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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Defeat for David Cameron leaves the US considering going it alone on the Syrian military strike.Not backing down - Labor defiant despite holes in Opposition costings statements.And more embarrassment for Labor - another corruption finding against a former state minister.ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia.Good evening. And welcome to the program. I I'm Lee Lin Chin.And I'm Anton Enus. Also tonight - Kim Jong-un's ex-lover among 12 people reportedly executed in North Korea.And - Air India ends a 16-year hiatus - a Dreamliner touches down in Melbourne. The US says it may go it alone and attack Syria unilaterally after British MPs voted against having any involvement in a strike over the regime's suspected use of chemical weapons.It's a major embarrassment for British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who had planned to join in a US assault, possibly as early as this weekend. Joining us live now from London is SBS Europe correspondent, Brett Mason. Brett.Well, good evening. David Cameron went to extraordinary lengths, first recalling Parliament, then rewriting his own motion in a bid to appease the opposition but still it wasn't enough. It's the first time since 1855 a British Prime Minister has lost a vote on military intervention.The eyes to the right, 272. The nos to the left, 285. A vote that cost taxpayers $4 million and the Prime Minister his authority.I strongly believe in the need for a tough response to the use of chemical weapons but I also believe in respecting the will of this House of commons.The unprecedented defeat came as MPs were recalled from holiday, an emergency session of the British Parliament and a Prime Minister pleading for foreign intervention. We must not let the spectre of previous mistakes paralyse our ability to stand up for what is right stkpwhreufplt all plead for an uncomfortable sense of -- made for an ense of -- made for an un comfortable sense of deja vu in the Palace of Westminster.I have scars about how easy it is to get into military action and how hard it is to get out.The Prime Minister adamant the Assad regime had crossed a line. From the outset, many seemed unwilling to follow him. No matter how clinical the strikes, there is a real risk that the violence is escalated. Surely we must have evidence. I believe he has to I believe he has to make a better case than he did on this question and, frankly, he cannot say to the House and to the country, "This does not change our stance on Syria."The government's advice was the targeted strikes, even without the UN backing, would be a legal response to what it considers crimes against humanity. Tphfrpblgts my view, failure by the international community to act would be far more dangerous than taking evidence based proportionate and legal military action. Divisions inside Parliament. And outside, too. arliament. And outside, too. As rival protest groups faced off. This is the 3- page dossier parliamentarians have spent six hours debating. It concludes the Syrian regime is the only plausible culprit for this chemical weapons attack, it offers not one specific, conclusive or irrefuteible piece of evidence to prove it. As night fell, so did support for the government's motion. The House of Commons doesn't want to be involved in military action in Syria at this time. David Cameron has made quite a significant miscalculation. I think it will be giving him a worrying time in number 10 Downing Street tonight.Just before the vote, six fighter jets were sent to Cyprus. 12 hours after the debate, the only thing that appears to be in the firing line are those behind the bungled bill. The British vote is a huge blow to the United States and it couldn't come at a worse time. The Obama administration is busy trying to win over congressional leaders in its bid tore a limited strike. -- for a limited strike. A war weary public makes its feelings known. Anti-war protesters outside the White House as the President, inside, grappleed with a problem that few saw coming. President Obama had accepted that he wouldn't get UN backing for military strikes but he had taken British support for granted. Now his administration has been forced to consider the unpalatable option of going it alone. The British vote came just before the US administration briefed congressional leaders on the intelligence gathered on last week's chemical attack. According to some of those who were briefed the evidence is shaky. The US administration failing to link the Syrian President or his inner circle to the attack but holding them responsible for breaching international norms nonetheless. There is a preponderance of publicly available evidence to indicate that the Assad regime carried out chemical weapons attack. The President said that, the Secretary of State said that. We have seen our partners around the globe say that.Some in congress now despairing at the President's predicament.The problem that he finds himself in, and has placed us in, is if he does not take action now, after making these statements, then we become a paper tiger to the rest of the world. And so it's a very tough situation with no good answer.France, the country that stood up against the US over the war in Iraq, now potentially emerging as America's knight in shining armour. President Francois Hollande still a potential partner in any US-led attack.

