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(generated from captions) Coalition's policy costings is continuing to dominate the election campaign. Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey today called Kevin Rudd a liar, while Mr Rudd is standing by his claims that the Coalition's numbers don't add up.And thanks the latest from the Canberra news room. For more you can follow us online or at Twitter.

Stay with us now for 7:30 ACT with criminal criminal criminal Chris Kimball. I'm Virginia Haussegger, have a great weekend, goodnight. Captions by CSI Australia This Program is Captioned Live.

# Watching Q apd A on the ABC, and while I go to bed early and dream about Adam Shirley. Hello, and welcome to 7:30 ACT. I'm Chris Kimball. It's good to have Coming up, lots of local news
and politics, and stuff you might want to know before you cast your vote in Eden Monaro or Fraser. We'll also find out why the charming women who call themselves Sparrow Folk dream of Adam Shirley. Disturbing. But first,s and for the last time, there is no local program next week, our review of the day's events - day 26, one that erupted into a row about policy costings. Here is Heather Ewart.

I got a bite...At last, the finishing line nears. With just eight days to go, Labor remains the self-proclaimed underdog. It certainly can't afford damaging headlines like these in newspapers around the country today. They have no shame. embarrassment and yet three of their top public servants have called them out for deliberately trying to mislead the Australian people about the Coalition's policies and costings.What Kevin Rudd and his economic team thought yesterday was a clever move to claim a $10 billion hole in Opposition costings back fired badly. These $so billion error - 10 billion errors will of course need to be made up with other cuts before an election.In an extra Finance
development, the Treasury and Finance Departments and the independent parliamentary budget office declared they hadn't costed Opposition policies as implied. This dominated the campaign today, drowning out any other message, as Kevin Rudd stuck to his guns. I stand by everything the Ministers said yesterday and by my own statements because the fraud being perpetrated on the Australian people is by Mr Abbott leaving the full release of the details of his costings and cuts until election Eve. It's time to start telling the truth. Start being honest with the Australian people. Enough is enough. Please apologise for engaging in this talk of fraud. When it comes to Mr Rudd's statements about budgetary matters, as long as his lips are moving he's not telling the truth.For weeks Kevin Rudd and his team have hammered the Coalition's failure to release full costings, and run a scare campaign about spending cuts. Any momentum they might have been gaining on that front is now gone. Instead, precious time in the crucial final stage of this campaign was lost to Labor today. It was on the defensive from the moment TV news shows began this morning. To prove that what the Government presented - was presenting was wrong. How about sending them to the Australian people judge. Release them to the Australian people.The squabbling, accusations and counterclaims continued best estimate. What is your answer, Mr Abbott, to that estimate? Where are your cuts precisely going to fall? Where, as I said had are, are these figures wrong? Nong of us, none of you here today, will know the answer to that until Mr Abbott actually comes clean with his costings. We've provided costings for many of our policies and certainly all of the policies that we will release in this campaign have been fully costed and will be fully funded.When does the last piece of the puzzle get released?Next week.Which day?It will be when we have finished releasing policies and I suspect that will be towards the end of the week. The rest of this debate seems to be focused on allowing across the board Mr Abbott to execute tell into a corn - subtle into a corner, not have any spotlight his Honour on him in - shone on him in terms of his cuts for the future. Everyone seems to collectively shrug their shoulders and say that's just what a political party does.The fact is, it's a political tool that's been used by both sides in recent times. What's happened with the costings, both parties have done in 2007, Labor left their costings very late, the Coalition has left their costings late. This time both parties do it and it's unlikely ever to change.But this former adviser to Julia Gillard believes it's time for all sides to take stock. The whole costings debate in this election has descended into high farce and that's the case for the Coalition as well as Labor. I mean, what was happened is that the political parties have worked out who to game the - how to game the system. They do that by holding off submitting their costings to Treasury and finance. They do that by getting alternative policy options of their opponents costed through the system, and what you've seen now is the whole system becoming a confusing mess.A mess the Coalition clearly sees running in its favour. Its campaign remains disciplined, down to the wire, while Labor struggles to cut through with yet another announcement on yet another new theme. Today, I'm pleased to announce Australian Labor Government