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This Program is Captioned Tonight - a jury finds two ADFA cadets guilty in the Skype sex case .More details of spending cuts but no detail on when a Coalition Budget would reach a surplus. Russia warns of catastrophic consequences if the the US attacks Syria.And they can't find him, so the Raiders have stood down troubled star Blake Ferguson indefinitely. Good evening, welcome to ABC News. I'm Virginia Haussegger. The Coalition's delivered its comeback to Kevin Rudd's claim it will inflict deep and savage spending cuts. Joe Hockey has detailed $30 billion worth of savings. There is still not the full costings the Government has been demanding but Tony Abbott says they prove Kevin Rudd is campaigning on a correspondent
lie.Chief political correspondent Mark Simpkin reports. Tony and the chocolate factory. No oompa loompas but loads of sugary goodness.You ever beanies, candies and gel Ries.The Opposition Leader promised the company $16 million.Courtesy of taxpayers.I have never been so close to so much chocolate and not eaten any of it.I have no self discipline when it comes to chocolate.When it comes to the Budget bottom line restraint is mandatory.We are determined to climb the mountain.As a down payment, the numbers that have been unveiled reveal $31 billion worth of savings.No Opposition has ever done this. No Opposition has ever released the great bulk of its savings three-quarters of the way through the campaign, no-one.That is not worth the paper it is written on.It turns out the Coalition can save money by axing taxes. How? Because the mining tax and the carbon tax aren't raising enough money to pay for the expenditure linked to them. Scrapping the measures flowing from the mining tax, such as the school kids bonus, saves nearly $16 billion. It ends industry compensation for the carbon tax, and that nets $7.5 billion. There are several other savings, the biggest involves cutting 12,000 public service jobs.There are no quuts to health and education - cuts.There is no increase in the GST.The Coalition will also adopt most of Labor's recent savings measures, including two tax hikes it railed against.We do accept the savings. We don't like a number of them but we have to do it to be prudent.In another twist, the Coalition expects its paid parental leave scheme will deliver a Budget bonus, raising more than it costs.Opposition MPs say the Coalition is trying to reassure voters it is ready for Government and blunt Kevin Rudd's cut, cut, cut campaign.Out with the meat axe and whack and whack. They think you're a statistic, a number, a Budget item.Exactly when will the Budget be back in the black? 2016/17, as outlined in the economic statement.Hog wash, Labor will never deliver a surplus.One argument that won't be resoved on election day. - resolved. The Greens are are zoning in on the ACT as they look to retain the balance of power in the Senate. The Greens leader Christine Milne today joined local Senate candidate Simon Sheikh on the hustings in Tuggeranong.The ACT is one of the seats where the community can take out insurance against Tony Abbott getting control of the whole of the parliament.The Greens released a plan for Tuggeranong, Simon Sheikh says he will work to get the area connected to the NBN. He is also vowing to campaign against aircraft noise, sharing which many locals fear will be a consequence of the new Tralee development.Two former Australian Defence Force Academy cadets have been found guilty over a sex Skyping incident two years ago. Daniel McDonald and Dylan De Blaquiere were charged after McDonald filmed himself having sex with a female cadet and sent the images to De Blaquiere's room via Skype. The incident sparked a series of inquiries. The victim sobbed in the back row of the public gallery as the jury returned the guilty verdicts. McDonald and De Blaquiere were found guilty of sending offensive material over the Internet without her consent. McDonald was also found guilty of committing an act of indecency on her.The incident began with Facebook messages between McDonald and the woman which led to an agreement for a casual sexual relationship. The woman had imposed a condition, that no-one should know about it.But McDonald told his friends, including De Blaquiere, suggested filming a sexual encounter between the pair.The main issue in the case was whether the woman knew she was being filmed, something she emphatically denied. At one point she received a message from McDonald meant for someone else about the Skype plan. She responded on Facebook saying "Please tell me I wasn't on web cam? ". She says McDonald reassured her but McDonald had maintained he had told her about the web cam on the way to his room. The jury took less than four hours to reject his account. The prosecution says it will seek a custodial sentence but both men have been released on bail pending a sentencing hearing in October. A missile strike against Syria could be just days away. The American military says it is ready to go as soon as US President Barack Obama gives the order. And Britain's