The debate over international intervention comes amid reports of another atrocity, not a chemical attack this time but one almost as hor -- horrific. Syrian government jets showering a school with a napalm-like substachool with a napalm-like substance, killing 10 and horrifically injuring many more. Some truly unspeakable pictures coming out of Syria. And, Brett, in spite of the result from the British Parliament vote, the US Defence secretary is saying he is still talking to Downing Street. Is there a chance of a second vote once the UN inspectors release their findings?What interesting conversations they would be. All eyes turn to the G20 summit in Russia and a diplomatic solution. As one MP told me this morning, David Cameron's plan for British troops to be involved in that solution is now a dead duck.Brett, thank you. Brett Mason in London there. The Syria crisis is being made an election issue as the major party leaders criticise each other's skills in foreign affairs. But the fallout from yesterday's costings allegations have tkopltkphaeuted the ave tkopltkphaeuted the end of the week. Our -- dominated the end of the week. Our chief political correspondent Karen Middleton joins us from Canberra.Tomorrow week is election day. There's -- they're brawling over the cost of policies and now also who has the right skills for the world stage.It wouldn't be an election campaign without colourful protesters (SINGING). Even the most harmless variety can overstay their welcome. In the next 30 seconds I will ask the police to ask you to move.The leaders are talking global security, dragging the Syria crisis into the election campaign with the Opposition Leader suggesting Kevin Rudd may be overstating his influence.It's not a time for Australia to exaggerate its own role in what is a very difficult international situation.2 Prime Minister -- the Prime Minister says Tony Abbott never supported Australia's US supported Australia's US Security Council pwaeud and isn't comfortable with foreign affairs.You can't wish it away because it's not Tony Abbott's prefer field of operation.The bigger battlefield is economic, over the op's costings and the Government's rhetoric.We stand by every word that we said yesterday. Then the Government started -- cited documents from treasury, finance and the budgetary budget office to declare a $10 billion hole in Coalition costings, based on analysis ordered not by the Opposition but be by the Government from what it knew of their policies. Last night, the departmental heads issued statements saying they hadn't costed any Opposition policies and the figures could differ. The budget office said releasing confidential costings as if they were another party's was inappropriate.They have blown an absolute hole in Kevin Rudd and Chris Bowen's vin Rudd and Chris Bowen's credibility and honesty.It was a slap in the face for the Government.The Prime Minister remains unbowed.Mr Abbott's fraud on the Australian people is not to release the full costings and assumptions of his own policies.Hang on, mate, do not call me a fraud when your own public servants are walking away from you.Joe Hockey wants to prove the Government wrong.I September the disputed Parliamentary budget office details to the treasury.Why don't you release them to the Australian peopleThe Opposition's now suggesting it may not before late next week. An angry Prime Minister's turned on the media.It would be very useful if scrutiny was applied to the person who already believes he's become Prime Minister.The polls still suggest Tony Abbott will become Prime Minister. The latest Newspoll has Labor losing five seats in western Sydney alone. Kevin Rudd's been campaigning in the threatened seat of -- a threatened seat in prlt, Tony Abbott in Melbourne. Both announced tkpupbding for mental health services.When it comes to mental health, both sides of politics want to do the right thing. A brief by partisan moment. As that - one of the few unifying moments of this election campaign. Kevin Rudd has left Perth and is doing another sweep of the North before he's in Brisbane tomorrow night ahead of his party launch a week from polling day. There's a lot at stake in that. The Opposition Leader will spend the weekend and into next week trying to consolidate the ing to consolidate the lead which're told he has. Thanks. Karen will be back later in the bulletin with an analysis of the week on the campaign trail.There's been another corruption finding against disgraced former NSW Labor minister, Ian MacDonald. W Labor minister, Ian MacDonald.The state's corruption watchdog has found that he and a former leading trade unionist, Maitland, acted corruptly over a lucrative mining deal. Another round of find tprgs the Independent Commission Against Corruption and more bad news for NSW Labor. bad news for NSW Labor. Former state mining minister, Ian MacDonald, has been branded corrupt for the third time in a month. Also found corrupt another state Labor figure, Maitland, and a former union boss and a good friend of Ian MacDonald. It relates to a lucrative Hunter Valley coal mining licence MacDonald issued without tender to Mr Maitland's company, Doyles Creek Mining. The commission's report said Maitland and other investors outlayed $1.5 million in the project. They reaped a return of almost $85 d a return of almost $85 million.I granted the licence based upon departmental advice and granted it for the public good.What I want to see now is all of those individuals feel the full force of the law and, in my opinion, they should go to jail. Ironically, I welcome yet another report from ICAC that hopefully will draw a line on what was a pretty poor and sad part of this state's history.It's the third ICAC finding against MacDonald in the space of a month. He was also found corrupt over a riged tender that saw the family of -- Eddie Obeid rake in tens of millions of dollars. A separate report also found he acted corruptly for setting up a high-level meeting with accused murderer Medich. This report comes at the worst possible time for Federal Labor with an election a abor with an election a week away. Again, the Federal party has moved to distance itself from its state branch.In terms of the inIndependent, I fully support their work. -- Independent, I fully support their work. That is why I commissioned an intervention in the NSW Labor and I make no apologies for the action, everybody though it was controversial.The commission has handed its findings to public prosecutors but there's a long way to go before anyone faces the prospect of criminal charges. You're watching world on SBS. Coming up next - Rolf Harris to face court next month as assault charges stack up against the entertainer.Shortly #$$NEWLINE Reports that Kim Jong-un's ex- girlfriend has been executed in North career.And later - testing times for Greens' leader, Christine Milne, amid concerns over a drop in party support.


