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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Barack Obama undecided on Syrian military strike as UN urges patience.They need time to reach out. (CHANTING) British backlash - David Cameron rethinks the approach to military intervention.And costings defended - Tony Abbott rubbishs Labor claims of a budget black hole.

ANNOUNCER: From SBS this is World News Australia.Good evening. Welcome to the program. I'm Lee Lin Chin.I'm Anton Enus.Tonight - a young Chinese boy blinded for life by a woman's gruesome attack.I have a dream.Barack Obama marks 50 years since the speech that changed America. But first, US President President Barack Obama is convinced that the chemical attack in Syria was carried out by the regime. He says he is still undecided whether to launch military action. It comes as Britain takes a step back, agreeing to wait until the UN's weapons' inspectors complete their work before deciding on whether to join America in a military response. Joining us from London is SBS correspondent Brett Mason. Good evening. What are parliamentarians saying there?Well, British MPs scared off by the conflict in Iraq say they are in no rush to involve themselves in yet another conflict in the Middle East. The US is in no hurry either, but says it remains determined to send Syria an unmistakable message.The prospect of an imminent attack may have been delayed, but the humanitarian crisis continues. Thousands join the millions who have already fled Syria - getting out before the situation gets any worse. The UN team charged with investigating whether a chemical attack took place has been back at work in the Damascus suburbs, gathering evidence. They are due to leave Syria on Sunday. The UN Secretary- General urging America and its allies to let them complete their work before launching an attack.At this time it is essential to establish the facts. That is why the United Nations is investigating, their team is on the ground to do just that. The team needs time to finish up.It's a call that Britain heeded. It will not seek parliamentary approval for any attack until after the team has produced its report. The US has given no such asuper sis. Based on the evidence available -- asuper sis. Based on the evidence so far, including intercepted conversations between the Syrian military of defence and a chemical unit, it has concluded that it was the regime that fired the rockets.We do not believe that given the delivery systems using rockets, that the opposition could have carried out the attacks. We have concluded that the Syrian government, in fact, carried these out. If that's so, there needs to be international consequences.He had the Prime Minister in complete agreement.We have been in the process in recent days of testing the assumptions with a range of institutions, organisations and governments around the world. And we are confident of this conclusion. The evidence, in our judgment, is now overwhelming.Australia is using its position on the United Nations Security Council to try and get UN backing for a military response, but in the face of determined opposition from Russia the US and Britain have almost given up on the world body. The one unanswered question - will the US go it alone in launching punitive air strikes or will it wait on Britain. Here in Britain there's been a dramatic change of tone on Syria after earlier suggestions of air strikes with or without the UN's backing. The Prime Minister was caught offboard at the 11th hour after the Labour Leader withdrew his support after earlier indicating he would support that motion here in parliament today.n here in parliament today. So, parliament has been recalled at a cost of nearly $4 million for a vote that will now not ultimately decide if there'll be a form of military intervention. It seems both sides of politics have bowed to public pressure. In Downing Street protesters made their message clear. (CHAesters made their message clear.
(CHANTING) .And they might just get their way. Inside number 10, David Cameron's plan for avid Cameron's plan for action against Syria stalled. The opposition threatened to vote against the motion, despite appearing to back the plan yesterday.Labor's position is that the evidence of the UN weapons' inspectors should be before the United Nations Security Council and the House of Commons ahead of a decision being taken by the Security Council and House of Commons. We do not believe it is reasonable for the Prime Minister to ask Prime Minister to ask the parliament to issue him a blank cheque in relation to to military force lation to to military force in Syria.Now there'll be two votes hold. The first tonight where MPs will decide if they agree in theory to military intervention, the second coming after the UN Security Council hears from inspectors. Meaning British intervention could be delayed.This is, after all, something on which the world should be able to unite - that the use of chemical weapons in the 21st century is unacceptable. We are making every effort to make sure the British parliament can unite.The Prime Minister may have received concensus behind closed doors of his national Security Council, but convincing fellow parliamentarians and the public will be more difficult. Comparisons to his predecessor Tony Blair and Iraq are proving difficult to shake. Public opinion is divided. New polls show 40% of people are against any form of British involvement.I'm genuinely concerned about our foreign policy when it comes to the wider kind of Middle East area. If we say we don't tolerate chemical weapons in the world, we need to do something. You can't just say it and when they use it, ignore it.We don't have the finances and resources.Britain has to s.Britain has to get involved. It's a quays of not overstepping the mark.Fleet Street cast its judgment. MPs will have their say when the debate begins.The debate will begin shortly, and could last up to six hours. The pressure is firmly on the Prime Minister. Is this a rare instance of the Cameron government forced to back off because of popular opposition?Well, it really is. It was a chance for David Cameron and his government to seize a moment of international diplomacy. It's become a domestic political nightmare and questions, too, are being asked about the leadership of Ed Miliband, the Labour Leader who essentially led abour Leader who essentially led David Cameron on. Number 10 is furious about this and has been providing journalists with colourful assessments of Mr Miliband's character. Yesterday all eyes were on Syria, today on the palace and Westminster behind me. Europe correspondenter behind me. Europe correspondent Brett Mason in London. In the midst of carnage a story about joy. The moment when a man from Zamalka, a town near Damascus is reunited with his son, several days after the chemical weapons' attack. He thought the child had been killed. Weak with relief and emotion, the kisses flowed. On the activist video the father looking like he'll keep the boy close forever. To the election campaign now, and the Prime Minister is accusing the Opposition of having a $10 billion black hole in its policy costings. Kevin Rudd has cited confidential departmental documents as proof.Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is standing by his figures. is standing by his figures. Late today the Treasury and finance departments weighed in saying what they costed was not identical to opposition policy.The netball dad who cheered his daughters puts his money where his mouth used to be, promising the sport $6 million at an up-close photo opportunity. an up-close photo opportunity. Kevin Rudd is hoping for a knockout, claiming a $10 billion aiming a $10 billion hole in the Opposition's costings, questioning Tony Abbott's judgment and truthfulness.This is a $10 billion fraud on s a $10 billion fraud on the Australian people.Mr Rudd has lian people.Mr Rudd has got all of his own figures wrong. Now he's getting our figures wrong too. When it comes to budget figures, if Mr Rudd's lifs are moving you know he's not telling the -- lips are moving you know he's not telling the truth. The Treasury and Finance Minister released documents which they say contradict the Coalition's $30 million in savings the the budget office and a finance panel verified his figures, say Kevin Rudd.I'm confident, based on the work done for us.Treasury and finance issued a statement - distancing themselves from the government's move, saying different costing assumptions would inevitably generate different outcomes. Tony Abbott launched his education policy at Penrith Christian School in Sydney's west, but had to distance himself from the school's value revealed as: Obviously I don't agree with that statement.He says it's a good school. In it's a good school. In Melbourne Kevin Rudd's revisited the Williamstown shipyard he visited last week, fast-tracking the replacement of two Navy ships. After the debate last night, he suggested it's not him gathering on. What we had was waffle, waffle, waffle and waffle. It was almost edible.He's not attracting a statement of anxiety at foreign landownership.I'm stating my overall preference.On his about- face at closing Medicare local centres, he's looking at abolition plans.I don't guarantee they'll stay the same.A betting agency is paying the books, paying out on a Coalition win.More fool them.150 out of 160 Melbourne Cups, the favourite won 35 times.The Coalition recalled the Coalition win that never was, 1993.Proof that there is no such thing as an unlosable election.He insists this one is tight. Political hopeful Clive Palmer accused the Prime Minister of stalling his campaign at Melbourne Airport. Clive Palmer released video showing his private plane stranded on the tarmac, saying his plane was being refuelled when he was told the fuel was needed for Kevin Rudd's plane. Labor described the claim as nonsense. Prepolling is well under way in the largest overseas booth. That is at Australia House in London. So far more than 1500 Australians have cast their votes. Officials are expecting the queues to build.In the 2010 election we had over 16,000 votes I should at Australia house.Hong Kong and Singapore are the next busiest overseas booths, ext busiest overseas booths, with more than 10,000 ballads cast in 2010. And about 150 homeless men and women have voted in Melbourne today. Homeless voters can enrol with a temporary address or state that they have no fixed address. The Australian Sex Party has launched its election campaign in Melbourne. The party supports decriminalising drug use and legalising same-sex marriage. It has 52 candidates. You're watching candidates. You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - Federal Police launch a major crackdown on people smuggling rings across Australia.Shortly - blinded for life - the brutal attack on a 6-year-old boy in China.Later - the extraordinary impact mental illness has on Australia's hospital system.