parliament has been recalled to discuss a response to the Assad regime's alleged use of chemical weapons. Europe correspondent Philip Williams reports. Red line crossed, holiday over. The British PM David Cameron called in his inner circle and recalled the parliament from its summer slumber to debate action he hopes will protect civilians from the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime.Any decision would have to be proportionate, would have to be legal, to be about specifically deterring the use of chemical weapons.With Syria's allies, rush why and Iran warnings of serious consequences if a military strike is ordered, British MPs have a tough chis ahead.David Cameron will have to be as his persuasive best if he is to get enough of the MPs to support him because too many of them remember the promises of weapons of mass destruction ahead of the Iraq war 10 years ago.We have had recent experience of that in relation to the declaration of war against Saddam Hussein.Look at the way that turned out.Any action would almost certainly be led by the US and US defence secretary Chuck Hagel says his forces are ready and waiting for the presidential order.We are prepared, we have moved assets in place to be able to fulfil and comply with whatever option the President wishes to take.At the same time, Barack Obama is continuing to build international support for possible military action, including from Australia.The diplomatic activity in New York is now in full speed and it is important that the international community form a common resvl on this question. - resolve.All the while, the fighting continues, the West determined to stop chemical weapons but the slaughter by conventional means goes on. Russia is warning of kaf strofic consequences for the Middle East if punitive air strikes are carried out against Syria. Matt Brown reports from neighbouring Beirut. Syria's civil war has already created nearly two million refugees and rumours of a possible Western attack have sent many more people fleeing across the borders. They have gone to neighbouring countries like Jordan and Turkey. Lebanon houses by far the biggest group and the border crossing here has especially busy this past week. US allies say they don't want to tip the balance of power in the civil war but do Bashar
want to use a strike to stop Bashar al-Assad being able to use chemical weapons. Many analysts believe that any Western attack could spread further instability throughout the region. Here in Lebanon, the Shiite militia group Hezbollah, which is allied to Bashar al-Assad could well respond on his behalf. There has already been an upsurge in sectarian violence, for example a car bomb targeting a Hezbollah strong hold was followed by more bombs targeting Hezbollah's foes and those two events alone killed more than 70 people just in the past month.Many here fear there is much worse to come. Meantime hackers supportive of the Syrian Government have managed to shut down the 'New York Times' web site. This morning people using the site were redirected to a server controlled by a group called Syrian Electronic Army. The web site was off line for at least three hours. 'New York Times' is calling it a malicious external attack. An Australian company, Melbourne IT, which manages the web site's address says human error was to blame. It says two staff members at an American company it uses as a reseller respond today a bogus email and provided their details.These perpetrators have then used their personal details to work through their emails and secure bona fide user names and passwords of one of the customers they look after and one of those customers is the 'New York Times' unfortunately. Then by getting the user name and pass word of that customer, they were able to redelegate the details and actually shut down that web site.Melbourne IT said it was a sophisticated attack. It is reviewing security but says it can't guarantee it won't happen again. The ACT Government has given its public servants and improved pay offer which they're likely to accept. The negotiations for a new 4-year agreement have been drawn out with unions rejecting an initial offer of a 2% increase in the first year. Now the Government is offering $2,000 or 2%, whichever is the greatest, with a 3% increase for the subsequent three years. The Public Sector Union is confident the offer will be accepted. The chairman of the Essendon Bombers has apologised after the AFL's long awaited decision to punish the club for its supplements program. The team is out of the finals, it has also been fined and docked draft picks for two years. James Hird has also expressed regret. He has been banned from coaching for 12 months but maintains his innocence. James Bennett reports. For James Hird it has been a season long journey from shock and surprise to remorse and regret.I am deeply sorry for what happened at our football club in 2012. I do take a level of responsibility.Contrition, but no admission.I didn't break the rules that I was charged with, those charges have been dropped.Despite describing the supplement program