archives didn't got a huge run at the time because, rightly so, they were very much over taken by all of the images and stories surrounding September 11 and of course they got caught up in the whole terrorism question.OK. A good news story on asylum seekers there. Thank you very much, Ruth. Pleasure.Next, keeping betting honest - the sporting bet CEO's plan to wipeout match fixing. With the free call-back service,
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The introduction of betting stewards at NRL and AFL match is the only way to wipeout the threat of match fixing in both sporting codes - that's the call from the boss of Australia's biggest corporate sporting book maker. In this interview Mr Sullivan talks about his views on upholding integrity in sport, his hopes for an ALP election win and taking his betting business from a tin shed in Darwin to a multi billion dollar success story.We have the industry - the industry has come a long way and certainly sporting bet has been at the forefront. I have been very proud of what we have been able to achieve. We have a great team offering great service to the punters. It keeps us out of the rain and sun.What is the biggest evolution in betting in that time? It has to be the internet. Ben, there is no doubt that's revolutionised things. In the last two years and three years it's the mobile device and what has happened with that. It's the amount of product we can offer the punter. Bookies recently copped a bad name spruiking odds particularly Tom Waterhouse. People were really off him and off bookies in general. What are your thoughts?I went on the public record. Tom is part of the William Hill family now. I went on the record saying I thought it had gone too far. I and sporting bet had been promoting the business for 15 years and no-one said boo. I just think it was the frequency with which the ads and odds were being shown. The fact live odds were being jammed down people's throats at a time when kids were watching. I have teenage children myself. I think it had gone too far and I said that. To his credit, Tom recognised that. As an industry we have recognised that. We have a body, the Australian Wagering Council, which has a code of conduct in relation to that. The government has said to us and to the commercial television stations, "Fix it or we will fix it for you." I'm very confident we can come up with a code that everyone will agree upon and it will get back to some sort of normalcy.People used to think of bookies as larrikins but it's changed with the big European book makers coming in. It's gotten bigger. Companies from overseas have seen what is happening in Australia. William Hill is 80 years old. They have 2,400 betting shops in the UK it's a FOOTSI100 company. One of the biggest companys in the UK. A very well run business, a fantastic chief executive who I get on very well with, which is important. A great vision to take the business even wider. To have that sort of responsibility behind a bookmaking company is important. That's why we embraced the sale to William Hill earlier this year. We've been really excited by some of the initiatives they can bring to us and some of the capital. The relationship is very good. Snow a few big betting scandals in Australian sport in recent years. The Ryan Tandy one in the NRL comes to mind. Are you confident in the integrity of the Australian bookmaking industry? I do think as SportsBeting has evolved through the AFL, NRL and other codes they have to look at having some sort of permanent officer in relation to betting trends. The great part about our businesss is very cooperate very strongly with the NRL and ARL. We know about betting trends because we've been doing this in the racing industry for decades. But they have to understand they have to play a part in it as well. We can give them the information. But the great part about it being all on shore is that you do have that drapbsspairpb see. You do have the integrity. - transparency. You do have the integrity. With a company like sporting bet it's all account based. We don't have any shops or cash. Every bet has a name next to it. It's been verified because we also have responsibilities to Austrack. From that point of view the system works. The ARL and NL - NRL - it's not a criticism because it's just snuck up on everyone. They have to internaly pay more attention to what they can learn from betting trends.S.Like to see the major sports in Australia have betting stewards?I think it's come to that. If the ARL and NRL are happy to get revenue, I think they have to that I can that really importantly. They have to guarantee the integrity not for us so much but for the punter and the game of course.Let's talk about the federal election. Punters are generally great judges of polls. Labor last week drifted out to $10 which is almost unheard of. So Labor absolutely no hope?Punters are good judges and bookies are bad judges at elections. Hope springs ee certainly. I don't think I have ever won an an - on an election. I haven't won one in 20 years. The coalition have been off the map. There was a bit of a spike for are Labor with the change of leadership and kud Kevin Rudd had the week after that. But ever since I think they are in to about 1,08 or 1.07 now.Coming up on Meet the Press our footy experts on what was a controversial week in the (WONDROUS MUSIC)