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Expatriate -- expatriate Australian entertainer Harris will appear in a British court ill appear in a British court next month, charged with child sex abuse.The 83-year- old will face a series of charges dating back to the early 1980s. Rolf Harris will face court on 13 child sex phoness. These include six counts f indecently assaulting a 15-year-old girl in 1980 and 1981 and three charges of indecent assault on a 4-year-old girl in 1986. The remaining charges relate to making indecent images of a child in 2012. Down loading an image or printing it out counts as making an 78age under British law. The British prosecutor on the case says there tor on the case says there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of a conviction and a trial should proceed in the public interest. A large media contingent has gathered outside his home but calls to the house and knocks on the door have gone unanswered. Mr Harris was first questioned about the accusations in November last year and arrested in March this year. He's never commented publicly on the case other than to thank fans for their support.Before I go any further, I would just like to thank you all for my support - for your support.Victim support groups say Mr Harris is entitled to a presumption of innocence but reject any suggestions that the alleged crimes happened so long ago they are no longer relevant.We know that Jimmy was active an abuser until pretty ive an abuser until pretty much just before he decide. From the primary point of child protection we do have to take these things very, very seriously. While the charges have been brought by the police investigating the Jimmy Seville sex abuse cases, they say Mr Harris isn't linked to him. The entertainer is already paying a price, having been dropped as the advertising face of British Paints and replaced as the host of the tit TV show Animal Clinic. He's dues to -- due to face court on September 23. The Australian Defence Force has confirmed it is investigating an incident of potential misconduct involving a unit of elite Australian special forces. The soldiers are under investigation for reportedly cutting off the hands of a corpse of a Taliban insurgent. It's alleged the hands were cut off so the soldiers could use fingerprints to identify the corpse. Four insurgents were killed in the point operation of Afghan and Australian forces in Zabul province on April 28. The Australian -- Australian War Memorial has added new names to the Roll of Honour. It's the first time the memorial has included defence personnel killed in non-war like operations. The three new bronze panels have the names of 48 servicemen and women killed since 1947. They were taking part in peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. A passenger train and a truck have collided at a level crossing in Melbourne's south. The truck driver escaped with minor injuries. No-one on board the city- bound train was injured.Rangers have had their hands full trapping and trying to weigh a monster crocodile they've nicknamed Bully. At 4m, Bully was trapped after eyeing off fishermen at the Herbert River boat ramp at Halifax near Ingham. Now he's to be offered to crocodile farms for study and education as rangers hunt for what they confidently predict are even bigger crocodiles in the region. The number of Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders in Australia is nearing 700,000 - that's 3% of the population - and the Bureau of Statistics says most of them live in urban areas. NSW has the largest Indigenous population, at 208,000, 47,000 live in Victoria while 24,000 are in Tasmania.

