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(generated from captions) frustrated because when I say this man will be five years in jail and when he gets out after two years, the community gets annoyed, particularly if the person reoffends. Do your time, crime and we will help you when you get out. There are some people who need no hope whatsoever. And the very last thing you want to do is put those people on parole.James Wood, what do you think of that idea?Good into theory, I don't think it works in practice. People need a chance to reintegrate. It's not just about supervision, there are programs, a system which can be provided out in the community. It's not just watching them. I think it's important that they are prepared prerelease and are prepared prerelease and there are many, many ways, apart from doing anger management and so on. There are areas of training, even teaching people literacy while in prison that will increase their chances of surviving outside without re- offending. You have to keep that going after they are released. There has to be community to support in a realistic way which helps them readjust.We have to wrap up. How confident are you that there will be real change in the system?Well, there is clearly got to be some changes. There is a lot of problems with, we are talking of programs and supervision and I am seeing reports of it not being done and not being attended and that not being followed up and not being reported back to the board. And so, you know, yes reintegration, it doesn't have to come necessarily so early. And there is no reason, as report ror suggested that it can't happen afterwards, can't perhaps be more helpful. -- Callinan Report. I'm seeing it in the cases that I had privy to recently, gross lack of supervision. ly, gross lack of supervision. Prisoners who are out for eight, ten months before even where they are going to live is looked at and got accommodation with other serious violent offenders and violent offenders and are, you know, getting up to all kinds of things. That's not been seen or monitored in anyway. They didn't know about John Coombes's three drug labs until they were watching him for the murder of my daughter.Noelle, how confident are you of change? Not very. ou of change? Not very. I read reports released back in 2008, 201 1, same thing were that he had said. The community safety is the utmost importance. Yet, we still have these murders happening because nobody is following through the system, the whole justice system properly.Just quickly James Wood, when will we see your report on the system in NSW?That's very difficult. I think middle of next year I hope. We are trying to have a really detailed examination of what other systems work, not just in Australia but across other nations.OK. We have to wrap it up here. I know a lot of people still have things to say. You can keep talking online. Go to our website or Twitter or Insight's Facebook page. Join us next week for our pre-election show. Coming up now we have 'Dateline' on the latest battle of abortion rights This program is captioned live. Hello, welcome to Dateline. Tonight, fire ateline. Tonight, fire and brimstone, as the abortion debate reignites in America. Republican states in the US are passing laws that wind back the clock on this controversial issue.I'm fighting for the legislation, because Texas babies deserve a chance to live.Shame on you! Shame on you! .But this Texas Senator's marathon 11 hour speech has inspired a National fightback from pro-choice supporters.Have you thought about how you drive women back to the coat hanger days?

And the secret nation revealed. A rare and unusual glimpse inside North Korea. We find hardline ideologues... And the minder who doesn't mind he minder who doesn't mind a joke.Macro yellow you're so funny in the mornings. You must take your funny pills when you wake ls when you wake up.Only in the mornings? Plus, what a Marler's crimewave. The criminals acted with impunity before this woman stepped in. -- Guatemala. Now she's getting drug lords and even the former dictator.

The crimefighter a little later, but first tonight the word filibuster. The dictionary defines it to act in an obstructive way in a legislature. In taxes recently that is exactly what Senator Wendy Davies had in mind. She was determined to was determined to torpedo a bill she says winds back hard run writes with abortion. It made her famous in the US and around the world. -- hard-won rights - hard-won rights with abortion. She has become a torch there for those who risk abortion rights are at serious risk. -- torchbearer. 150 years after the Civil War, rival armies are again facing off in Texas. Only this time the issue they are fighting over isn't slavery, it's abortion, and the battleground is , and the battleground is the state capital in Boston. -- Austin. Those in the blue Army are trying to pass laws they say are pro-life. A ban on abortions after 20 instead of 26 weeks and new regulations for abortion clinics ations for abortion clinics they claim will protect women.I'm fighting for this legislation because Texas babies deserve a chance to live! Whose choice?Our choice!Those wearing orange are pro-choice - they say the laws will close 37 of the state's 42 abortion clinics. Have you thought about how you drive women back to the coat hanger days, where the illegal abortion has taken place?

Glamorous and battle-hardened, this is the undisputed champion of the orange army.Ladies and gentlemen, our great friend, Senator Wendy Davis.

Thank you all. I am so proud to be standing here with you today. Standing is something Democrat Senator Wendy Davis is good at. On the 25 June she became famous for it. Senator Davis yesterday you gave me a sheet telling me it was your intention to filibuster.Yes Mr President - I intend to speak for an extended time on the bill. In the great American political tradition of the filibuster, Davis planned to speak on the last day of the Senate session until there was no time left to hold a vote.Nearly seven hours - you're looking live as State Senator Wendy Davis of Forth Worth filibusters a vote on the abortion bill that passed the House yesterday.And according to Senate Chamber rules that means no bathroom break, no sitting or leaning and no eating or drinking. The Democratic Senator is planning to speak for 13 hours straight - the special session ends at midnight tonight.If she filibustered till midnight Davis would kill the bill. But three breaches of Senate rules would kill the filibuster. There was a point of order sustained when a colleague helped her strap on a brace to support her back.You said you didn't help her put it on and there's a picture on Twitter right now of you helping her put it on. And two more for supposedly straying off topic.Senator Campbell your point of order is well taken and is sustained. And then something unprecedented happened when Davis was silenced, the public gallery erupted in protest.

protest.The Secretary will call the roll.

