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More commitment wanted to early childhood edu -

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TONY EASTLEY: This morning we're broadcasting from the Sturt St Community School in Adelaide and that was its bell. Here they cater for preschool, childcare and primary school up to Year 7.

The early childhood director at Sturt St is Anne-Marie Shin.

Do you think the attention given to the Gonski reform somehow took the attention away from early childhood education?

ANNE-MARIE SHIN: I would wish that there was a bit more attention to preschool within that part of the Gonski report because preschool has been left out. And I think that it's by looking at the whole continuum of education that we actually are going to get somewhere.

And I think that all of the parties are saying that they are committed to education and early childhood education. They all see it as a common good and it's just about how we can get the mix of what we need in terms of affordability, quality and, you know, ultimately, what's good for children and their development.

TONY EASTLEY: Anne-Marie Shin.

One of the parents, Adelaide academic Jessie Gunson has some advice for our politicians.

JESSIE GUNSON: I think they need to think longer term, think bigger picture rather than quick fix and obviously, you know, I know they're trying to win votes but thinking about what do we want our children to grow up to be, how do we want them to grow up. And certainly for me I want my kids to grow up to be, you know, compassionate problem-solvers.

And so almost, not regardless of policy but if politicians could actually role-model that sort of sense of compassion and creative problem-solving that would be great because my kids, you know, I want them to have that sense of being local citizens, what can they give to their community but also what can they give globally.

TONY EASTLEY: Jessie Gunson.