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Welcome to Australia Votes. I'm Lyndal Curtis. Tonight, do the numbers add up? The Government says the Coalition's don't although the Opposition is confident its figures will stand up.

Tony Abbott offers advice to netballers that a little body contact never hurt anyone and from the Town Hall style forums to answering questions on social platforms, how politicians are reaching out to voters. Today we're asking:

moment, first Back to Capital Hill in Davies with a Back to Capital Hill in a
moment, first Davies moment, first here's Richard headlines. Matt, Canberra Raiders player Sandor Earl has been issued with an infraction notice by the NRL for the use and trafficking of peptides. The NRL says Earl has accepted an immediate provisional suspension for breaches of the league's anti-doping policy. Chief executive officer, Dave Smith, says banned substances are not acceptable in the game are not and penalties will follow in due course. Our players and officials have been cooperating with ASADA as allegations continue to be investigated. As a result of the ongoing ASADA investigation, Sandor Earl has today been issued by the NRL with an infraction notice. This follows an interview between the player and ASADA this week in which admissions were made regarding the use and trafficking of peptide CJC1295.Essendon club Dr Bruce Reid is taking the AFL to the Supreme Court over his charges relating to the Bombers supplements scandal. Doing Reid left AFL headquarters in Melbourne this afternoon after more than four hours of renewed talks. She the only official still fighting the league's charges of bringing the game into disrepute. Suspended coach James Hird, football manager Danny Corcoran and assistant coach, Mark Thompson, accepted their penalties earlier this week. The United States is considering alimited military strike against Syria over its reported chemical attack in Damascus. Hundreds of innocent people died when a rebel targeted.
stronghold in the suburbs was targeted. The UN is yet to find evidence the Assad regime was responsible but US President, Barack Obama, is in no If in fact we can take limited, tailored approaches, not getting drawn into a long conflict, not a repetition of Iraq which I know lot of peep are worried about, but if we are saying in a clear and decisive but very limited way we send a shot across the bow saying, "Stop doing this," that can have a positive impact on our national security over the long-term and may have a positive impact in the sense that chemical weapons are not used again on innocent civilians. The Australian Federal Police has made its largest ever strike on people smuggling rings operating out of Australia. The breakthrough came as a result of public tip-offs and a long-running investigation. Police this morning raided premises in Victoria, SA, WA and NSW and arrested five people smugglers, three Afghani nationals, one Pakistani and an Iranian. Police say those arrested with kingpins in the people smuggling trade. The AFP will allege those arrest would key to people smuggling syndicates and it will be alleged they were involved in facilitating the voyages of un authorised maritime arrivals.Police say today's actions will put a major dent in the operations of the people smugglers and that more arrests are likely. Today's arrests are the culmination of a year's work by over 100 police officers also made possible by tip-offs from hundreds of members of the public. Brisbane police are investigating a stabbing at a school in the city's north west. A 15-year-old boy was stand in the neck at Mount Maria College at Mitchelton. He is in a stable condition in hospital and police are now speaking to another male student. The child had left the school grounds and as a result of the trials he was located. The child was quite distraught and as a result is now in custody. He's assisting the investigators and at this what the outcome will be stage I can't really say as to what the outcome will be with
that part what the outcome will that part of the investigation.Health chiefs deny there's a crisis investigation.Health deny there's a crisis at a
Sydney hospital after it was reveal ed a teenager was left on the floor for hours suffering appendicitis. The 17-year-old woman was photographed lying on the floor of Sydney's Campbelltown hospital on Monday after being forced to wait 9 hours for a bed, she gave up and went home, returning the next day. As I mentioned, there are a lot of people waiting at that point that she had that period where she was lying on the floor and we do our best to avoid that. At the time we were working under a lot of pressurewise the number of patient we were seeing at the time and so that's why there was that delay. Clearly, I think this was not the best possible treatment which is why I apologised to the family and it's why the director-general and the clinical excellence commission are involved in to working with the hospital.That the latest news, now back to Lyndal Curtis in Canberra with Capital Hill. 40

Labor claims it's found a $10 billion hole in the Coalition's proposed Budget cuts. The Opposition yesterday revealed savings measures which it said takes the total value of cuts to $31 billion but the Prime Minister claims the figures are way off the mark. It is quite clear that there is now a massive $10 billion hole in the 30 billion they are claiming and beyond that, what of the rest of the make up the rest of the cuts necessary to make up the $70 billion which Mr Hockey and Mr Robb have claimed unnecessary for the Coalition for the future. I am absolutely confident, based on the work that has been done for us by the parliamentary Budget office and our costings panel, that our figures entirely stack up. This is a Government which has got absolutely every figure wrong, which is why I say when Mr Rudd talks about the Budget, if his lips are moving he's not telling the truth.We'll be joined by the Finance Minister, Penny Wong, shortly. First to our panel to help me discuss the day is Liberal MP Dennis Jenson and Labor parliamentary secretary, Doug Cameron.
