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Tonight - guilty - the army cadet facing jail after being convicted over the Skype scandal. Double time - a Sydney cop killers gets his sentence extended. They are voting already in Sydney's West. They are not happy. Ben Barba saddles up with the Broncos after being let out of the dog house. ANNOUNCER: First at five. Ten News with Sandra Sully.Good evening. 2.5 years ago a brave young woman blew the lid on the sordid Skype sex scandal at one of the nation's top military schools. A short time ago two cadets were found guilty and are facing the real prospect of going to jail. Matt Moran was in the Canberra court when the verdict was dlfrdz. Hand in hand Kate's family support her as -- delivered. Hand in hand Kate's family support her as they leave court. It's been 2.5 years since her sexual encounter with a cadet was transferred to a room full of colleagues. Kate knew nothing about the camera and was disgusted when she found out.I felt sick to the stomach.Fellow cadet Dillon deBlackier came up with the idea.

McDonald alleged Kate agreed to the broadcast in a conversation minutes before they had sex saying: The prosecutor told the jury that was so implausible you will reject it outright:

Kate accidentally got a Facebook message from McDonald revealing the plan, and responded by saying "Please tell me I was not on webcam.". The cadets were found guilty of using the carriage service in an offensive manner. McDonald was convicted of committing an act of indecency. Kate does not regret coming forward despite the emotional burden on her since 2011. The reason is simple - her story gave others the strength to speak out. Sentencing has been deferred until October 14. The prosecutor says it's likely it will seek prison terms. And we can report Matt Moran spoke with Kate who told him justice has been served and she can now move on with her life. Every day Sydney policeman Bill Crews rededicated his life to upholding the law and fighting for justice. The man who killed him, today felt the full force of both. Philip Nguyen's original sentence was almost doubled by an appeals court. Here is Crime Reporter Andrew Denney. It's been a long time since Crews could say they felt anything but heartbreak.It is a relief. Relief and sorrow.The man who pleaded guilty to their son's manslaughter had his jail time nearly doubled from 7 to 13 years.The final sentence is never enough really. But justice has been seen to be done.Constable Bill Crews was shot dead during a raid on the drug dealer's property in 2010. Philip Nguyen fired the first shot. Bill Crews was caught in the crossfire, killed by friendly flier. Philip Nguyen pleaded guilty to the police officer's manslaughter, and last year Justice Elizabeth Fullerton jailed him for 7 years.It was a massive slap in the case, 7 years for killing a police officer. That is not on.The appeals court agreed saying it was satisfied that the sentence impressed was manifestly inadequate.It sends a clear message to people that courts and the community will take a serious view of anyone involved in the death of a police officer.The Crews family has relived the nightmare in every court appearance for the past three years. It is still not over. Now an inquest into their son's death gets under way next month.It's incredibly hard. It's hard on the family, hard on everyone.Harder again - Philip Nguyen's lawyer has not ruled out another appeal.He's disappointed at this decision.He'll be nearly 70 years old by the time he's allowed out. Following a deadly 24 hours on our roads, another young man is critical following a smash between a truck and a tractor near Taree. The 25-year-old coctor had been slashing over-- contractor had been slashing overgrown grass alongside the Pacific Highway when slammed from behind. He was catapaulted from the tractor suffering head injuries. The truck driver underwent routine blood and urine testing. The road work was signposted. We have the first unofficial but rivetting exit polls for the election. Voting is already under way in parts of Sydney's crucial western suburbs. The results may shock you. No-one we spoke to is talking about asylum seeker or policy costings. As John Hill reports the burning issues are almost all local. This is democracy in action. Pre-polling is under way in crucial electorates such as Lindsay, Greenway and Chifley. Today voters told us who they voted for and why.Liberal is doing a certain lot of stuff that I'm not happy with. They are going to close down Mt Druitt and Blacktown swimming pools, where my kids go swimming there all the time.In Mt Druitt the local hospital was a vote changer.I go for Ed because he has an MRI for us for the hospital and is trying to keep it there.If anything the economy is heading the wrong way at the moment. We need to do something about that. WAFL's recognition of the Armenian genocide has upset Turks.Which we didn't do anything. That's history. He doesn't know the history. He goes on about it.I don't think people think about this country, but everything else - like gay marriage, that's