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Hayley, what do you make of 12? Well, I'm hoping I got the $50,000. I'm hoping too.
Yeah. Pop the locks. Come on.
Show us what you've got, Hayley. Is it? Yeah! Well done! You're taking $16,000 all up.
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This program is captioned live. Tonight - families hit, jobs axed as the Coalition dishes up
$30 billion in savings. Soaring household bills
bankroll mega company profits. Firefighters battle
a winter bushfire emergency as it burns towards homes. A Sydney pilot's
frightening warning about Australia's air safety. And extraordinary pictures of a family's magical moments
with whales.

VOICEOVER: This is Seven News
at 6:00 with Chris Bath.

Good evening. The leaders' battle
for western Sydney begins at Rooty Hill in half an hour with Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott
exchanging fire in their third debate. The Coalition today revealed
how, in government, it would slash more than $30 billion
in spending with schoolkids and public servants
in its sights.

Down this way a bit. Kevin and the technicolour,
high-visibility vests... KEVIN RUDD: Good morning! ..meets Tony
and the chocolate factory... They're almost like
chocolate soldiers, aren't they? some of his numbers finally hit
the political production line. There are no great shocks here. $31.6 billion of claimed savings, $13 billion from scrapping
mining tax-related measures including the Schoolkids Bonus
and Income Support Bonus and delaying the
Superannuation Guarantee increase. $7.5 billion from axing
the carbon tax and $5 billion from sacking
12,000 public servants... There are no cuts to
health and education. There are no increases in the GST. ..and claiming the $5.5 billion
paid parental leave scheme will SAVE $1 billion
in its first year. That's not worth the paper
it's written on. 52% of women oppose the scheme, more than double the proportion
who support it. Every major social advance
is difficult for people to accept. The poll has the Coalition
maintaining a 53-47 lead and Mr Abbott
still better prime minister, suggesting Mr Rudd
is losing his touch but recalling how Mr Abbott's
former boss, John Hewson, lost the unloseable 1993 election. Mr Hewson had a dog of a policy
called the GST and Mr Abbott has a dog of a policy
and it's called paid parental leave. As this personal attack
on Seven's 'Today Tonight'... Having known Mr Abbott
for a long, long time, whether he really has
the temperament for that sort of thing... ..earnt this reply. If you want to know my character,
ask my colleagues. If you want to know
Mr Rudd's character, ask his colleagues. Among friends here, but at tonight's second
people's forum in western Sydney, he'll face a much tougher crowd
of undecided voters - one he desperately needs
to win over. The battle of Rooty Hill - once Labor's backyard,
now shaping as its graveyard.

Political editor Mark Riley
is at Rooty Hill tonight. Mark, what can we expect
from the leaders? Chris, expect Kevin Rudd
to be more aggressive. The issues that concern

The issues that concern people in western Sydney - job security, family pain its and cuts to health and education. -- family payment. In breaking news, Kevin Rudd will possibly return to Canberra tonight in regard to Syria. And a reminder - you can watch Kevin
Rudd and Tony Abbott go head-to-head in tonight's People's Forum. It's on 7TWO, tonight at 6:30. Consumers battling
soaring household bills could be less than impressed with the fat earnings
announced today by two of our biggest
energy and grocery companies. Woolworths made
more than $2 billion while AGL tripled its profits.

For Trevor Sinclair,
it's tough paying bills. The amount we're paying -
the bill more than doubles. Not doing it so tough - the companies that
send out the bills, like energy provider AGL. It's more than tripled net profit
to $388 million - that's up 24%.


It is great when a big company makes profits except when they makes profits except when they cry poor. AGL says the profit was largely
due to its purchase of Victoria's Loy Yang A
power station.

The other performer - Woolworths, already under fire for the effect of its fuel dockets
on smaller retailers. It posted a net profit of
$2.35 billion, up 6%. And pre-tax earnings
from its supermarkets were over 3 billion, up 9%, while earnings from petrol
were 138 million, up 8%.

