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(generated from captions) That's not going to last forever.
No. But the mining industry's
will go on for decades, isn't it? It will, but the rate of growth has
slowed and will continue to slow. We need to get our growth
in our economy from elsewhere. Now, who'll be in your team?
What's an Abbott team look like? Well, you know what it looks like. There'll be myself, Joe Hockey,
Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne... Peter Reith, John Howard,
Nick Minchin... George will be there.George Pell?
No, George Brandis, Bryan. Oh, George Brandis, yeah.Er...
someone from the National Party.
Malcolm Turnbull. Sorry?Malcolm Turnbull?
Malcolm, yeah. If Malcolm's not doing anything,
he'd be welcome to join us.Yeah. Er... somebody from the
National Party.Yeah, Truss? Possibly Warren, yeah.
Yeah. Will your daughters
have actual portfolios?No, Bryan. My daughters...
will not be part of the government. They've been helping the old man...
Helping the old man. ..stay out of trouble a bit
in the last fortnight. One of the things the electorate's
most concerned about is getting something done
about climate change. Well, lovely to see you, Bryan, and,
sadly, we'll have to leave it there.
Sorry? We've run out of time.
The clock is against us. Pop back another time, Bryan.
Wonderful to have you on
the show and great to see you. Thank you very much for coming in.
Thank you. Well, come back another time
and you can babble on about that other crap,
but we've really got to go now. Captions by CSI Australia -
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Tonight - Canberra Raiders player Sandor Earl suspended for drug use and trafficking.Today's development highlights the seriousness of the issues involved and the thoroughness of the ongoing investigation.The National Party makes its pitch to rural voters.A military strike on Syria looks inevitable as the US hardens its line.I'm saying that what is crucial right now is holding the Syrian regime accountable.And 50 years on, how close is Martin Luther King's dream to becoming reality?Good evening and welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Canberra Raiders player Sandor Earl has been stood down after admitting to using and trafficking a banned peptide. NRL chief executive David Smith says the winger is cooperating with investigators.Given the seriousness of the charge, it's unclear whether Earl will ever return to the NRL the Patrick Galloway reports from NRL head quarters in SydneySome really big news out of the National Rugby League today, probably the biggest news since ASADA started its investigation into the rugby league around 7 or 8 months ago. Sandor Earls, Canberra Raiders player has been issued with an infraction notice for the use and trafficking in a banned peptide. CEO David Smith fronted a press conference explaining the situation. Sandor Earl has been issued with the infraction notice. He has up to 10 days to decide whether he will plead guilty or accept the charges. The use of the word "trafficking" in that infraction notice is extreme ly serious and it implies a ban of up to life. Sandor Earl certainly has some decisions to make in the next 10 days. Here is David Smith. So what happens from here is that the player can elect to go to a tribunal or can elect to take the penalty that we award. That will all unfold in the next 10 days. He has 10 days to make that election. He agreed and agreed to stand down and has subsequently been stood down.There are only two weeks to go until the start of this year's rugby league final series. Mr Smith added that he was unsure as to whether there would be more announcements to follow. This certainly is a pret I damning announcement, certainly sends a message to a lot of player in the rugby league about how serious ASADA are. There are some interviews still to take place, but what happens from here certainly all eyes now on the Canberra Raiders and Sandor Earl.And Raiders CEO Don Furner issued a short statement this afternoon saying he understand the allegations against Sandor Earl relate to a time before he joined the Canberra club. He says no further comment will be made for the time being.It hasn't been a good day for the Raiders with the news that wayward centre Blake Ferguson has landed another date in court, this time to face charges of speeding and driving whilst suspended. Ferguson hasn't attended a Raiders' training session since last week and is believed to be seeking a release from his contract. He was stood down yesterday by the Raiders. The 23-year-old was pulled over for speeding near moss vale in Sydney last night. Police allege he was driving at 18km/h over the limit without a licence. He will also face court next week on charges of indecent assault.The Government is tonight at odds with two of its own departments. Kevin Rudd and senior ministers have used Treasury and finance department documents to claim Tony Abbott has a hole in his policy costings. But the heads of both departments have taken the unusual step of issuing a mid-campaign denial that they've ever costed any Coalition policies.Here is chief political correspondent Mark Simkin.The Hills superstars were a little reluctant to pose with Australia's most famous netball dad. Theirs is a non-contact sport.