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Last night's match against Essendon, Richmond, rather, saw Essendon draw to an emotional close its season from hell. Prior to the game suspend Essendon coach James Hird called on club supporters to help bring it back to its glory days. But has too much damage been done from the controversial enhancement program? The NRL doping fallout has started. But a cloud of controversy continues to hang over the Cronulla Sharks. The Herald Sun's AFL expert John Anderson joins me live from Melbourne. Good morning, John. Happy father's day. Thanks for joining us. How much damage do you think this has done to the code and Essendon?No way of escaping it, it's done a lot of damage to the code. It's arguabley the greatest scandal in history dating back to 1897. You have had had others. Back in 2010 a couple of players were suspended for taking bribes. But this has dragged on. It's upset the AFL. For very good reason. They had to act and in the end they acted fairly.So the AFL acted fairly in your opinion. How did the club Essendon handle it in your opinion? Essendon in the end saw the writing on the wall by James Hird dropping his court action. I'm glad that happened. I think Essendon had to get out of it with the least damage possible and they've managed to achieve that. They weren't going to win a premiership this year and they've lost four of their last five games. Could you argue that's because the club be is so disspirited. But the reality is they're not quite good enough this year. Next year it could be a different ball game. They will get a different coach obviously. It could be Mark Thompson, who has coached Geelong to two premierships. Maybe they will get a bloke who is an even better coach than Hird Hird. That's a hypothetical but they won't be damaged.How damaged will Hird hired be out of this?His reputation has taken a huge hit. He left at the AFL golden boy when he retired in 2007. He has done nothing since before this to tarnish that reputation. He will be. But Essendon supporters I know largely still want him back at the club. That's why we will see the unusual situation of him coming back after a year and coaching them. He is still the favourite son. Will he get through it. But I think in the eyes of the non-Essendon supporters he has been badly tarnished.As always, John Anderson, thanks for your insight.Thanks. Let's go to Brisbane now, where Peter, the 'Courier-Mail''s NRL writer is on standby. Chandor Earle is the first NRL player to be charged by authorities. Do you think we will see more scalps?I which think it's the tip of the iceberg. That he is the firstdom know to fall. In you look at the investigations in recent month it is would be naive to think there won't be more victims. There are a number of players in the cross hairs of the ASADA investigation. An estimated 31 players have been subject to the investigation. And more specifically players at Manly and Cronulla. There would be some nervous people in the NRL at the moment. I think Paul Gallen would be one of those. And Anthony watt how. Two of the marquee players in the code. Paul Gallen recently had his mobile phone confiscated at the airport. He is certainly in the sights of ASADA. I wouldn't be sprietsed if he faced sanctions down the track. That hasn't materialised yet but over the weeks and months there will be other victims out of this for sure.You mentioned the Sharks there. Do you think they should be allowed to play in the finals in light of the sanctions levelled against Essendon in the AFL?No, I don't. Let's put aside the Essendon saga for a moment and not take that as a barometer. Dr Trish Kavanagh compiled an independent report on behalf of the former Sharks board. She found a supplementation program going on at the Sharks included two peptides. CJC1295 is the very substance that Chandor Erle has been hit with an infraction notice for in the NRL. If we're to take that as a guide - if he can be hit with an infraction notice for use organise trafficking it, it would stand to reason if the Sharks as a club have used that substance they should go down as well. As a club I believe they shouldn't be playing in the finals. They have already brought the game into disrepute with the months of speculation and bad headlines. I think let's face it, there could be the very real scenario if they make the finals and win the comp any penalties could be retrospective and we could see the case where the Sharks would be stripped of the idle which would be an embarrassment to the code. No, I don't think they should be playing in the finals.Lots more to come out over the coming weeks. Thanks for your time this morning. That is all for this edition of Meet the Press. You will find a transcript of this program shortly on our website. We will leave you now with some of the pictures that captured our imagination this week. I'm Kathryn Robinson, thanks for your company. Hope to see you next week. you next Supk. week.
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TIM: As long as
I can be true to myself,

hopefully, I'll find someone
that I can fall in love with,

then they can love me back.

I have had my heart broken,

and I'm ready to meet someone I can
spend the rest of my life with.

WOMAN: Oh, my God,
he is so handsome!

I'd like to propose a little toast

to 25 gorgeous women.

Here's to
the beautiful journey ahead.

ALL: Cheers!

