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(generated from captions) US military last execute add prisoner back in 1961.The Health Minister Tanya Plibersek is announcing a national consultation on banning the importation of cosmetic s tested on animals. Let's cross live now to political editor Lyndal curt nis Canberra, who is joined by the Health Minister.Tanya Plibersek, welcome to ABC News 24.Hello.Now why do you want to phase out the use of cosmetics that have been rest tested on animals or the sale of those cosmetics?This vus is just something I have been looking at for some time. I have responsibility for the regulation of cosmetic ingredients and I really have about the treatment been worried for a about been worried for a long time in cosmetic about the treatment of animals in cosmetic testing. In in cosmetic practice, which don't do that in practice, which don't do in Australia anymore although it is not banned it is not banned by law but it is not do have the examples overseas of the European do have the of the European Union that have of gazed out of the European Union that gazed out cosmetic testing on animal s contrasting with the situation animal s contrasting with situation of China that insists on cosmetic testing on animals.Why not ban it in Australia to send a signal to say you don't think it's acceptable.I think we would like to move towards a ban but we have to do that in consultation and cooperation be with the industry. We don't in practice do it in Australia anymore but we do still import cosmetics that have been tested on animals an we import and indeed make here koz net wrik - cosmetics that have ingredients that have been tested on animals. I think we have probably got as broad a range of shampoos antz lip sticks on the market the human ity could could need for the future. What I would like to say see is that new products an ingredients in the future use our new testing methods that don't require cruelty to animals to verify they're safe for human useHow hard would it be, though, to actually ensure that you know that cosmetic s or ingredient s in those cosmetics have been tested on animal when they're imported?It is not a very difficult thing to do. Because we have all the data from the European Union ban, they have moved over 10 years to a ban. There's a lot of information available about which things have been tested and how they've been tested. Those tests have to be very clearly regulated and in fact has to be kept about the has to be kept about the way that things have been test has to be kept that things have been test and
the result of those tests. What we are proposing is things that have been tested in the past, we are proposing is the information is already available, will continue to manufactured in
allow those to be sold and manufactured in the future. But as new ingredients I merge or as new products emerge, if they have been tested on animals then we wouldn't allow the sale or manufacture or importation or advertising here in Australia. So it's a pros Prime Minister-elective ban not a retrospective ban. We could also say in some cases there are ingredient s for example that have been tested on animals because their initial use has been in medicines. We would also allow those because we think there's a difference between the use of animals in cosmetic testing and the use of animals in testing for medical purposes. I am certainly not proposing that we stop using mice in cancer trials for example. This is a matter of how many lip sticks an mascaras do you need? Do they all need to be tested on animals to assure ourselves that they're safe for humans. I think the answer to that is no, particularly as new test ing maefd methods are emerging we're much better able to test on human cell lines in test tubes and also on donated corneas. So because those new methods of testing are emerging I think we really can abandon animal testing now.You've been warning that a Coalition Government would scrap Medicare locals. Last night, Tony Abbott ruled out closing any Medicare locals . Is that the ends of to that debate?It is just not credible. On 22 August he said he would not rule out closing medical locals. His words were something like can I say that no Medicare local will close, no I cannot say that. Apparently less than a week later he can say that. This is Liberals
the fourth position the Liberals have had on Medicare locals. They first said they were going to get rid of them, then review them and then couldn't rule out closing and last night they could rule out closing.But last night he said he would keep his promises each even at the expense of coming back to surplus.I just don't think it's credible. There's a difference between technically keeping promises and reducing the capacity of Medicare locals so much that they become unable to do we have set them up to do. We have set them up to do exactly what they're doing now. They're find ing gaps primary local health care and
filling They're find ing gaps in
primary local running filling the gaps. They're services a making sure that running the after-hours GP people in the community services a making sure access to psychological services.Are they functioning as well services.Are functioning as well as they
possibly services.Are they all
functioning as possibly could?They are functioning in a first rate way. They're helping people who have been missing out. We have got ostensibly we have a universal health care system in Medicare but aer for a range of reasons people live miss out on services because they live in a small community or they're homeless and they don't know how to access the medical services they need or they need a GP after howevers and there is not one locally.Med kaeg locals are finding those gaps and filling them. They're delivering services on the ground. They have got 3,000 frontline staff - doctor, nurses, psychologists, speech pathologist, - all delivers services and Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott have said we can't afford them. We don't want them. $1.8 billion out of primary health care as soon as that gets tough, as soon as it gets hot for them they do a backflip. How can anyone believe what they say? They've had four positions on Medicare locals so far and they have had two positions in less than a week.Kevin Rudd last night appear ed to change Labor's approach to foreign investment on agricultural land in
particular but also in land more generally. He said he was anxious about an approach. He wanted a more cautious approach about the sale of lands. Now, Government spokesman and Ministers sale of lands. Now, spokesman and Ministers in the past spokesman past have called when Barnaby Joyce the Nationals Senator has raised this problem economic nationalism or at worst economic Hansonism, saying the pactage of foreign owned agricultural land is very small about 6% and hasn't changed for 25 years. CtWhy do you know why Mr Rudd is now concerned about it?I didn't see the debate because I was flying home from Brisbane last night. But and I know the PM will stand up later today and give more details on that. But I think it's fair enough to say that cautious approach is the right way to go. Nobody is talking about pulling up the draw bridge, simply saying that we need to be thoughtful and cautious I think is a reasonable approachBe u you have already said you're go to set up a register of the sale of agricultural land. Craig Emerson said at the time he wanted the debate based on facts not fear. Is it raising questions about the ownership, the foreign ownership of agricultural land doing what your Government has criticised the nationals for doing in the past?No, I think saying we want to cautious and balanced approach to anything is a perfectly reasonable thing for the Government to say and I am sure the PM will answer nor detailed questions about that later today.Thank you for your time.Thank you.Back to you, Joe.Now for a look at the major sports stories of the