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The AFP has arrested five men it alleges played a key role in major people smuggling syndicates in Australia and overseas. The arrests follow raids across the country after a 12-month investigation. Most of the men arrested were boat people themselves. Including three who were Including three who were in immigration detention. Dawn raids were carried out across Victoria, South Australia and NSW. It followed a year-long Federal Police investigation. Five men from Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan were arrested. Allegedly they were involved in planning and facilitating the arrival of more than 130 boats to Australia.They are significant tralia.They are significant players within those syndicates. They were actively involved in the recruitment of people overseas, and also in relation to the collection and transfer of moneys.Operation Delfinium was linked to a number of separate criminal investigations targeteding people smugglers in Australia and overseas. It involved almost every state and territory, and included hundreds of tip-offs from the public, informs that will lead to more arrests.For those that have not been picked up in the first scoop today - does not mean you should sleep well tonight. This effort is ongoing.The AFP says four of the five men arrested had themselves arrived in Australia by boat. Three were held in immigration detention at the time of their arrest. One is a 31-year- old Afghani man that appeared already in the Perth Magistrates Court on two charges of facilitating thees of facilitating the arrival in Australia of asylum seekers. He's due to again late next month. A 21- year-old Iranian, and a 40-year-old from Afghanistan will appear at the NSW Central Local Court tomorrow morning. If convicted the men face up to 10 years in prison and $110,000 fine. Federal Police have now arrested a total of 26 people smuggling organisers since 2009. Now a horrific story in China. A 6- year-old boy has been blinded for life. He was tricked into following a woman to a field where she gouged out his eyes.He doesn't know yet that he will never see again. Family members have not had the heart to tell him.Writhing in agony this young boy struggles to comprehend what happened to him. It's impossible to know the pain he is in. He was playing near his house when led to a field, held down, and his eyes gouged out. It's a breathtaking act of cruelty that defies explanation. The family is devastated.

The boy is in a stable condition, but is clearly distressed. His uncle told the budget Youth Daily, the boy is asking why the sky is dark and the dawn hasn't come. They told him asn't come. They told him his eyes will be fine after the bandages are off. It's a difficult question to explain. It's a heartbreaking thing.

The uncle said the doctors plan to impart artificial eyeballs so people will not be scared of his appearance. Hospital officials said the eyes were too badly damaged to be repaired.