fine, but that has nothing to do with running the country.Kevin Rudd's move to send the Navy to Brisbane won this boat. It's better he's considering more of the national security of where navy bases are going and things like that.There are strong opinions about the leaders. Tony Abbott...He has had a good heart for people.And Kevin Rudd...I love him, that's it.Pre-polling continues in every electorate across NSW up until Election Day. And Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott are due at the Rooty Hill RSL shortly for tonight's third election debate. Adam Todd is following the campaign roadshow and joins us from there. Given what John Hill highlighted have the major parties got their focuses all wrong.We may well find out tonight, based on the questions that both leaders receive from this audience. It will be 100 undecided voters from Western Sydney, the people will ask the questions, not the journalists. And we may find out, based on the questions, what people care about.This is the final scheduled debate between Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott and the final time they'll be before each other before September 7. All eyes is on Kevin Rudd. Time is running out. He needs a win. The equation for Tony Abbott - really, just to get through unscathed. You can see the entire debate live, uninterrupted and free on 'One' from 6:30. At Rooty Hill, Adam Todd. Thank you. The Treasurer and Shadow Treasurer had their own debate. Paul Bongiorno has more on how both sides plan to pay for all those promises. Tony Abbott found himself in a chocolate factory and feeling generous.Chocolates all around. OK. His numbers men were less fun, putting costings on savings that have flagged.Our savings are $31.6 billion.There's no cuts to health and education and no GST increase. It's not the whole story.You'll see our total expenditure and total savings.That will be next week.In good time.Labor targets the delay, crying cover-up.Of 30 policies released today - seven are tax increases that they are claiming are savings.The National Press Club - returning the budget to surplus is a flash point.2016 as outlined in the economic statement...Deja vu - another Labor Treasurer saying they'll deliver a surplus in the next term of government. Hog wash.When will he.We'll get to surplus when it is reasonable and responsible to do so. I lot of huff, puff, bluster, blow, and no date.Mr Hockey says that's because the Opposition doesn't know how bad the budget position will be after the election. The Treasurer says the Coalition's commission of audit will be used as a licence for cuts. He claims they have to find up to $70 billion. Heath Hocking says that's rubbish. The voters are -- Joe Hockey says that's rubbish. The voters are into dark. Kevin Rudd says Tony Abbott didn't have the temperament for the top job in times of crisis.19 years as an aggressive and negative poll doing...If you want to know my character ask my colleagues. If you want to know Kevin Rudd's character, ask his colleagues.10 days to go. And counting. A former NRL referee who entered the senior ranks of politics quit to make an emotional return to the game he loves.'s Sports Minister Graham Annesley quit the ministry and will resign as an MP to become CEO of the Gold Coast Titans in Queensland.I obviously acknowledge the magnitude of my decision and accept I'm letting a lot of people down.Both sides have wished him well. His decision will force a by- election in the southern Sydney seat of Miranda. It's been a long time coming, and now Ben Barba is a Bulldog no more. The once-troubled league superstar signing with the Brisbane Broncos. Adam Hawse joins us now from league headquarters. Is there any Agra or animosity here? Not from the Bulldogs -- aggro or animosity here? Not from the Bulldogs or Gold Coast Suns, but the fans believe they stuck by Barb rer when he went through the -- Ben Barba when he went through the personal issues and he's effectively walked out, signing a 3-year deal with the Brisbane Broncos. All parties are adamant it is about family and Ben Barba needs to be near his two daughters who have moved to the Gold Coast.They are the reason why I do this, to support them, and give them everything they want. I said it from the start, it would have been different for me to be in Sydney and play my football knowing they are up there.Unfortunately when you have a player coming to you saying this is a family situation and I need - think I'll be a better player and person when I'm closer to my family, it's a hard thing to say no to.Going forward the big issue is who will replace Ben Barba at the Bulldogs next year. He's a champion player, won the Dally M. They are big boots to fill. We'll go through the contenders later in sport. Look forward to it. Still to come here on Ten News - another vicious dog attack on a Sydney street. The event - hoping to spark a spring silver lining after the cloud of winter spending. Ready to strike - momentum builds for action against Syria. Friends, family and team-mates say goodbye to murdered baseballer Chris Lane.