will appoint Australia's first Minister for cities. APPLAUSE It's where 80% of Australians live. It's about time they had a look in.And, for good measure, another whack at Rupert Murdoch. Because it's a good news stories, you won't see it in Mr Murdoch's newspapers. That is another matter.The bad news for Labor is that opinion polls continue to point to a decisive Coalition victory. The one hope for the ALP is that its campaign launch in Brisbane this Sunday might at least give it a bounce and help save some of the furniture. And now to the local scene and the electorate of Fraser, it's a pretty safe bet for Labor and former academic Andrew Leigh. He won the seat in 2010 inheriting it from Bob Mc Mullan. Needing a 14.2% swing in order to win, Elizabeth Lee also an academic has put up her can be said about an election result that seems predictable and what motivates the candidates to give it their all? Germ middle Thompson - Bernard Tomic joined them on the hustings. - Jeremy Thompson joined them on the hustings.From the northern shores through the city, west to Belconnen and North to Gungahlin, the electorate of Fraser is big. Indeed, it has more voters than any other electorate in Australia. And, it is among the safest. Held by one of the ALP's performers, Andrew Leigh, with
a fat margin of 14.2%.You can't really lose, can you? I don't think there is any seat which is ought to be regarded as safe. I put myself in the shoes of a voter and think about how I would feel if my local member of Parliament were taking me for granted. I'd take a pretty dim view of that.His Liberal opponent is Elizabeth Lee, a law lecturer
at ANU, whose vigorous campaigning saw her come within a whis Kerr of -. Whisker of securing a seat last year. The campaign this time is low key, but still, she believed a political upset might just happen. Just because something is difficult doesn't mean you don't give it a real red hot go. I've got such a pot alternative and motivated - positive and motivated team, I can't help but feel motivated myself.In the last Parliament Andrew Leigh was a high-profile performer who supported Julia Gillard and prospered under her stewardship. After the Rudd kup in June he lost his Parliamentary Secretary job. You must feel a bit bitter. TheThey are entirely the decisions of a PM and something that Mr Rudd needs to have around him as the team that he most wants to run into the election. I'm really focused on doing the best that I can for the people of the North side of Canberra. My electorate is now the largest in the country, nearly 138,000 e lek electors, so keeping up with the work of being a good, local member for 138,000 people is more than a full-time job.On the subject of jobs, the Government's public service efficiency dividend is effectively pruning staff numbers while allowing Labor to avoid the messy words associated with job cuts. The Coalition promises that 12,000 jobs will go, but the debate has bogged down - is it 12,000 on top of Labor's existing cuts or not?Look, at the end of the day they have done the figures and it's going to be 12,000 across the board. So we'll have to review it ones - whatever happens on 7 September and see where it's at.So the existing job cuts are going to be rolled into that 12,000?We don't know at this stage, because at the moment, it's all uncertain, and we need to make sure that we sit down and take a good look to see where the figures are - where the Statutes are - stats are and where the cuts need to come from.The efficiency dividend, I agree, is a tough measure. No-one should be kidding themselves that Mr Abbott is going to get rid of it. He will do what Labor has done and then take 12 to 20,000 public sector jobs out. This town can't afford Mr Abbott.A smelly albatross that hangs from the figure ra ive neck of the ALP, cou and counter coup and counter coup. The name Gillard rarely figures in this campaign, if at all. Kevin Rudd seems to be ignores his predecessor's achievements? Mr Rudd DisibilityCare, a reform that
Julia fought for, about her role in getting the better schools reforms through. Mr Rudd has talked about the important work in preparing Australia for the future, and he's pointed out, as his predecessor did, the risks of an Abbott Government to the economy, and particularly to Canberra.Little more than a week out from the election, the pundits are tipping Tony Abbott for the lodge. His mentor, John Howard, famously repudiated the lodge for the Grandeur of Sydney Harbour. But Canberrans would like him to live here in the capital. I think he has said he will be a tradition al PM and live in the lodge.What's your view?It is obviously going to be a decision for Tony and his family. He will need to consult his family. I can't presume to make any decisions about his living arrangements, but I do believe that he will be a traditional PM if elected and will live in The Lodge.Have you mentally prepared yourself for a time on the Opposition back benchI'm certainly still confident that Labor will win this election. It's a very tough fight, there is no denying that. We are coming from behind in this. But in any two-horse race and one in which we have such a strong case to make the Australian people, Labor is definitely a shot on September 7 and I think the right shot from Australia's future and Canberra's future.