Welcome to you both. Dennis, if I can start with you, the Government says it's found a $10 billion hole in your costings. Was it unwise to put them out early? Lyndal, this is quite pathetic really. The parliamentary Budget office was set up by the Labor Government with the express purpose of ensuring that there were no arguments this election about costings. We have submitted our figures to the parliamentary Budget office which was set up by the Labor Government and they agree with our figures, as does the expert panel, so have the Government been incompetent in setting up the parliamentary Budget office? The problem is that the Government's so-called figures are a result of going to cash accounting rather than accrual accounting which is used in every other budgetary process. Doug, the Coalition says it has put its policies through the parliamentary budget office process and these are the numbers, largely that the PBO has come up with. Why should you not trust what the Coalition says it has done, particularly when it says its costings were done on an accrual rather than cash basis, so on a different basis to your figures? You can't trust Joe Hockey and you can't trust the Liberal Party on costings. It's quite clear that over the last couple of years, and the last election they found a $10 billion hole, after they said, hand on heart," we've had a look at this. We've had odded accounts," and yet the accountsants in WA ended up being fined for professional misconduct. You can't trust these people and what we've done is got not only the PBO, we've got the Treasury and we've got the department of finance and it is unequivocal, unarguable that there's a $10 billion hole in this amount of costings that have been announced so far. They are completely untrustworthy in these areas. The department of- Sorry, Dennis, I want to put this question to Doug, the departments of Treasury and finance have just put out a statement saying they didn't cost Opposition policies, different costing assumptions such as the start date, take-up assumptions, indexation and coverage will inevitably generate different financial outcomes. Is it possible your assumptions are different to those the Opposition used and that's why the figures are different? No, the assumptions that we are making are the correct assumptions and the assumptions will lead to more cost-cutting by the Coalition. They will have to cut services, they will have to cut jobs, they will have to cut welfare payments. Needs people are all
about trying payments. Needs people are about trying to disassemble and about trying to hide the reality trying to hide the reality of this ideological position they have and that is that you have to get the Budget balanced and you have to let the free market rip.Dennis, do you accept that having campaigned on trust and on economic management that these costings need to be right and, if you believe them, why don't you put out the parliamentary Budget office figures that your costings are based on? Lyndal, they are right, as I said, they have been checked by the parliamentary Budget office which, Doug, if the parliamentary Budget office is incorrect on this you have been grossly incompetent in setting that office up. It was your Government that set it up to make sure that there were not incorrect costings. The problem has been that they've gone from accrual accounting which is the correct way of doing it, which is the way that the Budget, MYEFO and so on are done, to cash accounting. The simple fact is Doug talks about trust. This Government in the last 6 years, both Rudd and Gillard iterations, have got every single number wrong. Every number wrong. We might move on now because the Coalition released its education policy today. Dennis, your side says you're spending same amount of money as the Government on education but same amount of money as it's not the case for years 5 and 6 of the Government's education plan, is it? Because you haven't committed to that at all. Lyndal, first of all on the whole issue of Gonski and the national education plan, the Government's plan is not even the Gonski plan which it claims it is. David Gonski refused to sign on to it after the Labor Party changed it so much. Our plan is far closer to Gonski's ideal plan, one of the critical elements is independent schools allowing principals and the school community to decide on the future of their schools and indeed in my electorate Lenwood Senior high which is one of my lower socioeconomic groups, has had fantastic results with the groups with greatly improved outcomes in terms of academic performance. In terms of the actual Budget issues related to funding of education policy, quite frankly years 5 and 6 are in the never-never, they are not in the financial outlook period so we've had a host of Government promises, 2007, 2010 and indeed now where they promise things that simply don't happen. Why are we going to trust their- Doug, Tony Abbott's given - would give some money to allow public schools to become independent public schools and have