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Election 2013: Liberal Statement -

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(generated from captions) wench have resumed in Victoria following the death of a patient during a rescue. Enquiries are continuing. Australia has resumed presidency of the United Nations Security Council and will be in the chair for the next month. That is the world this Sunday. I will be back later this evening with more news. You can also had to our website for news. I am Ricardo. Good night. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

is Mr Abbott wins, he says there will be change.There will be change, it means massive cuts for your schools, for your schools, your hospitals, your broadband, and your broadband, and your pay packets.

Here is a broadcast by Malcolm
Turnbull for the Liberal Party

for the 2013 Federal election.

Back in 2007, the Prime Minister
promised an NBN completed by 2013

and costing taxpayers
less than $5 billion.

Six years later,

the Government's investment
has risen tenfold

and we estimate

Labor's version of an NBN

will eventually cost taxpayers

more than $90 billion.

Now, I've brought my practical
experience of decades in business

and as a minister
in the Howard Government

to assessing Labor's NBN.

In all these years, I've never seen
a project so badly managed.

Labor's NBN
has become a pipedream.

Its fibre network has reached
only two per cent

of Australian businesses
and households

and at this rate it will take
another 20 years to complete.

We will fix it. Within three years,
the Coalition will ensure

Australians have broadband five times
faster than today's average

and for
than Labor's.

That's our pledge.

We will deliver very fast broadband
and a completed NBN

sooner than Labor,
at less cost to the taxpayer

and at more affordable prices.

Authorised by B. Loughnane
for the Liberal Party, Canberra.

Join our team of explorers

using untested technologies...

and harnessing the power of thousands
of eyes the world over...

in a race against time...
to solve an 800-year-old mystery.

(Speaks Mongolian)

The storm
is bad over there.

My name is Albert Lin.

I'm on a quest to find
the secret burial site...

The forbidden tomb

of the man who ruled one of
the largest empires ever known...

Genghis Khan.

It's the most incredible
archaeological puzzle
of the last millennium.

This expedition, this summer,

the goal will be to use
the most advanced technologies

to find the tomb,
not digging anything,

doing everything non-invasively,

and take a legend
and make it reality.

Are you ready?
Yes, I'm ready.

We're in Ulaanbaatar,
the capital of Mongolia.

After many months of meetings,
we've got the go-ahead

from the government
and leading scholars

to conduct our search
for the tomb of Genghis Khan.

Looks pretty good.

We're finally doing it.

The day is here.
We're packed and ready to go.

We've got 31 men, 14 horses,
11 laptops,

a crazy arsenal of new tools,

four goats and a lot of unknown.

I haven't been able to sleep
for almost a year

because I've been dreaming
about this.

Get in the cars, let's go.

I'm using historical texts for clues.

Mostly legends from centuries ago.

Some of them say that a sacred
mountain called the Burkhan Khaldun

could be the location of the tomb.

Problem is... there is no longer
a mountain with that name,

and no one is certain which of
Mongolia's many peaks it could be.

This mountain is shrouded in mystery.

By the time of Genghis Khan's death,
in 1227 at the age 65,

his empire spanned
the Asian continent.

It would eventually stretch
from Siberia to India,

from Korea to Hungary,

and fundamentally change
the course of world history.

Genghis Khan destroyed
anybody who defied him.

His armies left millions dead
in medieval Europe, Asia,
the Middle East.

But the history of these campaigns
was written by his enemies,
his victims,

so most people in the West

bloodthirsty warrior.

That's only part of the story.

He created a new world in which ideas
flowed from East to West,

advancing technology,
art and science.

If he was so bloodthirsty,
then why did he abolish torture?

The man lived by principles.

Based on reports of past expeditions,
all of which have tried and failed,

we've targeted one section
of the Khentii mountain range

as a likely location
of the Burkhan Khaldun.

It's about 100 miles
northeast of the capital,

40 miles south of the Russian border

in a place called the Ikh Khorig
or the forbidden zone.

We're laying siege to the mountain!

Where we're going
roads can disappear overnight

so we send an advance party
on horseback to scout
for passable terrain.

Hey, why are we stopping?

It looks like the roads are going to
start showing their might right now.


It's a lake.

It's a huge lake...
in the middle of the road.

Let's go check it out.

Two of our trucks are already stuck.

This doesn't look good.

Hey, do you guys have
the mechanic with you? The engineer?

Three years ago, if you'd asked me

I'd tell you I'd be stuck in an
office doing something I didn't love.

I was just one year shy

of getting my PhD in materials
science and engineering.

and bought a ticket
on the Trans-Siberian Railroad

to find out what my grandfather meant

when he said our family comes
from the north.

My plan was to go to Mongolia
and buy a horse,

to ride through the countryside
and live with the nomads.

I had only one change of clothes
and a GPS.

Everyone told me I was crazy.

The more I'd hear I was crazy,

the more I wanted
to prove everybody wrong.

So I crossed the border
into Mongolia.

I found a world that had changed
little in a millennium.

And at its core, Genghis Khan,

a charismatic figure whose true

was as lost to the Western world
as his tomb...

locked away somewhere
in the ancestral homelands...

a forbidden zone.

I'm haunted by this mystery.

It's a personal challenge
I've created for myself.

Nobody knows exactly where his tomb
is or how he died,

but there's a lot of legends.