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(generated from captions) Fireplace is locked in.
Yep. The only time
that fire's going to be good. I was going to say, with a certain amount of irony,
you've locked in fireplace, having lost your house
in Marysville on Black Saturday. Ron, I think everybody here
would agree with me that this is a very popular win
of $20,000. (CHEERING, APPLAUSE)

Yeah! Although, it's actually of
Gaelic and Scottish origin, with 'ingle' meaning 'fire'
and nook. So there you go. A small recess. That's it. What about that? Ronnie Jones just won $20,000! See you next time in the
Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by
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This program is captioned live. Tonight, a teenage girl and a young boy in crippling pain left for hours at Campbelltown Hospital. NRL bombshell. The 1st play of us did trafficking and using illegal drugs. Kevin Rudd accused of lying about the $10,000,000,000 black hole. A massive blaze burned through bushland at Picton and Sydney set to enter a record-breaking spring weather. Good evening. The strain on our hospitals is back in the spotlight, with an appalling case of long waiting times and a lack of treatment. Campbelltown Hospital is in damage control tonight, after a teenage patient was forced to wait on the floor in excruciating pain for nine hours. We have reporters at Campbelltown and at State Parliament We begin with Mark Burrows. Demi Sita off the hospital floor and into a bed at last.How are you feeling?In a lot of pain.Earlier in the week, such a different picture. Demi spent nine hours on the floor of the emergency department at Campbelltown Hospital, huddling under a blanket doubled up in pain with appendicitis.She could have died. If you rupture your appendix and get septicaemia, you die.They just told me wait in the waiting room. How much pain?A lot of pain. I asked for pain relief. They wouldn't give it too me. I asked four times.Demi arrived at hospital with her mum at 3.30pm on Monday afternoon. After nine hours with her daughter in excruciating pain and no treatment, Julie took her home at 12.30am They returned the following evening at 6.30pm. Demi was admitted within 10 minutes when hospital staff were shown this photo.I'm angry. For her to be left there for nine hours with no treatment. Four times we asked for medication and they wouldn't give her any.The hospital says on the day Demi arrived, the emergency was swamped.At those times when the department is really busy, we have to prioritise the more urgent cases. Those were the cases that were being treated then.Is this hospital failing Campbelltown?It's far from failing Campbelltown, it's got an increased budget. An increased budget, but not enough to help 11-year-old Jackson Salter who had to wait 11 hours in Campbelltown Hospital on Tuesday with suspected gallstones.There was a nurse yelling to doctor that she wasn't going to take any more kids. It's heartbreaking to see they couldn't do anything for your child.The NSW health budget is $18 billion, and somehow it's still not enough to help the people of Campbelltown. They need more help. They need more staff. What is the latest on her condition?What a day this family has been through. Shortly after our interview, her condition deteriorated rapidly. We are told that as a direct result of not being treated. She went in for her emergency surgery at 3pm. We have spoken to her mum. There appears they may have been another medical condition that was causing that pain but the safe side, they removed her appendix. She will make full recovery. What a lot of unnecessary drama and pain this family has had to go through. Thank you.Kevin is a State Parliament. Have budget cuts contributed? Yes. Campbelltown Hospital has 36 Bates in its paediatric ward but 12 closed. The difference between screaming in pain on the floor and potentially being treated in a bed. Doctor Andrew McDonald is the shadow health minister in NSW and helps decide the paediatric ward at Campbelltown Hospital and still works once a week.This is an accident waiting to happen. As soon as the beds were cut, everybody expected there would be a tragedy. This is completely preventable.The response of the government is the emergency department will be expanded as part of the $139 million upgrade which is happening now at Campbelltown. There will be 90 extra beds. It should be open to the public by 2015. Not a moment too soon. Thank you. Rugby league has taken a giant body hit. Raiders winger Sandor Earl suspended after admitting he'd used performance enhancing peptides and also trafficked them. He's the first individual footballer to be caught in ASADA's investigation into league and AFL. It comes two months after Earl flatly denied claims by Nine News he was using banned substances. When not playing football, Sandor Earl is a part-time model, but after today's bombshell, it could become full-time career.Any comments?We've had an admission of the use and trafficking of peptides. He agreed and agreed to stand down and has subsequently been stood down.We revealed he had been using peptides which allegedly sourced independently from a western Sydney clinic. Earl threatened legal action before going public.I guess I expect to be called before ASADA after what was publicly said. It'd be quite silly if I wasn't. If that's the case, I've stated I'm willing to cooperate.Today we again heard from the fallen star. His tweets all but a vague confession. The NRL boss was far more forceful.We've been given facts, we have evidence, we have an admission, and the code is stepping forward and we've issued an infraction notice.Earl had signed a rich contract to play rugby in France next year. That is now looking remote. Taking peptides will bring a 2-year ban. The charge of trafficking has far greater ramifications - anything from four years to life. One is that the NRL headquarters. How did Sandor Earl get mixed up in this? In 2011, a sports scientist had a short stint at the Penrith Panthers were Sandor Earl was struggling with two shoulder injuries. He wanted to get them repaired. Stephen bank recommends you visit a clinic. From that, understand Sandor Earl to think into his own hands. That is when he allegedly began using peptides. The trafficking is an absolute bombshell. No indication of that. For Cronulla, see JC 1215 is one of the peptides the sharks allegedly used. If given what has happened to Sandor Earl there will be some nervous people at Cronulla. The sharks players have said that they took legal supplements and were told they were taking amino acids. Whether they took the drug may lead to further problems for the sharks down the track if that is proved. Kevin Rudd has been slapped down over his allegation of a $10 billion error in the Opposition's claimed budget savings. Senior bureaucrats in the Departments of Treasury and Finance have denied Government claims they had costed Opposition policies. The Coalition has accused the Prime Minister of lying. All the government's big guns - Prime Minister, treasurer and finance minister - lined up to shoot down the Coalition's claimed budget cuts and savings announced yesterday.It is quite clear that there is now a massive $10 billion hole in the $30 billion that they are claiming.