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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight - one week to go. Bad polling for Kevin Rudd and another asylum announcement from Tony Abbott.I've seen a range of polls, both public and private, which suggest to me this election will end up a little closer than people think.If you come illegally, you can't expect to get Legal Aid.No longer if, but when. The United States prepares to go it alone on Syria.Part of the challenge that we end up with here is that a lot of people think somebody should be done but nobody wants to do it.A warning over the long-term safety of Australia's busiest rail line. And Australia's last man standing at the US Open.COMMENTATOR: And he has done it again - winding back the clock, Lleyton Hewitt, can you believe it? Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. The Coalition is not only pledging to stop the boats, it's promising to stop $100 million worth of Legal Aid to those who do make it to Australia. Tony Abbott is entering the final week of the election campaign adding yet another plank to his asylum seeker policies. The latest polls suggest Mr Abbott is on track for a comfortable win but Kevin Rudd maintains things are much closer than that. Political correspondent Greg
Jennett reports. Give me a big hug.One week to go. If the message isn't getting out...How are you finding this from the ABC's point of view?Take matters into your own hands.This is politics in the raw, you always learn stuff. As you see people around Australia, they form their own judgments.The worst scenario for Labor is that people have.We fight all the way through.Marginal seat polling by YWS and Newspoll suggests deep trouble in NSW and a possible four seat loss in Victoria.I've seen a range of polls, both public and private, which suggest to me this election will end up a little closer than people think.It's climbing Mount Everest. As people who have climbed summits will tell you, the last few paces are the most dangerous. Tough work. Tough work.Unrest between Coalition partners could make it tougher. In WA, Nationals are running against Liberals in five seats and tensions are running high.I'm appalled at the suggestion from Nationals that they can have a different voice to either Kevin Rudd or Tony Abbott.They are not only fighting for a voice, they have lost a face. Leader Warren Truss has been excised from the Real Solutions Plan in an advertising splash.Fellows, how are you?For Tony Abbott the final week brings another move on asylum seeker policy.If you come illegally, you can't expect to get Legal Aid.The Coalition is promising to scrap a scheme giving people legal advice on how to get through the application process, with a budget saving of $100 million on over four years.There is no obstacle to being represented legally. Just the taxpayers wond fund it.Kevin Rudd is going to set the agenda, favouring apprentices on Government building projects and announce a jobs and training guarantee. Before launching into a frenetic six days to try to save his own. The Obama Administration has released its intelligence assessment on the Syrian chemical weapons attack, leaving no doubt it will launch a punitive strike on Syria, even without Britain's support. The United States is still giving no indication of a timetable for any military action but says letting the Assad regime get away with it, is not an option. North America correspondent Jane Cowan reports. Calling it an indiscriminate horror, the Obama Administration mate made it clear the chemical weapons attack would not go unpunished.My preference would have been that the international community already acted. We don't want the world to be paralysed. Frankly, part of the challenge that we end up here is that a lot of people think something should be done but nobody wants to do it.Releasing a four-page declassified intelligence report, John Kerry said its findings were clear and compelling and left no doubt the Assad regime was responsible.This is evidence, these are facts. So the primary question is really no longer what do we know. The question is what are we, collectively, what are we in the world going to do about it.He laid out a forceful case for intervention, promising not to repeat the mistakes of Iraq and sending a message not just to the Syrian regime, but to the world, specifically naming the need to deter Iran, North Korea and Hezbollah. Critics say the goal should be Notting short of regime change.There is no policy or end game.The Obama Administration is giving no indication of a timetable for any strike. The departure of the UN weapons inspectors clears the way for an attack and leaves a 72-hour window before the US President leaves the country on Wednesday Australia time en route to the G20 in Russia.

The United Nations Security Council could meet again this weekend to discuss the Syrian crisis and Australia could be leading the talks. It takes over the leadership of the council tomorrow and the timing is certainly challenging. Australia will be under pressure to not only find consensus on Syria, but also leave its own stamp on the powerful body. North America correspondent Lisa Millar reports.There were celebrations when Australia won its seat on the 15-member Security Council. Now it takes prime position - the presidency, for one month. It's a crucial moment, especially for the man in the hot seat, Ambassador Gary Quinlan.Mr Quinlan is going to be under tremendous pressure, in his role as President of the Security Council. And he is probably going to experience a significant amount of frustration.Stuart Patrick from the Council on Foreign Relations says the fact it's happening in the middle of an election back home doesn't Security
help. Neither does the fact the Security Council is facing criticism of its own, deadlocked over Syria and seen by some as irrelevant.The downside of Australia taking over the Security Council presidency at this moment is that it's doing so at a time when the Security Council itself may be being marginalised from, in a sense, the most pressing international issue.September is also the biggest month for diplomacy with world leaders converging on the UN. When the US was President of the Security Council during one of those meetings, Barack Obama took the chair. It's unclear who will be representing Australia. This won't be Australia's only moment in the spotlight at the UN. It will get one more month in the presidency before it's stint is over. That's likely to be November 2014.

