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(generated from captions) I'm being told that this is The Project. There's just 10 days to go until the election. Tony Abbott agreed to talk to us. Well, sort of. Day 23 of Tony Abbott's election campaign began with chocolate.I have no self discipline when it comes to chocolate.In Canberra his party talked cash, giving detail on how to pay for some of their policy, including paid parental leave. Today I have outlined $31 billion of cuts on a basis that so much of what Labor spent over the last few years has been waste.As they square up for another debate tonight, his opponent went on the offensive about Tony Abbott's temperament.He's been in parliament for 20 years - 19 of which he was the greet fugili, is it and in the last 12 months the Statesman.Today marks days of early mornings and late nights. Traversing the land in kissing, hugging, talking, nodding and laughing. After all the getting around the nation it appears Tony Abbott's chances of victory are firming up and the Pols agree. Pricey followed him to Hobart and started with a chat. Strangely at the Cadbury chocolate factory.I'm surprised I managed to get out without so far at least having a chocolate. I gather there's going be a carry pack. I am very weak willed when it comes to chocolate. I have said to Margie on numerous occasions "Please, if you get chocolate, put it in the kitchen anywhere, I will find it and I will eat it."For the past 24 hours Kevin Rudd had a go at Tony Abbott's temperament and how he'd deal with the Syrian conflict.I wouldn't charge Mr Howard or Malcolm Turnbull's temperament. I think Mr Abbott is a little different.Is that a fair criticism. There's no evidence whatsoever for it. I reject it utterly. As I outside, I was a very senior member of a successful government for quite a few years now. I certainly would come to the Prime Ministership, should we win, with vastly more preparation and experience than Mr Rudd had.Tony Abbott's Christian faith is well- known. I have been puzzled how he reckon sils the Christian Tenant of Hope and asylum seeker.They have done the wrong thing by coming to the country without papers, through the backdoor without permission, rather than coming through the front door with permission. This there has to be consequences for that. They will be treated humanely while they are in this country. But they cannot expect to remain indefinitely, and while they are here, they have to expect to make some kind of a contribution. But it's very important, Steve, that the Australian government and the Australian nation not be a soft touch.You defended paid parental leave today by saying people have to get use to big philosophical changes in our society. Does gay marriage not feel into the philosophical change.It's certainly a significant change. I guess there are some changes which I think are progress and others which at this point in time I'm not sure are in the same category. On the subject of gay marriage, I've had a consistent position all along. I know some people would like me to change it. But I'm a pretty consistent person when it comes to these things.Many voters are angry at the current government. A lot of people wouldn't hesitate to vote for the Coalition under Malcolm Turnbull are not sure about Tony Abbott.I have been pillaryed by experts over the years. Not a day goes past over the last four years when they haven't been basically squadrons of government Ministers out there every day saying what a ratbag I am. Preumably at least some people listen to that stuff. I am confident that as time has gone by, and the public have had more of a chance to assess me, they have decided that they can more or less live with me.10 days to go until Election Day sc, not surprisingly Hughesy still had unanswered questions. Do have you a hit list for when you are the PM, and am I on it?Of course not. And, look, last time I saw Hughesy he was looking very fit and if I went after him, he'd be able to run a lot faster than me, and if he turned I think he'd make mince meat of me.If you are elected will you force political opponents to shut up.I wouldn't be able to if I wanted to. I thought a vigorous debate is important for a healthy