$1 in every $3 that they counted as savings doesn't exist.This is based on advice from the departments of treasury and finance and the parliamentary budget office which we are releasing today.Tony Abbott, learning of the claims at a news conference on schools policy, didn't take a backward step.Mr Rudd has got all his own figures wrong and now he's getting our figures wrong too.The Treasury, Finance Department and Parliamentary budget Office minutes labelled protected and sensitive made the claim of a blackhole seem very official. Mr Bowen said releasing them was a serious step. But late this afternoon, the Treasury Secretary, Michael Parkinson, and Finance Department Secretary, Davic Tune, took the unprecedented step of issuing a statement virtually repudiating the Government's claims. They said, "At no stage prior to the caretaker period has either department costed Opposition policies. Different costing assumptions such as the start date of a policy, take-up assumptions, indexation and the coverage that applies will inevitably generate different outcomes." In other words, they're annoyed at being used by the Government and they're not copping it. The documents were all prepared before the election campaign started, based on information supplied by the Government. And dealt with only a few of the Coalition costings claimed to be errors.This is a $10 billion fraud on the Australian people.Today Mr Rudd has played a very deceitful game.The Finance Department minutes carried the admission that the costings had been prepared using a broad rule of thumb. Earlier, Mr Abbott had found himself in an awkward situation after visiting the Penrith Christian School in western Sydney that proclaims on its website that homosexuality is "an abomination under God".Obviously I don't agree with that statement.Before that, he posed with the Hills High School netball squad after they trained at Sydney Olympic Park.Sorry about the sweat.It's alright. A bit of body contact never hurt anyone! Wayward teenagers are being blamed for a fire at a disused tip at Picton in our south-west that came dangerously close to homes and a school. Locals say it's not the first time a suspicious blaze has broken out at the site. The flames tore through Picton's old tip site as anxious residents watched from their back gates.Mum runs in. Paul, there's a fire out the back!It quickly spread, threatening homes and the local high school.It's terrible. There is bamboo behind there and it's going off like fire crackers.A nearby animal shelter was cleared out.We got the animals ready to evacuate in case the smoke gets too thick.Thick black smoke hovered above the town. The fumes too much for one volunteer. Locals angered at the thought the fire was deliberately lit.They ought to grab them and stick them in the middle of it. Not burn them, just let them suffer the smoke.There have been a few fires out there set by the high school kids.Preventing fires has the Rural Fire Service carrying out 100 hazard reduction burns a week across the state. Today they included operations at Turramurra on Sydney's upper North Shore, countering a build-up of dry leaf litter and potential fire fuel.For the next three months, it's going to be warmer and drier, so ideal conditions for fires, and people need to be prepared. Five alleged people smugglers have been arrested in raids across the country. Three Afghan nationals, a Pakistani and an Iranian are accused of being part of a syndicate responsible for sending up to 130 asylum seeker boats to our shores. US President Barack Obama says American spy agencies have intercepted phone calls showing the Syrian regime did launch chemical weapons attacks on civilians. Peter Stefanovic is in neighbouring Lebanon tonight. Peter, are military strikes imminent? The US has got all of its pieces in place. If it chooses to go it alone, it could launch a strike as early as this weekend. But Washington wants the help of some of its old partners before it launches a possible attack on some of Ferrier 's military assets. America has its finger on the trigger. And this is how they'd punish the Al-Assad regime. Tomahawk cruise missile strikes launched from warships or long-range Bombers against targets like this - a base for vehicles and equipment used in chemical attacks. The president wants to prevent Assad using chemical weapons on his own people but can't hit the chemical storage sites directly. But there's little doubt President Obama intends to not just punish, but also warn the Syrian government.Assad will have received a pretty strong signal to better not do it again.Small comfort in Jerusalem. Israelis stocking up on gas masks, fearing Syria's vengeance for any US attack. In London, protesters are on the streets. Any British military intervention faces another vote in parliament.This reflects the PM's recognition of deep concerns in this country over what happened in Iraq.Meanwhile, a rare site in Syria. Tears of joy. The father reunited with his son he thought was killed in last week 's chemical massacre. Sydney 's unseasonable weather looks at to stay with temperatures in the high 20s for the start of spring. As the sun beams down, beach-goers have been warned to take extra care with much of our coastline not yet manned by lifeguards. You would be forgiven for forgetting we are still in winter. Blue skies, record sunshine. At Bondi Beach, they are already rescuing people. A concerned the lifeguards as regular patrols have yet to begin elsewhere.Not all beaches in Sydney man of the moment. Plans are under way to man some beaches early with temperatures expected to reach 28 degrees in the West tomorrow. Because of the sunshine, we will see the daytime temperature reaching above 23 degrees each day in the next seven days, making it Sydney 's hottest week on record for this time of year.Also affected are the flower growers. This would normally be a sea of blooms this time of year but with the high temperatures, the flowers have already come and gone. We were prepared for this hot weather this year.Spring has well and truly strong.-- sprung. The man accused of putting rat poison in his girlfriend's coffee faces Camden Court. Plus - the hidden cost of reward cards. Which ones are really worth having? And Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones set the record straight on their marriage. This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott
and Liberal candidate Peter Hendy will cut at least 12,000
local public service jobs. Taking at least 12,000 jobs
out of our local economy will hurt local small businesses,
retail and tourism operators. They've also pledged to cut
funding to local schools and sack at least 91 front-line
health workers across our region. And there's more cuts on the way. If Tony Abbott
and Peter Hendy win, you lose.