The people's filibuster, as it's become known, drowned out Republican attempts to vote on the bill.

bill. Helping Senator Davis with her epic filibuster was abortion clinic owner Amy Hagstrom Miller.I actually was able to supply Wendy with some of the patient stories that she read from the floor.So her office contacted you and said she's going to need a lot of material, she's going to talk for a lot of hours, what can we say? Exactly.Abortion clinics are the main target of the Republican bill. At the moment, abortions in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy take place in clinics like this, owned by Hagstrom Miller.OK, so this is an exam room. Um...It's a routine procedure with no surgery involved. The procedure is so simple, it takes about seven minutes.

But the new bill means abortions could only be performed in something much more high tech like this, what Americans call an ambulatory surgical centre. Ambulatory surgical centres. They were designed for three or four hour surgeries ur hour surgeries with only one physician.Abortion clinic providers say the raft of strict technical requirements will put them out of business. The bill's supporters are saying this is meant to improve health outcomes for women, they want to upgrade health facilities, they want to make abortions safer.Right. First of all there's no safety problem with abortion care in the state of Texas, they're responding to. It's sort of like an idea of a solution, searching for a problem. Abortion is one of the safest procedures known to medicine. Period. Our complication rates are really, really low. Wendy Davis' filibuster has made her a local hero and national celebrity. How does it feel to have become such an icon?It's really a privilege. It's been a privilege. But in some ways it was a hollow victory.Governor Rick Perry has recalled the Legislature for another special session to pass the bill. Can you name some examples of health issues that might arise that would be covered under your exception? The bill is going through the House of Representatives before it reaches the Senate for a second time. Democrats propose amendment after amendment.No, I would not accept an amendment.The ban on abortions after 20 weeks has no exception in cases of rape or incest.Just let the daddy be the grandfather and the father too. There is also anger at the potential impact of closing most of the state's abortion clinics, all those that won't meet the new standards.What you're doing is you're making a class separation here, between the wealthy who can afford it, who can travel anywhere in the United States, within the state, and for the poor, you just happen to be up a creek without a paddle. And you can go to the back alleys where a coat hanger is used. A 2011 law requiring women make two visits to a clinic before getting an abortion has already had an impact, according to Amy Hagstrom Miller. We've seen quite a few cases, pretty poignant cases of women trying to self-abort, by taking medication, or by asking their partner to beat them in their stomach, or trying to cause an abortion.Are you serious? Absolutely, and we've seen that in the last couple of years, last year and a half when that bill went into effect. Because, just that extra - on average, I believe it's a $150, not that they're paying us, but because the cost they incur, taking days off work having to travel twice, incurring a hotel fee, just enough so they can't afford the abortion.

This is not a Republican issue versus a Democrat issue, there were Republicans who opposed this bill - well, one... Sarah Davis is Republican - the only one opposing this bill. No-one wants to see abortion. It is a horrible way to end a pregnancy. But it is a constitutionally protected right. Her amendment would keep the 20- week ban, with exceptions, but remove all the new conditions imposed on abortion facilities and doctors. For the Republicans that are driving this Bill, what do you think it's about? They claim that it's about protecting women's health.They do, and I think that, that sounds like, I think that makes a pretty good sound bite, but I don't believe it's about protecting women's health especially when the result of the bill will be shutting down all but five clinics and these clinics do more than just provide abortion services, they provide well-women exams, screening for breast and cervical cancer, which is something that's very dear to my heart, I'm a 37-year-old breast cancer survivor myself, and shutting down all these clinics is nothing to promote women's health.

I think the bill is ultimately about banning all abortions in this state, and I think that is clearly unconstitutional.Do your colleagues admit as much to you? Yes, yes, there have been several members that have admitted as much to me. The idea that somehow this is against women, this is as pro-women as you can possibly get.

as you can possibly get.The zealots are only other side. The zealots are the ones out there fighting against this reasonable safety measures for women and children.So you refer to people who defend constitutional rights as zealots?Ah.Why has there been such a roll call of republican Presidential nominees wanting to associate themselves with this issue?I think this is just a political issue that really motivates what we call our primary voters. Our most conservative voters. This is one of those issues that has become almost a litmus test for determining who is the most conservative.

And the war on abortion is not just being fought in Texas.