Watch the reaction.Tony Abbott was then offered a netball body suit.You can put it on if you like.A nimble wife intercepted. Maybe I will have that.Politics is meant to be non-contact, too, but Kevin Rudd is spoiling for a fight.Waffle, waffle, waffle and waffle. It was almost edible.Before going into caretaker mode, the Government got its departments to cost its election policies without knowing their fine print.We're releasing these minutes today, not lightly, not lightly, but? The face of these grieve vows errors about by out Opposition.Labor's botdom line on the Coalition's bottom line? Apparently there is a big black holeThis is a $10 billion fraud on the Australian people.Tony Abbott reckons Labor needs a maths lesson, arguing his sums got a tick from the Parliamentary Budget Office.I really liked finger painting when I was in preschool, I really liked finger painting.This evening Treasury released an unusual statement, making it clear it didn't cost the Coalition's policies, just Labor's pre dictions about them:

Mr Rudd has got all of his own figures wrong and now he is getting our figures wrong, too.In last night's debate, Mr Rudd foreshadowed a shift on foreign investment, calling for more re-Industrial Relations Commissions on the sale of farmland.I am a bit nervous, a bit anxious frankly about simply an open slather on this.He followed that up at a shipyard, repeatedly describing himself as an economic nationalist.The Valley of Death will be crossed and crossed well.Government strategists insist they are still getting cut-through with their cut-cut campaign and that's why the PM keeps ratcheting up the rhetoric, but even if Labor's internal polling is improving, the party is still behind in a two-horse race.150 Melbourne Cups, the favourite has won 35 times, so have a think about that.Much depends on the handicap.The little partner in the Federal Coalition has secured a big funding promise for the regions. The Nationals are borrowing on the success of WA's royalties for regions package. They're promising a fund worth at least $1 billion over five years to build up the bush.James Glenday reports. (Auctioneer calls)At the Esk clearance sale, everyone is after a good dale.Look, it's empty!.When you mention the federal election.I think it's all shit. Am I allowed to say shit?They feel ripped off. I've got a mobile phone in my pocket which hardly works around the area, yet Africans in mud huts have mobile phones that work.Many of these people are traditionally Nationals voters so the party's leader has made them a billion-dollar offer he thinks they can't refuse.Today I am announcing that the Nationals as part of a Coalition Government will deliver a dedicated national strong Ger regions Fund.$200 million a year will be spent on national infrastructure projects from 2015. Towns with high unemployment rates will get priority and the money will be spent in partnership with state governments or local community groups.It's time to return to the regions, something of what they're owed, a fair share.The Coalition won't commit to government infrastructure programs not already under contract.He is not prepared to put his record and his plans next to ours.But this fund is aimed just as much at winning votes off the Liberals in regional seats in WA and Victoria. There is still no details about exactly where the money for the fund will come from or if anything will be cut to pay for T the final details were still being nutted out last night.And in the bush, some are sceptical about politicians in general.It's not like the old days where you had blokes who made promises and kept them.But the Nationals say the fund is a priority, as a way of helping struggling towns and shoring up its base.Five people have been arrested for people smuggling in a series of dawn raids across four state this morning.The Australian Federal Police say the arrests have hit major people smuggling syndicates hard. Gordon tail lore reports., Gordon Taylor reports.More than 100 investigators have been tracking the people smugglers over the past months. Today in Victoria, WA, SA, federal police netted five suspects. Three were arrested in detention facilities, two in the community, all accused of being key players in offshore people smuggling syndicates.It will be alleged that collectively they were actively involved in planning and facilitating the voyages of unauthorised maritime arrivals on up to 132 vessels bound for Australia.Four of the men arrived in Australia by boat themselves. Much of the information that led to the arrests came from more than 200 tip-offs, many of them from within the asylum seeker community. Police say the large amount of intelligence gathered means more arrest lbs made.So those who have not been picked up in the first scoop today, does not mean you should sleep well tonight. This effort remains ongoing.Three of the men appeared in court in Adelaide and Perth today. The other two will appear in Sydney tomorrow.The posturing has begun ahead of an expected military strike on Syria. The US says it's convinced the Assad regime was behind a deadly poison gas attack on civilians. While its allies are waiting for UN confirmation. Russia has sounded a warring to the West by sending an anti-submarine ship and missile cruise tore the Mediterranean. North America correspondent Ben Knight reports, and a warning, his story contains images some viewers may find distressing.Barack Obama says he hasn't yet decided what action the US may tack take in Syria, but he says the use of chemical weapons there cannot be allowed to pass.We do have to make sure that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable.The White House has no doubt the Assad regime used chemical weapons against its own civilians, killing hundreds in the suburbs of Damascus last week, but even America's closest military ally is saying they should now wait for inspectors to finish their job in Damascus We must be prepared to take action against the