Syrian-Australians have taken to the streets again today to voice their opposition to any military strike on the Assad regime. Tensions are running high and the Australian Government has urged the migrant community not to get involved in the conflict.

These protesters fear their homeland is being torn apart and they want the Assad regime to hold it together.We love Bashar al-Assad!Many fled civil war there decades ago.We don't want any more of these killings, no more. We left so we can live in peace!The Foreign Minister has a clear message for hose who have gone to Syria to join into the conflict.Their commitment is to Australia and the majority of Arab background Australians understand that.I encourage any Australians in Syria to get the hell out of there.Many views of how to get involved arest Today. Even those who don't support the Assad regime are united, they don't want a military in intervention by the United States.Many of us are not for the regime. Many of us recognise the regime has had decades of oppression and injustice to the Syrian people.Protesters held rallies around Australia saying their relatives would bear the brunt of any intervention. The Foreign Minister says Australia has not been asked to contribute to any military action.

Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi have taken to the streets again, demanding his return to power. At least six people have reportedly been killed in marches across the country. It's the biggest show of defines against the army-backed Government since hundreds of protesters were killed two weeks ago.

A helicopter rescue mission has gone tragically wrong with an injured patient falling to his death while being winched into the chopper. The man had been bushwalking north-east of Melbourne when he got into trouble and called for help. The helicopter crew was attempting to get him into the chopper when disaster struck.Ambulance Victoria says the man was bushwalk ing with a group of friends at 10 o'clock this morning when he injured his ankle. The area was too hard to retrieve the man via road ambulance. So an air ambulance arrived around half past 12. He was being winched into the helicopter. It's believed the paramedic was trying to help him into the helicopter when he was fell to his death. He couldn't be revived. The Ambulance Victoria chief said it appeared something went wrong with the winch itself.Something seems to have gone wrong from when the paramedic and the patient were on the end of the winch.Ambulance Victoria said the flying conditions this afternoon, were perfect and it was a regular winch operation. It's unclear whether the group the man were with saw him flight. The flight crew and the man concerned are receiving counselling. All five helicopters have suspended winch operations while an investigation takes place by the helicopter company and by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Ambulance Victoria says it wants to be hour it won't happen again. WorkSafe is investigating and the police are preparing a report for the Coroner.The base of Australia's busiest rail line will need to be completely rebuilt to ensure trains can continue to use it safely at speed. In the meantime, the freight and passenger link between Melbourne and Sydney has been slowed down while work to solve stability issues is finished on all 1,000 kilometres of track. Trains that once powered between the nations two largest cities will have to take their time for years to come. A report by the Australian blamed
Transport Safety Bureau has blamed 1,000 kilometres of old railway base for rough journeys on the line.It's soft, it's old. The only real long-term solution other than continued maintenance is to totally remake that.Short-term maintenance keeps the line open but the report says without a full replacement, mud holes under the tracks will continue to affect stability. The Corporation
Australian Rail Track Corporation which has taken over management said:

They have one of the hardest jobs in the rail industry trying to make up for the mistakes that have been made in years gone by.The corridor is also important to smaller centres between Melbourne and Sydney. Here in Goulburn, it sustains wrote jobs, businesses and is an important link to the major cities.For our older citizens, particularly pensioners to get to and from Sydney, a lot of the times for important medical will
appointments.Those services will be affected for years to come. The union that ept haves rail workers says the line could even become unviable.We are concerned without an increase in resources, that work may not be done as expediently as possible.There will be times when speed restrictions will have to be put on again while further maintenance is done to the track.The further program of track upgrades is more than three years from completion. Pacific island leaders say the cost of university study in Australia is contributing to social problems among their Pacific
young people. Since 2001, Pacific Islander students have been unable to defer the cost of tertiary study, making going to university too expensive for most. Social workers and teachers say that makes it harder to keep kids in school and out of trouble.