Now to the high profile seat of Eden Monaro. Of but instead of yet another profile of its bell weatherishness, we are giving the two major candidate s some clear blew sky. I met up with Peter Hendy in Queanbeyan. He has a background in business and politics and believes that makes for a winning combination. You've been in the political system for quite some time and this, some would say, is a progression from political staff, chief of staff, to senior Minister, to a member of Parliament. Of is this about your political advancement or is this about the people of Eden Monaro? Well, the election's all about the people of Eden Monaro. It's not about the candidates, it's about delivering services for the people of Eden Monaro. I've had a very career - varied career, I've worked in the private sector, I've worked in the public sector, overseas, I have got a lot of experience and I'm offering that.We are here at The Queen beeian river, you are announcing a green army project in relation to The Queen beeian river. Is this the first specific announcement we have made for this election. There will be others before we get to election day. We, however, principally are running a campaign about issues about the hip pocket of Eden Monaro voters.What do you think of Eden Monaro's role or its place as a bell weather seat - do you read much into that?It has been a bell weather seat for some 40 years now, for 17 straight elections it's voted for the party that forms Government in Canberra. My argument is that if there is a change of Government on 7 September, if you want a strong voice within the Government, you need to vote for me and the Liberal Party.There money a bit of - must be a bit of pressure on you. If the Government were to fall and you weren't to win this seat, it's pretty ugly. I don't take anything for granted, neither does the Liberal Party. We regard this as a major target seat. We are fighting all the way to election day. There is still quite a few days to go, and we will be out there every day talking to the people.How do you describe your opponent, Mike Kelly?I respect Mike Kelly. I respect him for his pre-parliamentary career. The thing that's the problem with Mike Kelly is he's the representative of a party that has produced a shambles of a Government for six years and if you want a change that is a better way, a new way, as Kevin Rudd says, you have to vote for the Liberal Party.Why are you a better man for the job than Mike Kelly?One of the principle things I offered that's different is I have a small business background, I grew up in a small bids family - business family, I have run a multi million dollar business and a small business, and I know what is needed in Eden Monaro, sustainable jobs for the future. The election is not about Mike Kelly, it's about the people in Eden Monaro and what they want. I think what they want is stable Government in Canberra, that gets the job done, they want budget
adults back in charge of the budget and they are sick of the shambles and they want a change. Now it's the turn of Mike Kelly, Labor's sitting member, elected in 2007, he's currently Minister for Defence material in. Rudd Government. He was a supporter of Kevin Rudd when he was rolled in the 2010 coup. A former army officer, he is at home in the lads with the foot just field. He spoke with Craig Allen. Nothing better than a quiet ale in the members area there on an afternoon here in Queenbeyan with the great backdrop and watching your local heroes go around. No, shit, it would be rare for me to kick a ball.Peter Hendy thinks the voters of Eden Monaro are perhaps the smartest in Australia, they picked the winning team and have done ever since 1972. He says they now want adults in charge of the economy. Well of course he'd say that. What worries me about Hendy is he has an extreme right wing agenda and advocated in the past and published reports that advocated extreme cuts to social welfare, veterans pensions, abolishing the department of veterans affairs, to increasing fees for students, university, so I'm worried why he's been recruited. It seems to be that as the if aer this of WorkChoices - father of WorkChoices Mr Abbott wanted him to work on industrial relations and these sorts of severe cuts. That bothers me. In terms of my record here, are I don't think my worst enemy would deny me the claim that I've worked extremely hard. I don't know if anybody could have worked harder. Three years ago when we last caught up with you for a provide file, you were being forced to defend a leadership change. It's funny how things work, but three years later you are having to do the same thing. Has that been destabilising for decision
you? I believe that the 2010 decision was a mistake. I've been consistent throughout this time in relation to my position on leadership. These have been times of intense pressure on this group of men and women in the Caucus, almost less than the 300, but fighting huge battles, when you are a reformist Government and have these huge challenges facing you there is a lot of pressure.Certainly the PM Gay your campaign a bit of a leg up last weekend when he invited you That must have given you a distinct advantage, you were able to be brought into some pretty high-level decision-making?I think when you elect someone to Federal Parliament, it's to do Federal things and there's nothing more Federal than Defence and security. Certainly I have been involved in Defence for a quarter of a century now and across the bredded of the - breadth of the portfolio and in the field. So I'm grateful to be able to make a contribution to security policy. It's been an area that I've made contributions to over the six years beyond what I've been doing with the community. What I see from the Coalition is yesterday's men. Tony Abbott wants to lead us forthrightly back to the 1950s on his way to the middle ages. Clearly, when you hear him talk about things like the NBN, he doesn't get where we need to be in the years ahead. So all we know is, you know, they are taking away so much that's so important to regional and rural Australia, that regional areas. They would deny us the future that is in prospect for us. It's a massive risk and threat and motivates me enormously to continue on, when sometimes, you know, it can be daunting and you have the forces of Murdoch against you, you are being assailed by ray hadly and Andrew Bolt, and the likes. I have had serious people try to kill me in my life. I was in Somalia, I was actually under a - I had a price on my head and radio broadcasts every day about what they were going to do to me. All I can say is do your worst, I'm here to fight for my community, what I believe in and nothing's going to stop me from that.