more autonomy. Is that a model worth looking at given that it is in operation in WA? I personally don't agree with this. I think the evidence in the UK where this is based on this so-called big society model that the Coalition are adopting here show that there are real problems and in the OECD itself it's had a look at this and said there is no correlationship between the independence of a school and the results. The auditor-general in WA raised real concerns that you could actually have more money flowing to individual schools and less to schools in general. The Productivity Commission raised questions about this as well. This is a real nonsense coming through from the Coalition. It's their ideological preference to try and destroy public education, to try and force more people into private schools. I stand for a strong public education system in this country and the Labor Party wants every school kid to get a fair go not those that kid to get a fair go not just
those that independent school where those that might end up in an the independent school where all
the best and every other school the best teachers might end up behind the 8 and every other behind the 8 ball. That's the
view of the and every other school is left
behind the view of the OECD, that's view of the OECD, view of the Productivity
Commission, that's the view of Commission, would it risk setting up effectively a would it risk setting effectively a 2-tier system in public schools? Absolutely not. Our plan is obviously ultimately to get every school to be an independent public school. Put the money in, mate. You're not putting the money into schools. The simple fact is, as I said, Lenwood senior high is my lowest socioeconomic public school in my electorate yet that school is the one that has seen the greatest improvement in results. This is a furfy in terms of us not funding schools, quite frankly the Government- Linnal, unless you fund every school in the public school system- I might interrupt this to move on. Last night at the lead ers' debate, Kevin Rudd told the audience he was anxious about an open-slatheder approach to foreign ownership and said he prefers joint ventures. Joel Fitzgibbon says the Government isn't considering changing rules and Kevin Rudd was sending a message to overseas investors. Kevin Rudd is standing by his comments. On the question of foreign investment I stand by what I said last night and when it comes to our agricultural areas I'm simply stating my overall
preference which I'm simply preference which is that we have joint vench frrz the future.Doug, when the Opposition, when Barnaby Joyce was raising Opposition, when was raising concerns about foreign investment on agricultural land, particularly Chinese investment, Craig Emerson was accusing him of economic Hansonism and saying the facts show the level of foreign investment, particularly on agricultural land srk very low and has been so for a very long period of time. What has prompted the Prime Minister's concern? I think the Prime Minister is reflecting some of the concerns that's out there, not only in the bush and regional Australia and in metropolitan Australia, he's reflecting the reality of people's concerns about ensuring that we do the same as other countries, make sure that our agricultural land, that our industries are in Australian hands whenever that is in the interests of the nation.Wasn't that what you criticised Barnaby Joyce for doing? No, it's certainly not. Barnaby Joyce would have had no investment in Cubbie Station. He would have allowed Cubbie Station to go bankrupt. We've said we'll take every issue on its merits. We will look at it but our preference is for joint ventures. We don't want a Barnaby Joyce approach on this and I'm sure that Dennis Jenson wouldn't want that either. Remember, Barnaby Joyce is likely to be the Deputy Prime Minister of this country and if you look at his economic analysis, the protectionism he brings to bear, I'm sure Dennis has problems with this guy having an economic pOrl or being the deputy prime minister of Australia.Dennis Jenson, there are concerns, as Doug Cameron says, about the levels of foreign investment. Do you believe that those concerns need to be talked about? Lyndal, let's be quite frank about this. As you pointed out with Craig Emerson, in 1984 the level of foreign ownership in Australia was 5.9%. 30 years later, now it is 6%. It's gone up 0.1% in 30 years. This is no crisis. What this is a dirty deal stitched up in a back room by Kevin Rudd on August 2 with Bob Katter because Kevin Rudd quite frankly is very concerned about not winning the election, he's particularly concerned about Queensland, he's concerned about his own seat and ewants Bob Katter's preferences. Haven't peepinalicide the Coalition, including Barnaby Joyce, raised concerns about the level of foreign investment on agricultural land in particular? There have been concerns raised. The simple fact is we make policy based on what is real not on fly-by-night fears or stitch-up deals. Have you told Barnaby this?