These teenagers have a lot to celebrate. They are part of a program helping Pacific Islander students find pathways to university.I hope to study medicine at uni and I want to become a doctor.It's helped me to gain confidence in myself and to think of a better future for myself.But many of the New Zealand students who live in Australia can't access student loans from the Federal Government, even though they have grown up and gone to school here. It means most families simply can't afford the cost of uni.That's why I guess you find issues with the young people getting together and getting up to know good because I guess they seek solace in those groups.Social Pacific
workers in Logan where many Pacific Islander families live, say it's hard to convince the young people to behave and stay in school when they know they can't afford tertiary education. However programs that promote their culture have helped engage parents and students alike and have reduced behavioral problems.When we talk about one of our local there has
schools, I can tell you that there has been a decrease of behavioral referrals or incidences, 93% decrease in one year. Sg but the costs are making it harder to turn that success into increased uni admissions. In June Labor announced they would be able to access student loans from 2015 but the legislation didn't pass before the election was called and will have to go through the new Parliament to take effect. World renowned poet shame us Heaney has died. He was widely regarded as the greatest Irish poet since William butter Yeats. He was born in Northern Ireland but later lived in the Republic of Ireland. Seamus Heaney was a teacher before becoming a poet, writing in English and Gaelic. After winning the Nobel Peace Prize for literature in 1995, he explained why he wrote poetry.Because it's the only thing which gives you a sense of self gratification, selfhood.Irish PM Enda Kenny has hailed the poet as the keeper of language and the essence of the Irish people. Seamus Heaney was 74. Lleyton Hewitt has revived memories of his glory days with an epic victory over the world number 6, Juan Martin Del Potro in the second round of the US Open. There were no stumble for Serena Williams or Jock jogging Jock. - Novak Djokovic.In the unseeded twilight of his career, Lleyton Hewitt meets top 10 players early in Grand Slams and usually pushes them to the limit.Come many could great hands.The 2001 champion was one point away from a two sets to love lead over the 2009 winner, Juan Martin Del Potro, but some untimely double faults allowed the bit hitting Argentine to level the match. When the world number six took the third set, Australia's last hope looked like he had been tasting defeat.A medical time out for cracked lips.Being kraing winners kept the world number 66 in the contest.A shot - there it is. He's pumped.The 32-year-old took the fourth set in a tie-break.That's 2001.The fifth set was one way traffic as Hewitt booked a third round match against unherald $Russian Evgeny Donskoy.He has done it again, winding back the clock. Lleyton Hewitt, can you believe it, in five. Del Potro is out.I don't know how many years I've got left in me. I keep getting asked the question. I was hanging to play on this court again and put on a great show.The show that followed was a shorter production with top seed Serena Williams taking an hour and 14 minutes to defeat Kazakhstan's Yaroslava Schvedova. The four Burgess brothers have helped South Sydney set up a minor premiership showdown next weekend in the come from behind win against the Tigers last night. Today the Bulldogs hold the lead over the Panthers. In Auckland the Warriors slash thrashed the Raiders in a match that featured three hat tricks. Last night Newcastle ended the Broncos' finals dreams while the Rabbitohs survived an early flurry from the Tigers in a comeback win.Headlines were made before kick-off as Benji Marshall lined up for game 200 and his last NRL match in Sydney. On the other side four Burgess brothers made history as they took the field for South Sydney. Within minutes, Sam Burgess was sin binned. An 18-0 lead after 14 minutes put an upset in the realms of possibility.It's another try!With the cavalry back on the park, the Rabbitohs stormed back into the game. Sam Burgess made amends to level scores. One of his brothers, Luke, capped off the comeback.Through they go.The Rabbitohs will play for the club's first minor premiership since 1989 against the Roosters next weekend.The boys want to have a little bit of that history. A long of the photos at the moment are from a long time ago. Hopefully we will get the boys to represent themselves like those guys have.The Knights are facing a finals series without Kurt Gidley. The Newcastle halfback was stretchered off the field after scoring a try. He will be assessed over the weekend. Despite the injury, Newcastle wiped away an early deficit to end any remote fine always hopes for Brisbane.In Auckland, some player-referee confusion had Canberra in front early. That were three first half tries. Shaun Johnson scored three second half tries as the Warriors big win put to rest a week and a season the Raiders would rather forget. The Panthers entered the contest against the Bulldogs as finals possibles but put themselves ahead with two quick tries. A Tony Williams special kept Canterbury in touch as the blue and white trailed by 2 at half-time.What a try from the Dogs!Two tries after the break put the Bulldogs in a commanding position midway through the second half.

