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(generated from captions) These are going to be beautiful.
In the fridge for 5, 10 minutes.

Looks very cutesy, doesn't it?

Well, that's food
kids would love to eat, really.

You can peel it off.
See what the polenta does like that?

The paper's not as good for you,
is it?

No. Don't eat the paper.
Peel it off.

There we go. Beautiful.
Do you want that bit?

Yeah, I'll have that. Mmm.
I'm going to have that too.

I love polenta. It's so nutritious
for the children.

It's so easy to make.
And look at that.

And the texture
of it's really nice and soft

and great for little kids
to eat and mush up.

You could probably even mash it up
with a fork for a baby, couldn't you?

Wouldn't need to.
Beautiful. Lovely.

I think it's delicious.

And then a chocolate crackle?

Let's share one, hey?
Share one?

I'm going to eat the whole thing.
Are you crazy? There we go.

Mmm. That is good.

That is good. I really like that.


The currants give it the sweetness.

I found something to stop her
from talking. Amazing.

That's beautiful. You like that?


The currants give it a lovely
sweetness and the chocolate is...

This is a bitter chocolate
but I love it.

And it's still nice and crunchy

and the pecans make it
really nice and nutty.

Get them into good habits
when you still can.

When they're teenagers
it's all over.

You end up with bad habits like me.
That's right.

So get some dark chocolate now,
polenta now, they won't know.

They won't want to eat bad food

because they're getting
good food now.

Teach them now
and it will pay off later.