use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime to deter the future use of chemical weapons, but it also reflects the desire to proceed on a consensual basis. The regime needs to know if cannot get away with this with impunity. On the diplomacy necessary to move to a consensus on that, we are putting our best forward in the UN Security Council.Syria says the investigation should be expanded. It claims there were three other gas attacks on Syrian Government soldiers near Damascus last week.And we want the investigation team currently present on the Syrian soil to continue investigating this crime.But waiting for the UN weapons inspectors may not make much difference. Their job is only to determine if chemical weapons were used in Damascus, not to work out who used them. And when it comes to the UN Security Council, Russia and China have already vetoed three previous resolutions against the Assad regime. No-one believes they're about to change their mind.The Arab League is preparing to formally blame Bashar al-Assad for last week's apparent chemical weapons attack, but there are deep divisions in the region over how to respond to the worsening conflict which is already causing strife beyond Syria's borders. ABC correspondent Philip Williams reports from Jordan.With more than half a million refugees pouring across its northern border, Jordan, like all of Syria's neighbours, is carrying a heavy burden as a result of the conflict. The war is also fuelling jihadist sentiment with foreign fighters using Jordan as a base to enter Syria and join the rebel forces fighting the Assad regime. At the largest refugee camp, protesters welcomed the prospect of foreign military strikes, something opposition supporters have been demanding for years .
TRANSLATION: The military strike is late. It should have taken place two years ago and the ultimatums given by NATO, the West and Arab nations should have been given a long time ago.But not everyone is so keen on Western military intervention.There is enough killing that has taken place in Syria. You don't want more killing, you want this killing to end.Here in Amman, the opposition Islamic Action Front said it would have dangerous repercussions for the region and called for the conflict to be ended through negotiations. The government of the key, says Jordan would not be used as a launch pad for Western military intervention. Jordan isn't the only counsel interest I to feel the effects of Syria's conflict. Even strife-torn Iraq is seen ago a safer place. With instability across the Arab world, there is a strong desire for the conflict to be brought to an en, but many in the region are not convinced Western military strike also achieve that end.A series of car bombings in Baghdad has killed 86 people and wounded hundreds more. The bombs were detonated in the city's south, north and west, and targeted both Shi'ite and Sunni districts.No-one has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Iraq is suffering its worse sectarian violence in years with the civil war in neighbouring Syria only adding to tensions.Two men who boasted about going out to bash Asians have pleaded guilty to a murder on north Bourne Avenue two years ago. An 8-week trial with up to 200 witnesses had been due to start next week. Elizabeth Byrne reports.It was a brutal killing. 27-year-old Liang Zhao was beaten to death with a baseball bat and machete and robbed of his mobile phone and $21.He was killed in the early hours of the morning, found by a passer-by near day break.Mr Zhao was walking home after failing to find a taxi. In a tragic twist, his mother drove to the city, but failed to find him. She was too late.By then, her son had been attacked by 22-year-old Taylor Schmit and a 19-year-old man who can't be named. Witnesses told police the pair had said they targeted Mr Zhao because fs Asian.One witness told police the pair had come to her apartment afterwards, covered in blood, and had laughed as they cleaned their weapons. Both men were arrested within days and have been in custody ever since. They were subdued as they pleaded guilty this morning. A disputed fathers claim will be held next week.As Cal an Kohler reports a tension has focused on India's tumbling rupee. Well, most developing country currencies are under pressure at the moment, about you none more than the Indian rupee. It's in free fall right now, the sort of thing that happened to the Thai baht in 1997. The reason developing country currencies are falling is because hedge funds are pulling money back to the US to prepare for the coming of the taper, that is the reduction in Fed money printing. The rupee is under attack because of India's big current account deficit, so that its incoming Reserve Bank Governor due to start work next week l be boarding aing shipThe Mumbai stock market has also fallen 10% in a few weeks, although it went up today, along with Wall Street and Japan. In Europe they're still worried about SyriaThe oil price went up againThe local market was basically flat today, but given that, there were some very big moves today. Qantas shares jumped nearly 14% after the company surprised the market by announcing an actual profit - $245 million, thanks to the halving of the loss on its international routes. Transfield reported a loss yesterday, but several analysts came out with upgrades to buy today. Ramsay Healthcare booked a profit increase of 9% to $266 million and shares jumped 5%.On the downside, goldminer Kingsgate was smashed, and Billabong fell 11.3%Today's data on the Australian economy were capital expenditure for the second quarter, down 4% overall, but as you can see from the graph, a bit of a difference between mining and manufacturing. Mining cap peks rose 8%, manufacturing down 9%. Worse stel, future investment plans by manufacturers fell 25% and overall investment plans were the weakest in 25 years.The Australian dollar strengthened a bit today, but it remains firmly under 90 US cents. That's finance.

