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(generated from captions) Hard Monday call This program is captioned live. Tonight - the United Nations weapons inspectors leave Syria. But have they found answers to the waiting world's questions?Any Australians currently in Syria, to get the hell out of there.It's very important to have cool heads here.Anger in Australia, as proBashar al-Assad supporters take to the streets. And one week to the election frbgs Labor is left smarting by more opinion poll pain. Auto good evening I'm rickgonkpwon. Ahead tonight - the greatest Irish poet. Tributes to Seamus Heaney died aged 74N sport - Lleyton Hewitt winds back the clock at the US Open. First - the US gave its clearest indication yet that it is planning a limited narrow attack on Syria. It follows the release of fresh intelligence of last week's chemical weapons. In the capital, Damascus, the mood is reported to behalfy with fear as security forces make preparations for possible air strikes. United Nations weapons inspectors left Syria a left Syria a few hours ago. It will be days before they release their findings and the latest alleged chemical weapons attacks on Damascus. The US says it has new evidence linking Bashar al-Assad's regime to the attacks but can't get its allies united on how to respond. Barack Obama says it is a case of the world being tired of war.There is a certain weariness given Afghanistan, there is a certain suspicious of any military action post Iraq.The US has moved a fifth destroyer into the eastern Mediterranean, adding to the arsenal ready to be fired at Syria if the order is given. Barack Obama says he is now considering a narrow limited response, there will be no boots on the ground.Obviously, consultation with Congress as well as the internationally community is important.But he has lost a key ally - Britain. The British Parliament voted against joining US-led military action. A vote raised by Vladimir Putin who opposes using force against the Syrian regime. The US has another ally up its sleeve. Francois Hollande says France is standing by to help punish Bashar al-Assad. And the Barack Obama administration says it has evidence from the US intelligence report that Bashar al- Assad's regime launched the chemical weapons onslaught last week.We know rockets came only from regime-controlled areas and went only to opposition-controlled or contested neighbourhoods. And we know, as does the world, that just 90 minutes later, all hell broke lose in the social media.US intelligence, 1429 Syrians were killed, including at least 426 children. It matters because if we choose to live in a world, where a thug and murderer, like Bashar al- Assad, can gas thousands of his own people with impunity, even after the United States and our allies said no, and our allies said no, and then the world does nothing about it, there will be no end to the test of our resolve. Syria has dismissed John Kerry's accusations as a desperate

Justify aggression.