The boy was found covered in blood, hours after he disappeared. Earlier media reports said the boy's corneas were missing suggesting the attacker was an organ trafficker. They have since been found. The suspect is a woman with dyed yellow hair. Why she did it, only she knows. Thousands gathered in Washington to mark 50 years since the speech that changed America. Doctor Martin Luther King stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and uttered the words "I have a dream." Now the first African- American president walked those same steps, sharing his vision for racial equality. Standing in the exact spot reverend King stood to address the plight of the American fleeing roe 50 years ago.I have a dream that -- negro50 years ago. I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up, live up to the true meaning of its creed. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. Today President Barack Obama spoke to the needs of the nation.The test was not and never has been whether the doors of opportunity are cracked a bit wider or a few, it's whether our economic system provide a fair shot for the many. It was the rarest of moments in American history. Three American presidents together to remember a king.The choice remains as it was on that distant summer day 50 years ago. Cooperate and thrive, or fight with each other and fall behind.50 years ago today a quarter of a million people endured the August heat and humiliation of segregation to come to Washington, put on their Sunday best to signify American solidarity that America must change. Today the crowd was less, 30,000, the dress more casual. The sense of history was strong. There were stars on stage. Speaker after speaker touched upon the words that changed American history.I have a dream. My four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.Martin Luther King's dream may not yet be filled but the President insisted America is on sisted America is on its way.To dismiss the magnitude of this progress - to suggest as some sometimes do that little has changed - that dishonours the courage and the sacrifice of ge and the sacrifice of those who paid the price to march in those years.A UN peacekeeper has been killed and three other wounded during an operation with the Congolese army to drive back M23 rebels from Goma in the east of the Democratic Republic of cratic Republic of Congo. UN and government forces used attack helicopters to push the rebels back from their positions near the city, which is on the Rwandan border. More than 400 members of an ancient Jewish community from Ethiopia have arrived in Israel. It's the final end of a 3-year operation that has brought 7,000 members of the Falash Mura community to the Jewish state. Some have waited years to emmigrate. United States army psychiatrist Major Nidal Hasan has been handed the death sentence for a gun attack that killed 13 people at a Texas military base. He said he had switched sides and wanted to protect Islamic wanted to protect Islamic insurgents from American forces. He was an American soldier who sympathised with the Taleban and believed in Shariah law. US Military justice sentenced him to death. He had nothing to say in his defence, after killing and injuring so many people. This was the aftermath of the shooting at a medical centre at Fort Hood base in November 2009, where troops were preparing for deployment to Afghanistan. 13 died. Some as they tried to take cover. Others as they tried to stop him. On a military base few people are allowed to be armed. More than 30 were injured. He fired 146 bullets before being paralysed by the shots that finally stopped him. For the American-born Muslim this was a religiously motivated attacks."I switched sides",Is all he said on what he considered was an American war onist lame. In closing statements the prosecutor -- onIslam. In closing statements the prosecutor told stories. He told the panel of military jurors that Major Nidal Hasan would never be a martyr. He is not giving his life, we are taking it. The panel of 13 jurors agreed he should be exkited. It's been more than 50 years since -- executed. It's been more that 50 years since an US serving member has been put to death. The US President will ath. The US President will have to approve any execution.Anyone who would use their religion to commit acts of terrorism serves no god but their own self-interest.o god but their own self-interest.After four years of waiting, finally an answer. But it changes little. Returning to our top story, and possible Western military action against Syria is being viewed with concern across the Middle East.Exactly. There are many worried people in Lebanon. It's bearing the brunt of the escalating conflict. The sectarian divide has deepened by support within the country for the Bashar al-Assad regime and the rebels.No place across Syria's borders feels it more strongly than Tripoli and northern Lebanon. 50 died, hundreds injured on bomb attacks on Sunni Muslim mosquess. Syria has so many connections with its neighbours, that the nightmare has been that the war would spread. And it is happening. Tripoli is divided on sectarian lines. Lebanese Sunnis support Syria's Sunni armed rebels. A radical preacher in a bombed mosque who told followers to fight against the Assad regime believed it carried out the attack. TRANSLATION: From the minute the explosion occurred I knew it was the Syrian regime. These were the kind of attacks they carried out when they cold Lebanon in the 1980s. Across the border from Lebanon. BBC News has been given visas to report from Damascus. The capital is busy, but is still quieter than visits I made earlier this year. In a bread queue there was defiance.Why should we be afraid. We've been living in war for three years. We are continuing our lives.By the time it's dark most citizens are home or heading that way. At night they fear kidnapping and other crimes. Bad enough, but now there's a possibility that the city may be bombed. The people of Damascus, whatever they think about President Assad are awaiting results of decisions made elsewhere, and which will