Financial experts say there's
nothing wrong with fat profits - after all, healthy companies mean
a healthy economy - but many people would rather be
shareholders than customers. Look, if there's a bright spot here
on a down day on the share market - AGL shares were up and if you're a worker,
you're also an owner, through superannuation. If only our super returns went up
as fast as our bills.

A bushfire that's been burning close
to homes on the Central Coast is under control tonight. It broke out at Birdie Beach,
near Wyong, around one o'clock. Around 50 Rural Fire Service
volunteers responded, along with a
fire-bombing helicopter. Residents along Elizabeth Bay Drive
were put on alert but no homes were
directly threatened.

It was just a couple of metres
from our back deck, so it was a bit frightening
when it was getting that close. Fire crews will keep watch
tonight for any flare-ups. State sports minister
Graham Annesley has choked back tears,
announcing he's quitting parliament. Political reporter Lee Jeloscek
is at State Parliament. Lee, why's he going? Chris, Graham Annesley says he's been offered a job
he simply can't refuse. He's moving to Queensland to become the chief executive
of the Gold Coast Titans. Mr Annesley is a former
sports administrator with the NRL and was emotional in Parliament explaining he never felt like
a career politician. I don't consider myself to be
a very good politician. In fact,

Excuse me.Have a drink of water. There are many aspects of politics
that I don't really care for. Graham Annesley's decision will force a by-election
in the seat of Miranda. His replacement as sports minister
hasn't been announced.

Cronulla's fairytale charge
towards the NRL finals could be overshadowed
by its ongoing ASADA investigation. The NRL has promised fans
the probe won't affect finals footy despite the AFL handing Essendon the harshest penalties
in the game's history. Suspended Essendon coach James Hird
apologised for his role in the AFL club's
supplements scandal but says the only thing he did wrong
was doing nothing.

There are things that went on
at our football club that shouldn't have happened
last year and as senior coach, I have to take responsibility
for what happened and not doing more to stop it. But the AFL's jumped in, suspending the Bombers coach
for 12 months, throwing Essendon out
of this year's finals, fining the club $2 million and demanding the sport scientist
at the centre of allegations front up to questions.

History take its course
a little bit this morning and we will make
the appropriate comments at the appropriate time. As ASADA continues its inquiries
into the NRL and allegations
against the Cronulla Sharks, set to play finals football. Unlike the AFL,
who can go into the finals series with the cloud completely lifted
over the competition, Two similar sets of allegations, the AFL acting
ahead of its finals, the NRL preferring to wait for the ASADA investigation
to reach its final conclusion. NRL bosses don't expect the league
finals to be overshadowed. No, not really. I think it's gonna take some months,
still, to work out. I think we'll be dealing with it
towards the back end of the year.

A convicted drug dealer
who caused the death of New South Wales police officer
Bill Crews has had his sentence almost doubled. Philip Nguyen now won't be eligible
for parole until 2023.

Kelvin and Sharon Crews
were shattered by the sudden loss
of their son, Bill, then devastated by
the 7-year jail term for the man who caused his death. Today it was increased to 13 years
on appeal. It is relief.
Relief and sorrow, but yeah... Constable Crews was shot during
a routine raid at Bankstown in 2010. Drug dealer Philip Nguyen jumped out
from behind a car and opened fire but tragically, the fatal bullet was fired
by another officer. He told, in a recent interview,
of the trauma he's suffered since. The sentencing judge found Nguyen's crime
wasn't in the worst category because he thought he was
defending himself against robbers. But the appeal judges said she underplayed
the gravity of the crime.

Nguyen's lawyer says the prisoner
may consider his own appeal.

Nguyen's lawyer says the prisoner
may consider his own appeal.

Consider that he's 58 years old now,
a bit hard for him. He could be free in 10 years. It's more appropriate but as I say, in the sense of a family and that,
um, nothing's ever appropriate, is it,
if you lose your son. A Sydney pilot who ditched his plane
into the ocean has launched a scathing attack
on Australia's air-safety agencies. Three months after a damning report
into the accident, the pilot has told Seven News
the government's done nothing and he warns it could happen again.