Justify aggression.
To strike or not to strike? It's a very real dilemma for Barack Obama. He will no doubt be mindful of the warning Bashar al-Assad issued back in 2011 when he said Syria is a faultline when you play with it, there could be an earthquake that would affect earthquake that would affect the entire region. The Prime Minister says classified intelligence reports provide proof that chemical weapons were used by the Bashar al-Assad regime. And Australia will support any US decision to take military action. Supporters of the Bashar al-Assad regime took to the streets of Sydney today. Condemning any Western-backed milemning any Western-backed military strike against Syria. In a conflict that's already directly drawn in a number of regional players such as Turkey and Iran, Australian supporters of Bashar al-Assad said there's no room for America. And Barack Obama has no proof the Bashar al-Assad regime used chemical weapons against its own people.He has no evidence to say to the people.We want peace in Syria. We are against the war.Our Prime Minister says America's assessment has the Government's full support.Our conclusion is that the result is overwhelming evidence that chemical weapons has been used in this attack. Furthermore, that the Syrian regime is in our view responsible.The opposition leader says that there is a gulf between that conclusion and the decision to take military action against Syria. When we are faced with the prospect of taking sides in a civil war, we want cool heads, we want steady, calm, consideration of this. Neither side of Australian politics wants boots on the ground.The American response we would expect to be a swift one, and a limited one.Two years on, emotions still run high among Syrians living in Australia. The Foreign Minister warned both those for Bashar al- Assad and against him not to become directly involved in this conflict. Four Australians reportedly have been killed fighting alongside Syria's rebels. Dozens are still believed to be in the country.I am urging Australians with backgrounds in the Middle East not to take a hand in the civil war. Their commitment is to Australia, to this country. And the overwhelming majority of Arab-background Australians understand that.A view supported by protestors.Of course, we shouldn't be fighting with anybody, it's about solidarity.I teeth Ali agree - no need for anybody to go fight. We are after a peaceful resolution in Syria.The events of the past week suggest Syria is still a long way from peace. There are further signs that the Coalition's heading for a dramatic election victory next Saturday - with the latest polls predicting 16 Labor seats will fall in three mainland states alone. Kevin Rudd's had more difficulties on the campaign trail. Tony Abbott had a more energetic start to his day. Onwards and upwards, with a week to go in the election race, Tony Abbott's run to the finish line is gathering pace. He likes the view from the top. He says that there's still a tough slog ahead. Seven long hard days to go before Australia gets to choose.Tony Abbott appears to be stretching his lead over Labor. The latest polls show the ALP could lose 16 seats in three states. One in Queensland, 11 in NSW, and four in Victoria.I've seen a range of polls, both public and private, which suggest to me that this election will end up a little closer than people think. There is rare unanimity.This is a very close election. I think it's inevitable that the polls will Titan sharply. polls will Titan sharply.The Greens are worried that the Coalition will take control of both houses.The only thing between Tony Abbott and absolute power is your vote. Chris Bowen's seat is one of those predicted to fall to the Coalition. We have a good case to put and we will all take responsibility for the result, win or otherwise.The comments of ray King that the burqa is a sign of oppression.Tony Abbott says that the burqa is very confronting.It's not the sort of attire I would like to see widespread in our streets.Legal advice for asylum seekers, that would save more than $100 million over four years.Why should there be for cart Blanch for people not Australian citizens, who came to the country illegally.Kevin Rudd has had more campaign dramas. The Northern Territory's Government stopped the media from filming his visit to a GP's clinic.What is there to hide about a fantastic facility like this. And interrupted by a heckler to the media conference.So he visited a local market. But there were protestors there. His security team had to intervene as he drove away. He made a series of announcements for the Darwin region, including funding for a new hospital. We are on about building the Northern Territory's future. Tony Abbott's likened winning this election to climbing Mount Everest.As people who have climbed summits will tell you - the last few paces are the most dangerous.In the last week of the campaign, he is trading very carefully. Tomorrow Labor will hold its official campaign launch, a short time ago, I asked rich Davies if Kevin Rudd still has time to turn things around.It's going to be very difficult. Kevin Rudd will tomorrow try to reinvigorate Labor's campaign. We hear that the launch will measure jobs. The question is whether that's going to be enough for Labor. As he we heard, Labor is well behind. 20 seats could fall d. 20 seats could fall o to the Coalition and morale is suffering. Labor has a big job ahead of us, to turn around all of these numbers. And I think it's going to be a big asked for Kevin Rudd to turn all of that around in a few days.With asylum seekers being a hot election issue, a 24 hours speaker thon on the topic is currently under way at Federation Square. A whole host of guests began manning the microphone from midday among them Bob McGuire. It appears that Julia Gillard is set for a post political career, focused on politics. It's reported that the former Prime Minister will become professor of politics at Adelaide University. Julia Gillard is not recontesting her Melbourne seat. The South African presidency moved swiftly tonight to deny reports that Nelson Mandela has been released from hospital. The 95-year-old has been suffering with a lung infection and was taken in to hospital at the start of June. His decline in health prompted vigils in Victoria. Jacob Zuma says media reports that he is back home are incorrect and he remains in hospital where he is critical but stable. You are watching twupbs on SBS. Coming up next - spelling it out. Somehows gather on the beach to campaign on key issue they believe has been neglected during the election. Shortly - why Australia needs to carb a niche and become a global competitor. Later - a lyrical love letter racing up the