And the latest score in that match, the Doggies lead the Panthers 32-14. In the AFL, Brisbane's season has come to an end with a 1-point loss to Geelong this afternoon. Last night the Hawks beat the Swans. This evening, the Blues beat the power. Earlier the Saints thrashed the Dockers and the Cats had the narrowest of wins over the Lions.The situation was simple for Brisbane to have any chance of a place in the finals, they had to win. Geelong wasn't without motivation either. It its top two spot was on the line and the Cats played like a team with something to loserly.The Lions were fighting hard but Josh Caddy made the most of a strong breeze to see the Cats 14 points up at quarter-time. The second term was a different story. The Lions cut loose with the wind at their backs and first clawed back the deficit.Lines up and kicks from the pocket and kicks a goal!Before rolling past the Cats with five straight goals. The Lions had the half-time lead and for the second time this season, a boilover victory against Geelong was on the cards. The teams traded goals for much of the third quarter as a thrilling finale loomed.Five goals to Ashley McGrath!Before Geelong put its foot down in a typical Cats showing of a flurry of late goals, ensured a handy 20-point buffer.Now they have got going, the Cats!Caddie goaled and the game looked done but in a performance to add irmoo, the Lions managed three straight goals in reply.Another one!In the thrilling conclusion, the Lions dragged themselves back time and again. In the end Joel Selwood's goal would prove the winner.That's why he is one of the best players of the modern era!With seconds left, Brisbane fell just short. Chance, it's a goal! No! He miss hit it from five metres out!That result meant Carlton wouldn't be eliminated from the finals if it lost to Port Adelaide but the Blues still needed a win to guarantee their spot next week. They failed to play like they knew the consequences for the second straight week and accuracy crippled Carlton. While Port had more success finding the middle leading by 16 points at quarter-time and 32 points at half-time.They are putting the foot down here.Only Matthew crowdser's goal kept Carlton in it but the third term showed little improvement and the Blues looked to have a nervous wait ahead. In rugby union, Royals will face Tuggeranong in the John I dent Grand Final after defeating Queanbeyan at Viking park. Royals emerged from an end to end send half with a 33-30 win to secure a spot in the decider.Royals missed last week's chance to make the Grand Final and looked to take their second chance against Queanbeyan. In a physical match, early penalties were exchange ed. Queanbeyan got the first pointer with fly-half Robbie Coleman drawing the defence. Royals hit back but the Whites took a 15-13 lead into the break. In the second half Coleman was sent to the sin bin for a professional foul. There were poor lineouts through the the contest. With Royals ahead by 8 in the final moments, Queanbeyan crossed in the corner to set up a thrilling finish. Royals were good enough when it counted and claimed a victory to secure a spot in the finals. Ainslie will face Ben con even in the Eastern Conference Grand Final after a 10-goal win over the giants reserves at Ainslie Oval. The tri-colours scored four goals to two in the first quarter to lead by 12. The home side hit Top Gear in the second term and stretched their margin to 38 points at half-time. The giants entered the game in ominous form but were no match for the conference winners. Ainslie won 35-41.We at the competitive ball. We got beaten at the stoppages. I thought we were cleaner with the ball.The tri-colours will face Belconnen next week and of the Magpies went down to the Swans by 150-69. Japanese toilets are known the world over for their sophistication and gadgetry, with heat, lights, music and more. Now they are being linked to smartphones but some say these technotoilets have what turn out to be an embarrassing flaw - they are at risk of being hacked. North Asia correspondent Mark Willacy reports from Tokyo. They embody the Japanese obsession with cleanliness, comfort and complexity. They boast anything from lids that open automatically, to de owed risers, massaging and bidets. They have more functions than most family cars.In Japan the toilet is the most automated appliance in the home. It's the place for people to feel most comfortable.And this is the most comfortable and technology cli advanced toilet of them all. The $5,000 Satis smart toilet has an inspiring theme song to get things moving. It's this commode's ability to be controlled by the smartphone that sets it apart. TRANSLATION: Through studies we found many take their smartphone to the toilet so they can send emails and browse the internet. When decided to connect our toilet to a smartphone application.There is a downside to having a computerised commode. Like anything with a micro processor for a brain, apparently it can be hacked. A US-based IT security company has studied the Satis toilet and warning saboteurs could hack into these devices causing them to repeatedly flush and activate the bid et function giving the user a shocking spurt.TRANSLATION: We tested this is and there is no security problem.The manufacturer insists these toilets won't turn into terminators.On to the weather now. After what was the end of winter, - I'm having trouble getting the words out after that story, we finished the day with a Sunday day:

Some inland cloud is moving east over NSW and another front is approaching Tasmania and southern Victoria. A trough line lies from the Kimberley down through south-west Queensland while another low pressure system is off the east coast. That southern front will bring showers to Tasmania and strong winds around southern Victoria as well:

Some dads may get a sleep-in tomorrow but the sun won't. It will be up at 6:22am.

Before we go, a brief look back at our top story. A week out from the election, the latest polls are predicting a wipeout for Labor in several key seats. Tony Abbott shows no sign of slowing down in his campaign, announcing that asylum seekers would no longer be eligible for Legal Aid under a Coalition Government. And that's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. I'm Craig Allen. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Captions by CSI Australia