Escaping politics now, and why would creative and a attractive women sing about Adam Shirley? ABC's radio set out to uncover local rock stars as part of the national Exhumed contest, they weren't expecting to find two singing spa rows. Catherine Crowley and Juliet Moody, call themselves Sparrow Folk, two rock chicks with a quirky take on life in Canberra. They won the competition and will go on to represent Canberra in the national final. 7:30's Greg Nelson joined them in their natural habitat. I'm Catherine Crowley,I'm Juliet Moody. And we are Sparrow Folk. # A woman is a... she holds it all togetherWe are not the biggest, loudest, most beautiful musicians. Ha, ha.But we still think we have something to say, so that's why we went with spare row. # A woman is not just something sweet...You see them everywhere, they are always watching, so they are always - but they are kind of on the outskirts as well. We find that the music we write is kind of - we are on the exterior looking in on other things sometimes. # Sometimes I check myself in windows. # Sometimes I don't recycle. # Sometimes I dream a bit - always, actually. # Please don't think of me this way. # Please...We like to write about things that happen in our own lives, but we also like to write about things that happen in Canberra and things that happen around us. I am, as some of you know, a mother of I have three pairs of spanks. I'm not joking. We have a mix of serious and comedy, it's quirk write, part awkward, direct... # So get out, get out of our bed, and go back to your room instead. # When you are in the bed... and mum and dad can't get funky. Love songs that aren't quite love songs. We don't like to define ourselves.No. # Hello, it's Sarah from accounting... just making another casual call # You don't know Sarah, I haven't seen you since the immigration trivia night... # I know you said that you don't want something serious # This is just a casual call #We mock fight as though there is a big rift in the band, and Juliette is often talking about her family, and embarrassing her kids, which is her core aim in life. It starts out with a little bit of a One Direction cover that goes out to my teenage girls because they don't want me to do it. It is a little bit of Mum Direction.