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Thousands have gathered at Sydney's Manly Beach to spell out an important issue. They say this has been neglected during the Federal Election campaign. The call for global poverty to be halfed by 2015 is to put internationally aid spending back on the agenda. You won't see it down here. But these beach-goers united to send a big message from the shores of Sydney. Signing a petition for the Government to step up its efforts in halfing global poverty.We are in the middle pack, number 13 in giving aid, 1.4% of our federal budget goes each year on overseas aid. Not a lot compared to what we spent domestically. We say we can do both.This event is part of a national campaign called finish the race, urging federal politicians to make sure Australia does its part to achieve eight vital goals.The development goals range from providing universal primary education to halting the spread of HIV AIDS all by 2015.12 million kids dying per year. We already halfed the number of people who don't have access to clean drinking water back in 2010. That's ahead of schedule. We made some amazing progress. There's plenty we still need to do.Advocates want Australia to commit income to Rover seas aid. And they have been specifically targeting sitting federal MPs to take notice. Manly is held by Leader of the Opposition Tony Abbott. The Coalition says if elected its increase will be 0.5% of gross national income. Mike Baird accepted the petition on Tony Abbott's behalf.He doesn't want to overpromise something and not deliver. He has listened to the calls made today and will consider those a he puts together the budget. Other candidates were invited to the event. Labor says it has already budgeted for 0.5% of gross national income to go towards overseas aid by 2017. Continuing that theme later in the bulletin - one man's story of life from the streets and how he found himself homeless in Melbourne. An inquiry is under way tonight - after a man died during a rescue operation in Victoria. The man was being winched into a rescue helicopter in the State's north-east when he slipped from the ropes to his death. Being rescued from bushland at Macs Cove. Police are investigating. A colourful protest with a serious message in Melbourne today - as hundreds marched to highlight that a woman's appearance is her choice and is not an invitation for unwanted sexual advances. Now occurring globally, the rallies began in can depau two years ago, after a police officer suggested to remain safe women should stop dressing provockively. The anti- whaling group 'Sea Shepherd' has a new weapon in its fight against Japanese whalers. It's this former fisheries vessel now named Sam Tymoshenko after the cocreator of 'Simpsons' donated her to the organisation. She er to the organisation. She will be part of 'Sea Shepherd''s 10th year of trying to saves whales from the Japanese fleet.We saved the lives of 932 whales last year out of the quota of 1,000. And we are aiming for better success this year.Sam Simon is open to the people at Circular Quay in Sydney tomorrow. Clashes between supporters of the Muslim Brotherhoodporters of the Muslim Brotherhood and security forces left at least six people dead in Egypt. Thousands took to the streets in the largest protests in a fortnight. A display of crowd control by protestors in the streets of Cairo. They want to show that they are well organised and mobilised thousands. The alliance that stands against the military- led Government defied the state of emergency for another Friday. And chanted against what they call a coup, spear-headed by Defence Minister.I left home today because of the injustice happening. Not because I'm Muslim Brotherhood, I never will be. Because the interim Government want us to go backwards. I came here for Egypt and all Egyptians. We deserve to share the wealth of this country's resources. After prayers at several mosques demonstrators tried to link up with different marches.Protestors tell us that they will keep on moving and walking, they are basically afraid that the military will surround them at some point.Tanks and Special me point.Tanks and Special Forces stationed at intersections, blocking actions to key locations where clashes left hundreds dead two weeks ago. Some too scared to join the street marches waved from their apartments. Many stood by the 7pm curfew but in Cairo clashes broke out in the evening and the military dispersed the crowd with tear-gas. After pro- Mohammed Mursi protestors reportedly clashed with local residents. Violent confrontations left three dead and several wounded. The Muslim Brotherhood is vowing to fight on, ood is vowing to fight on, despite a crackdown that has most of its leadership in prison or hiding. Using new tactics to keep sing new tactics to keep up the pressure. With an increasingly heavy handed approach by security forces it feels as though the showdown is far from over. Colombia's President ordered troops to control the capital Bogata. Clashes with police broke out on Thursday, after some 30,000 people, many of them university students, took to the streets. Supporting a strike by small scaled farmers demanding better business conditions. Away from the concerns of Syria, the US President met with the leaders of three Baltic nations in Washington. Barack Obama says Estonia, Lithuania are some of the most reliable allies in NATO.Ure Soldiers sacrificed together in Afghanistan and together in Afghanistan and the bault ic continue to help support our troops. No decision on the future of any American presence in Afghanistan despite the deadline for NATO troops just 16 months away. The Duchess of Cambridge made her first public appearance since the birth of Prince George nearly six weeks ago. Joining Prince William on Anglesea to meet runners at the start of Anastaule three-day marathon. The couple left their son at home.He is very well, thank you. Sleeping at the moment.Due to leave their home soon as William's tour of duty with the RAF there comes to an end. US intelligence blower Edward Snowden, the partner of a British journalist was detained a fortnight ago and his computer equipment confiscated. How the High Court in London has been told that some of the seized files could risk the lives of intelligence offices of intelligence officers.This man travelled with thousands of secret British intelligence cock yuplts in his lugage. Did he pose a risk to national secure? se a risk to national secure? When David was detained, the items seized from him included a hard drive and memory sticks, much of the data was encrypted. Today's security assessment claims that he was carrying the password for one file on a piece of paper. After exam ening some of the material the Government