This program is not captioned. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott
and Liberal candidate Peter Hendy will cut at least 12,000
local public service jobs. Taking at least 12,000 jobs
out of our local economy will hurt local small businesses,
retail and tourism operators. They've also pledged to cut
funding to local schools and sack at least 91 front-line
health workers across our region. And there's more cuts on the way. If Tony Abbott
and Peter Hendy win, you lose.

This program is not captioned.

Pictures of the man accused of harming his partner by lacing her morning coffee with rat poison. Jason Earl didn't enter a plea in Camden court. The mother of two only learned she'd been affected after noticing green flakes in the coffee jar. They're as popular as ever, but their value for consumers is at an all time low. A widespread study into reward credit cards has revealed for most shoppers the benefits are minimal, and can even end up costing more than they're worth. It's a world of plastic, points and promises but many of us are being sold a pup.Nothing comes for free. There's always a catch.The hype is hard to resist. Free flights and shopping vouchers, but a new study shows a third of the nation's rewards credit cards are actually costing us money.In many cases, credit cards actually won't let you earn enough in rewards to beat the annual fee.But we're still being sucked in, spending $135 billion a year on rewards credit cards.So I can get free travel and free things.It's probably your rewards don't match up to what your spend is, but it's OK.This study looked at close to 100 of the nation's most popular rewards cards on the average 17k a year spend and what it found was quite staggering, almost half offered a measly $20 or less in real value and only 14 gave more than $100 in bonuses. Taking into account annual fees, the most rewarding credit cards are for frequent flyers. The best is the Velocity escape card, which gives you points equal to $216 in value. It's also the best for shoppers, earning $126 in vouchers. While Coles Rewards wins for cashback, putting $121 back on your card.A lot of people are using credit cards to potentially just get the points, but we are not looking at the other side of spending and if there isn't any discipline, you are going to spend a lot more money. To find out how your card stacks up, go to our Facebook page. After 13 years of marriage, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have announced they're taking time apart. A spokesperson says the decision was made in order to evaluate and work on their marriage. The pair has struggled with health problems in recent years, with Douglas fighting throat cancer and Zeta Jones receiving treatment for bipolar disorder. Time now for sport. Good evening. Tonight, James Loney says the Roosters are about to go to another level. Why French could cost Israel his place at the Waratah is. And who needs the net? Late and Hewitt hotshot of the US open. Today was the coldest day for a least a week with temperatures possibly soaring into the 30s. I will tell you when later. This program is not captioned. Just two weeks out from the finals and Roosters star James Maloney has admitted the club needs to go back to the basics. Maloney says the team was cruising and the loss to the Sharks will re-focus them for the finals. The Roosters mental strength were put to the test this week but the Titans Sunday 's opponents. The shocks outmuscled the table toppers on Monday night and Sandor Earl says the lessons have been learned. Do you think you needed that shakeup?There were a few games leading up to last week where we were not at our best for the whole game. You can fall into the trap of just expecting it to happen again. At the Bulldogs, Lisbon bound in Barber says he would have quit the game if he wasn't able to be close to his children. It wasn't really my choice.If she had moved to Perth, I properly would not be playing rugby league.At the Tigers with their coach under extreme pressure, Robbie Farah has called for unity and it will have to come from the board down. Israel Folau says he could play out his career in rugby. And he's willing to sacrifice his position at fullback for trouble-prone Waratahs teammate Kurtley Beale.I will do everything I can to try to help him, whether that is no of the field. Whatever he needs.He says he'd love to play rugby sevens at the Olympics in 2016. Day three of the US tennis Open and Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic are the only Australians left in the singles draw. Hewitt won his first round match in workman-like fashion against American Brian Baker in four sets. A former champion and a qualifier, both coming of limited operation but later he would can still stand and deliver. They could, with a long injury CD, but enough to scramble and win the second. But Hewitt 's game was a mixture of caution and flashes of deft touch. Overall, it wasn't pretty. Baker gave Hewitt matchpoint with a double fault. He will now play Del Portree in the second round. And late news that Ryan Harris is out for two months with a hamstring injury, ruining his buildup for the return Ashes series. Thank you. Coming up, we will tell you the best time to fill up your car. We are expecting a warm day across most of NSW tomorrow, especially in the north-west. Sydney will hit the mid to high 20s. Areas in Orange will be the warmest.