It's a niche, a new jenre,.... # I sit up in bed with a nice cup of tea watching Q&A on the ABC. # I go to bed early and dream about Adam Shirley # Adam Shirley

I think in a way, when we do performances it's a little bit how we rehearse, because quite often it is in one of our lounge rooms and one of the dogs or the kids are coming in interrupting, so it's never kind of serious. Yes. So that's how we appear on stage. We just take anything that happens in our stride, it becomes part of what we do. Singleton #

# In fact, they can be rather hard to please. You should forget to collect them after school... not cool. To be able to harm onnise with someone so easily, I this think it makes it all work. Although our set can be funny, we also like to enjoy music and we do aim to give people a really lovely musical experience as well, not just packed with jokes and craziness. # tears... # Dooby doo # You're the wax in Kevin Rudd's ears # You're the question mark in my why # Oh, # Oooh #I think for us we love sharing our music. It's so wonderful when people come up to us and say that song you wrote, we can relate to that because I'm a mum or I've been in love or whatever, and I think for us, just - I guess it's the same for any musician, to have that opportunity to written and it connects with someone else... # One more time now, and a woman's not just something sweet, she's not just like a sparrow # If the world around has got you down, just take off like a sparrow...


And before we go, there has been another fatal accident on the Barton Highway this afternoon. We are told the road is still closed, and if you are travelling between Canberra andyasyas, the transport for NSW website is starting to take the - saying to take the Sutton road instead. That is the program for us until after the election campaign is done and dusted. Leigh Sales will be in the chair next week for a pre-election special. When we come back, we have some great things planned. Wildlife on the Googong dam, an alternative to ADFA, more Canberra and a special treat, an exclusive and long-awaited tour of the property called Environa. Lots of your local stories when we return after the election. It's been a campaign with all the power and the passion of a rather damp cloth, but imagine how it might have been with an injection of French pride. Of from us, happy voting, we'll see you in a fortnight.

Captions by CSI Australia

At Murdoch University's
Animal Hospital, the final year students
are coming to the end of a gruelling year on the wards.

They've undergone a crash course... Ugh! That's kind of scary. ..taking them
out of their comfort zone... I'm scared of getting kicked. I'd kick someone if they shoved
their fist up my backside. ..and into the real world. She's being euthanased. It's just so sad. Now as their final exams approach, the students all face
one last assignment.

Chris and Berit head to Tasmania to work with some of Australia's
rarest animals.

In South Australia, Megan and Rick
get a taste of the exotic. I'm frigging nervous
of these animals.

Back at Murdoch, Susie and Erin
try to uncover the mystery of Che the retriever's seizures. We don't know why you seizured,
buddy. And after five gruelling years,
the students discover if they've done enough
to make the grade. The results are up now. # Theme music

Good flight.
Good flight. It was good. 5th Year students Chris and Berit
have arrived in Tasmania for a very special assignment.

But with their dreaded exams
less than a week away, there's no time to enjoy the scenery. What you've got to do is you've got
to definitely make use of the time that you have free
because time is scarce.

The topic today is...
BOTH: ..endocrinology!

Think about non-inflammatory
symmetrical truncal alopecia. OK.
Hyperae.Right. Hypothyroidism.
Right. What's...
Sertoli cell tumours. Well done. It's also hyper...

..from ovarian tumours. They'll have to put
their studies aside to focus on what they're here for - to work with one of Australia's
most endangered species.

I have never seen a Tasmanian devil. Totally new territory to me. What I know about them at the moment
is that they are threatened because of a facial tumour disease that has done significant damage
to their populations. And I'm actually interested
in learning more about it. It might be an idea that I'd be
interested in helping out with.

They've come to
a captive breeding program that's creating a disease-free
population of devils. They'll assist with health checks
on four baby devils. The disease has hit pretty hard. The devil population has pretty much
dropped to 10% of what it was, say, 15 years ago. This is the first ever human contact
for these little devils. They're really gorgeous. They kind of look like cats. But that's where
the resemblance ends. (Devil snarls)