24,000 are in Tasmania. Two of five men accused of gang raping a photojournalist in India have appeared in court. Police are seeking an extension of their custody which is due to expire.The 22-year-old woman was assaulted in Mumbai while on assignment with a male colleague, who was tied up and beaten. It has sparked fresh concerns about the safety of women in the country after the brutal gang rape of a student last year. India's national nt last year. India's national airline has made a long-awaited return to Australian skies with direct flights between Delhi, Sydney and Melbourne.Air India will fly Dreamliner jets in a move the carrier hopes will help stem multimillion-dollar losses. Touchdown in Australia after a 16- year absence, and the first commercial arrival here of Boeing's much-vaunted 787 Dreamliner. A return Down Under for Air India that might just return one of the world's biggest airlines to profitability.There is a huge potential between India and Australia.With potential to help some of Air India's financial woes. The subcontinent's national carrier is eying off the increasingly lucrative market between the two countries.Going by the initial response, it's overwhelming. I'm told that occupancy is already 80% and above.Passengers travelling to India attracted by the prospect of slashing flight time but as much as eight hours on the existing long haul routes with Asian stopovers. It's a very nice thing to have a direct flight because otherwise it's too long to travel and it gets tiring sometimes.It's good for relationship between India and Australia for future as well.If number of Indian tourists coming to Australia is increasing by up to 17% every year. And it's hopeded these direct flights to Melbourne and Sydney -- hoped these direct tphraoeugts to Melbourne and Sydney will enhance bourne and Sydney will enhance that growth, particularly with the 25,000 Indian students living in Victoria alone. It also links to the size of the education exchangehe size of the education exchange, the students we already have here so, the whole visiting families and relatives market is very strong. India is growing and with that growth will come opportunities.And opportunities, too, for Air India, to shed recent controversys and the excess baggage of a multibillion- dollar debt. Authorities in India have captured one of the country's most wanted home-grown terror suspects is, Yasin Bhatkal. He was wanted for a string of bomb attacks across India since 2008 including an attack that killed 17 people in 2010. Bhatkal is also believed to be one of the founders of the Indian of the Indian Mujahadeen. Police arrested Bhatkal near the Indian border with Nepal.Eight bus drivers in Paraguay have crucified themselves in a gruesome protest against their sacking. The drivers, including one of their wives, had their arms outstretched and nails driven through their palms and into lengths of wood. They've vowed to continue to protest until they're given their jobs back.In the United States, the -- in the United States, the National Football League has reached a deal with thousands of former players in a lawsuite over concussion. The game's governing body has agreed to pay $765 million to settle suits from 4,500 retired players who suffered brain injuries.South Korean media is reporting that the ex-girlfriend ofporting that the ex-girlfriend of North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has been executed by firing squad after taking part in pornography. Hyon Song-wol was reportedly among a group of performers put to death earlier this month.This is Hyon Song-wol performing her 2005 propaganda ballad, 'Excellent Horselike Lady'. The singer shows a clean cut patriotic image, world away from alleges that have reportedly seen her gunned down in front of her family. According to Chinese and South Korean media reports, she Korean media reports, she was among a dozen epbltd tainers accused of selling tapes showing them have sex S some were found with Bibles which is classified as a political crime in the North. Members of the Unhasu Orchestra and other musicians were reportedly among those killed. The families of the dead have allegedly been sent to prison camps under North Korea's guilt by association laws but, like many reports from the country, they remain unconfirmed. The news has dealt another blow to hopes Pyongyang will relax long-standing constraints, social and political. North Korea's political. North Korea's National Defence Commission says it still feels threatened by joint military exercises between South Korea and the United States, including the use of nuclear-capable B-52 bombers.

