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This program is captioned live. Tonight - Aussie troops investigated for cutting off the hands of an Afghan insurgent. Fighting back - a bottle shop worker wrestles a robber with a gun. Friends of Rolf Harris jump to his defence. A tough day on the campaign trail as the lights go out for Kevin Rudd. And the Burgess brothers set to make history for South Sydney. ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Deborah Knight.Good evening. Australia's elite Special Forces are under investigation for allegedly cutting off the hands of an Afghan insurgent killed in a gun battle. It's believed the soldiers took the hand so they could be used for fingerprinting and identification, a move sure to enrage some, but defended by army experts. It's the toughest battleground in the world. Afghanistan's desert mountains and river valleys, where Australian soldiers matched the Taleban in a ruthless war. Now, though, our Special Forces are under investigation for allegedly cutting the hands off of at least one dead Afghan insurgent in April this year. The lawful removal of a wrist to gain a fingerprint when there was no other alternative is justifiable in the circumstances.The only other method of identification is a complex and cumbersome system of eye recognition.Defence is revealed little details of a gun battle - but it was a high intensity, complex, dangerous battle. Four insurgents were engaged and killed. Later an incident of potential misconduct occurred.We are already fighting an enemy violating international law on an hourly basis - cutting the heads off prisoners.Kevin Rudd was cautious about condemning the acts until full details emerged. Let me say bluntly - I have full confidence in the Australian Defence Force. I have full confidence in our men and women in uniform in Afghanistan. I have full confidence in their professionalism. If any matters have arisen concerning their conduct, I have full confidence in the Chief of Defence Force capacity to investigate such matters.Tom is at the defence academy. Is there a feeling this could make the Australian troops the target of revenge attacks?No doubt there's going to be a lot of people upset by this. Both in Australia and Afghanistan, and you can guarantee that the Taleban will use the reports to further their een propaganda causes.As far as retall -- their own propaganda causes.As far as retaliation towards their own troops - it's not like the Taleban has been abiding by the normal rules of law in this conflict. It's unlikely there'll be a changed approach towards the Australian troops with the withdrawal expected by the end of the year.Thank you, Tom. A masked gunman who tried to rob a bottle shop was clearly not as tough as he thought. It turned out the man behind the counter had finished a career in the Defence Force. The bottle shop near Newcastle, a thief looking for an easy target. What he's about to receive is the shock of his life. The worker is Matt Mansfield, a gun pointed at his head. Most would be terrified. Matt's laston was in the armed forces and his -- last job was in the armed forces. His reaction is far from fear - he fights back and the robber is panic stricken. Physically incredibly strong. Once Matt grabbed hold of him, there was only one way it was going. Overpowered, tables turned he drops the knife and balaclava and makes a run for it. 29-year-old Matt is the talk of his town. He's been given a week off as police hunt the would- be bandit.He was quite shaken up, naturally. But the next day he was in pretty good spirits and really seemed quite alright.On the day of the robbery staff at the bottle shop took a bizarre call from a man, demanding to know what time they closed. It's a lead detectives are following. They are hoping to lift DNA from the items dropped in the robber's haste to get away. Australian entertainer Rolf Harris has gone to ground after being charged with 13 child sex offences in the United Kingdom. British prosecutors are confident they have enough evidence to end months of speculation. There was shock when Scotland Yard began to circle Rolf Harris. Now there's horror. The 83- year-old entertainer accused of sex crimes against children.I never ever thought that this would happen. Look, it's not the Rolf Harris I know.Friends stunned, even the Prime Minister was left grappling for words about one of our national treasures.I think all Australians were pretty shocked, frankly, by seeing these matters confirmed in the British media.The bombshell was dropped by crown prosecutors in London, having completed our review we concluded that there is sufficient evidence for Mr Harris to be charged. Wollongong woman Tonya Lee was one of Harris's two alleged victims. It was 1986. She was 14.He touched me, fondled me. She told her story to 'A Current Affair'.I was petriifyed. I just - I wanted to scream, but I didn't. Harris has been charged with nine counts of indecent assault in the 1980s, and four counts of making indecent images of children in March and July last year.

indecent images of children in
March and July last year. At the same time Harris

March and July last year. At the
same time Harris was performing at the Queen's Jubilee.Mr Rolf Harris. Putting up with this - I don't know how he's going to go.He is due to face a London court