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Today - Labor faces a landslide loss. Where did it go wrong? Labor's Joel Fitzgibbon on Kevin Rudd - was bringing him back a mistake. The panel, has Tony Abbott gone too soft? And the worst stunts of the campaign, we name the winner. I'm Andrew Bolt and this is the Bolt Report. A week from now Tony Abbott will be Prime Minister. In fact SportsBet has already paid out bets on the coalition. Some Labor MPs now say they probably should have stuck with Julia Gillard. Wrong! Gillard looked like costing Labor maybe up to 40 seats. Rudd might lose half that. The real reason Labor is unelectable is it destroyd the voters' trust. First t broke election promises and went on the biggest spending spree in our history with borrowed money.I have no intention today of repeating Mr Howard's irresponsible spending spree.The government is determined to support the economy into the future by bringing forward our $76 billion national building agenda. We will bring the budget to surplus in 2012 had-13 actly as promised. Due to a savage hit to tax receipts there will be a deficit of $18 billion in 2013-14.That deficit now $ 30 billion. Labor also broke its promise to turn back the boats and instead duringed them in by scrapping our tough border laws.If they're out there on the high seas you would seek to turn them back through the agency of the Australian Navy.We abolished the Pacific solution. I'm absolutely proud of that.The price of that disaster? 50,000 boat people here. 1,000 drowned. Billions of dollars lost. But here is Labor's most outrageous broken promise.There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.I want to talk to you tonight about why the government is putting a price on carbon.What deceit! Labor broke that promise for one reason, to win the worthless support of the Greens. Even the carbon tax itself was a fraud T raised power bills without making any difference to global warming. Broken promises killed the voters' trust in Labor. So did Labor's infighting that had Rudd sacked as Prime Minister in 2010 and plotting revenge ever since. The new leader of the federal parliamentary Labor Party elected unopposed is Julia Gillard.Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister always had very difficult and very chaotic work patterns.There is no doubt that Kevin has been engaging in under mining of the Government for more than a year now.That brawl too ended with more lies.There are no circumstances whatsoever under which I would return to the leadership in the future.Today I'm announcing I will be a candidate for the position of leader of the parliamentary Labor Party.So much lying. Lying also about the Opposition Leader, as Labor pushed its politics of smear and division. Misogyny, sexism, every day from this Leader of the Opposition.Then there were the scandals over union expenses and dodgy union slush funds.I'm very conscious that in the eyes of many of the public I've already been charged, convicted and sentenced.The Leader of the Opposition is now handcuffed to an allegation against me that I committed a crime and he is handcuffed to the fact that he does not have any evidence of that. I do think there are positive reasons to vote for Tony Abbott. I think he is a decent man. But this election is fundamentaly about holding an immoral Government to account. Labor broke the budget, broke its promises and broke our trust. Now it must pay. Coming up - Labor's Joel Fitzgibbon, was it Adding that little extra touch can make you feel special. Now you can bring that same feeling into your home with Air Wick Reed diffusers. Delicately releasing essential oils to create
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Kevin Rudd had a sudden thought this week, move the Navy base in Sydney to... Brisbane. Forget the Navy is against it. Forget telling the New South Wales Premier first. Morning, Kevin. A phone call would have been helpful.4,000 jobs. G'day, mate.You should learn to share.At this week's debate Rudd had another sudden idea, restrict land sales to foreigners.I think when it comes to rural land but land more generally we perhaps need to adopt a more cautious approach. Joel Fitzgibbon is the agriculture minister and joins me from Brisbane where today Labor will launch its campaign. When did he tell you he wanted more restrictions on foreign ownership of farmland.Thank you for your endorsement this morning. Like the Murdoch papers the only thing missing was the AEC authorise racial! Who needs enemies when we have friends like you.When did you first get told by Kevin Rudd that he wanted more restrictions on farmland?We have often had had that conversation, Andrew, believe it or not. What he did in the debate was speak his mind. I think most people would have welcomed that. People are sick of politicians reading from the script. I have a view about that. Kevin expressed a long held genuine anxiety about foreign investment in agricultural land.What is he doing about it?We have some policies out there, Andrew, particularly the new register on foreign investment in agricultural land.A register doesn't do anything. It just tells you who owns it. It doesn't do anything.He also talked about his preferences for joint ventures and a cooperative approach to investment. I will give you a basic example. A farmer or pastoralist has a large tract of land. He is looking to the dining boom in Asia and knows he can lift his profitability by targeting Asia. But he needs about 3 million-dollar to lift infrastructure and the productive capacity of his land. He can only raise half so he invites a foreign investor to venture with him to raise profitability. That's a perfect example of us being inviting of foreign investment while maintaining sovereignty over our agricultural land.But you're talking about welcoming more investment. He was talking about closing it.No, no. I don't think he was.He is making up policies as he goes along. Was bringing him back a mistake?Andrew, that question I assume is premised on the tkwhrad we're about to lose this election. I know the poll something not fantastic for us at the moment. But they say a day is a long time in politics and a week is an eternity. We are competitive. We haven't given up on this election. Stkpwhrp how many seats do you think you would have lost under Julia Gillard had you not made the switch? Oh, look, Andrew, I'm not speculating on that. I heard your introduction. I'm focused on the election next Saturday. We have our campaign launch today. I think it will be an innovative and exciting one. We have a week to go. But we're focused on winning. The costings debacle this week where Kevin Rudd came out and said that Treasury and finance had found a $10 billion hole and Treasury and finance, the heads of Treasury and finance then said, "No, we haven't costed the Opposition's policies at all and there is no hole that we've found" - was that a a debacle.I will go to that in a second. This could all be be cleared up if Tony Abbott released his costings. Very simple. Chris Bowen did find a $10 billion hole. Treasury said they didn't have the actual opposition costings to work on. But they listed where their savings would come from. Take the low income earner superannuation initiative. They are going to cut that. They were claiming something like a $3.9 billion saving. We said to Treasury, "Tell us what it would save if we cut this program" and they gave us something like $1.5 billion.The issue is not really whether you disagree - I accept you can have an a- an argument about the Opposition's costings and you can accept that - I accept you can demand that they come out. But the Prime Minister said the Treasury and finance costed opposition policies and found a hole. Treasury and finance said they hadn't. Was that a mistake?He didn't lie. We asked him to cost each individual item. Someone drew the implication that we had had handed to Treasury the opposition policies. That's the only difference there. It doesn't change the fact that they were claiming more savings than they would receive as a result of those initiatives.According to you but not according to Treasury and finance which what the Prime Minister claimed.No, it is according to Treasury.Well, they say it's not.No, no. They said they didn't have the opposition policies in their hands.That's right.We don't have to have them in our hands to ask Treasury to cost what they would do in superannuation. You don't need their policies. They were clarifying the fact they didn't have the Opposition's policy costings. All they did was respond to our request to tell us what we would save by abolishing superannuation concession for low income earners.Kevin Rudd left open the possibility of going to the G20 meeting in the days before the election to talk about Syria. Do you think he should go to St Petersberg?I have read he is thinking about going. I haven't had the discussion with him. Obviously the G20 is important. It was Kevin Rudd who made the G20 the pre- eminent forum around the world. I congratulate him for that. It's been very important. There are important things happening now. We have just taken the chair of the Security Council. It would be fantastic if the Prime Minister can be there but that's a matter for him. He has a busy week ahead. Thank you very much for joining me. Always a pleasure.Coming up, the panel, A Crime Stoppers after the break on Wanted. ticket to Sydney. She's wearing her school sports When your