WOMAN: Everybody wants to get
one of those roses,

and not everyone's gonna get one.

And he seems like he's genuine.

And that is so hard to find
these days.

Can you wait here for two seconds?

Suddenly, he got up and left.

And I was a bit shocked.

(GASPS) Wow.


I didn't expect it at all.

It was the first rose
in Australia, ever.

WOMAN: All of a sudden,
everyone's hit panic stations.

Everybody wants that rose.

There are 25 beautiful women.
There are only 20 roses.

WOMAN: A few people were showing
their man-eating skills.


I'll, uh...I'll...

WOMAN: Oh, my gosh,
she just tried to kiss him!

JOELENE: I don't want just one
rose - I want the whole lot of them.

He loves boxing as well.

So we're gonna spar later.

I hope someone gets a black eye.

VOICEOVER: And the scene
you won't believe it's real.

She's got no shame!

This cocktail party is crazy.

Oh, my God!

Who DOES that?

The cocktail party was like
being thrown into the lion's den.

The cocktail party was like

Here today is Adam Swanson
from Adelaide's restaurant Zucca,

which is a Greek restaurant.


But we are going to be cooking
a pasta, Italian-inspired,

because that's your heritage.

It is, very much so.

So this one today, Justine,
is pasta di sausage.

So...sausage pasta.

Really simple.

Look, normally a pasta
with a sausage takes hours

but this is my quick version
of it all.

So we got some sausages here

that we've just taken out
of their casing, OK?

These are really nice
Italian-style sausages.

Cacciatore we call them.

So it's got a good amount of fat
and the pork through it

and some chilli and fennel.

That's the big thing
about the cacciatore sausage.

And we've got our fantastic
San Remo Zita Penne.

Now 'zita' means, basically,
without the grooves.

So there's two different types -

normal penne which has your grooves
on the outside.

I like using the zita for just
that little bit of difference.

Yeah, I love that one.
I really, really like that one.

So, can I help you in any way?

I'll just show you what I've done
here quickly with these eggplants.

I've taken whole eggplants,

cut 'em in half,
put some olive oil and salt.

Put 'em into the oven
about 180 degrees

and cooked them for half an hour.

So I've just got them
so they're collapsing.

I wanna take out all this meat.
I'll do that.

What I'm gonna get you to do
is get into...

Dice me up an onion.

For you.

So we got a pan here.

I'm gonna get some olive oil
into there.

Olive oil.
Thank you.

Get that into the pan.
So we'll get our onion into there.

We'll fry that off slowly
then I'm gonna add the garlic.

What I'm gonna do with the garlic,

I'm gonna get you to give
it to me whole cloves.

Why's that?

Basically, what it is,
it infuses into the actual sugo,

so into the sauce.

But then we remove it and we still
get all that big flavour.

That's just a traditional thing

that I've learnt
with old Italian sugo.

It's a good idea. It makes sense.

Sorry, so you want
that onion straight in?

Yes, please. That's nice and hot.

I don't wanna colour this too much,
the onion.

So I'm gonna make sure
on and off the heat.

So I'll grab a couple
of those cloves at this point.

Just as is.
As is, straight into there.

Straight in.

So you gotta make sure that
you're stirring your onion around.

Keep it on the go.
So you're not browning it.

It's gonna make me cry, for sure.

I can feel them,
they're strong onions.

Did you want me to slice
some chilli for you at this stage?

Yeah. Just one.

And the next step,
what I'll get you to do,

is basically get the tomatoes,

cut 'em in half and quarters,
remove the seeds,

so the inside.

And then just dice it up for me.

So...a lot of recipes,

they say sometimes keep the seeds in
and take the seeds out.

Why do we, for instance,
for this recipe take the seeds out?

Because I want the freshness
of a fresh roma tomato,

but I'm also using
the tomato passata as well.

So I'm getting both what I'm after.

I don't want any seeds in there,
so you get that crunch.

So when we make sauce at home,

basically the way we do it
is we boil these down,

put 'em into jars
and then we pass it through a sieve,

through a mouli.

So that removes all the seeds.

So it's just something the Italians
and traditionally what we do.

So we're taking the seeds out,
we've got the rich sauce

and we just want this
for texture, I guess.

Exactly right.

So you'd want three of these?
Yeah, three would be great.