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You're watching Ten News. A woman has had part of her finger ripped off in a savage dog attack in Pyrmont this morning. She was trying to protect her Jack Russell from a Bull Terrier. Christien de Garis has more. The two dog walkers were following the park rules. The Bull Terrier was determined to attack the smaller dog.The dog on the lead, it would appear, jumped up and grabbed hold of the other dog in the park.Seeing her pet savaged, the Jack Russell's owner tried to save TThe owner tried to separate the dogs, at which time her left ring finger became severed. Police at the scene said the mauled finger may not be able to be reattached. The dog has been taken to a shelter while Sydney of city rangers investigate. The attack a day after the Sutherland Shire Council trial for a 24 hour dog beach was binned after two savage attacks. Rangers will have the power to declare a dog menacing, which means even if it has not attacked it will be forced to wear a muzzle. It may have saved this woman's figeer, but owners have to be -- finger, but owners have to be responsible. Dog owners need to be trained when puppies.In early socialisation, puppy preschools, juvenile dog training is accessible. That can save a lot of pain later in life. Hovering above with the latest on Sydney traffic is Vic Lorusso. An accident at Silverwater some time ago. The cause of tonight's delays on M4.Five cars were involved in the accident before 4pm this afternoon. Three westbound lanes were closed off on the M4. They reopened 45 minutes ago. Unfortunately the traffic delays you can see here have not recovered and won't for peak hour here tonight. We have the alturn tiff being Parramatta Road here, being jam-packed. Commuters heading to the greater west via the M4 or Parramatta road will be delayed. Options will be Victoria Road, James Ruse Drive for the Great Western highway.Thank you. Despite everything we hear about the economy, Sydney is, in fact, in the grips of a building boom. Now the famous City Tattersalls Club is going to morph into a Sky straiper. Amanda Hart had a look -- scraiper. Dan Martin had a look at the proposals. Take this building and add 48 floors. This is what you get - vision for the City Tattersalls Club.They will see the resemblance of where Sydney came from and going to.A tower will be added to the three heritage listed buildings. There'll be hotels, apartments, restaurant and a bar.We need to shift the alliance away from gaming and look at alternative incomes. The heritage listed buildings will not be affected. With the Barangaroo, and Darling Harbour face lifts, some say Sydney is going through a transformation. Development in Sydney is booming. Experts say we are seeing an unprecedented amount of it. Still it's not nearly enough to satisfy the demands for inner city apartment living.It's been undersupplied for a period of time. No new apartments were completed in 2012. Sales have been declining in terms of number, because there's been a lack of supply.We can't afford to spread the city. It's not reasonable to have to travel one to two hours to get to work and return for work every day.Don't get too excited about the apartments yet. A tender process to find a developer starts next month. The price to pay for inner city living is likely to be sky-high. 30 days of fashion and beauty have been launched in Sydney. Who better to do it than the daughter of a model and rock star, Georgia May Jagger. It's hoped the event will put a spring in the step of retailers after gloomy winter sales. Jessica Turner has more. Georgia May Jagger is a girl who knows how to rock high fashion. The daughter of Mick Jagger, and model Jerry Hall is used to the flashing lights. The obvious genetic gifts were not all she got from her mum. She always tells me important things.The 21-year-old voted the top British model, and looks to Mick for inspiration. Do you have style tips you take from your dad? Yes, some. I mean I love the era. I'm a big fan of velvet.She's here to promote 30 Days of Fashion and Beauty - an event to encourage shopping in September.We hope with the interest rate cut in the period after the election that we see a surge in spending which may mean a strong Christmas this year. Designers hope so after a gloomy winter.It's a difficult time for our industry, for retail. That's why it's important that Australians get behind Australian designers. They created one-offs to be auctioned for charity.You walk down and feel popular.I'm standing here. I like it.30 Days of Fashion and Beauty coincides with the start of spring. According to those in the know - the colour of the season is pink. And another hot tip as the weather warms up.If you wear it with a smile you can pretty much rock anything.You can't help but smile in a frock like this. Magdalena Roze is here now with a look at the weather. You received a sunny welcome today at Mamosa Primary School.Absolutely, I'm joining you from a gorgeous primary school at Frenches Forest. Honestly, this is one of the most special communities that I have ever been part of. Over 400 kids and two to 300 parents turned out today - our biggest turnout yet and 700 South Australia ig sizzles later everyone is sitting here -- and 700 sausage sizzles later everyone is sitting here quiet. We have been experiencing warm weather across NSW and Sydney. Have you all enjoyed the sunshine. ALL: Yes.Let's look at some of that sunshine across NSW. Temperatures once again well above average across most areas.

More heat on the way. I'll have that and more later in the bulletin. Looking forward to it. Coming up here on Ten News - pressure grows for a strike on Syria. Martin Luther King's famous dream - has 50 years made a difference? And contenders dish it out - gravy wrestling.