most likely have a profound affect on their lives. The Syrian war is moving into a new phase, and the countrys surrounding Syria are bracing themselves ing Syria are bracing themselves for a new crisis. The Israelis mobilised Army Reservists and pushed forces closer to the border with Syria. Iran's MPs ran through the repertoire of anti-American chants. Iran is Syria's closest ally and warned of dire Defences if America, Britain and Francaise tack Syria. TRANSLATION: Any kind of foreign interference in this region will have consequences beyond the border of Syria, setting the entire region ablaze.In Jordan the government declared no attack would be launched from its territory. In the camps of Syrian refugees - some of the people who fled the war were demanding air strikes. Thousands more refugees from Syria have been arriving in northern Iraq. One justification offered for military action is that it would protect Syrian civilians. When so many have suffered so much, not all Syrians will believe that. Mental health and substance abuse disorders are the biggest cause of non-fatal illness in the world. That is according to a new study. The new statistics shocked some experts, but recovering alcoholic John McMillan is not surprised. He suffered for 18 years before asking for help. He's been dry for five years. John McMillan has learnt the hard way just how destructive substance abuse can be. His drinking problem started after a relationship broke down in his mid 20s.I didn't know how to deal with the grief, pain and fear. The only way I knew how to alleviate those feelings, unbenons to me it would make them worst was to drink.He's proud to call himself a recovering alcoholic.I've been blessed to have a very, very understanding family that were direly affected by my behaviour.A report published today suggest there are many like John, saying mental illness and substance abusing for 23% of the burred in on the health system. It increased by 40% in the last 20 years. And it causes more poor health worldwide than diabetes, stroke or infectious diseases like aids and 'Turbo' combined.A significant -- tuberculosis combined. A significant contributor, but the amount spent on mental health is way lower than that. Psychiatrists say it doesn't need to be a big problem, but picked up early and dealt with.We need to do more work by advocating to the public about presenting to GPs, if they have problems relating to mental issues.John sought refuge in a Sydney rehabilitation clinic. Snaugss like this can be a last hope for -- institutions like this can be a last hope for sufferers. The report doesn't tell you about the collateral damage.Generally if there's a person with a mental illness in the family, there's a lot of issues going on and everyone suffers one way for the other.One of the most important things we can take from the report is those of us suffering from mental illness are not alone. l illness are not alone. Experts say treatment is underfunded in Australia, there is help there if needed. The first step is admitting that you need it. And now more on the election campaign. And the marginal electorate of Bennelong in Sydney has the biggest overseas-born population of any Liberal-held seat. The Asian community is believed to have been instrumental in toppling Prime Minister John Howard in 2007. Their votes are again seep as crucial if Labor has any chance of winning is back -- seen as crucial if Labor has any chance of winning is back. ance of winning is back. Peter Cheung has run a printing business in ride in north- western Sydney in 24 years. Times are tough. He's undecided how to vote but will not be persuaded by a candidate's cultural backgrounds. It matters who can be running the country.The Chinese and Korean community support for Kevin Rudd is believed to have helped to win Bennelong for Maxine McKew in 2007. Labor lost it at the last election to Liberal John Alexander, a tennis champion who holds it by 3.1%. Jason Yat-sen Li was called in by Kevin Rudd last month following the disendorsement of a Labor original candidate over allegations understand The Independent Commission Against Corruption. The Chinese Australian lawyer has been running a business in China and sees Bennelong as the next Silicon Valley.I can speak to them in Chinese, that's an advantage. There's another 70 or 80% among the general population. We need to ensure we appeal to everyone. Good luck.The sitting member has his eye on the Australian-Malaysian vote. Door-knockingan-Malaysian vote. Door-knocking with a Chinese speaker.We saw a situation where Korean and Chinese students were left out of sports and not engaging with other students. The idea came if we could introduce table tennis into schools, we could get students engaging across the cultural boundaries.He says his experience in the area sets him at an advantage. Bennelong's community is diverse, with Mandarin and Cantonese speakers. From early arrives to business people with diverse views. The big question - what will influence their vote this time.Kevin Rudd knows Chinese. Depends on the policy.Kevin can get the margin closer. If Julia Gillard just forget it.Others are waiting until the campaign's final days to decide which which way they'll vote. SBS Radio's Cantonese and Greek programs will host bilingual voter forums in the marginal electorates of Chisolm and Bennelong tomorrow. For more information visit the website. Bennelong's Liberal sitting member John Alexander declined to attend. You can check out Michael Hing's take on Bennelong on the website. SBS tonight has its own news to report.Exciting news. SBS has welcomed a Federal government decision to deliver its digital services to 95 more locations in regional and remote communities. It means an additional 135,000 Australians will be able to receive SBS Radio and TV, digital services, for the first time. It means that SBS will there the same reach as the ABC and commercial broadcasters. Coming up next - back in the black - Qantas lifts its bottom line after historic losses. And hanging tough - Lleyton Hewitt returns to the scene of one of his greatest