Pilot Dominic James has
effectively flown to hell and back. Almost four years since
he ditched his medivac flight off Norfolk Island only now have his jet licence -
and his life - returned.

There are so many people who feel
strongly on what's gone on and are really desperate for things
to be straightened and set right. It was November 2009. At first,
James was blamed and shamed. But a Senate inquiry this year found not only was operator, Pel-Air,
also at fault, so too - Australia's aviation safety
watchdogs. I think a large amount of cover-up
was going on. The Senate report was scathing of
the Civil Aviation Safety Authority finding audits had been hidden,
lies told and the original investigation
a whitewash. One former safety chief says This ATSB report has turned that Triple A status
into junk status overnight. That was in May and the Government
is yet to respond. Sure, mate. ...for a couple of minutes
on Pel-Air. The Transport Minister said
he couldn't and wouldn't act because Parliament is suspended. Well, we're actually in
caretaker mode right now. You might have noticed
Parliament is not sitting. But we're talking about
aviation safety. Caretaker mode should not be getting
in the way of aviation safety. The Senate Inquiry
thought the situation so serious. The Senate Inquiry
thought the situation so serious, it asked the Federal Police to
investigate our safety watchdogs. That's unprecedented. The minister says
he's not concerned. Well, anyone can refer anything
to the Federal Police. From Dominic James... The disturbing thing is,
safety is no longer the priority. A South Coast family has captured
remarkable underwater video of some of the world's
most majestic marine creatures. They'd gone fishing off Narooma when two southern right whales
decided to drop in and check out their boat. On the Sapphire Coast,
a jewel of a day and under the water,
treasure to be found. MAN: How freakin' close is that? The Poyner family videoed these
southern right whales on Sunday. You can see the eye
looking at the boat and checking us out,
then it slowly turns, and the second one is just
following in behind it.

John took us out again today,
and within minutes... Dad!
Dad! A whale!
A fin!

..two humpbacks
coming to pay a visit. GIRL: Oh, my God, he's right here. The Poyner kids aren't at school but they're still learning about the
wonders of their marine environment. We usually see something different
each trip.

No sooner do these whales disappear,
then they'll pop back up again. We're doing everything we can to stay outside
the 100m exclusion zone. Sometimes these guys,
they're just too curious. The southern rights got their name
from whalers, who found them easy prey. Now these giants of the deep
are 'right' for another reason. How does it make you feel in here
when you see that? It's pretty exciting and amazing and it makes you feel
pretty relaxed and happy.

Still to come in Seven News
at 6:00 - hundreds celebrate the life
of slain baseballer Chris Lane. Also, a rare moment of joy in Syria
as the US prepares to strike. And is that who we think it is? The famous mum snapped
doing the groceries, next.

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Hundreds of mourners
have said farewell to Australian baseballer Chris Lane, shot dead in Oklahoma. The 22-year-old's American
girlfriend joined his family at his funeral in Melbourne. Chris was remembered as
an all-round athlete who was the life of the party. When someone as young as Chris loses
their life, it's always a tragedy but when the life is lost
for no purpose and for no logic, it makes it much harder
to understand and accept. Chris Lane was randomly gunned down
while jogging.

Missile strikes on Syria
could be launched within days, with both the United States
and France saying their forces are ready to go. The Syrian government's warned
it will defend itself, as evidence emerges of more misery. This is what could soon be raining
down on Bashar al-Assad's regime...

..American cruise missiles. The world appears to be again marching towards more military
intervention in the Middle East with US Defense Secretary
Chuck Hagel delivering this warning. We are ready to go like that. The White House is now
building the case for retaliation for gas attacks on civilians. The French president
added his support, as did British Prime Minister
David Cameron, who returned early from holidays to call a special session
of parliament. We shouldn't stand by when we see
this massive use of chemical weapons with appalling levels of suffering. That suffering continued today with new unverified claims
near Aleppo of the use of phosphorus bombs and
napalm killing at least 10 people. Most experts believe any attack
will be relatively brief, using warships to fire missiles at
Syria's air force and military units thought responsible
for the gas attack, but not chemical weapons storages. Assad's regime
was issuing its own threats today.