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The US and United Kingdom militarys finalised plans for a possible strike against Syria. America and its allies now seem in little doubt that the regime used chemical weapons to massacre men, women and children in the suburbs of Damascus. The only doubt now is when any action will come. Here is Ben Lewis. The order comes - you are ready to go like that.We are ready to go like that.As the Syrian Civil War continues the Western world moves closer to military action. The US insists the downfall of Bashar al- Assad is not the aim of allies.The options we are considering is not about regime change.British Prime Minister David Cameron has returned from holiday and is ready to intervene.It must be right to have rules in the world and enforce those rules.United Kingdom Air Force jets are stationed in nearby Cyprus, and could play a key role in missile strikes. British MPs will vote on a proportional response on Thursday, making a weekend operation possible. It's now up to David Cameron to convince a war-weary British public that military intervention is a good idea.This is not about getting involved in a Middle Eastern war or changing our stance in Syria or going into that conflict. It's nothing to do with that. It's about chemical weapons.These things do not normally happen. It's an extraordinary development in the modern history of the world.The UN is unable to assess what was used to kill so many civilians. Security concerns stopped their work, a day after being shot at. And several websites in the US, including 'The New York Times', and 'Huffington Post' were taken offline by hackers from the Syrian regime. In Twitter posts the Syrian Electronic Army claimed responsibility for the

cyber attacks It's thought they gained access to a number of sites through Australian web hosting company Melbourne IT. 50 years agoam a preacher uttered the words 'I have a dream.'. As the United States prepares to remember the historic moment, Emma Dallimore looks at whether Martin Luther King's vision has been reached.I have a dream. A dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.50 years on from this defining moment, America is still struggling with the dream.It's all over. From New York to calve. The dream has not come true. I don't think it ever will.In Amateur League, few feel the Martin Luther King ideal is even within reach. This was the -- in sell ma Alabama few feel the dream is within reach. This is the heart of the battle. Five decades on many schools and churches here remain segregated - just no longer by la.It was always going to be the same - you -- by law. It was always going to be the same, you white, I'll black.Many believe racism swung the other way. We do. We have one race taking over. America can't deny some process. Tomorrow's commemorations will, of course, be led by a black President. A thought Dr King could have barely dreamt possible 50 years ago. Barack Obama will urge the next generation to make his heroes words a reality.Free at last. Free at last. Thank God ll mighty we are free at last. -- thank God Almighty we are free at last.Still to come Magdalena Roze back to school. Also - wise words from the father of murdered baseballer Chris Lane, at his son's funeral. The fight to give young people with disabilities the support they deserve. And the Australian sharemarket has dipped 54 points, with military action on the horizon in Syria. Here are the details:

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Thanks for joining us here on Ten News. More and more young people living with a disability are continuing to call aged care facilities home due too lack of supported accommodation. With 80% of them under the age of 65, there's a new push for the government to put its money where its mouth is. Natasha Squarey has the story. Flying high and living with people his own age - this is how 42-year-old Parkinson's sufferer Michael Brighous should be living.You are happy here. Would you like to be in a nursing home, Michael. No.However the majority of young disabled people are not so lucky. For many they are forced into aged care because there's simply nowhere else to go.Michael is two years older than me. I couldn't imagine myself in a nursing home or Michael either. Michael has been placed at Sylvanvale, a house built especially for young people with disabilities.Michael is with people of a similar age, so he can develop and foster friendships, that he would otherwise engage in the community. In a nursing home his best friend will probably be 50-odd years older.More than 2,000 young disabled people are living under the same roof as aged care patients in NSW. It's specialised homes like this that are trying to bring the number down.Those people are too young to be in aged care and forgotten. Integrate them into society and have great positive outcomes.More than 14,000 Sydney signatures penned on a Brain Institute Association petition reignited the push for State Government to step up and do more. We are looking for reform of disability services in general. On the accommodation and support side. The politicians admit there's a lot more work to do. Christopher Lane was gunned down in a senseless attack by three teenagers in the United States last week. Today his father offered words of comfort to the hundreds of family and friends saying their goodbyes at his funeral in Melbourne. Michael Bennett was there. A day they thought they would never see. Chris Lane's family farewelling a son and brother more than 500 mourners packing St Therese's Catholic Church in Essendon to say goodbye. The 22-year-old was gunned down in a random attack in Duncan, Oklahoma a week ago. His young life was celebrated. Baseball shirts from his many teams placed on the coffin. He spent hours throwing a ball back and forwards and sacrificed a lot to play baseball in America.The youngest of four children his sisters remembered a caring brother they doted on.Christopher will always be in our memories and forever in our heart.His father Peter unable to make sense of the way his son was lost.When a life is lost for no purpose and logic it makes it harder to understand and accept.He paid testimony to the strength of Chris's American girlfriend Sarah Harper, recalling the first time he met his son's girlfriend via Skype.I kind of forced him to introduce. He did. She said "Don't tell mum." But I did.A guard of honour and a round of applause - a final fitting farewell. What has happened to Chris is not fair. Hanging on to it will not help. Another traffic update now with Vic Lorusso. A bad accident at Campbelltown creating problems there.We have four cars involved in this smash on the M5, just near Narellan Road southbound. The vehicles have been moved but look at the three traffic lanes - not moving through St Andrews and Ingleburn and 5-7 kilometres of traffic chaos. Not only the M4 impact for the commuters of the greater West, but the M5 into Campbelltown.Just ahead - more on tonight's top stories. In sport - breaking news out of the Raiders. We'll cross to rugby league headquarters for the latest. Also tonight - Stosur shocker - the Aussie knocked out by a teenager in Round 1 of the US Open. Plus - here is food for thought. It's the World Gravy Wrestling Championships.