under his coaching reign as experimental, inappropriate and inadequately controlled, the league says Hird and senior staff didn't bring football into disrepute, Essendon did.The AFL commission has found and Hird Thompson and Corcoran agree that in cons consequence of their actions, Essendon football club breached AFL player rule 1.6.Excluded from the 2013 finals and demoted from 7th to 9th, Essendon must also pay a $2 million fine and sit out rounds 1 and 2 of the AFL draft for two years. Club doctor Bruce Reid has opted to contest the charge against him but no so his cohorts. Football boss Danny Corcoran will serve at least a 4-month ban. Mark Thompson has been fined $30,000. The most severe sanction, however, reserved for the central figure, James Hird prohibited from coaching for 12 months as of August 25.Hird's cape it lation is a dramatic shift from last week's legal action, he has accused the league of denying him natural justice. Nevertheless Essendon's chairman Paul Little is portraying the AFL's concessions as a victory for the club.Importantly there is no allegation of drug cheating.That is still for anti-doping authorities to prove and likely depends on sports scientist Stephen Dank's cooperation.Do you feel responsible at all over the sanctions? There is no comment from me .In the Carlton fans can rejoice, the Blues most likely to play finals at Essendon's expense. The father of murdered Melbourne baseballer Christopher Lane has urged mourners at his son's funeral not to become obsessed with the unfairness of what has happened. He was shot in the back as he jogged in the US. His American girlfriend, Sarah Harper, draped a flag over his coffin at today's service. Peter Lane said his son was always thankful for opportunities, but most importantly grabbed hold of them and ran with them. Mr Lane says his son taught him a valuable life lesson when he missed out on a baseball selection as a 14-year-old.He understood it always wasn't - wasn't always fair but he knew nothing was gained by hanging onto it. In part, that is what I am using to help me now.What has happened to Chris is just not fair, but hanging onto it will not help.Police in Oklahoma have charged three teenagers over Chris Lane's murder.Australian wool growers are calling for a national strategy to tackle wild dogs to stop a dramatic decline in stock numbers. There are fears the predators could run sheep out of some areas within decades. A warning that this report from rural correspondent Pete Lewis contains images that may disturb some viewers. The onset of spring should be a celebration, but for many graziers, it is heartbreaking, as they count the cost of wild dog attacks on ewes and newborn lambs.All up we lost probably nearly 1200 lambs in the year.We are people that ever been involved in dog control for a long time and we're on top of it and we are always baiting and setting traps. These dogs still came in and in one week probably they virtually destroyed us.While opinion is sharply divided on whether a national cull is necessary, those who have to confront the gruesome reality of wild dog attacks argue it can be justified on animal welfare grounds alone.No-one wants to see cruelty to animals and it is cruel when we see a sheep that has been mauled and put it down. We think what are we doing this for? The dogs run second when it comes to that. It will take at least six months to get all stakeholders to agree on a national wild dog action plan.While there is bound to be a robust debate over the merits of various control measures and who will pay for them, in the long run, the success or failure of the strategy is going to depend on getting more land holders and local councils committed to the cause.It will be farmers, graziers, miners, national parks, everyone will have to be involved and get on side.Otherwise the cooperative research centre for invasive animals predicts sheep will be a thing of the past on Australian range lands within 30-40 years.It has got to the stage now that it won't be 30 years, it will be lucky if it is 10 years.Interested stakeholders have a month to make submissions into the draft National Wild Dog Action Plan. A new medical tool developed by University of Canberra researchers is being used by surgeons overseas to boost patient rehabilitation. The instrument measures how well patients control and perceive their finger movements before and after surgery. The process is faster and more comfortable than older testing methods.The beauty of this apparatus is just ask patients to come in and grab a seat and relax and do the test in 10 minutes. No fatigue and no other side effect for them.Four of the devices are in Italy and we are doing the tests of people who have had a replacement of the base of the thumb to see whether that is helping them to return to full recovery.The University says the device is the first of its kind in the world. To finance now and the prospect of military strikes against Syria has shaken financial markets around the world. Share markets, including Australia's, fell sharply today after a big jump in the price of oil.