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Qantas is back in the black just one year after recording record losses. The airline contributes the turn around to cost cutting and reducing losses overseas. Qantas ch Chief Executive alJohn Joyce had reason to smile -- Alan Joyce had reason to smile. The airline recorded a profit last year, but this year it posted a $244 million loss.At the end of the day underlying results represents where the business is and the improvement that we are seeing across the board. Joyce said the improvements include strong growth for Qantas and Jetstar's business.A reason for the turnaround is the international division, losing $240 million last year. What is important to remember is that half as much of what it lost the year before. The key choice wasing routes that weren't making money and ex-- was cutting routes that weren't making money and routes to the Middle East and Europe routes strengthened. It is why Qantas is expecting international divisions to return to profit by 2015. Officials were cautious about sounding too optimistic. Reminding journalists that the company's success depends on several volatile factors, including the price of oil and the economy.Like a lot of businesses, we are hopeful that the certainty of election will generate confidence back into the market, and it the market, and it will see a lift up in demand as a consequence of that.And help keep the nation's largest airline from dipping into the red. Let's check the finance numbers now. The Australian share market closed higher amid concerns about the Syrian conflict. The banks were mixed. As mentioned a moment ago Qantas surged nearly 14%. Regional airline Rex said profits nose dived 45%. Mineers were higher and Westfield fell after a weaker Australian dollar hit its profit.