Month. And you can see 'A Current Affair''s exclusive interview with Tonya Lee after the news. A baby in a pram has been hit by a car at Killara on Sydney's North Shore. The 18-month-old boy was pushed by a 68-year-old relative at the time of the accident. He suffered head injuries, but they are not thought to be life-threatening. The woman was not hurt. Anger and frustration was not far from the surface as Kevin Rudd stuck to his claim that the Opposition is $10 billion short on paying for election promises. The Coalition says the Prime Minister has been caught out lying. As far as media conferences go, this was a bit of a shambles. Well...Under pressure the Prime Minister had to deal with the crying baby. Wrestle with a microphone.Sorry, can someone take care of that. Thank you.He was distracted by TV lights going off. I'll say it again.Sweated in a stuffy room as a child fainted and was testy under questioning.Guys, we'll get around to everyone. Cranky, refusing to back away from his claim of a $10 billion Coalition black hole.I stand by everything the Minister said and my own statements. Our position does not change one jot.In doing so me brushed aside unprecedented statements by the heads of Treasury and Finance Ezi, and the Post Office, but they deny -- Finance Ezi and the Parliamentary Budget Office. They denied costing anything.It was a slap in the face from the government.The fraud is a failure to be up front and direct with the Australian people about where the costings and cuts ultimately lie. I can sigh no higher political fraud committed against the -- can see no higher political fraud committed against the Australian people.He should apologise and move on. Mr Rudd does not have it in his DNA to recognise that he made a mistake and told a lie.Neither he nor his Ministers will, partly blaming the media for not putting Tony Abbott under pressure to reveal costings.When does it become a red herring in the country not to have your funding Bill, chill out.It's that sort of debate that Speaker Anna Burke fears may have led to vandal attacks on her office and Liberal front bencher Andrew Robb.Chris Bowen maintains the Government did and said nothing out of lines. These statements leaves the Labor campaign looking desperate and disorganised. It's three strikes for one of Labor's prominent former Ministers, Ian Macdonald today found guilty of corruption over a lucrative mining licence. Let's go to State Political Reporter Kevin Wilde. The timing of this could not be worse for Labor, a week out from the Federal election.As you mentioned Ian Macdonald, a former state Labor Minister and a well- connected figure. You have John Maitland, a former boss of the Mining Union, and three businessmen found guilty of corruption. Criminal charges are recommended by the ICAC against all of them. The State Government has get to decide whether to block the coalmining lease at the centre of the scandal. A decision on that is months away. An infamous deal side and sealed at celebrated Harbourside restaurant Catalinas. Over suckling pig and wine, a bill of $1800 was wracked up. 200 kilometres away farmers at Singleton were unaware they'd be fighting five years later to block the mine.Tear it up, shove it in the bin.The ICAC found former Mining Minister Ian Macdonald corrupt in approving the Doyles Creek mine without a tender. He's been found corrupt twice before.I believe I about clear my name, and that these reports will gather a lot of dust in the future because they are not accurate.This time there was an $85 million profit for those involved. $15 million to John Maitland alone. John Maitland, a former Mining Union boss and Labor Party heavy weight has been found by ICAC to have acted corruptly tox There are many villians, but the real villians are those in government handing out the mining leases involved here and in relation to the earlier matter. Eight days out from the Federal election and the corruption stain will drag down a depressed Labor vote across the state. No matter how hard the ALP tries to distance itself from its former high flyers. In terms of the ICAC, I support their work.A teenage girl who was forced to lie on the floor of Campbelltown Hospital's Emergency Department for nine hours is hoping to go home soon. 17-year-old Demi Situ underwent emergency surgery last night for appendicitis.I have to stay off school for a week and can't leave here until I start walking properly.The hospital has apologised. The United States has been left to tackle the crisis in Syria on its own after the British parliament voted against taking military action. Peter Stefanovic joins us now from Lebanon. It's an embarrassing defeat for the British Government.Yes, David Cameron has become the first British Prime Minister to be defeated on a war vote in more than 150 years. So now everyone in this region is wondering what the US will do after what's been a drastic turn of events.On the floor of British parliament David Cameron suffered his heaviest defeat.The aye, is to the right, 272. The nos to the left - 285.A vote that ruled out a strike on the Assad regime.It is clear to me the British parliament, reflecting the views of British people does not want to see British military action. I get that, the Government will act accordingly. President Barack Obama may still go it alone. He's in talks with his national security team. He assured a war-weary public it will not be an all-out attackWe are talking about something discrete and limited.It will be done without Australia's help.There has been no request from the United States or any other country for Australian military participation.Syria's President Assad promised to defend his country from any Western aggression. The chemical weapons' inspectors have almost finished their mission and will leave Damascus tomorrow to prepare their findings. Sydney's enjoyed a burst of summer. Amber Sherlock joins us from the Campbelltown show. A gorgeous day. How warm did it get? There's one more day left of winter. Today Sydney had a spring in its step. It's a great night to be here at the Campbelltown show. It reached 29 degrees in Richmond and Homebush and 28 in Penrith. It has been the warmest winter on record. The typical maximum was two above average.We have not seen as many cold fronts moves across NSW. Spring is looking warmer than average. We are in for warm temps over the next week. I'll have the forecast soon. In the news ahead - the Holy Grail of vaccines - finally a way to protect your kids from meningococcal. A proud moment as 48 of our forgotten soldiers receive a special honour. What do you do when an elephant This program is not captioned.