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Kevin Rudd this week claimed the coalition got its sums wrong in its planned cuts. Costings by finance and the Treasury Department had found a big hole.This is a $10 billion fraud on the Australian people.But the heads of Treasury and finance were so outraged by Rudd's claim they issued a statement saying, no, had they hadn't costed the Liberal cuts and hadn't found a hole. Joining me are former Liberal Victorian President Michael Kroger and former Labor minister John Della Bosca. Is the Prime Minister a liar?I don't think the Prime Minister is a liar. The Prime Minister made an error of judgment in producing the costings as if they were costings of the current Liberal Party policies. An understandable error.Did you just describe an error of judgment or a lie?An error of judgment. I think it was a minor error of judgment in some respects because the difference between the costings made by the Liberal Party or the policies they actually have and those the ALP made hypothetically before the campaign were not that different. But of course, I think it was overegging the pudding. It was always a chance - if you looked at the expression on Penny Wong's face during that press conference, there was always a chance that the finance and Treasury Departments would do what they eventually did. My God they did! Overegging, an error of judgment or a lie?You're a very kind man.He is a kind man. This was a political fraud of the worst type. If these people were company directors of course they would be facing charges. In 20 years' time people will look back on last Thursday and say that was the defining moment of the campaign when Rudd completely lost all credibility. The one thing he had going for them, the cut, cut, cut, turned a big political lie, a disastrous lay for - day for Labor and the defining moment of the campaign.I don't think the error was in bringing in bringing back it was in Rudd Rudd thinking he could win and in getting desperate when he thought he wasn't. The naval base announcement, the land sales thought bubble, the land tax arrangement he hadn't run by ministers. He looks out of control, making things up.Labor does have a problem. A decision was made it seems like ages ago but it was only a couple of months ago to change leaders after three years of the Prime Ministership of Julia Gillard. Normally Governments, incumbent governments that have been there for six years, like it or lump it, have to campaign on their record and produce policies based on this is what we've been doing, these are our expectations for the next three years and we think there is a problem with what the others are proposing. That's the stance taken by a six-year-old Government. The problem here is we have a different leader. In the debate the only time that Kevin Rudd clearly bested Tony Abbott was when he started talking about the social policy issues, the strong ground where I think Julia Gillard would have campaigned. That's why he should be campaigning. It's Rudd, but he is making things up.The other point - I don't want to make life too easy for Michael. But the coalition has been quite clever. Tony Abbott is a centre wrist. He has isolated education and health as policy areas he won't be looking for cuts or savings or modest savings or he won't change front line services. So it's hard to the ALP to go to the cost argument when you can't point to practical out comes.You mean, damn it, Tony Abbott is a moderate rather than an extremeist. Strike me pink.That's your problem, not mine.That's my problem, not yours. On the whole thing of making things up, the extraordinary thing about my interview with Joel Fitzgibbon is he couldn't even rule out Kevin Rudd taking three days off from the campaign to go to St Petersberg to talk about Syria at the G20.I have had a bet that Rudd is going to the G20 because I said there couldn't be any way in the world a Prime Minister in this position could rat on his troops and go to St Petersberg a day or two before a federal election. It is inconceivable this man would go but as the other Liberal said to me, "Kevin Rudd defies the laws of political nature and he will probably go." But for me I can't believe he could go and dessert his troops.Joel Fitzgibbon, a friend and helped bring him back, he couldn't rule it out.He is not his brother's keeper. He doesn't know everything Kevin Rudd is inclined to do. I would have thought Kevin Rudd would not be going to St Petersberg. Obviously domestically there is the election.The election. But there is also a national issue. A day before an election it's a high risk thing for a Prime Minister to be doing that. It should be handled under the caretaker convention.I think it's weird. Let's not just hoe into the Labor Party. Let's give you a go. Tony Abbott went to Tasmania and promised $16 million to a Cadbury chocolate factory there to help keep it open.This is overregularing - egging the pudding. I couldn't believe it.This is something a lot of people will have to confront on the conservative side of politics - what they will be putting to the Prime Minister ship if indeed Labor fails to turn things around next week is a political centrist and populist. Those who argue for the hard market forces policy line are going to be disappointed in an Abbott Prime Ministership.Michael, try to defend the indefensible. Tony Abbott says rightly he wants to cut funding to keep open car factories that are on the way out. But then he goes to Tasmania and hands $16 million to a chocolate factory. Does he like chocolate and not cars?No. You of all people should know this. When the Greens run the government as they have in Tasmania the place is economicly stuffed. Highest unemployment.So is South Australia.Highest unemployment. Lowest GDP per head and lowest educational out comes because the Greens over successive years have effectively closed down Tasmania. Are you seriously saying a Liberal Government should socialise industrys in Tasmania to make it tick over?It's basically a tourism grant. Tasmania has to be rescued by someone.So no to the car industry...No-one can rescue Tasmania unless it's the Federal Government.I think this is really bad. Going to one problem that struck me as amazing - the coalition really needs to win the Senate. Arthur Sinodinis who looks like being the Finance Minister in a Liberal Government looks like losing his seat the way the preferences are running.It is. If you pick someone like Si in, odinis and against the quality of someone like Pauline Hanson. God help us if Arthur Sinodinis is beaten by Hanson - a great person with intelligence and experience - that would be a disaster.A disaster for the government, cry you a river, John. But I think it's also a disaster for Australia if someone like Pauline Hanson holds the balance of por in the Senate.No-one could take my pleasure in the Liberals losing the last spot in the Senate to Pauline Hanson. No-one sensible and no-one in the Labor Party could. It's time to talk seriously about electoral reform in the Senate. The idea that parties lodge a preference arrangement with the Electoral Commissioner which is allocated according to voters with no idea of why the - where the preferences are going - many people who will vote for Pauline Hanson will have no idea where those are going. I think we need to think urgently regardless of whether Arthur Sinodinis wins his seat or not. The above the line voting system is good because it reduces things like infor had a mall tee but we need to do better than electing Pauline Hanson as a result of that.Coming up - strange but true, even this wasn't the worst stunt of the campaign. (BRIGHT MUSIC) From lively dinners
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stunt of the campaign. The Greens this week promised an arts policy to produce more artists like the one they hired for their launch, which doesn't strike me as such a great idea, especially when it seems what we really head to are more engineers. But maybe the Greens are right. Maybe more arts train would go give us candidates with more ability than Julian Assange, who did this for his Wikileaks party. (SINGS) # We have # The chance to turn the pages over. What can I say? That's so bad it beat for shear awfulness even Craig Thomson's lonely walk through a shopping centre looking for one friendly voter. Assange win miss prize for the campaign's worst stunt. That's the show. Legacy Week this week. Please support the families of the fallen and wounded. I'm Andrew Bolt. No near, - no fear, no favours. fear, no Supours. favours.