Time for the sports news, and Craig, after yesterday's dark day for tennis, it's dark days for rugby. League.The NRL issued an infrarbgz notice to Canberra Raiders winger Sandor Earl for using and trafficking a banned drug. Sandor Earl admitted to the charges and has been stood down. The 23-year- old has been handed an interim 12 month suspension and faces a 2-year ban for peptide use and 4 years to life for trafficking.I think this is the first example whereby we have been given facts.We have evidence and an admission. And the code is stepping forward and we've issued an infraction notice. I can't go on notice. I can't go into the specifics. That will unfold over the next period of time. The penalties are clear within the WADA code.The pep side CJC-1295 is considered by the World Anti-Doping Agency to be a substance that triggers the release of growth hormones. Sandor Earl has 10 days Sandor Earl has 10 days to elect to go to tribunal or accept a punishment. Meanwhile Raiders centre nt. Meanwhile Raiders centre Blake Ferguson is in trouble again after being caught speeding whilst under a driving suspension. Police clocked the 23- year-old man allegedly travelling almost 20km/h over the speed limit between Canberra and Sydney on Saturday afternoon. Blake Ferguson has been stood down without pay for missing training and drinking whilst injured. His latest indiscretion follows a list of off- field misdemeanours. Essendon boss Bruce Reid Essendon boss Bruce Reid is taking the AFL Commission to the Supreme Court. He is requesting that his case be heard uesting that his case be heard by an independent party, not the AFL. ent party, not the AFL. He faces charges in relation to bringing the game to disrepute. The league announced sanctions against Essendon, coach James Hird. Senior assistant Mark Thompson, and footy manager Danny Corcoran. To football - the final five sides to contest the Champions League has been determined. AC Milan, Real Sociedad, and Hizon had smooth advances. Celtic needed a late winner. eded a late winner. Goals either side of half-time by Kris Commons and Giorgos Samaras brought the tie back to life. It was not until the second minute of time added on that James Forrest scored the all- important winner. Meanwhile Barcelona secured the Spanish Super Cup, despite Lionel Messi's late penalty miss against Atletico Madrid ending in a scoreless draw. Barca claimed the trophy on away goals, following a 1-1 draw in the opening leg. We'll have live streaming from 1:30am on the Champions League0am on the Champions League draw tomorrow.

Football Federation Australia confirmed a national FFA Cup knockout competition will begin next year. It is scheduled to go ahead subject to commercial arrangements. Based on fnd's FA Cup the knock out tournament will feature around -- England's FA Cup the knockout tournament will feature around 70 teams. The first- ever Cup final will place in December 2014. Veteran Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic are the only Australians remaining in the singles draw of the US Open. Australia's representation in the women's ended with Ashleigh Barty's elimination today. Venus Williams is out, with Li Na making it a winning day for China.