says that there were 58,000 highly classified documents on theighly classified documents on the hard drive. If leaked, it's claimed that they could lead to a risk to life both to intelligence officers and their families and recruitment attempts or threats to safety by intelligence services. But today's assessment did not go into detail. And his lawyer dismiss it had as unfounded.Threats they said entitled them to look at the materials seized. But they have said that they cannot provide further details in open court. We do not accept the assertions made. But taking what his lawyer called a pragmatic view. s lawyer called a pragmatic view. Agreed here today that the police, security services can continue to examine this material as long as they are looking for evidence that national security is being put at risk. Anti-terrorism lawst at risk. Anti-terrorism laws have been broken or that the officials secrets act officials secrets act has been breached. Edward Snowden who first obtained the papers visited several countries and British intelligence is worried foreign governments may have some of the documents already. The 'Guardian' insists the UK did little to stem the leak. A kidney transplant patient suing a hospital in the US after her life saving organ was mistake enly thrown away. A nurse allegedly thought the kidney donated by the patient's brother was the patient's brother was medical waste. Waking up from surgery, chronic kidney failure.I knew something went wrong as soon as I was rolled out of surgery, I lifted up my shirt and realised I didn't have an incision.A nurse misstuck her kidney for miracle waist. It belonged to her brother Paul, thrilled when doctors told him that he was a perfect a match and agreed to be the donor.It was the most amazing moment of my life.I underwent that surgery and my sister is standing up and was supposed to be in bed. It was in vain.This kind of medical mistake is not common. More than 5,000 medicaler I don't remembers involving transplants and organs per year. The hospital eventually found her another kidney and paid for her to travel for the transplant. She and her family are now suing the university but the hospital is asking the judge to dismiss parts of the suit. Explaining in a statement, "We apologised sincerely and did the best to help those affected move forward." It was a terrible ordeal. Mainly anger at first I would say. Angry that because somebody wasted part of my brother.An ordeal that they want nobody else to ever have to go through. Let's return to our top stories tonight - the latest from Syria. United Nations' weapons inspectors visited a military hospital treating victims of chemical weapons attacks. Preliminary findings will be presented to Ban Ki-moon.By nightfall, many people were in the safest places that they know - their own homes. Following what America is planning for the Bashar al-Assad regime on TV. The cafes were still open, I sat with a Syrian MP and Bashar al-Assad Loyalist, watching John Kerry's statement blaming the regime for the chemical weapons attack.He said Britain's decision to stay out of the military operation made Syria stronger and said the army would never use chemical weapons against its own people.From early in the morning, shelling echoed around Damascus. Aimed at the rebel-strong holds in the suburbs. It delayed the start of the final day of work in Syria for the United Nations chemical weapons inspectors. Finally, another trip to the dangerous suburbs became a visit to Government troops in the military hospital. Part of the Government's case that armed rebels not their menused chemical weapons. The BBC had this video shot in one of the rebel-held suburbs in Damascus. Which the regime shelled so often. These are desolate places now, many of the original residents fled. Here, they are desperate for powerful Western countries to attack the regime's countries. TRANSLATION: We paid for an American -- we pray for an American attack. I support a military strike with all of my head.A short drive away, back in the city proper, held by the regime, some better off citizens were spending the day at an hotel pool. Many see the rebels as dangerous shrmists and is secular Syria was better than al- Qaeda's future.It's a simple solution - get rid of Bashar al- Assad.Give me one person, one Martin King so I can walk behind him.I don't think Bashar al-Assad will just stay on the side. They would fight back, and that's their right.Damascus is getting a lot of the world's attention. But this city feels expecting, anxious and lonely. With China's slowing economy impacting Australia's mining boom, experts say we need a new engine for prosperity. Red tape has the country's brightest choosing to take their business and profit elsewhere. Now, both sides of politics are courting Australian entrepreneurs promising a boost. Proving you don't have to take yourself too serious to be serious about business. The team behind Zookal.We wanted to take a company, we didn't think we would get this big.It started by offering cheaper textbooks now the tech company helps thousands of kupbltry across the country. With a staff of 12 all in their 20s, experts predict businesses such as Zookal will soon be propping up the economy.Great from export prospective frbgs smart industry, great for bringing in foreign investment and employment. There are about 1500 tech start-ups in Australia and that number is rising. This entrepreneurship convention attracts thousands per year.A report from Google found in 20 years the start-up sector could generate more than 500,000 jobs for the Australian economy as well as more than $100 billion. That's about 4% n. That's about 4% of Australian GDP. But like many, Zookal might have to take its business elsewhere. It claims Australia punishes start-ups for growing.A lot of fees and charges that that the Government inhibits that early stage that you get in the US. I feel the next Amazon or Apple or Google trying to come out of Australia has a ceiling over it.But with this election, that could change. The Liberal Party says it will loosen red tape and proind entrepreneurs with better access to finance.It will free up those entrepreneurs to do what they do best - innovate, partner with those to help turn a great idea into economic prospects for the country. That's all too hard at 's all too hard at the momentLabor says it is already making improvements, expanding and reviewing the employee share scheme. Kate Lundy says the National Broadband Network will expand the reach of start-ups. Our geographic characteristic being far from the northern hemisphere markets is no longer such a barrier. Mick Liubinskas insists Australia can create its own silkon valley, making it a priority for whoever wins the election.

