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(generated from captions) There you have T the say goes to the Greens in what's been a rather odd week on the election campaign. For the view from the back bench, the Liberal member for Kooyong Josh Frydenberg is we in the studio and the Labor member for Morton Graham Perrett is in Brisbane. Good morning to you both. Graham, I might start with you.G'day Bev, g'day Josh.Costings costings costings. Is that not the watch phrase we're going to hear from Tony Abbott throughout today?I think so. I'm hoping he has a large packet of documents that he provided to the Parliamentary Budget Office that he's about to release to the media so that people can pore over and make an informed decision about what might happen after September 7, if Tony Abbott gets over the line and has the keys to The Lodge. In Queensland we Shaw what happened when you promise one thing before the election then you say budget emergency, we need Peter Costello do do an audit, next minute, all the promises are thrown out the window.Don't you think it's going to be a lot more Kevin going to be a lot more about
Kevin Rudd's blunder, where Treasury people have Kevin Rudd's Treasury people have had to
come out Kevin Rudd's blunder, where come out and actually distance themselves from Kevin Rudd's claims about the opposition's costings?No, let's look at what Treasury actually said. Look at costings provided by the opposition. Look at a column of figures and the lack of details that are provided. All of this can be clarified by Mr Abbott and by Josh releasing the workings shown done by the parliamentary budget offers and the calculations that have been relied on. Maybe it's more than a $10 billion black hole.The emperor has no clothes.Don't speak about your leader like that! What has happened yesterday is it that Kevin Rudd's economic credibility has been shredded. There we have it. The secretary of Treasury, the secretary of finance, in an unprecedented move, putting out a public document saying that they never costed the coalition's policies and Kevin Rudd and Penny Wong and Chris Bowen did yesterday when they held a special press conference releasing documents saying that is - saying we had our policies costed.You know that they did not cost - costings weren't provided by the opposition so we had to do what we could to put a fair dinkum costing ... Graham, why have you been slamed in every up in today? Doesn't matter if it's News Limited or Fairfax. It's because your economic credibility has been absolutely shredded.It has played into the opposition argument that in fact Labor couldn't nt be trusted on the figures. For Treasury to distance themselves, wasn't it a mistake to go in, just on the basis of we in to do something? Well, look, as I said, I'm speaking to you from Queensland, where we saw what happens when the promises and glib promises made before an election are then exposed after an election with a cut to the bone mentality that was - the LNP commitment before the election but not exposed. So obviously it is our job to analyse, as much as possible the figures put forward by the opposition. Now remember last time, when the accounting firm that Tony Abbott relied on was actually - I don't think they were struck off.Come on, Graham.They were exposed as being shonky ...We have heard that line so many times during this campaign.It's the truth. It's the truth.Let's love costings there. The opposition has never apologised to the people of Australia for that fraud in 2010.Let's leave the costings there. Graham think about this but I will be putting this to Josh first. This has been a week of quite unusual policies and a chocolate-led recovery, Josh. Isn't there more important matters for Tony Abbott to be turning his attention to? Is it not an insult to the electorate? Not at all. Tony Abbott has announced some significant policies this week, not least of which was our education policy which will see a continuation of strengthening of funding for our schools, which will see an emphasis on teacher quality. Just in morning at Melbourne University he is laurching a new Colombo plan which will see thousands of young Australians study and work in the region. What an amazing program that will be. Because in the 1950s, we brought thousands of the best and brightest from Asia to Australia. They've gone on to become leaders in their field. We are living in the Asian Century. 3 billion people in the middle class in Asia. Australia needs to capitalise on those economic opportunities, those political opportunities, and it's going to be based on people-to-people links. Today's announcement by Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop about a new Colombo plan I think will really excite the think will really excite electorate.But we saw Kevin Rudd seem think will really excite the
electorate.But Rudd seem to unilaterally
decide to electorate.But we saw Kevin
