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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Tony Abbott races to the finish line, as Kevin Rudd's campaign hits several hurdles. The terrifying moment a piece of wood went flying. A bushwalker falls to his death as a rescue goes horribly wrong. The Duchess of Cambridge opens up about life with baby George. And the Burgess brothers make history - and Mum proud. To breaking news now - a man has been shot in the leg at Tempe, in our inner-west. The 35-year-old has been taken to Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in a stable condition. If the polls are correct, Tony Abbott is a week away from becoming Prime Minister, and Labor from facing a devastating loss. But Kevin Rudd is refusing to give up, and will use his official campaign launch tomorrow to kick start a furious final seven days of campaigning to pull off an unlikely victory. Early morning in Townsville, Tony Abbott, who likens winning to climbing Mount Everest is almost at the summit. A marathon to the lodge is almost over. A campaign and a leader still full of energy. Tough work.The view from the top, as good as it gets.Labour is running on empty, a campaign that looks increasingly chaotic and disorganised. The premise to's media pack was refused entry to a Darwin GP's clinic by the government. They were forced to shoot through open doors. A picture opportunity with limited pictures. What have they got to hide? Reinforced by polls indicating a wipeout along with the NSW coast, Western Sydney, Victoria and Queensland. I have seen a range of polls that suggests to me that this election will end up closer than people think.As people who have claimed summits will tell you, the last few paces of the most dangerous. Kevin Rudd try to save the day, with a hurriedly organised walk to read Darwin market.The greeting was warm. It looks all too late. Even the Treasurer was staring at defeat in Sydney's worse. We will be owning every broken shall be owning every broken shortly election.As a nation is closer to a coalition government, Tony Abbott continues to chase votes.Today, a truck depot and Dachau sale yard. The Greens begin campaigning voters to limit Tony Abbott's power. There was some embarrassing that Mac embarrassment for the Coalition. Some reason, the National 's leader was airbrushed away. Kevin Rudd is convinced it was not all over. His campaign launch in Brisbane has an emphasis on jobs. If he fails, it will mean his own. We will have special coverage of the campaign launch tomorrow from mid day will stop A woman has been left shaken, after planks of wood fell off the back of a truck, and straight through the windscreen of her car. The 36-year-old was driving through Castle Hill when the accident occurred late yesterday. Incredibly, she escaped with only minor injuries. A pedestrian has died after being hit by a car in Redfern. The man was crossing Cleveland St when he was struck by a Toyota Camry last night. The driver was taken to hospital for mandatory testing. The US has revealed specific details gathered by intelligence sources about the deadly chemical attack in Syria. The President says it justifies a tough response, but hasn't made up his mind on a military strike. Peter Stefanovic is in Lebanon. Pete, how reliable is this new information? The White House certainly believes that the evidence stacks up. UN weapons inspectors say it is stronger than the evidence that was used to justify America's invasion of Iraq. Syria believes it has been entirely made up. This was America's page to attack Syria. The evidence is clear a war crime was committed, and the regime must be punished. We are not considering a boots on the ground approach.We will look at options that meet the narrow concern around weapons. The White House believes that the chemical attack was planned for three days.Rockets came from regime controlled areas and landed in suburbs controlled by the opposition. It also claimed a staggering death toll, at least 1429 people were killed, including 426 children.The doctors, nurses and medics to say to them, they became victims themselves. Shocking video has emerged of students with napalm like Burns.Rebel activists claim it was another chemical attack which left several people dead and dozens injured. History will judge us all, extraordinarily harshly, if we turn a blind eye. This is the road to Damascus.The city is just beyond the border here, a few dozenkm past is Mt. We cannot go any further. In the past few days, several thousand Syrians have crossed the border and entered Lebanon on. There are not too many going the other way. Inspectors have completed their work and left Damascus. The US says it does not need the report, it makes its own decisions on its own timeline. Hundreds of people rallied in the city today, protesting against foreign military intervention in Syria. They deny Assad's army used chemical weapons and accuse our government of bowing to White House propaganda. Kevin Rudd today reiterated his call for Australians in Syria to leave immediately. A rescue operation has ended in tragedy, with an injured bushwalker plunging to his death as he was being winched to safety. The accident happened near Mansfield. Rescued with a broken ankle, the bushwalker's ordeal was nearly over. Instead, the search for his body after horrified paramedics watched him