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AFP swoop on people smugglers -

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TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The Coalition has seized on nationwide raids on alleged people smugglers, claiming that illegal networks within Australia have flourished under Kevin Rudd.

Police say the five men arrested today across four states were responsible for organising more than 130 boats that arrived in Australia.

Jason Om reports.

JASON OM, REPORTER: The morning raids were the result of a year-long investigation and targeted suspects in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia.

The men are aged between 21 and 40 and come from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

STEVE LANCASTER, ASST COMMISSIONER, AFP: These people are major players within their syndicates. From the intelligence that we've received and the evidence that we've received that they are significant players.

JASON OM: Federal police allege the men helped organise 132 boats come to Australia and were involved in the collection and transfer of money.

Four of the five men came to Australia on boats themselves between May, 2012 and July this year and it's alleged they provided false details to Australian authorities.

STEVE LANCASTER: Those who have not been picked up in the first scoop today does not mean you should sleep well tonight. This effort remains ongoing.

JASON OM: Three of the men were arrested while still in detention, including at the Inverbrackie facility in South Australia.

In Adelaide, 37-year-old detainee Syed Shahid Ali faced court on two counts of people smuggling and one count of dealing with proceeds of crime. He was given conditional bail.

Also charged in Adelaide, 34-year-old Hussain Chaman Ali who didn't apply for bail and was remanded in custody.

While in Perth, 31-year-old Barkat Ali Wahide had been in detention for 17 months and was granted conditional bail.

STEVE LANCASTER: The operation today would have a significant impact on those currently in Australia, but also has that impact in Indonesia as well.

JASON OM: The raids have given some fresh ammunition for the Opposition's Immigration spokesman, who's been campaigning in Townsville.

SCOTT MORRISON, OPP. IMMIGRATION SPOKESMAN: Well it doesn't surprise me that when Kevin Rudd lets 50,000 people into the country illegally on boats, that people smugglers then come and set up shop on our own shores.

JASON OM: The Government wouldn't respond to the political attack, preferring to leave the AFP's result to speak for itself.

Another two men charged in Sydney are due to front court on Friday.

Jason Om, Lateline.