It's an aggressive infection that can kill within hours. We are now a big step closer to wiping out meningococcal in Australia. A vaccine for the deadly B strain of the virus has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. Survivors say funding can't come soon enough. After a brush with death as a toddler Danielle Weymark from Wilberforce is determined to lead an Active life.They didn't expect me to make it.Meningococcal claimed her arms, fingers and toes. The disease attacked her brain and bloodstream.I had the seizures, brain swelling and the rush on my limbs.It causes a shock or severe meningitis and both can lead to death.Scientists spent two decades developing a vaccine against the B strain. The TGA gave Bexsero the tick of approval.It's the holy grail we've waited for for 20 years to prevent the last big cause of meningococcal.There are 13 strains of meningococcal worldwide. Vaccines are available for all but type B, which remains the most common form in Australia - 90% of cases. This new vaccine, completes the picture in fighting this terrible disease. Over 20 years immunisation has all but wiped out meningococcal C, the second-most common type suffered in Australia. It's up to the Federal Government to decide whether the B vaccine will be funded through the PBS. How proud of you of Danielle Weymark, the way she...You'll make me cry. Very proud.An important moment of remembrance today at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. The unveiling of new bronze panels on the Roll of Honour. They commemorate 48 Australian servicemen and women who died in recent years while on humanitarian and peacekeeping missions around the world. When elephants kick up dust and flap their ears they are not waving hello - they are angry, as the tourist filming this discovered in South Africa. The young bull gave the car a pummelling and wandered off. Big dents - but no-one was hurt. Sport is next with Cam, who joins us from Allianz Stadium. Good evening.Good evening. We have breaking news on Greg Inglis. Four Burgesses lining up for the Rabbitohs. Can Benji stop them in his Sydney farewell. Stephen Dank gives his verdict on Sandor Earl. And an Aussie win in the cricket and a world-record century to boot.There's a 30 degree day on the way for Sydney - I'll have the forecast from This program is not captioned. Natural gas in all its forms
is set to create 150,000 new jobs. But this is threatened about losing Australian jobs
and investment. So help defend a brighter future.

This program is not captioned. Natural gas in all its forms
will soon pay more than $12 billion in tax
every year.

Money for schools and hospitals.

But this is threatened
by people who don't care enough about losing Australian jobs and investment.

This program is not captioned.

We're about to witness history at Allianz Stadium - the first time in 103 years that four brothers will line up for the one team. Andrew Johns joins me ahead of the Burgess brothers. South look like they won't play Greg Inglis.I understand he won't play. He has a knee injury, it's a huge loss, but why risk him. It will give the Tigers confidence.Tell us about the Burgess brothers, 460 kilos. Four brothers playing in the NRL. It hasn't been dub in 110 years. It's unbelievableful look at the size of them.You wouldn't want to play them tonight. It's the situation that Benji Marshall faces in a milestone for him.Yes, milestone. 200. And Robbie Farah breaks Chris Heighington's most appearance for the West Tigers. I give the Tigers a chance. I think they'll be in the game.No consolation for the Ashes, but Australia had a win against England in the Twenty20 international. Aaron Finch clobbered a world record 156 - including 14 sixes, and Joe Root copped a bouncer. England fell short of the 248 run

and Joe Root copped a bouncer.
England fell short of the 248 run saga. Now, Bernard Tomic is out of the US Open, beaten by Daniel Evans, ranked 179 in the world. The back story is that last year Evans was snubbed by John Tomic who told him he was not good enough to practice with Bernard after requesting a hit in Miami. John Bertrand is the new President of Swimming Australia. Hopefully the America's Cup sailing legend can guide the sport towards calmer

legend can guide the sport towards
calmer waters A good appointment. 7:30 after Big Brother, tonight's game. A massive story on the Burgess brother. Coming up - petrol prices on the way down. And Amber with the weather from the Campbelltown show.Well, it hasn't just been warm this August, it's been dry. The city saw 15mm of rain compared to 8 10mm. We have seen average temps around 21. There's only been 0.4 millimetres of rain. It's 24 degrees in the west. fac
Coming up: ACT Senate candidates yea
face off in a local debate A five th
year sentence handed to a cadet at Peacek
the Royal Military College And of
Peacekeeprs recognised on the Roll of Honour This program is not captioned. If Tony Abbott wins, families
will lose the Schoolkids Bonus. And what about those depending
on penalty rates or overtime? And 12,000 people
will lose their jobs.