Hyon, seen here taking notes, has dated North Korea's leader about 10 years ago but the relationship because his father, Kim Jong Il, disapproved. They started seeing each other again, despite being married to other people. Kim's wife is a singer and former member of the Unhasu Orchestra. A tangled web even the most famous opera would fail to emulate. It's been eight months since the Northern Territory Government passed laws that gives it the power to cut welfare payments to parents who don't take their kids to school. And how effective are -- effective are those pleasures?It's been a controversial program and it's been trialled elsewhere in the country but in at least one Top End school, outside Katherine, the tough love approach is having an impact.This woman knows the value of a quality education, and the kind of life it can lead to.I make sure that my little granddaughter go to school. Yep. Because I wanna see her get a better job in the future.In January, the Northern Territory Government passed legislation that gives itself power to suspend welfare payments if parents aren't getting their kids to school. It's the latest in a series of attempts to come bat truancy. This carer of two supports the Government trying to tackle the issue but says the law isn't working. She says it doesn't address community needs. Sometime kids sleep in or there's too much noise in the community from the drunkers. You know, it's really loud. You've got some - some of the drunkers, you know, fighting in the community. Making noise with loud music.And so far fewer than 20 parents have had their payments suspended. According to the Department of Education. But here, in a small town, is an example of a school where the truancy laws have had an impact.Weave seen a change in the student in terms of their - they're more settleed and willing to come to school.This woman is the principal here and says every child deserves a stronger education. I think that children need to go to school. I think that if they don't, then it is, to me, a type of child abuse because those children are being denied their future.Before welfare can future.Before welfare can be suspended, parents are asked to explain truancys is following --. Following that an attendance plan, basically a contract between the family and school s negotiated with truancy officers is. Then, if kids still aren't making it to class, it's up to the Government to intervene. The Government says lit take a multi- layered approach to close the education gap. Tpfrpblgts they complete Year 12, there's studys that say here's studys that say to us their life chances are better, ir life chances are better, they'll have a better job, less chance of incarceration and and their health will be better. It seems, regardless of the approach, everyone is Atid least on the same page when it comes to kids going to school. -- is at least on the same page when it comes to going to school. The Federal politics green. And it's a test for the Greens leader Christine Milne. It's her first Federal election as leader and the party won a record number of seats in 2007. The question now is - has support for the Greens peaked? This is Christine Milne's moment. She's stepping out of the long shadow cast by Bob Brown.(APPLAUSE)She says it's a great privilege and responsibility to lead the party.I know that they have put their faith in my leadership and I put my faith in them as campaigners.It was always going to be difficult to follow in the footsteps of the former leader.There's no doubt there's only one Bob Brown. Christine Milne's been doing a fantastic job as a leader. They were big shoes to fill.These are difficult times for the Greens. Their national primary vote is around 10%, mary vote is around 10%, putting some of its seats in jeopardy.The whole country has moved towards a conservative -- the conservative side of politics. It will be a tough election for us.The Greens achieved a record vote at the last election but was it the -- it the party's high watermark? This man says the tide seems to be running against the Greens.If only because there might be a correction of some sort given the tide was running in their own election.They have work to do They have work to do on the Devonport side of the electorate.This man says the party's vote was in decline before Christine took over.The Greens vote went down in the Victorian, NSW, Queensland state election and the national opinion polls before Bob Brown walked away.The tkpwrpbs are hoping to get at least one extra seat but seats held by Bandt, Sarah Hanson-Young and Scott Ludlam are at risk.I'm opl mystic by you never know with the senate race. The Coalition's preferencing the Greens behind what it calls all other significant parties. Unfortunately, that will make it harder for us but we have known that.Labor will give its senate preferences everywhere but Queensland. It says Liberal preferences helped elect the Green's deputy leader.Had the Greens not preferenced Bandt wasn't in Melbourne we wouldn't have had one Greens in the Federal Parliament.In Federal Parliament.In the Greens birthplace, voters are going to deliver their verdict.She tends to get carried away on certain issues, doesn't look at the bigger picture. I agree with some policies is.They have no employment plans whatsoever. I think as far as this state is concerned they've been so constructive.The Greens are facing many challenges but here in Tasmania they're confident they will hold one of the senate seats is up -- which is sup for grabs at this election. Peter Whish-Wilson took over Bob Brown's seat when he retired. He's optimistic he'll be-- elected.I'm looking forward to the next six years of being a senator in my own right.The Greens aren't confident they'll hold all of their seats. Our chief political correspondent, Karen Middleton, is back with us now. How has the last week -- latest week panned out?It was punctuated by the pe debate in the middlele of the week where I think both leaders performed well. Kevin Rudd needed a knock out punch and didn't get that. The costings issue had dominated the second part of the week. Yesterday's announcement by the Government was bit of an overreach and having the public servants and having the public servants come out and distance themselves and suggest they were muddying the waters with the documents they released wasn't a good look. The point is there is still a question over the Opposition's costings. They have not released them and we need to see them in some detail. They have left it very late. They are saying maybe the middle of next week or later before we see them. There is an argument they should be released quick stkpwhreufpl the Coalition had their launch --.The Coalition had their launch already and Labor is having their launch K they get enough of that to turn the polls arbd in the -- around in the final week?They want to hope so because the polls are spelling doom. It's late to be holding a launch. Taxpayers are paying for the travel until Sunday. After that the Labor Party will be paying for it. Kevin Rudd will have a busy final week hoping he can do something to settle the electorate in its views about Tony Abbott. It has become a very presidential campaign. He wants to be careful he's not all negative. I think there's a sense he's been too negative to this point. But it's going to be a very hard ask given what the polls are saying at the moment.Those polls have been consistently in favour of Tony Abbott. Is this election his to lose?It looks that way. He's starting to behave like he thinks he could be Prime Minister in week. Another poll has been released tonight, the Morgan, which reflects similar to the rest. Primary vote of the Labor is 35% and Liberal Nationals 44 %. The Morgan poll taken after that debate is now suggesting that Tony Abbott is rating better -- rating a better Prime Minister by one point, 44 to 43. But both leaders have a higher disapproval rater than approval. Voters are not -- don't like either really.Thanks. That's Karen Middleton, our chief political correspondent. Stay with us for a less than rev rent view of what's been taking place on this week on the campaign trail. That's coming up a little later.And a little light relief.We need it.Yes. (LAUGHING) We need it.Yes.
(LAUGHING) . The world of rugby is mourning the death of Cliff Morgan. Regarded as one of the greatest players, the legendary Welsh international and British lion, was also one of the game's best known commentators. His voice will ever live on. He's called what's known as the most famous try in international rugby. I come from a valley in south Wales, from a little village, three hills around the top of the valley.His was one of the most distinctive broadcasting voices of his generation.Morgan inside one plan. Cliff Morgan, the coal miner's son whose ability to captivate an audience would emerge in the world of Welsh rugby. 29 caps for Wales, an inspirational flyhalf for the British Lions in 1955 and instrumental in its home club's famous win against the mighty All Blacks of New Zealand two years earlier. When stepping in for another player, he produced a simple but brilliant commentary on a simply brilliant try, arguably the greatest of all time.David. The halfway line. Brilliant now. This is Edwards. What a goal! Oh that fellow, Edwards.He was able to say the simple things which described whole moment so well. And I have looked back and said to -- thought to myself many times, that's typical of him.His talent for broadcasting would extend beyond the rugby pitch to editor of grandstand, resident captain on a question of sport and for years presenter of sport on four. With its per -- per Septemberive take on the sporting world. And his charm, one career followed another. He died after a long illness. He was 83.A great loss. Next - Michael Tomalaris with more sport and more heads likely to roll in the fallout from the NRL's supplements scandal. And a famous face takes over as the new head of Swimming Australia.