TRANSLATION: We have the materials
to defend ourselves. We will surprise others. In the middle of so much death,
one small moment of joy - a toddler thought to have been
killed was reunited with his father.

New mum the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted stocking up on
groceries at her local supermarket. The 31-year-old was snapped
without son Prince George near the home she shares with
Prince William in Wales. It's the first time she's been seen
out and about since giving birth five weeks ago. Kate appears to have lost
her pregnancy weight, stepping out in skinny jeans
and a T-shirt. Sport now with Jim Wilson and there's more trouble for
Blake Ferguson. Chris, Ferguson has been stood down, Jorge Taufua has been suspended
by Manly and Ben Barba is now officially
a Bronco. It's family first for Barba and breaking news on the star player
the Bulldogs have been chasing. Plus, the Burgess boys come together and the Bunnies open up about
Greg Inglis' fitness. And Sam Stosur stunned
in the first round at the US Open.

Australian schools are getting the funding they need, which means every single child
in Australia is getting a better education,
more teachers, more support staff. But Tony Abbott will take away
the Schoolkids Bonus and cut billions
from education funding, which can mean bigger classes,
less teachers, less support staff. Just remember that
when you cast your vote. Because if he wins, our kids lose.

What I found is that I don't have
the time or the expertise. Ican't outperform AustralianSuper
on the investment side and the expenses side.

VOICEOVER: For greater control
of your super, visit

Shortly, breaking news concerning
the Bulldogs and Israel Folau. But first, Blake Ferguson and
Jorge Taufua have been stood down by their clubs. Taufua has been suspended for the
final two games of the season by the Sea Eagles after pleading guilty to assault after he spat on police
last October. Ferguson has been stood down
without pay by the Raiders, who say they couldn't contact him
yesterday after he missed training.

The Brisbane Broncos have paid
the Bulldogs $300,000 compensation to sign Ben Barba to a 3-year deal. Rugby league reporter
Patrick Molihan joins me and, Pat, they're cashed up. Do they have
a superstar replacement?

They wanted Israel Folau but rugby union has beaten rugby league. I can reveal Israel Folau signed a 2- year deal. They wanted three. Tomorrow will announce a contract which takes him through to the 2015 World Cup. They had no choice but to let Ben Barba go.

With his former partner
Ainslie Currie taking their girls,
Bronte and Bodhi, to Queensland, Barba couldn't bear the idea
of being apart. It would have been very difficult
for me to be staying down in Sydney
to continue my football knowing they're up there. The Dogs knew there was no point
playing hard ball. Think I'm gonna be a better player,
person, when I'm closer to my family. That's really hard to say no to. I'm a bit sad, in a way,
that he's left the Bulldogs but end of the day,
Ben's football, his life. A life out of control until coach Des Hasler
and then Dogs boss Todd Greenberg sent him to rehab. And, mate,
I can't be thankful enough for what they've done. These guys not only saved
my footy career, but my life. The Rabbitohs won't be resting
their Queensland star Greg Inglis despite knee problems. He's actually better this week
than he was last week, so there's no real reason
to probably rest him. Greg wants to play
and build that momentum and if he's right,
he'll be playing. All four Burgess brothers are also
certain starters for Friday's match against
the Tigers.

James Magnussen
has broken his silence after being put on notice
by Australian Olympic officials. Speaking on 'Sunrise', the 2-time world champion
is well aware more misbehaviour will cost him
a spot at the 2016 Olympics.

I think I've grown up a lot and it made me a stronger competitor
and a better person out of the pool so I'm really proud of
where I'm at now. The freestyle relay squad
harassed female members of the squad after a Stilnox binge
before the London Games. Sam Stosur's out of the US Open following a shock opening round loss
to 17-year-old American qualifier Victoria Duval.