Coming up: Two men plead guilty to mul
murder in the ACT Supreme Court A will
multi million dollar partnership
will see a major space project base B
at Mt Stromlo And more trouble for Blake Ferguson

This program is not captioned. Qantas has posted a modest annual profit of $5 million on the back of its record loss.

It was a partly cloudy day in Sydney with moderate north-easterly winds. The city reach 21 degrees but it felt warm thanks to high humidity. Dixie 5%.

but it felt warm thanks to high
humidity. Dixie 5%.

humidity. Dixie 5%. --

humidity. Dixie 5%. -- 65%. Northerly winds across western Queensland and NSW. Tracy Grimshaw is next with 'A Current Affair'.


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We can look forward to a warm and


sunny day

sunny day tomorrow.

A beautiful weekenders on the way with the top of 23 on Saturday. Sunny and on Sunday and Monday. Tracy Grimshaw is next with 'A Current Affair'.

Next Thursday is set to hit 31 degrees in the West. Thank you very much. And join me for Nine's National News at 7.00pm on GEM. That's Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Peter Overton. I hope you have a good evening. Good night.Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

m Kerryn Johnston, Tonight, suspended
Canberra Raider Sandor Earl traffickin
suspended over the use and plead
trafficking of peptides Two men mi
plead guilty to murder And a multi ba
million dollar space program to be
based at Mt Stromlo Good evening, I Sa
m Kerryn Johnston, Raiders winger immedi
Sandor Earl has been suspended infrac
immediately after receiving an tra
infraction notice for the use and unders
trafficking of peptides. It' s
understood the charges relate to hi Sand
time at the Penrith Panthers. a
Sandor Earl arriving home less than announcement
an hour after the NRL' s comm
announcement. Have you got any is
comment Sandor? The Winger today t
issued with an infraction notice by o
the NRL for the use and trafficking of peptides. Becoming the first NRL Th
or AFL player charged this year. the
This follows an interview between whi
the player and ASADA this week in
which admissions were made regardin C
the use and trafficking of peptide char
CJC 1295. It' s understood the Pen
charges relate to his time at the th
Penrith Panthers. Earl faces a ban that ranges from four years to life go
He can accept the WADA penalty or go to a hearing. Although that seem t
unlikely with the winger admitting that
to his actions. Dave Smith clear use
that the NRL won' t tolerate drug e
use. Drugs are not acceptable and
every effort is being made to ensur na
the game is clean. Earl wasn' t we
named in the Raiders side for this Warriors
weekend' s match against the I
Warriors due to a hamstring strain. g
It now seems he has played his last th
game for the club, with the twenty three year old off to France to pla al
Rugby next year. That move is now penal
also in doubt, depending on the
penalty. There were cryptic signs o twi
what was to come, Earl taking to broke
twitter an hour before the news broke to post two photos on twitter cau
The announcement is said to have