Virgin Australia has posted a near $100 million loss. The airline attributes the loss to a price war with Qantas.Virgin says it has also been a year of restructuring and that positions - that positions the airline for future growth.The Australian share market ended the week on a positive note. Harvey Norman rose. It looked -- had an 18% decline in profit although it is optimistic of an improvement in retail confidence. Qantas lost some of yesterday's gains after a number of brown grades. CBA was the best of the big four banks.In Japan, the Nikkei fell despite upbeat US data. Wall Street closed higher following an upgrade to US second quarter economic growth. The Australian dollar:

Time now for all the day's sports news with Michael Tomalaris. The NRL peptide scandal deepens.Yes. The Penrith Panthers are taking legal action against News Corp Australia following a story regarding Keith Earl's time with the NRL club. The winger was issued with an infraction notice yesterday after admitting to using and trafficking a banned substance. The news comes as a former ASADA chief warns more players are likely to be sanctioned. There was little sign of Sandor Earl at the house he used to share with teammates but when he resurfaces he may reveal all he flows to ASADA. Tpfrpblgts Earl does assist, explain where the substances came from, who he gave them to, he can mitigate the penalty up to three quarters, reducing it to a minimum one-year ban. While Pantherss officials went on to the debate, the coach wasn't commenting.Not commenting.A media report produced a sterner response, the -- response: Suggestions the club inadvertently played for Earl's use while playing at the paopbeners raised the aoeur of officials. Essendon was ruled out of the finals because of the supplements scheme. Should the Panthers have the same fate, their opponents would be happy to get to the finals.Happy to get to the finals, no matter how you get there. The prediction ow you get there. The prediction the supplements scandal maybe the blackest day in Australian sport are starting to look more accurate.I would not be surprised if there were not more infraction notices issued in Australian sport over the coming weeks and moss.With ASADA given more powers to interview people outside sport, the crisis looks set to widen. The AFL, and interim Essendon coach, Simon Goodwin, says he would like to coach the club while James ach the club while James Hird servings his 1- month suspension. While senior assistant coach Mark Thompson is the favourite, Goodwin confirmed the players are determined to go out on a high against Richmond tomorrow.Mixed emotions within the group. I think some are angry, relieved, some are looking forward to moving on, and I think it has been a really tough and arduous process we have gone through over 6.5 months.Essendon will move to a new facility near Melbourne Airport next season. elbourne Airport next season. In world football, Lionel Messi says he's looking forward to a difficult test following this morning's champion es league draw. Barcelona will face AC Milan, Ajax and Celtic with Messi conceding progressing past the group stage will be an achievement. Celtic needed a huge effort to reach the group stages. Their reward e group stages. Their reward is a match up with three of Europe's most successful clubs. Rarely can there have been a group more fitting of the group of death. There are Barcelona, AC Milan and Ajax, who have won four times.Nice and great teams, great history between the clubs, and it can be very difficult for Ajak and Celtic I think.