wins the election.We have breaking news now - a court in Delhi convicted an Indiaian teenager of murder and gang rape. Now, these are live pictures coming from ours the court. It relates to the death of a woman in Delhi last December after she was attacked on a bus. The 17-year-old had denied the charges. Four other men are also on trial. We reported on the poverty of many Australians. Hundreds sleep rough on the streets. Because they have nowhere to call home. Among them, Troy Schalks who busks outside a supermarket in Richmond in Melbourne. The 40-year-old has been homeless for 18 months. It's this reporter who spoke with him today. And this is Troy's story. This is where I sleep at night-time, a doorway. Most nights if I don't stay in a backpacker's this is where I sleep. I don't want to beg. It's my way of survival. I was married for 17 years, fell apart, subsequently lost my job and then did the couch hopping thing for a while and, g thing for a while and, yeah, ended up on the street. Life in general on the streets, it's tough. 20 minutes into being in a sleeping bag three young gentlemen de side to show me the most ugly side of people. And you can get the other complete end of the scale. A lady was kind enough to get me a new set of glasses and for example,ed out her hard earned money. When you are in a situation like this, you have two choices - you can either stay on the track ither stay on the track or you stay on the clean side. People ask me, "Do you know about this and that organisation" for me personally, the last thing I want to do is spend more time with homeless. It's bad enough being homeless with no fixed address. No Government assistance. And doing what I do. Work is work. As long as I get an honest day's pay for an honest day's work. I want people to understand not all homeless people are the same. And this could happen to anybody. Of course I want this to end. How it will end - I don't know. Every day is just literalry a battle of survival.The reality of life on the street. Coming up next - Michael Tomalaris with all of the day's sports news. And Lleyton Hewitt goes the distance to seal a stunning triumph in the US Open. More silverware for Munich as Pep Guardiola gets