In New York crude oil futures jumped 3% and the price of crude which is source frd the north sea went up 3.7%. The oil price is now at its highest level for the past year having broken out of the month-long trading range between 104 and 106 dollars a barrel to hit 109 overnight. This spike in the oil price looks more benign over the long term trend. This next chart is what is bothering share markets. Apart from the usual funk that descends whenever it looks like missiles are likely to start flying around the Middle East. American consumers are as exposed to high energy prices as they were during the oil shock of the late 1970s with energy spending back to 5% of average household income. As a result the US market finally succumbed to rising Middle East tensions and fell more than 1.5% and that was the standard fall on global markets everywhere today, except for China where the tools of capitalism went up.

A massive Budget blow-out is threatening Goulburn's plans to commemorate 100 years since the Anzac landing at Gallipoli. The city port renovation plans for the Rocky Hill War Memorial out to tender so it could accommodate bigger crowds but the quotes were three times higher than expected. Two years ago the Anzac service had to be moved from Goulburn's consecrated ground at Rocky Hill because there wasn't enough room. Council had planned to increase the space at the top to secure it for the 2015 ceremony but tenders came in at $1.2 million, three times higher than the architect's estimate.Having architect's quote, it may not have been an appropriate thing to do but I wouldn't have thought that we would have been that far apart.Goulburn's returned soldiers say it took 18 months to design and approve changes and time is fast running out to have the memorial ready.This work now won't go on and I can't see it happening prior to the Anzac of 2015 Anzac Day's centenary.But the council says the project could be put back on track by doing it in stages and making a new forecourt for up to 500 people a priority.Dawn over Rocky Hill is something to be experienced. The local sub branch and council are still committed to trying to get this project done before 2015.It would mean to the veterans that we could go hold
back to our rightful place to hold a dawn service.This city will put off plans for a new Anzac museum and car park until more money is found. Experts from around Australia have gathered in Melbourne on a mission to preserve endangered indigenous languages. As Jeff Waters reports new media may play a crucial role in saving some of the world's oldest cultures.We met Iteka Sanderson-Bromley as she was practising for a speech.Every Monday evening she learns her family's threatened traditional language, even though she's taught Japanese at school.I prefer Adnyamathanha a lot better.Why is that? Because it is Milang wing.With her little brother, Temaana,'s help the 12-year-old made a short film in Adnyamathanha for broadcast on the net.It is one way new media is helping preserve ancient languages. There has always been the old fashioned way.But these adults from across the country and across the seas are sharing new ways to preserve and promote indigenous languages.The world is changing and just as our people have adapted with change over tens of thousands of years, we are continuing to do that so why not use technology.And it is not all for kids. The italklibrary has web-based stories for adults as well, like this one about poker machines in Arrernte.(Speaks Aboriginal dialect)People can access the web site and stories for free and we have a software called italk which makes it easier for us to tell the stories and interpret them.One South Australian group is teaching language lessons in Kaurna, using the web.Niwa Mani, Niwa meaning you and Mani meaning good.Portable device apps are there to help teach languages to the new generation. The Canberra Raiders' offfield woes have continued with troubled star Blake Ferguson stood down indefinitely. After failing to make contact with the club. Ferguson didn't play in last weekend's match and was instead reported to have been in Sydney reaching his club imposed drinking ban - breaching. The club says it has been unable to contact him since then. It says until he can explain his actions and absence, they will play no further part in the team. Ferguson's spate of offfield indiscretions have been a headache for the team for most of the season and were linked to last week's sudden sacking of the Raiders coach David Furner.Former champion Samantha Stosur that's crashed out of the US Open losing to an American teenager in the first round. Stosur won the first set but couldn't maintain composure against Victoria Duval. Casey Dellacqua was also defeated while Roger Federer advanced. This was Stosur's 10th US Open and one which she had high hopes for after a string of second week appearances. The power of her first serve was on show in the first which went to plan.That was brutal.She took it out 7-5. The former winner all class around the net thanks to precision touch.Good stuff.But Stosur's composure left her in the second as unforced errors crept into her game.After taking out the second set, 17-year-old Duval sniffed an upset and she went on to serve up the biggest of the tournament to date.That will do. Samantha Stosur is gone from the US Open.Connections of the American elated while Stosur left to ponder another early exit.Credit to her, I won't be a sore loser and say she didn't do anything. I think I certainly helped her out a bit looms
