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Welcome back to the show. It is good to have your company this morning. The Government has been accused of lying over its sent saysal claims of the $10 million black home in the Coalition's electoral costings. They publicly repudiated Prime Minister Red's claims. We are in the house right now and Anthony Albanese is on the couch with us and Christopher Pine is in Adelaide very worried about his seat. We will get to him in just second. Here is what Kevin Rudd had to say about that last night.Based on a very simple analysis and subjecting these numbers to any modest level of scrutiny, it is quite clear that there is now a massive $10 billion hole in the 30 billion they are claiming. They want their Prime Minister to be a person of o good judgement. Good judgement on the plierttys of the nation. They also expect their Prime Minister to be truthful with them about the costs associated with those priorities for the future.That was the Prime Minister yesterday and just hours later the Department of Treasury, finance and the parliamentary budget office all came out saying that that was untrue. They had done no costings whatsoever on the Opposition's policies and Anthony, this is a massive embarrassment.No, it is not. The way this can be solved is for the Opposition to have all of its policies costed. We have put dozens of policies into Treasury and finance that Peter Costello started. Why is the Opposition hiding from it costings? This is a about a $10 billion black hole that the Government came out and said existed --No, no, what Treasury and finance have said is that if you change the assumptions, they haven't done the specific costings of the specific policies because Liberal Party haven't submitted them --What-did they come out with the specific $10 million?They did an analysis based upon what the Opposition's stated policies were. So, for example, they will say it doesn't take away from the fact they will rip $500 off low-income earners, in terms of superannuation. They will get rid of the Schoolkids bonus and they will make these cuts. But depending upon - all Finance and Tertiary have said if you change the details and period of times, what have you, you might get different outcomes and that is correct. Based upon the assumptions of what they are saying, the Opposition's own words, they are the figures.Where did you come up with the $10 billion?From Treasury and finance.That is not true.They say the figure is inappropriate?What they say is if you change the assumptions, depending upon the details of the policies, then you might get a different outcome so therefore they are not saying that precisely these are the figures.Kris, is it $10 billion or is it worse?Karl, Labor has been caught lying again and Kevin Rudd has been proven to be the greatest make-up artist of all time. What the Treasury finance and parliamentary budget office heads did yesterday was hit Labor below the waterline with an extra missile and completely torpedo their campaign. Kevin Rudd had built his campaign upon attacking the Coalition on a negative way and what parliamentary budget office, finance and Treasury did yesterday was call Kevin Rudd out to be a make-up artist and to have been lying about the Coalition's costings and Anthony Albanese can say whatever he likes, yesterday Kevin Rudd confidently went out and accused the Coalition of having a $10 million black hole in the afternoon. The objective heads of the department said that was upperly false. Kevin Rudd's campaign is in tatters today and the Labor Party must be scratching their heads because this guy is completely off the vesselvation. Why won't you release the costings, Chris?You have not submitted one policy to Treasury or finance. Not one!No, because the Opposition -- Why?Because the Opposition's job is to give it to the parliamentary budget office and that is exactly what we have done.You have not submitted one in accordance with