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Guardiola gets one over an old foe.
We start with tennis - former world number one lit Hewitt has turned back the clock to produce a stunning upset. produce a stunning upset. Serena Williams breezed

The women's singles.

To football - Pep Guardiola claimed his first trophy as Munich boss after the giants beelt Chelsea on penalties in the superCup. The champions League holders came from behind before snatches victory in a shoot-out. The shoot-out denies jos Maranta since returning as Chelsea manager. Hostilities as Munich took on Chelsea. It was the holders that drew first blood. Chelsea take the lead. Munich soon found its groove with Frank Ribery voted Europe's best player scaring it up after the restart. Chelsea was reduced to 10 men with five minutes remaining after a second yellow card but went on to but went on to extra time. Gifting the Blues an unlikely lead in the first period. Chelsea was seconds away from claiming victory to send the match to penalties. With both sides kem demonstrating composure, the kick fell to Manuel Neuer.The team that deserves more to win lost.You have the opportunity to win the first time for this club, this Cup final. So now they had all of the titles around the world. And this is the orld. And this is the first time, and we are so proud of that.Sweet revenge for 2012's finalists by adding the Cup to last year's historic treble trophies, the Federal Government pledged to commit $10 million towards a football institute in western Sydney if re-elected initiative of the football foundation, the facility will embrace football and academic education, providing professional services such as coaching, refereeing, administration and sports science. stration and sports science. And foundation board member foundation board member less Murray says that the benefits will be vast. Education, health,be vast. Education, health, community engagement, harnessing western Sydney, benefits to the disadvantaged, engagement with Asia, infrastructure, jobs.Once up and running, the institute would be expected to create around 700 local jobs in Sydney's west. Back to the US Open tennis. The stunning victory by late -- Lleyton Hewitt. Staring down a player ranked 60 places below him.Not in the same weight division.Punching above his weight and doing just that, Lleyton Hewitt snatched the first. The Australian was also on track to wrap up the second. But Lleyton Hewitt's serve failed him on sets points and he was made to pay. There was more where that came from. Ripping winners as the former weapons of mass destruction's cracks started to appear.A medical time out for cracked lips.Angling back and giving the 32-year-old the jump start he needed. Queue that trademark. Both players won the US Open and that composure was clear, although it was the 2001 champion that claimed the fourth in a tie break.

break. After five sets, more than four hours on court, drained and humbled by Lleyton Hewitt.A couple of years ago when I had foot surgery I didn't know that I would play tennis again. For me to be out here competing, it's a lot of fun, I'll tell you that.To the AFL - Carlton has come from 39 points down against Port Adelaide and looked like snaring eight spot and a place in the finals. Last night Hawthorn downed Sydney to seal a second premiership and today the Saints thrashed d today the Saints thrashed Dockers and Brisbane fell short of a final's spot in Adelaide the Blues mount add huge comeback. Carlton knew a win would guarantee final eass action. The Power dominated in the last match ever played at Park. Brad cutting the midfield to ribbons with four goals. The Saints farewelled Stephen Milne and Jayce Blake Blake against a Fremantle's side who rested 12 players. Stephen Milne got on the scoresheet. Before being joined in a fairy feal finish. That meant Geelong need not worry of their result to finish second. The Lions were still in the top eight mix. An upset was brewing for three quarters and the Cats slammed through as many goals in as many minutes. Brisbane had one last chance and fell agnoisingly short. Hawthorn did it tough but secured a second straight premiership. Julia Gillard Roughead has one hand on the medal but Lance Franklin may be missing next week.We will do that again. But, you know, I didn't think it was a mallyious act. Hawthorn play Sydney again next week in a qualifying final at the MCG.Penrith's NRL season looks to be slipping away against Canterbury this evening. Newcastle ended Brisbane's final's hopes last night and South Sydney came from