today.The Manhattan skyline looms large over Arthur Ashe Stadium, his presence similar to this man when on centre court. Roger Federer is a 5-time winner here and his opening round match was a breeze.Despite blustery conditions, Federer had the measure of opponent Grega Zemlja and strode to victory in straight sets. That is it.It wasn't perfect but it was pretty routine.Federer is chasing his 18th grand slam. Australia must win the two remaining Twenty20 games to retain the women's Ashes. The Southern Stars lost their third game in a row, going down by 15 runs in Kent. The Australians were set 147 by England but got into trouble after losing early wickets. England's Sarah Taylor smashed 77 off 58 balls, the highest score by an English woman in 20-over cricket. Fur seals are being recruited off the south coast to carry out high-tech research. The mammals are fitted with tracking devices, so scientists can monitor feeding patterns and they have already uncovered a few surprises. They are going on a seal hunt, scientists are wrestling Australian and New Zealand fur seals to fit small but powerful computer trackers and seals from Montague Island and Jervis Bay are covering vast distances to search for food.We have had one animal that has gone up to Newcastle and gone into the harbour. That is 600km away from Montague. Others have gone right out to sea, been diving as deep as 460m.Using satellite technology, researchers can track the ocean's salinity, temperature and depth and match that with the seals' behaviour.If they dive to the bottom and go to sleep, that will give a different profile from if they go down there and they are chasing fish.The idea is to work out where the food is and what this could mean is ocean temperatures rise, the seals at Sydney's Taronga Zoo are helping scientists interpret the data coming back from the wild. Mammals could change the way we manage marine parks. Fishing zones could be determined by real time evidence of the ocean's health and not simply static lines on a map.The ocean's a dynamic place and rather than just drawing lines on the map, we can look at what is actually happening in the ocean and make our management decisions based on the dynamics of the ocean.The seals are also the
providing a rich snapshot of the waters off eastern Australia.It is changing our ideas about what the animals can do and about the physical research
environment.It is hoped the research will not only help this protected species but other ocean predators as well. To the weather and most of us were smiling today. All it takes is a little warmth in the air. We reached a top of 21 and a low of minus 1. It was a very similar story right around our region... Cloud with em badded thunderstorms affected southern parts of WA and districts of SA. That low crossing southern WA is leading to showers and storms and a trough ahead of that low is causing showers over southern SA, western Victoria and southern NSW. A high is keeping most of eastern and central Australia clear causing a warm day. Before we go, a brief recap of the top stories tonight.A Canberra jury has found two former ADFA cadets guilty over a sex Skyping incident two years ago.And the west is preparing for a problem military strike against Syria. Barack Obama says it wouldn't be aimed at toppling the Assad regime but to punish it for last week's chemical weapons attack.And that is the latest from the Canberra newsroom. For more ACT news, you can follow us online or on Twitter.I'm Virginia Haussegger. I will be back with an update in one hour. Until then, good night. Captions by CSI Australia

This Program Is Captioned Live. Labor will never deliver a surplus. It's not in their DNA. They never will. Only the Coalition can deliver a surplus.A lot of huff, a lot of puff, lot of bluster, a lot of blowing. No date. Out of control. Fighting the wild dogs threatening to destroy Australia's sheep industry. That's what we've got to deal with and we're looking after our animals so the dogs will come second.And Rupert the play. David Williamson takes on one of the world's most powerful men. It might be daunting for some writers but I've been thoroughly done over by this press already so I have