The Federal Government has committed $6 million to attracts more space projects to Australia. Industry will match the investment dollar for dollar which will be used to resource development companies so they can take on larger space engineering projects. The grant was announced on the campaign trail, but will go ahead regardless of who wins the election. The money will go into projects in which Australia specialises, such as tracking the movement of debris orbiting the Earth.There will be an enormous return. These returns will not only be in the long term as they are for many things we do here with fundamental research, but in fact this sort of thing will come back in the short term.The space industry is worth half a trillion dollars a year worldwide.Americans have gathered in Washington to commemorate 50 years since Martin Luther King's 'I Have A Dream' speech. But a mid the celebration, there was a sense that America's struggle for equality is far from over. Jane Cowan reports.Thousands braved the rain to line the National Mall where crowds massed half a century ago to hear Martin Luther King deliver what became one of the most celebrated pieces of American oratory.I have a dream.That my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character. I have a dream. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) In a moment rich with history and symbolism, America's first black President said thank you.Because they marched, doors of opportunity and education swung open so their daughters and sons could finally imagine a life for themselves beyond washing somebody else's laundry, or shining somebody else's shoes.Two past presidents and a cavalcade of Seb Brits paid tribute.This march and that speech changed America.But people here on the National Mall are conscience of just how much further America has to go to fully realise Martin Luther King's dream. Poverty, disadvantage, incarceration and unemployment are all dramatically higher for African-Americans. Voting rights are again under threat and the killing of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin has revived racial tensions.As far as equality is concerned, we have a long way to go. Within the next 50 or 100 years it will be even greater.The dream still a live, but the promise of racial equality still elusive.It's the news Wallabies fans have been waiting for. Israel Folau has agreed to stick with the Australian Rugby Union for the next two years. Folau walked away from a deal with AFL club Greater Western Sydney last year. The 24-year-old says the ARU's offer was too good to refuse, given the prospect of a World Cup appearance in 2015.Looking down the track as well, there was a lot of exciting things coming up for rugby and so I want to be a part of that.He made at announcement at a rugby development clinic in Sydney.Lleyton Hewitt is through to the second round of the US Open in New York. Hewitt won the tournament back in 2001 and took the opening set against American Brian Baker. The 32-year-old making his 13th appearance at Flushing Meadows went on to win the match in four sets. COMMENTATOR: That will do it. Baker a double fault. Hewitt - why should he pack it in? He is still winning Grand Slam matches.Hewitt will play Juan Martin Del Potro in the second round. Convene nous Williams' match produced memorable highlights on Day 3, but her Chinese opponent kept her composure to defeat Venus in the third-set tie breaker.Ryan Harris has returned from the Ashes to bad news. The fast bowler was Australia's player of the series but he will miss the next 6-8 weeks with a hamstring injury. He says he is still keen to take on England in the return sear ri this summer.Ryan Harris wasn't bearing the urn, but he still came home to a hero's welcome. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) .The 33-year-old was Australia's standout bowler in the Ashes series loss, but finished with a hamstring twinge. He has been ruled out for the next 6-8 weeks and has his sightings set on returning to play his First Test at the Gabba in November in the return Ashes series.It is huge. Yeah, I would love to - I missed the last series here at the Gabba and I would really love to play a home Test. That's a massive goal of mine.Fellow paceman Mitchell Johnson could also be a Test contender.No doubt they would have Mitch in their sights for a couple of those games, I think, particularly given the grounds and some of his records at those grounds.England's dangerman has made light of concerns for his safety Down Under.No, I will feel like a rock star with some big heavies behind me.I I guess they say win something a habit and I tend to agree with that. Stating the bleeding obvious, we're not - you don't go out and try and win anymore. There were none of those games since February that we thought, "Oh, well, we've won one recently so we won't try to win this one." Australia's last victory in