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Turkey says a suspected chemical attack must -

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(generated from captions) buildup to military action is being watched with concern in the Middle East. Turkey says a suspected chemical attack must not go unpunished while Iran's country supreme leader says US action would be a disaster for the region but it is Lebanon, Syria's smallest neighbour, that is bearing the brunt of the escalating conflict. The BBC's Quentin Sommerville reports from Tripoli. Lebanon is already feeling the heat from Syria's war. During last Friday's prayers, a huge car bomb sent the faithful at this Sunni mosque running to the exit. Here, they're clearing up now, the cleric in charge had urged his followers to go to Syria and fight the Assad regime. He's in no doubt who's to blame for this carnage. TRANSLATION: From the minute the explosion occurred I knew it was the Syrian regime. These were the kind of attacks they carried out when they controlled Lebanon in the 1980s.This is a country that has chosen sides in its needless conflict. A week before it was the Shia neighbourhood hit, fighters from the Shia militia, Hezbollah, are battling alongside President Assad's soldiers. In the Lebanese city of Tripoli, Syria road is divided along sectarian lines with snipers on both sides. As one honours its martyrs from the war in Syria, the other takes pot shots at their posters. The war in Syria is felt directly here on Lebanon's streets. Its suffering and its violence isn't limited just to Syria's borders. The worry is that as this war escalates, so too does the danger not just to Lebanon but to the entire region. Even on the anti- Assad Sunni side, there are worries about the expected strike against Damascus. A Syrian army detector now fighting alongside the Opposition has a warning for the United States. TRANSLATION: We want to bring down a criminal regime and not bring down an entire country. The US has to be careful and precise in choosing the targets in the city of Damascus.The war next door runs the danger of tipping the balance of power here in Lebanon. What it might