Arsenal have a huge collage on their hands drawn with Marseille, Borussia Dortmund and Napoli. Two of -- two of Europe's biggest clubs are in group B with real Madrid and Juventus. Galatasaray of Turkey and Denmark's FC Kobenhavn the unlucky pair filling out that group. Defending champions Bayern Munich meets CSKA Moscow, Viktoria Plzen of the Czech Republic and Manchester City.

The best player in Europe was also announced with Lionel Messi's missing out. The award went to Bayern Munich winger Franck Ribery. SBS will again bring you live action of European club football's greatest competition. Our coverage of the group stages kick-off next month with the -- with this clash: The local game, the Western Sydney Wanderers have announced a 13-day pre-season tour of Asia. Last season's A-League final lists will play two matches in Japan with Shinji Ono set to take on his old side. The club will face a team from Tokyo and travel to China to play Guangzhou. vel to China to play Guangzhou. It's their first venture into Asia ahead of their debut Asian campaign next year. It's a learning experience and I'm sure I'll pick up things I can learn from, as will the players and club in terms of lodgeistically what we can do better for the ACL. But it also serves well for our domestic comp interests.The Western Sydney Wanderers will kick start their premiership defence against champions, the Central Coast Mariners, on October 12. America's Cup legend John Bertrand has been named the new president of Swimming Australia. He became a national sporting hero when he skippered 'Australiaro when he skippered 'Australia II' to victory in the America's Cup in 1983 and in doing so ending 132 years of US supremacy. He replaces Barclay Nettlefold, who resigned as president in June amid claims of inappropriate behaviid claims of inappropriate behaviour. Administration has to be world- class, and there's lots and lots of opportunity with that. Technology has to be world class. The athletes, clearly, that's part and parcel of what we have here, they are on the world stage and then the coaches. Bertrand will fill the position for the remainder of the term which expires in October next year. Lleyton Hewitt is the last remaining Australian last remaining Australian in the singles draw in the US Open after Bernard Tomic's shock loss on day four. In the women's draw, Serena Williams and Cosgrove -- Caroline Wozniacki are through but the fourth sed, Sara Errani was knocked out by the fellow Italian. Rafael Nadal and Federer cruised into round three. Tomic lost the first set and fell to an English plan. It's the third year running Tomic has bowed out in the second round at Flushing Meadows. Evans meets Tommy Robredo in round three. To cricket, and Finch has blasted the highest ever individual score in a Twenty20 international. The opener hit 156 off 63 balls, simply amazing. He smashed 14 y amazing. He smashed 14 lots of sixes to power Australia to a 39-run win over England. It was the tourist's first win in any international cricket format in more than 200 days. Australia's women's cricket team, the Southern Stars, have failed to defend their Ashes crown posting a modest total on a good batting track. The tourists started well with the ball and had England on the ropes with three quick wickets in their second T20 game. But a standout performance from Lydia Greenway saw England recover to secure a 5-wicket win. Her 80-run knock helped the hosts clinch the series. Cadel Evans may have railsed the Tour de France for the last time. The -- raceed the Tour de France he Tour de France for the last time. He admitted he'll be targeting next year's Giro d'Italia. At the Tour de France -- Tour of Spain, Tony Martin was f Spain, Tony Martin was denied victory in the final few metres. While he led for most of the 175kms, Danish rider Michael Morkov took out the sixth stage. Italy's Vincenzo Nibali retained his overall 3-second lead over an American. A reminder the first of eight live stages of the Vuelta begins midnight tonight when we bring you stage 7. A big weekend of Vuelta coming up on SBS. Live streaming is also available on the the cycling central web site. Lleyton Hewitt the last of the Australians. How many times have we heard that?Yeah, the little Aussie battler keeping the flag trying. -- flying. Thanks. Coming up - the highlights and the low-lights of the fourth week of campaigning.