This program is not captioned. If Tony Abbott wins, families
will lose the Schoolkids Bonus. And what about those depending
on penalty rates or overtime? And 12,000 people
will lose their jobs.

This program is not captioned.

Sport scientist Stephen Dank has broken his silence on the Sandor Earl case saying the Raiders star did the wrong thing by rolling over to ASADA. Stephen Dank says Sandor Earl will not have a case to answer when it comes to the use of peptides. This is the Cabramatta clinic where Sandor Earl hoped to revive his career, instead it may be where he killed it off. After purchasing peptides elsewhere they were injected here. The Panthers do not want to know about it. Sandor Earl's coach in 2011 at the Panthers was Elise Elliott. He said he had no knowledge that Sandor Earl had gone rogue.My understanding is this took place when he injured his shoulder and was looking for a way to expedite his recovery.Elliot says he has sympathy for Sandor Earl.He may have made a misjudgment. He doesn't seem to be alone when you look at the AFL world, and what is being proposed in the rugby league world as well.Elliot knew Stephen Dank for over 20 years. When he was Panther's coach peptides were not on the menu.I heard about the peptide suggestions. He didn't suggest anything like that to us. Stephen Dank gave a statement to Nine News about aerial saying:

Storm skipper Cameron Smith arrived in Sydney today and he fears the supplements scandal could wreck the play-offs.The fans, you know, you hate to see something rise up in the middle of a finals series. I think, you know, that is worst case scenario.The stock market has finished the week higher:

Here is Amber. It was a fine and gorgeous day in Sydney today. The city reached a top of 25.

gorgeous day in Sydney today. The
city reached a top of 25. Slightly cooler than expected thanks to an early sea breeze. Humidity was high at 73%.

A weak trough over South Australia will produce light showers, it will be mostly clear skies for NSW and a high will maintain stable conditions across the state tomorrow. Brisbane will be sunny, tops of 23 in Melbourne and Perth will see brief showers. Taking a look across NSW. A fine day is on the way for the north coast.

A great day for Father's Day. Thank you. That is Nine News for this Friday. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Tracy Grimshaw is next with ACA. Join me for the National News at 7:00 on GEM. Enjoy
evening, I' m Kerryn Tonight ... Th ACT senate candidates for the majo threaten
parties - face off Students O
threaten to cause a stir at the ANU th
Open Day And Peacekeepers added to Go
the War Memorial' s Roll of Honour A
Good evening, I' m Kerryn Johnston, after
A woman in her sixties has died o
after her car collided with a truck
on the Barton Highway, just north o f
Hall. The truck driver was trapped for more than an hour, and has sinc been has been taken to the Canberr Hospital for treatment. The highwa n
is expected to remain closed for a candi
number of hours. Liberal Senate La
candidate Zed Seselja has attacked cos
Labor Senator Kate Lundy over the ba
costings row which appears to have Yesterda
backfired on the government. servants
Yesterday, two senior public Mi
servants dismissed claims by Prime
Minister Kevin Rudd that there was the
ten billion dollar black hole in the opposition' s election costings Ses
At the National Press Club Zed Se
Seselja wasted no time in dragging Senator Kate Lundy into the costing outrag
row. They' ve made the most T
outrageous claims and they' ve used Treasury to do it and they have bee Tr
caught out to the extent that the Departme
Treasury and the head of the int
Department of Finance have had to unprecedent
intervene. I mean that is L
unprecedented. So the idea that the credibili
Labor Party somehow has any ab
credibility on costings I think is def
absurd. In reply, Senator Lundy
defended the government' s position Our costings through the PBO wer cla
former Liberal policies. You can costin
clarify that by releasing your Debate
costings now but you refuse.
Debate then turned to public servic ef
job cuts. Labor will continue its say
efficiency dividend. The Liberals Se
say 12 thousand positions will go. Canb
Senator Lundy says the effect on devastati
Canberra' s economy will be when
devastating. The Liberal graph Ca
when you look at it on the jobs in '
Canberra after they were elected in massi
' 96 goes like this. It' s in a massive dip. And economic confidenc