any format waas in February.Canberran cyclist Michael Matthews has claimed a career-first major stage win for Australia's GreenEDGE team. After a strong performance in the Tour de France, GreenEDGE has picked up an early-stage win in the Tour of Spain. Matthews powereded to the line to claim his first stage win in a major tour. Matthews has been in strong form, finishing third in Tuesday's stage and winning two stages in the Tour of Utah in the US earlier this month.The Blues and Kangaroos will square off in the Grand Final this weekend with no love lost between Queanbeyan's rugby league teams. Ex-Raiders skipper Simon wool Ford has coached the Blues to the season decider in his first year at the helm. He is confident the team is ready to defeat their cross-town rivals.I think the belief there is that we can win, but you've still got to bring it to game day. The fact that we've beaten them or they have beaten us during the year, doesn't really count on game day.The, the Kangaroos won't be going easy on the BluesAt the end of the day you are mates off the field but come game day, I hate them, so as simple as that. After the game I will shake their hands, but during it, they are my worst enemies.The Grand Final will kick off at 3pm on Sunday at Seaford Oval.There has been a big step forward in the fight to save the Tasmanian devil. Dozens of joeys have been born in a breeding facility deep in the Hunter Valley. The prop lags is free of the deadly facial tumour disease and this latest success bodes well for the survival of the species. Jackson Vernon reports.Meet the new generation of Tasmanian devils.This is Scarlett, the adventurous one.These 4-month-olds are the latest offspring of a successful breeding programThose females have the possibility of having four joeys each, but the average is 2.5, so we're expecting between 30 and 40.Now in its third year, up to 180 disease-free mammals are housed there.We see this as a real opportunity for a wholesome program to work and a future for a species to be saved.The disease has wiped out 90% of wild devils, and with no cure, it means joeys like these are vital for the species' survival. These siblings were brought to the Australian Reptile Park where Kelly Masters is raising the trio. She has her hands and hair full during feeding time.The program, the aim is to be as hands-off as possible, so this is quite unusual that we would pick someone from up there to ray.These joeys will be kept in the park for another year and a half before it's hoped they can be moved back into the Barrington Tops.By 2015, it's hoped the first lot of devils can be released into specific Areases of TasmaniaThis will be a very nice example of a captive component working, releasing even more devils back to the natural environment.A promising bunch.To the weather now and Canberra didn't quite reach the temperature we expected for today, but it was warmish nevertheless. A top of 19 and a low of 3. It was a similar picture around the region with temperatures just a degree or so warmer to our west.

To the satellite and there is a cloud mass extending across parts of SA, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania. There is also low cloud along the coast of WA and the eastern Queensland tropical coast.A low trough is generating severe thunderstorms, showers and a cooler change in SA, Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW.Unseasonally warm northerly winds are strong ahead of that trough, and another trough is causing light showers in south-west WA.And we can see rain indicated for six capital cities tomorrow:

Before we go, a brief recap of our top stories tonight - Canberra Raiders player Sandor Earl has been suspended after he admitted that he used and trafficked a banned peptide. It's understood the charges relate back to Earl's time at the Penrith Panthers.And US President Barack Obama says is he convinced the Assad Government carried out a chemical weapons attack on civilians. Military intervention is looking increasingly likely, but the timing of any strike remains unclear. That's the latest from the Canberra newsroom. For more, you can follow us online or on Twitter.We leave you with pictures from the annual toe mat toe Festival in Valencia. I'm Virginia Haussegger. Have a good night.

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This Program Is Captioned Live. I suffered from major depression and went through periods of being suicidal over a number of years.And which party can best deliver on education? If we're going to provide needs-based funding for the first time, for all Australian schools, Government and non-Government, what we're offering is 6 years of funding certainty. We need to restore respect to the teaching profession. Part of that is to have the remuneration of teachers matching what happens in the rest of the market.The agony of post-traumatic stress is becoming a reality for