winning day for China. Andy Murry made a smooth start to his title defence. Jack Duckworth is out. While Lleyton Hewitt turned back the clock. Lleyton Hewitt undoubtedly is in the twilight of his career. That fighting spirit shines through. He needed it against local hope Brian Baker. Brian Baker, 186 repeatedly broke Lleyton Hewitt's serve and levelled the match. In his 13th and perhaps last US Open, the 2001 champion dug deep on a rain-interrupted day at Flushing Meadow. Despite dropping his serve 16 times throughout the match, Lleyton Hewitt survived. He'll play itt survived. He'll play a former winner Juan Martin del Potro in Round 2. Things were easier for the defending champion Andy Murray. The third seed showed all his tricks against a willing but in the end outclassed Michael Llodra.Come on.Close to midnight thanks to the weather delays, Andy Murry's march towards another Grand Slam title began in style.Game, set, match.Last year when I won I was in a bit of shock, disbelief, I a bit of shock, disbelief, I didn't really get to enjoy the moment as much as I liked. When I came back this year I enjoyed coming back on to this court. I'm happy everyone stayed behind to watch. It was late, but it made it more special to come back to a packed house.Zheng Jie won a 3-setter against two-time winner Venus Williams, in a match that lasted ms, in a match that lasted more than two hours. Zheng Jie prevailed in a nail- biting third-set tie break. Israel Folau signed a two-year deal to stay in Rugby Union with the Wallabies and Waratahs. The 24- year-old is focusing on the 2015 Rugby World Cup. There were offers from rugby league, Israel Folau is keen to develop his skills in the 15-man game.There's a lot more improvement or things I need to tick off with rugby. That is the reason why I've decided to go on for another two years.Israel Folau was voted rookie of the world after a Stand-out Super Rugby season with the Waratahs. Australian cyclist Michael Matthews staked his claim for selection in the men's Road team after claiming a breakthrough victory at La Vuelta. He capitalised on ta. He capitalised on the work of his team as the peloton chased down a break. Michael Matthews hit the front with less than 200m to go, crossing the line unchallenged.One of my goals at the start of the year was to come to the Vuelta in good form. Everything leading up to this point has been progress to get me to this level. The team has been awesome. Through my progress. I Coon have got this win without them.-- couldn't have got this win out them. At 22 s win out them. At 22 Michael Matthews has emerged as an Australian cycling all- rounder. Vincenzo Nibali wearers the leaders jersey after five stages. Highlights of the three week Vuelta can be seen from 5:30:

Finally in sport the search to find the next Australian winner of the Tour de France continues. According to a unique cycling program, the rider may come from the Indigenous community.What we want to do is measure how much oxygen you guys can take in.These young boys are shown the young boys are shown the basic skills of cycling, and what it means to stay fit and healthy. They are part of the Indigenous Mountainart of the Indigenous Mountain Bike Project. The common theme is anything is possible.We use the bikes in the mountain bike project as a vehicle for health promotion. We did an activity around smoking and heart health.The program is designed to attract buting cyclists from Indigenous backgrounds to ride and race on two-wheel machines. Teach isks include mastering all riding - - teachings include mastering all riding skills, nutrition and benefits of cycling.I could hear some guys, g.I could hear some guys, as they were touching my back wheel. There's talent there. The group takes to the scenic tracks and trails around Sydney's bushland. It's a fun environment. The impact goes beyond the virtues of competition. There's every reason to suggest it could provide the seed to produce a future champion.It is pretty fun, creasing around hitting jumps.If someone can show them the way and some of the opportunities it will open you, and the world out there for them, it will be a great opportunity.Studies show 50% of all car trips are under 5 kilometres. Changing the mind-set of a new generation of cyclists is seen as the next step forward. That's the day in sport.Thank you, Craig.The weather is coming up and...I still have a dream.A crucial, but off the cuff passage. The story behind Martin Luther King's historic speech.

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US scientists investigating the so- called global warming hiatus over the past 15 years say they have evidence it's only temporary. A study published in the journal 'Nature' concludes that the hiatus is linked to the natural cooling of the tropical potion. Here a climate scientist says the study provide compelling evidence that the cause is linked to natural variations.So I guess this study tells us what the driver of this slow down is. We had that - various different guesses. This is tells us it's associated with the tropical Pacific and El Ninos and la Neneos. The next big test is how to predict when the hiatus areas will occur.

when the hiatus areas will occur.
Thunderstorms and showers for the south-east of the country. Low cloud over the west and south-west coast. In the major centres a few showers for peth, Darwin and Adelaide. Fine for -- Perth, Darwin and Adelaide. Fine for Alison Payne and Sydney.