fall almost 30m from their own helicopter. They did everything they could to assist them.Unfortunately, something has gone wrong.At 10am, walking with friends, he slipped down a gully, injured, volunteers carried him to a clearing. After midday, a helicopter arrived and began to winch into safety. Then things went wrong. Until we know the details, it is not appropriate to comment.A pilot and crew men were watching on. Helicopter operations are high risk. We have a good record here. We learn from what goes wrong when it does.Ambulance Victoria does not believe the helicopter was faulty. It has suspended all operations until further notice. The equipment is of a high standard.What happened here, we need to understand it. The conditions this morning were fine. WorkSafe is launching its own investigation into the accident. We want to extend our own condolences to the family of the gentlemen concerned. So often credited with saving lives, ambulance Victoria finds itself under investigation. Buyers have camped out for days to secure the latest land release in Sydney's north-west. With property prices booming, and empty lots scarce, dozens of blocks at The Ponds were sold in just a few hours. The last day of winter and the property market is already looming. Right across Sydney, people waving their hands to this guy for 777 auctions scheduled. -- hands to the sky. Record low interest rates are fuelling a bumper selling season. We are seeing great days, a lot of properties going to auction.We expect the trend to continue. The number of Australians shop if a home loan online has almost doubled.There were 3.2 million searches for home loans on the Internet this month. In the north-west, the building boom is on. Here in the Ponds, the demand is obvious. This is a spread's fastest selling development. Hundreds of people have turned out for just 60 plots of land. Some were forced to spend the night. After three days of struggle, my husband was here all night.He stayed here. If we do not out, we would not be getting a block.For every happy camper, there are those who missed out.The research a huge demand, not everybody can get a block.It is popular here. A lot of people have tried to get their dream lots in their dream location. For others, Adrian still waiting to happen.She has been to two Summer Olympics as a hurdler, now Jana Pittman is a step closer to realising her Winter Olympic dream, in the back of a bob sled. The veteran athlete was a standout performer today, during selection testing for the women's team for Sochi 2014. All power and persistence. Jana Pittman thundering down the track with a steely look in her eyes. She is not done yet with her dream. I have never quite nailed it.I have won plenty of titles on the track, but never made it to the Olympics. She is a double world champion and Commonwealth gold-medallist.Injury has kept her from gold medals. Now she is turning to the ice, her first run behind their bobsled was earlier this year at the World Cup in Germany. At the helm, the pilots. The only certain starter at the Olympics, the position of brake woman is not yet locked in. Jana Pittman has some competition, but she certainly stood out at this election testing. A very strong athlete.It has given a huge boost to our pushcart. She has worked hard to bulk up for the role.It is her job to be the muscle behind this lead. This will be the third Winter Olympics for the struggling women's bobsled team. They are still small fish on a world scale. They are competing against teams from the northern hemisphere. The girls say they will be happy free top six finish. If we can knock summary teams up with huge budgets and full-time training, it will be nice.If she makes it to the Olympics, she will be the first Australian woman to compete at both summer and winter Olympics. Sydney's warmest winter on record has drawn to a spectacular close, with the city once again basking in above average temperatures. The premature spring is good news for tourism, as cruise operators prepare for a record breaking season. Sun seekers soaking up a sultry August afternoon. Well and truly ready to dive into spring. The best summer I have had here. Best summer or winter?C, look?If the locals are confused, imagine what the tourists think?Winter... .A hot summer's day.Sydney Airport at winter -- Sydney's winter ended at a high.Sydney was drenched in Sunshine. Water features offered relief. It may look and feel like some standing here on the shore, but the water is still an ICAC in degrees. Anyone brave enough to take the plunge would be better off in a wetsuit. -- and that icy. The cruise industry is bracing for its busiest season on record. We are expecting 30 cruise ships to come. We are also in for a royal flush. The three Queens, Elisabeth, Victoria and Mary, we'll all sale into Sydney in March. It will be quite sensational. For now, our beaches are hogging the limelight. Hopefully it will continue. What is the forecast for the first day of spring? Once again, we are expecting blue skies tomorrow. The city is any free Topshop Richo of 24 degrees with light wind. The West will warm to a top of 27 degrees. Plenty conditions to roll out the picnic rug. In the news had - an attack on the run after a man was bashed at Revesby. Sparks fly on a busy freeway as a power pole crashes into traffic. And some royal sunshine on a grey day in Wales.