You might not think you need
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Tonight's top stories, and the woman in the infamous army Skype scandal says justice has been done after two cadets were found guilty late this Arch. They are facing jail time. The fam -- afternoon. They are facing jail time. The family of Constable Bill Crews who was shot dead on duty has been offered some comfort after jail time for the murderer was doubt. People are unhappy with both sides according to exit polls. As I mentioned earlier, breaking news out of the Canberra Raiders. Brad McEwan is here with the detiles. For the umteenth time it involves Blake Ferguson. Let's head to Adam Hawse at rugby league headquarters. Take us through the latest development.Basically the raiders stood down Blake Ferguson without pay for going AWOL. He has not been to training and no-one at the club has been able to contract Ferguson including the CEO last Friday. It comes after he skipped the match against Manly allegedly to go to a family commitment but was seen at Sydney night spots. It's as he awaits trial for assault - which saw him sacked from NSW before State of Origin II. Clearly he has played his final game for Canberra. Could Ferguson be headed to Belmore. We learnt there is a major departure from the Bulldogs.Ben Barba finally was given his release on compassionate grounds from Canterbury. He signed for three years with the Brisbane Broncos. Blake Ferguson's name has been linked to Canterbury. Whether the latest events cloud that. Israel Folau has been linked to the Bulldogs.Ralene Castle understand that Israel Folau is about to resign with the Australian Rugby Union.Josh Morris is another doing a great job. Ben Barba announced his decision. He made a thank you to coach Des Hasler and former CEO Todd Greenburg. I said it to a few people these guys saved my footy career and my life, mate. When I struggled at the start of the year these two guys stuck beside me and kept me at the club and helped me get my feet on the ground. I can't be thankful enough for what they have done.Also tonight Sharks centre Ben Pomeroy fronts the judiciary fighting a dangerous throw charge. If successful he'll face the Cowboys on Sunday. It's been a busy day. Thank you to Adam Hawse. Manly winger George Tafua has been suspended after pleading guilty to spitting at a police officer on the Gold Coast last year. Half-back Daly Cherry-Evans has denied he is unhappy at Manly due to a reported rift between himself and the Stewart brothers.There was no comment from me, Glen or Brett that said we didn't like each other. It's media - they sell papers, that's what they are good a, whether it be the truth or not. Manly faces the Storm on Tuesday night. The latest instalment of the battle of Brookvale. South's coach Michael Maguire says there's no need to rest Greg Inglis ahead of the finals, with the full-back managing his knee problem. The Rabbitohs must strike for the premiership before their current squad of salary cap pressure forces big names out the door.We have to take the opportunity with the group. Those times down the track, that's part of club life.Souths can jump clear on top of the table with a win over the West Tigers on Friday night. It's going to be a gut- wrenching September for Essendon fans after the club was kicked out of the AFL finals for its supplements program. With the Bombers' sanctions handed down, the attention turns to NRL's investigation into drugs in sport. To Essendon it was King James, a favourite son who could do no long. Not any more.I'm deeply sorry for what happened at our Football Club in 2012.James Hird has been suspended for a year. The club has been fined $2 million, and excluded from the first two rounds of 2013 and 2014 drafts.Had is the most significant sanction in AFL history. While acknowledging Essendon did not set out to give players prohibited or potentially harmful substance, the AFL found the Bombers' supplement program was experimental, inappropriate and inadequately controlled.There are things that went on at the football club that shouldn't have happened. As senior coach I have to take responsibility for what happened and not doing more to stop it.The AFL with a blunt message for Essendon's former sports scientist Stephen Dank.Sometimes the actions of one or two people can cause significant damage to fine people's reputations. I think if Stephen Dank wants to come forward and present himself before the AFL's commission or ASADA, he's more than welcome to put his case forward. He has a lot to answer for.We'll let history take its course this morning and make appropriate comments.ASADA continues to investigate Stephen Dank's roles at Manly and Cronulla. Some saige advice for the Bombers from an NRL coach who knows what it's like to cop a whack.If they stick together and support each other through it, they'll come through OK.After 11 weeks on the sidelines speedster Lewis Jetta could return for the Swans as they prepare to host ladder leaders Hawthorn on Friday night. It would be a much-needed boost for the Bloods who added midfielder Dan Hannah by to the growing injury lists.Jet has been training for a couple of weeks. We need to get him fit.Depending on results the Swans could play the Hawks again in Round 1 of the finals. 2011 champion Sam Stosur made a sensational first-round exit in the US Open, losing to American wild card Victoria Duval. Arguably her worst Grand Slam defeat. Sam Stosur surrounded a set lead to stumble in three against the 17- year-old 296. Victoria Duval with a monumental upset.Credit to her, I'm not going to be a sore loser and say she didn't do anything. I think I certainly helped her out there today, that's for sure.No hiccups for Roger Federer, easing into Round 2. We enjoyed chips with gravy, now the English drowned sport in the sludgey sauce. It's the World Gravy Wrestling Championships it providesed plenty of saucy action - hah. 1200 litres of the stuff was used with this guy taking the title of Master Gravy Wrestler.Everything would be much more entertaining if done in gravy. That is what you call riding the gravy train. Boom-kish.I enjoyed that.I could tell. Thank you. You're thinking about dinner.Now I'm hungry.Next - the all- important weather forecast and our favourite segment of the week Ten at School.