Down the Tigers.

Down the Tigers.
Isaac John crossing before Josh Mansour doubled the dose. The Panthers shading it at half-time, just. In Auckland, the Warriors and the Raiders squared off to keep their top eight hopes alive. Canberra racing to 12-6 lead before the beast awoke. Three tries before Johnston got three of his own. The Warriors knocking on the final's door. Last night for the first time in over a century, four brothers turned out for one team. It was their opponents Tigers drawing first blood. Benji Marshall's boys leading before a freak ball of the ball. And with a comeback on the cards, the fairytale was realised. The names on the scoresheet Burgess and Burgess.We dreamed about it as kids. It's fantastic tonight.And in Brisbane, the Knights overcame injury in nights overcame injury in one of the botches of the season to end the Broncos' finals hopes. The Knights confirmed in the eight. In cycle's grand tour - the Italian has held on to his lead in the overall classification. After the Czech riders claimed honours for stage seven. An early break away as the 300km stage seemed set for a finish. The Czech just managed to edge out the reigning world champion. The victory was the first to


In horseracing - Atlantic July took out the first race of the new season. Trained by Mark Kavanagh, the mayor claimed the 1400m in spectacular style.It was only yesterday that we saw her. She printed away now and it's all over. Coming home. Welcome back, darling. The stakes is used as the tune-up to the group one koction Plate and Melbourne Cup. I'm no horseracing expert but no horseracing expert but I got through that one. Thank you, Michael. Let's go to a break - still ahead on SBS World News Australia - tributes following the death of Seamus Heaney described as the best Irish poet since Patrick Yeats. Plus - # I wish we could do all the good times all over again. An elderly man's musical letter to his loved wife overtakes the likes of Justin Beiber. You can hear

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For you now.

For you now.
Tributes are flowing tonight following the death of Seamus Heaney who was considered one of the world's finest literary minds. Admired worldwide for his wisdom, humour and common sense.Between my particularer and my thumb the pen rests, snug.Digging, the first poem in Seamus Heaney's collection, learnt by generations of schoolchildren, describing his father and grandfather at work. Brought up in the rural heart of Northern Ireland and enjoyed great success while still young.I'm glad that a couple of months ago in London I was able to Seamus that I had been looking through his early books and that I thought the poems were miracles. And he joked and he said, "Well, they came from home, so they have to be miracle." They are miracles and he continued to write poems.Northern Ireland's troubles made him more widely known. A Catholic, his sympathies lay with the Nationalists. He always condemned violenceHe always condemned violence and its affects. We are a society that has fallen from grace. This is limbo land at best. At worst, the country of the damned.Many ponts are private people, Seamus Heaney was always ready. Bill Clinton quoted some of his verse in Dublin.I leave half ready to believe that a crippled trust might walk.Unusually for a poet, his books became best sellers. Including his translation of the epic Beowulf. tion of the epic Beowulf.Through the dark, nursed a hard grievance, it harrowed him to hear the loud banquet every day and the harping being struck and the clear song of a skilled poet telling with mastery of man's beginnings.His fame was global but he remained defiantly Irish and his Nobel Prize was announced mayor Robb welcomed him to Dublin. b welcomed him to Dublin. The prize for the man admired for good humour and great sense and the greatest Irish poet since Patrick Yeats. Still on the subject of tributes - an elderly man who penned a musical memorial to his wife found unexpected chart success. Overfaking the likes of Justin Timberlake. It all began with the pencal in his hand. Fred had just lost his love of 75 years, Lorraine. He was determined to put his love to words with a love song.