Rudd decide to move Garden Island. There has been a lot of focus on the Top End. They aren't issues that people are talking to us about that are important to them. I think that Australia is reasonably important, with respect. The important, with respect. Brisbane line is not that long ago in the memory of people in Queensland. We do understand that we are a lot further north than Sydney. We do understand the challenges and opportunities as Josh touched on with where we are in Asia. But I go back to Josh's point about education. 'Cause that is probably THE key issue that's coming up in my electorate of Morton. And certainly education, when you do compare, there's another gaping opportunity for the opposition. They have not committed to population growth. They have not committed ...What are you talking about, Graham? They have not committed to funding beyond four years.We haven't committed to population growth? To funding for population growth in Queensland. You know the percentage increase that you've committed to ...Graham this week ... Josh if you can let me finish.One at a time. Josh, one pat a time.Ha!I'm in control! Briefly! In Queensland, where the Education Minister and the premier have not signed up for our Better Schools Plan, Christopher Pyne and Tony Abbott have made it clear that they will not require the State Government to do the two for one funding. They have not committed to funding beyond four years. Education is a key policy.Josh? Can I just say, it was interesting how Graham skated over their announcement about moving naval ships up north. You know why? Because it was in direct contradiction with the government's own Defence White Paper which was released earlier in year. There has no consultation with senior defence figures. It's going to cost thousands of jobs in New South Wales and we actually don't know what the strategic benefit will be. So you know, this was another thought bubble from Kevin Rudd, just on top of his announcement the other day about the north of Australia, where he wants to reduce the company tax rate by a third, and see all Australian companies incorporate ed in are the north. He didn't consult with any of his colleagues. Bill Shorten announced that on know about it until the day it was announced there was another thought bubble earlier in week about the naval thought bubble about the naval ships. We've got the disgraceful yesterday over the attack on the coalition's costings which has been repudiated by the secretaries of finance ...We've gone through that it's a pretty bad week for Kevin and it's all coming undone. How do you feel, know? Is it very dispiriting when you see that Sportsbet has already paid out its puppeters on this election and we are 10 days away? Eight days away?I'm an MP in a marginal seat, so I've always fought hard right until 6 o'clock on polling night and I had worked continuously in my seat for last 10 years. I don't really worry about polls or Sportsbet or what they get up to. I know that I will be fighting hard right up until election. And then beyond. That's how I conduct myself. I'm committed to my electorate, to representing my electorate, to going in to fight for them, to be - if that means taking a naval base away from Sydney 'cause it brings jobs to Queensland and my area, so be it. That's what I'll do. That's why I support Kevin Rudd's announcement. That's what a good MP does for his electorate. He fights hard for it. He's a champion for it, not just a visitor.To both of you, the assessment after the third leaders' debate was that the election campaign has run out of puff. There were some good questions and it proceeded, but there was a sort of lack of energy on both sides. Is that a sense that, you know, it's run its course, that in fact it's been such a long campaign because of the minority government and people have really just had enough?I think two points here, Bev. First, you're right. It's been a very long campaign. Ever since there was the knifing of Kevin Rudd and replacement with Julia Gillard and we had a minority government three years ago, it has been an election campaign basically for the last three years. I think people just want an end to it. So that's why they want an end to minority government and I think that's second
really important. But the second point is this is really an important election, because if we get another three years of Labor, who knows where well anticipate end up with the economy? With this careless decision-making on the run? So we can't afford as a country another three years of what we've just had. This is a really important election. A ib quick response from you, Graham.There is a lot of key issues out there. This paid parental leave scheme is a dog that people are happy to talk about, be they seniors, be they self-funded retirees or even just normal working families so there's a lot of hot topics that people want to talk about. And people are terrified about Mr Abbott's approach to climate change. They're terrified about his approach to health, to industrial relations, and to education, 'cause he's got form on all of those, in saying Gonski was a a con ... I said brief. We need to wrap this up. Thank you both for joining thus morning. Graham Perrett and