This program is not captioned. (GASPS) Rhonda!
(BOTH GIGGLE) Great shoes.
Thanks, Kate. As an AAMI Safe Driver, I can afford
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(KYLIE AND KELLY SNORT AND LAUGH) Oh, God. That's Trent Toogood. Look at you, Rhonda.
Trent. Ah! I've got ya. VOICEOVER: Good drivers
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I'd love to. Choose AAMI to get more.

This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott
and Liberal candidate Peter Hendy will cut at least 12,000
local public service jobs. Taking at least 12,000 jobs
out of our local economy will hurt local small businesses,
retail and tourism operators. They've also pledged to cut
funding to local schools and sack at least 91 front-line
health workers across our region. And there's more cuts on the way. If Tony Abbott
and Peter Hendy win, you lose.

This program is not captioned. A man is recovering from serious injuries after being bashed at Revesby train station early this morning. The 49-year-old was unconscious and bleeding as paramedics treated a large gash to his head. A 15-year-old boy was arrested. Police say a second teenager is still on the run. Hundreds have rallied outside the Marrickville electorate office of Deputy Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to protest against the government's asylum seeker policy. The demonstrators are calling for an immediate end to offshore processing. A crowd in Wales got a pleasant surprise today, when the Duchess of Cambridge made her first official public appearance, just five weeks after giving birth. There was no sign of the baby Prince - Kate relieved he was sleeping. The prince was expected to be flying Solo. A bleak day in Anglesey got some real sunshine, with cakes dropping her motherly duties. The tiny Prince is said to be safe in the arms of grandma.

We are not expected to see him again until his christening the October. Even Kate was not meant to be back on the Royal roster until next month. In the eyes of the British public, we already know that case can do no wrong. Back already after just five weeks? More than a few months in the crowd with an eye on those skinny jeans. I was quite impressed with her bottom. She said George likes colourful colours.Eventually, William did his thing.They were. Photos and flowers and our presence of the past. Today's gift, baby wipes.

A dashboard camera has captured the terrifying moment a power pole crashed onto a busy freeway in Russia. Sparks flew, but thankfully nobody was hurt. Sport is up next with Cam. Good evening, Georgie. Standby for history, we've got the NRL's fastest ever hat-trick. That is my boy, and that one, and that one, and that's one. How far can he go? Lleyton This program is not captioned. Penrith's season is on the line against the Bulldogs tonight. They are playing like it. A great buildup for Isaac John is in the eighth minute. They have a big fight on their hands to hang on to a half-time lead. The Bulldogs scored a great half-time tribe. The Panthers still lead. Warriors half-back Shaun Johnson has scored the fastest ever hat-trick in rugby league. Johnson's second half blitz against Canberra ensured a 50-16 win for the Warriors. Johnson scored his first try in the 49th minute, six minutes 50 seconds later he had his third. Manu Vatuvei also crossed three times, as did Jarrod Croker for the Raiders - who are now out of finals contention. The NRL minor premiership will go down to a last round battle between the Rabbitohs and the Roosters. Wests Tigers couldn't hold out half a tonne of Burgess Brothers last night, as all four of them took part in South Sydney's 32-18 victory. An early recovery session meant celebrations last night for rugby league's first family. Incredible scenes as the family rewrote NRL history. We dreamt of it as kids.It is fantastic. Down 18-0, South Sydney fought back against the Tigers.Sometimes it felt like there were only Burgess brothers on the field. A first and a first NRL try. Mum's celebrations were almost too much. It was the best thing ever.I am the first child, obviously that is the favourite.The team says Greg Inglis will be fit for next week's final round against the Roosters. That will now decide the minor premiership. That is a good challenge.They play hard and tough. Great practice for us.It will be a great atmosphere.It was a night of milestones. Benji Marshall's 200th game. Robbie Farrah now the most capped Wests Tigers of all time.I cannot fault the effort. Despite a shocker, the Knights wrapped up a win over the Broncos. I would not look happy, but I am. They are now facing the finals without their captain, who was awaiting scan results in a serious foot injury. The Swans will play Hawthorn in Week One of the AFL finals, after losing to the Hawks by 12 points last night. Buddy Franklin could be suspended for the return bout for that bump. So the Hawks win the minor premiership, but the understrength Swans will have some key troops back for the clash in Melbourne. Lleyton Hewitt has surprised the tennis world with a huge upset at the US Open. Hewitt fought back from 2-1 down to beat giant world number six Juan Martin del Potro.

Why would he retired? Lleyton Hewitt lives for these moments. I do not how many -- I do not know how many years I have left.I got on to go mostly in put on a great show. He did.It was everything you would expect in his performance. Speed, fist bumps and five sets. Their resumes, he is pumped.Juan Martin del Potro was on his game as well.A blazing display set a tie-breaker. His opponent was broken. It was 6- one in the fifth and mission complete. It has opened things up nicely. Do you know your third round opponent?No, I do not have a clue.12 years after he won the West open, and has a chance to go deep at the tournament again. Terrific to see. -- the US open. Up next - all of

This program is not captioned. Your vote is a valuable thing. So on election day, it's important you make it count
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Your vote
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This program is not captioned. it was a glorious warm

it was a glorious warm hands

it was a glorious warm hands to winter. Temperatures reached 25 degrees in the city. Tomorrow, high pressure will keep South is sure, Victoria and NSW drive. A warm and sunny start to spring.


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