That's right, we have seen cracking weather across Sydney and the hottest day of winter is yet to come. More importantly I'm at a primary school. We'll see these guys after the break. See you soon. I'm wearing a T-shirt!I know.That shows I'm embarrassing - you both accidentally wore the same head! VOICEOVER: At GIO, we know that cars mean different
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Good evening, I'm joining you from a primary school at fremption Forrest as part of the Ten at Schools program. Is a special weather. It's a community like no other. Firstly the school's principal, Alison. What is it about your school and community that makes it so special?I think it's the fact that everyone cares about each other and the education for their children and we encourage the parents to be part of everything we do. They don't just fund raise, it's quality learning and education. You have 400 kids, 300 parents - how on earth did you get them to stay back until 6:00.They love it. Any events we have, we have a large turn out of parents. Huge people for grandparents day and open day. We are proud of that.There's a special event this Saturday, a fireworks spectacular, the biggest fundraiser. Maria you are an organiser. What can people expect. It's the biggest fund raiser we have. It's a great community event. It's on Saturday from 2pm until 9:00pm at Frenches Forest show ground. We have lots of great rides, barbecues, sausage sizzles.I hear the kids will do a performance. They are. They've been practising Zumba.You have to stick around. I may get involved. I've been trying to learn the dance move. It's worth sticking around to see me do that. Let's go to the weather first:

Let's go to the weather first: a lot of crowd over the southern half of the country. There's a lot of trough, one in WA, bringing showers and storms. There's another trough generating cloud across areas of the south-east. Looking ahead into tomorrow: a trough across Western NSW and western Victoria that will affect us in NSW. We'll see warm northerly winds ahead of us. Temperatures up to 12 degrees above average. The warm air mass will lead to unstable conditions. Showers and storms through the southern part of the state. Most of the rain is across the south- eastern part of the country, areas of southern South Australia, western Victoria and parts of NSW. It's mainly going to be through the southern part of the State. If you happen to be heading entry state this is what the weather will do.

NSW - a warm air mass will be coming across the state leading to unstable conditions. Isolated showers and the chance of thunderstorms on the western slopes of the southern ranges. Other than that it will be warm and sunny.

About the of a lightning show for the southern part of the state.

The weather is looking perfect for Saturday. Guys, get up I want to see the dance you guys are going to do Saturday and I may have a go myself. Am I doing it right? Whoah.

Well done.You are doing it right. To all the mums and dads the vision will be on the She'll give you everything
that I can't give you! (BELL RINGING)