Stosur took the opening set but 56 unforced errors saw the 2011 champion slump to
her worst-ever Grand Slam defeat. COMMENTATOR: Sam Stosur is gone
from the US Open. Credit to her. I'm not going to be a sore loser
and say she didn't do anything but I think I certainly helped her
out there today, that's for sure. Roger Federer progressed in three while Novak Djokovic also advanced
in straight sets. Victoria is a great

Victoria is a great story. She was held hostage in the Haitian earthquake in 2010 and went back to America, a great win. Still to come
in Seven News at 6:00 - Sarah with Sydney's
weather forecast. Chris, we're in for another mild
night with minimums above average.

G'day everyone Daniel gibson with
you, what a great spring day, I even wore shorts to work
today! got some viatmin D Another pretty good day
tomrorow after a warm night, tonight 8 at yass then 23 canberra 22 fine and mostly sunny
quenbeyan 22 tuggernong 21 and the coast has batemans bay mostly fine and 22 And the forecast is great 20 on
saturday while the first day of

Read it
like a book. Do two things
at once.

Organise your day.

All of this
and more
with the new:

Checking finance now and the share market
has closed lower as the likelihood of military
action against Syria increases.

Shares in AGL Energy rose after it
more than tripled its net profit.

Now here's Sarah
with Sydney's weather. Chris, what a beautiful day
in Sydney. The record warmth and sunshine
continued. Our morning's have also been mild. Our mornings have also been mild. Sydney's minimum temperature
hasn't dipped below 7 degrees all year. And it's unlikely to now,
with winter almost over. That's only ever happened
once before in 160 years of records.

3 degrees above average. We saw a little bit of fog in the west again
this morning. But the day
certainly warmed up

From the satellite,
there is trough in South Australia which is generating
showers and storms. A few very isolated showers are extending into
southern New South Wales. Tomorrow, that system
will push into Victoria and we'll see strengthening
northerly winds ahead of that in New South Wales. A few showers
in Melbourne and Hobart. Adelaide,
a shower or two. Similar weather
in Perth tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be similar to today with lovely winter weather
and plenty of sunshine. So, a fine and mild night
around the suburbs. Maximum temperatures will soar
well above average again.

On Friday,
it'll hit 29 degrees in the west. Saturday's looking fine. Sunday is the first day of spring,
and Father's Day. It's looking great. 24 near the coast. Warm and 28 in the west, Chris. And that's Seven News at 6:00. I'm Chris Bath.
Thanks for your company. Now here's 'Today Tonight'.

Thanks for joining us. Tonight, war in our suburbs as neighbours do battle
across the country. We've found the most bizarre dispute
we think we've ever seen. That story shortly, but we begin
with the innocent schoolteacher branded a career criminal. Thanks to a monumental
bureaucratic bungle, she's lost her job
and her future looks bleak. And, as Tineka Everaardt reports, there's a twist to this story
which should concern us all.

One wrong keystroke and you could go from law-abiding
to outlaw. (SIRENS WAIL) Anyone can be a victim
of mistaken identity.

Christine Moore is not an arsonist,
nor is she a thief, but police records
paint a very different picture. You see, Christine, a teacher
from Watsonia, in Melbourne, was born on 24 February, 1972. She shares her name
and a similar birth date with another woman, one who has a very chequered past, allegedly including a number
of offences for burglary and arson. People's whole lives can be
destroyed by errors in databases. Michael Cope from the Australian
Council for Civil Liberties. If they are wrong,
then people's lives are damaged and their reputations are destroyed. The offences appear
to have been transferred from bad Christine to good Christine by Victoria Police

when the wrong birth date
was entered into a database.

Now the ramifications
have been huge. Christine has been banned
from teaching because of the criminal record. I don't know how this could happen but what I am certain of is that
it's an error by Victoria Police.

When she went to Melbourne's
Greensborough police station two days ago, she claims they told her
it was a clerical error and she had to chase it up
with central records. Christine says
she even offered her fingerprints and was knocked back. That's despite the police member
allegedly telling her they knew it was a mistake. Adding to the farce, at the time of the alleged arson
and burglary offences in 1991, Christine was unmarried, a student
at the University of Queensland and known by her maiden name
of Christine Joy Keith. David Galbally QC says
Moore certainly could sue - and should.

The police ought to write a cheque