his love to words with a love song.
The year was 1938.Well, she was just the prettiest girl I ever saw. I just fell in love with her right there.In the weeks after his loss, he read an ad in the paper about a contest. The studio in Illinois asked for YouTube videos of their own songs. The winner would get their song produced. He had no video, he had a song.Instead of a video we received an envelope, a letter from a 96-year-old man who wrote a song for his wife. He wrote, "I can't sing, I'm not a musician" they loved his lyrics to Lorraine. He began to cry on the phone. They told him that they would record her song and told them how it goes. They found a singer and went into the recording studio and told us today how nervous they were when they gave Fred those headphones. Tell me when you're ready.OK. # Sweet ready.OK. # Sweet Lorraine. # I wish we could do all the good times over again. # Oh, sweet Lorraine.Fred was overwhelmed.Wonderful. Just wonderful.I'm glad you like it. So glad you like it.Wonderful.And that's the world this Saturday. I'm Ricardo Goncalves. I'll see you at the

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building our future. Number 1...

We'll deploy a billion-dollar
investment plan

to build the new industries
of the future

that will create the
new jobs of the future.

Because we can't have all our eggs
in just one basket -

the mining basket.

Number 2. We will build
the schools of the future

through our 15-billion-dollar
Better Schools Plan

so that our kids get
more individual attention

to be able to reach
their full potential.

Number 3.

We are investing in the world-class
infrastructure of the future,

like the National Broadband Network,
to build the businesses of tomorrow,

small and large.

Number 4. We will continue to invest

in our world-class health and
hospital system and add to it

through Australia's first national
disability insurance scheme.

And number 5.

We will continue to build
a clean energy future for Australia

to deal with climate change.

And on the way through
we will also continue

to support families
under financial pressure

by preserving proper protections
in the workplace

including through penalty rates
and overtime.

So we believe in building the future.

Mt Abbott believes
in cutting for the future

and cutting to the bone.

Mr Abbott's Treasury spokesman says

they will have to find
70 billion dollars,

to the total of the Australian
Government's payments

to the states for hospitals.

But Mr Abbott has so far
refused to tell us

where his 70 billion dollars of cuts
to jobs, education and hospitals

would come from.

And now Mr Abbott has confirmed

that the Goods and Services Tax
is back on the table,

failing to rule out
whether the rate will rise

or whether it will now
be extended to food.

Finally, if we are going to build
Australia's future together,

what Australia needs is a new way
of politics for the future as well

and the end to
wall-to-wall negativity,

bringing government, businesses
and unions together

around the same table

rather than continuing
the politics of division.

This, I believe, is the way we can
build Australia's future together.

This is the largest and most remote
wilderness in Britain.

A land of arctic extremes in
the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Its granite crags and pine forests
are a last refuge

for some of Britain's
most rare and spectacular animals.

People are drawn here
because of its challenging nature.

For some it's a way of life,

for others
it's about finding adventure

and inspiration in its raw beauty.

Through their love
of this landscape, they reveal

the inner secrets of the Cairngorms,
Britain's wildest national park.

At the heart of
the Cairngorms National Park

is a massive granite plateau
30 km long and 20 km wide.

In many ways it's like the Arctic -

remote, bitterly cold
and treacherous.

People die up here.

Only the most skilled mountaineers
brave it in the winter.

John Lyall has pioneered

many challenging winter climbs
in the Cairngorms.

With 20 years' experience
behind him, he can now share

these remote and remarkable places
with other people.

The Cairngorms have got a vastness,

a sort of beauty to tap into
that other areas don't have.

I think you need to really explore
them, really get to know them