Back to the crowd gathered at the to remember that electrifys address 50 years ago. Martin Luther King's I 'I have a dream.' speech I 'I have a dream.' speech a rousing call for civil rights in America.It's all part of history. The written speech he intended to give did not contain those words. (SINGING) At the feet of Abraham Lincoln they sang and waited. Offstage the 34- year-old Reverend Martin Luther King seemed a little tired as he told ABC le tired as he told ABC News he hoped to reach the hearts of good people of all races everywhere.Have their consciences aroused as a result of this disciplined, dignified and determined protest and demand for freedom now.At first when King walked to the podium he seemed restrained and red from a speech. Singer Mihalea Jackson burst forward.I see her. When her voice comes my attention changes. She said "Tell them about the dream", It was a refrain in the experience he used on the road but not part of the speech he used that day. Advisors told him he new something -- needed something new.I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.When I heard him say "I have a dream", I said expletive, because we'd been up and down the steps all night working on this alternate ending climax.Advisor Wyatt T Walker who said they all recognised that Dr King was now alive, transformed.We were all long.... Little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white girls and white girls as sisters and brothers. I have a dream.So did the late civil right's leader Dorothy White.When he lifted his arm it felt like he was taking us all in. e was taking us all in.As he did he ended with the words of a hymmee used to to sing. Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty we are free at last. Recapping the top stories now. US President Barack Obama says he still is undecided about whether or not to take military action in Syria. And British MPs are due to vote tonight on a response to the chemical weapons attack in Syria. That is the world this Thursday. Our next bulletin at an earlier time of 10:25." Also follow us on Twitter. Goodnight.Red re -- Supertext captions by Red Bee Media - www.redbeemedia.coy Red Bee Media -

Here is a broadcast
by the Hon. Kevin Rudd MP,

Prime Minister of Australia,
for the Australian Labor Party

for the 2013 Federal election.

I believe in building
for our nation's future.

I don't believe
the future just happens.

I've long believed we have
to make our own luck.

This election comes at a critical
time in Australia's history.

And now more than ever,

as the end of the decade-long
China mining boom approaches,

we must face the new challenges
of the future.

I have a positive plan for
building our future. Number 1...

We'll deploy a billion-dollar
investment plan

to build the new industries
of the future

that will create the
new jobs of the future.

Because we can't have all our eggs
in just one basket -

the mining basket.

Number 2. We will build
the schools of the future

through our 15-billion-dollar
Better Schools Plan

so that our kids get
more individual attention

to be able to reach
their full potential.

Number 3.

We are investing in the world-class
infrastructure of the future,

like the National Broadband Network,
to build the businesses of tomorrow,

small and large.

Number 4. We will continue to invest

in our world-class health and
hospital system and add to it

through Australia's first national
disability insurance scheme.

And number 5.

We will continue to build
a clean energy future for Australia

to deal with climate change.

And on the way through
we will also continue

to support families
under financial pressure

by preserving proper protections
in the workplace

including through penalty rates
and overtime.

So we believe in building the future.

Mt Abbott believes
in cutting for the future

and cutting to the bone.

Mr Abbott's Treasury spokesman says

they will have to find
70 billion dollars,

which is an amount equal
to the total of the Australian
Government's payments

to the states for hospitals.

But Mr Abbott has so far
refused to tell us

where his 70 billion dollars of cuts
to jobs, education and hospitals

would come from.

And now Mr Abbott has confirmed

that the Goods and Services Tax
is back on the table,

failing to rule out
whether the rate will rise

or whether it will now
be extended to food.

Finally, if we are going to build
Australia's future together,

what Australia needs is a new way
of politics for the future as well

and the end to
wall-to-wall negativity,

bringing government, businesses
and unions together

around the same table

rather than continuing
the politics of division.

This, I believe, is the way we can
build Australia's future together.

Once, Britain ruled India

and now it seems
that Indian food rules Britain.

And I'm going to go
around the country

and look at the state
of the Curry Nation today.

On this leg of my road trip
around Britain,

I explore Yorkshire
and its Kashmiri influence.

whose mother instilled in her

the most exacting standards
of making a curry.

And now she shares that knowledge
with Yorkshire's children.

Well hello, how are you?

I visit a Bradford restaurateur

who promises to cook me a curry
from scratch in less than 15 minutes.