this? Baukt has actually stated that Kevin Rudd - Bob Katter has actually stated that Kevin Rudd stole his policy. This is how far this policy of Kevin Rudd's is as far as loony tunes is concerned. Doug, is this a result of a deal between Mr Rudd and Bob Certainly not. What this has Mr Rudd and Bob Katter? done is exposed deep division within the done is exposed within the Coalition, those
like Dennis within the like Dennis who want open
slather within the Coalition, those
like Dennis slather free trade and those like Barnaby Joyce who wouldn't have any investment in this country if he country if he could get away with it. This is going to be a big schism in the Coalition and you watch this space.That's where we have to end it. Doug Cameron, Dennis Jenson, thank you very much for your time. And we are joined now in Melbourne by Finance Minister, Penny Wong, to talk about the Coalition's costings. Penny Wong, welcome to Capital Hill. We've just received a statement from the departments of Treasury and the departments of finance saying that at no stage prior to the care-taker period has either department costed Opposition policies and poinding out the different assumptions might generate different financial outcomes and that there might be differences between whether the costing is done on a cash basis or a fiscal balance or accrual basis. Is it possible that your assumption on having the Opposition's policies costed were different to those the Opposition actually used? A few points I'd make, the first is we did ask Treasury and finance to cost the Opposition policies on the basis of what the Opposition had said publicly. Obviously we don't know the detail of their policy because they're not telling Australians the detail of their cost ltion or their cuts and we anticipated that Joe Hockey would do precisely what he's doing which is to try and hide from the Australian people the true extent of the cuts that he wants to im pose in order to fund his policies, particularly Mr Abbott's unfair scheme.Different assumptions
could have led to a different result? Yes, and there is a very simple way if Joe Hockey says these assumptions are wrong, he can put his costings out to the Australian people. I understand there's some commentary online that he's briefed it selectively, briefed That would be something the
that would be discussed within the Defence portfolio and Minister of defence but there is a capability requirement which I think was outlined in the documentation and in thenotomy today. If I can ask you something I asked our panel about just before you joined us, Mr Rudd's comments last night at the leaders' debate on foreign investment, he says he was anxious about an open slather approach. What about the approach there is at the moment is open slather? Sorry y was listening to some of that debate and was rather amused to see was it Mr Jenson say having a go about changes to foreign investment rules. Does he not know his policy is actually a change to foreign investment rules that the National Party imposed? I thought it was interesting. What is open slather about the approach at the moment? I think the Prime Minister was reflecting, I think, a legitimate concern that people have raised. We have, I think, sound foreign investment rules and as the treasurer and I or the Treasurer I think said today, these are rules which enable two particular objectives, one, the national interest, and I think that contemplates a great many matters and the second is that obviously assessments are made on a case by case basis. You say you're reflecting community concerns but isn't, as I put to the panel, isn't that what Barnaby Joyce was doing when he was raising concerns and he was attacked just said to your side for just your side for it. What I have the Prime Minister said last night just said to you, Lyndal, night a long way from what Barnaby Joyce said. Barnaby Joyce, if you listen to his contributions, it is an extraordinary proposition this man might become the deputy short
prime minister of Australia in short order. If you listen to what he was saying, he essentially said he didn't want any foreign investment for any land acquisition ever and I don't think I'm being over ly exaggerating about what he actually said.Penny Wong, we'll have to leave it there. Thank you very much for joining us. Good to speak with you. That is Capital Hill for now. Here's Matt Cargill with NX Votes.

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focus. I'm Matt As politicians try to gain the social media advantage, we ask whether it makes you feel more connected to them. And Tony Abbott's tip to netballers about body contact. That's ahead. First the latest news headlines with Richard Davies.The NRL has issued an infraction notice against Sandor Earl for breaches of the league's anti-doping policy. NRL Chief Executive Dave Smith says Earl has been provisionally suspended for the use and trafficking of peptide CJC 1295. It's a clear reminder of ASADA's investigations.The US is considering a limited military strike against Syria. Hundreds of innocent people died when a rebel stronghold in the suburbs was targeted. The UN is yet to find evidence the Assad regime was responsible but US President Barack Obama is in no doubt. Australian Federal Police have arrested five people in Australia's biggest crackdown on domestic people smugglers. They carried out raids in four states amid concerns that people smuggling syndicates may be developing footholds in Australia. The men from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran were arrested in Victoria, SA, WA and NSW. are questioning a teenage
student student over the stabbing of a 15-year-old boy at student over the stabbing 15-year-old boy at a private school in the city's north-west. The victim was stabbed in the neck at Mount Maria College at Mitchelton just after midday. He is now in a stable condition in hospital. The suspect is in custody. I'm Richard Davies. Now it's back to News Exchange Votes with Matt Cargill.

The Government has been applying the pressure on the Coalition over costings. While the Opposition has been talking education policy. Tony Abbott started his day in Western Sydney. He was presented with his own netball bib and promised $million for the sport. During a photo call, netballers apologised for being sweaty and crushing his suit. Mr Abbott said he didn't mind. I you can't take me anywhere.Mr Abbott later recommitted to matching Labor's school funding promises and announced the Coalition would set up an independent public schools fund but the Opposition Leader had to defend the launch of his education policy at a school which describes homosexuality as an abomination.I don't agree with that statement.Are you saying that on behalf of your sister?This is a good school and a school which has been supported by people like David Bradbury and Peter Garrett. I respectfully disagree with lots of things that are said on that particular subject and I difficulties a grey with that statement.Kevin Rudd accused the Coalition of a $10 billion fraud in its proposed budgets cuts. The Opposition is standing by its figures.Based on a very simple analysis and subjecting these numbers to any modest level of scrutiny, it is quite clear that there is now a massive $10 billion hole in the $30 billion that they are claiming.Let's be very clear. Mr Rudd has got all of his own figures wrong and now he's getting our figures wrong too. When it comes to budget figures, if Mr Rudd's lips are moving, you know he's moving, you know he's not
telling the truth.There is still plenty of online chatter over the third leader's debate. Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott fill