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Hello and welcome to Meet the Press, I'm Kathryn Robinson. When Bill Shorten announced he was voting for Kevin Rudd in the ALP leadership spill in June he effectively paved the way for the former PM to roll Julia Gillard and return to power. He said he did it to save Labor from an election whitewash. But how with opinion polls signalling certain defeat many power brokers are questioning whether Julia Gillard would have done a better job. Does he regret switching camps? Bill Shorten is our guest today. Clive Palmer has shown us this week he will do just about anything for a vote. Just how far will he go? The leader of the Palmer united party joins party joins us feature on the children of the Tampa. 12 years on the I had I can kids Australia rejected are now all highly educated young adults in New Zealand. We meet the young refugees and hear their stories. The CEO on Australia's biggest korpbt book maker on how to protect the nation's football codes from match fixing.They've got to guarantee the integrity not so much for us but for the punter and the game of course. According to the opinion polls, all of them, this time next week Tony Abbott will our Prime Minister. Today's exclusive Galaxy poll reveals Mr Rudd's numbers have gone backwards since the election was called. Labor's two party preferred vote now sits at 47%. If you're a punter the good money is on Bill Shorten to be the leader of the opposition by the end of the year. Not great odds for the party ahead of its campaign launch in bris today where education minister Bill Shorten joins us from this morning. Our panel Adam from the Australian and Sarah from had News Corp Australia. Good morning. Bill Shorten, thank you for your time