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A female firefighter has been killed in Portugal, battling forest fires that have now killed five emergency workers.Dozens of residents of central Portugal spent the night trying to keep the fire away from their homes. As we into to the weekend weather forecast, the warm northerlies are going into NSW and Queensland ahead of a low, which is bringing rain to South Australia. An approaching front is causing showers aching front is causing showers over Western Australia and a high is keeping the rest of the country mainly dry and clear. In the major centres:

There's just one more week until we, the voters, -- voters of Australia, get to participate in that ultimate act of that ultimate act of democracy - electing fellow Australians to represent us in Parliament.And as we look back at the fourth week of the campaign, we can see just how qualified our candidates are. We have a bit of everything - Farnham-channelling fugitive, a twerking billionaire, a selfie-obsessed nerd and a daggy dad.(Sings) # only you can make the world seem right # Only you can make the dark ness light # Only you and you. # (LAUGHING) (sings) # and still my heart for only you. # Just give me the power.(Sings) # make it clear. # (Sings) #Said Labor can kiss my... Waffle, waffle, waffle.Look like you don't eat enough. (LAUGHING) Twerking.Oh, he's doing it! That's the man who should be trupbg country. Oh, yeah! -- running the country. Oh, yeah!You are twerking!If you can't twerk you can't be Prime Minister.I'm a daggy dad.Give myself and the other parties, give us a break! (Sings) # you and only you. # Recapping our top stories now - the US says it may go it alone and attack Syria unilaterally after British MPs voted against military intervention. It's a major embarrassment for the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, who had planned to join in a US assault, possibly as early as this weekend. Australia's major party leaders weighed in on Syria, but the fallout from Labor's costings allegations continue to dominate debate.The NSW corruption watchdog says former Labor minister, Ian MacDonald, and a former trade union leader, Maitland, acted corruptly over a lucrative mining deal.And - Air India has ended a 16-year hiatus in a 16-year hiatus in Australia with the resumption of direct flights between Delhi, Sydney and Melbourne. That is the world this Friday. Our next bulletin is Friday. Our next bulletin at the slightly later time of 10:40 on SBS ONE.Goodnight.

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A broadcast by Christine Milne
for the Australian Greens

for the 2013 Federal election.

We want a caring society,

but you can't have a caring society

if you haven't got
a healthy environment.

Clean air, clean water,
uncontaminated soil.

The Greens are consistent.

We've got the courage
to keep on campaigning for it

inside and outside the Parliament.

We'll roll out school funding sooner.

It's madness to cut universities
in order to fund schools.

We want to see universal access
to dental care.

We want to make it
just as convenient and easy

for people to go to the dentist

as when they go to a doctor.

We should think about refugees
in terms of compassion.

These are people who want to invest
their talents, their lives,

their commitment,
to our country.

We need to look back and see that
the refugees who've come here before,

far from being
a threat to the country,

have made us a much richer culture
in Australia.

There are so many opportunities
in addressing global warming

and at the same time
giving people jobs.

When you think about
the future of Australia

and where the job opportunities
are going to be,

they're going to be in growing
high-quality healthy food

and beverages for the future.

That's why it's essential
we look after the environment

and think about what are the
challenges of the 21st century,

and that's where you start to open up
amazing job opportunities.

If you keep on thinking
that Australia's future

is going to come out of
holes in the ground,

you're actually risking the economy.

Caring society recognises
that love isn't about laws.

The Greens are standing up
for a society

in which people care for each other.

That's what the Greens stand for.
When people vote for us,

they can trust us to follow through,
because we care.

Authorised by Christine Milne
for the Australian Greens, Canberra.

Spoken by Christine Milne
and Anthony Aston.

London in 1886...

then the largest city
in human history

and the centre of the known world.

With its self-importance, its dirt,
its wealth and awful poverty

it seems a mystery to us now.

It was a different world,
an entirely different world.

But there is a guide
to this human jungle -

Charles Booth,
Victorian London's social explorer.

Booth produced a series
of pioneering maps

that colour-coded
the streets of his London

according to the ever-shifting class
of its residents.

Booth's maps are like scans,

X-rays that reveal to us the secret
past beneath the skin of the present.

If people knew how many cattle
was killed there

I don't think they'd live there.

He wanted his maps to chart stories
of momentous social change...

Those houses were
the lowest of the low.

..the ebb and flow between enormous
wealth and terrible poverty,

how easily desirable
or well-to-do neighbourhoods

could descend into the haunts
of the vicious and semi-criminal

and back again.

Now the maps can help us
reveal the changes

that have shaped all our lives

and made the story of the streets
the story of us all.

Oh, my goodness!
The old toilet's gone.

So we're going back

to one of the tens of thousands
of streets Booth mapped...

to tell the story of how, sacrificed
to new ideas of urban planning,

a 200-year-old community
was bulldozed.

For some unknown reason
they wanted to condemn Deptford.

Deptford High Street,
in the heart of London,

just four miles from the financial
capital of the world.


A Victorian relic
marooned amid 1970s sprawl.