Tonight abortion opponents are planning to reintroduce their so-called heartbeat bill here in Ohio. Republican states across the country are introducing near-identical laws. Republicans in Texas, Ohio and now North Carolina are trying to pass legislation... Kansas is the latest in a string of states taking action.....New Arkansas law, now by far the strictest in the nation.

What we've done is design fifty pieces of model legislation and we've encouraged state legislators to look at these laws, model laws, and adopt those that apply to in their state and what would work for their citizens.The anti-abortion playbook was written by Washington DC-based lobby group, Americans United for Life. Their strategy - use things like clinic regulations to chip away at the Supreme Court's Roe versus Wade decision protecting the right to abortion.Until such time Roe versus Wade is reversed and the attitude of Americans change, we can only do so much in terms of the legal constraints, so we think right now the focus needs to be on women's health.

Today the Texas bill must pass its final hurdle - the Senate vote.

Today I can't get that REM song out of my head, you know that song - 'It's the End of the World as We Know It'. I'm trying to keep my sense of humour. The line of people hoping to get into the gallery snakes through the building. So you guys are the front of the queue.We are. 5:00am. Security is extra tight today, and extra weird.As we were coming in they were searching our bags and if you had a tampon or a pad or anything that has something to do with menstruation, something that happens to women, you had to leave it outside. But, if you had a handgun and you have a concealed carry license, you can bring your gun in.And did they say why?They said they had some intel, there was some intel that something would happen?With tampons?Tampon-based civil disobedience. No woman should be judged by someone else. Someone who believes they would have made a different decision. No woman should be judged by someone else because these decisions are never ever easy.You talked about the choice, you asked us, well why don't we put ourselves in the place of the woman and her choice. What choice does the baby have? Who speaks for the baby?? Do you think if the mother had a conversation with the baby and said you know, this just really isn't convenient to give birth to you right now - do you mind dying?I can't take it anymore. That is offensive.I don't get mad at those folks, I pray for them. Outside the Senate chamber, the orange army chants Wendy's name. Blue shirts are few and far between now. Inside, protesters do their best to disrupt proceedings. One woman chaining herself to the railing. But this time the vote is passed. Those in blue are jubilant. Those in orange have Wendy.

So what did Wendy Davis' filibuster achieve? Isn't it ultimately futile?Oh, absolutely not. We woke a sleeping giant in the state of Texas and beyond the state of Texas. People have come out of the woodwork to stand up to say this is too much and I won't stand for this. Let's make sure tonight is not an ending point, it's a beginning point for our future, our collective future as we work to take this state back. Thank you all so, so, so much.

Although I do have my own strong views about this particular subject, the colour of the dress I'm wearing tonight is purely coincidental. As for Wendy Davis' filibuster, she Wendy Davis' filibuster, she is now reportedly running for governor of the Lone Star state. You can leave your comments on the abortion debate on our .au. Don't go away, we will be back after the break with a treat as we go on a rare visit to North Korea. There's pageantry aplenty as Kim Jong Il and appears, but don't dare suggest that t dare suggest that the emotion might not be genuine -- Kim Jong-un. And the bones that reveal all. Guatemala's quietly spoken attorney general is determined to bring a brutal former dictator to justice.

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Here's a quick quiz. If I say North Korea, what springs to mind? A grey and austere ? A grey and austere nation where the cult of the leader is all pervasive? A state whose citizens are rigidly controlled and freedom is but a dream? Well, you may be right. But having secured a rare visa to visit the kingdom, sa to visit the kingdom, we were determined to find out. But as you are about to see, her government minder clearly had other er clearly had other ideas. Getting into North Korea is one of the most difficult challenges facing any journalist.

Welcome to Pyongyang. I have no complaints about the hotel. Its upper floors give me my first real glimpse of the city lights. And far from being cut off from the rest of the world, e rest of the world, the lines of communication will be wide open. We've just arrived here in Pyongyang at the hotel. They've decided to install the internet. A bunch of guys have been in my room with some cables and a modem, and they said they'd be back soon. But it's 1:30 in

it's 1:30 in the At dawn I discover that the hotel is on an island. But I have a date with the man who will be my key to getting off the island and into the city. Like all the other media, we've been assigned a guide or minder. Ours is Mr Li from the North Korean foreign ministry. We're here to cover the 60th anniversary of the end of the Korean War and clearly Mr Li intends that to be front and centre of our schedule. So this is for the soldiers who were killed during the war? Yeah.Right.

60 years after the war, there's no denying that the grief is still very real. But for North Koreans the war isn't over. When I ask this woman about the loss of her husband I discover how the personal and the political intersect in North Korea.

We're quickly finding out the ground rules for our visit. There will be no freestyling, no running off to grab interviews with people in between the official functions. Mr Li has a plan and next on the list is the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun.

For an outsider, the reverence shown to North Korea's leaders amounts almost to a cult.

Kim Il Sung died in 1994 and yet he's still formally regarded as the President.

His body lies here in state along with that of his son, the Dear Leader Kim Jong-Il.

But even in this sacred place, kids are still kids.

What do you like to do after school in your spare time?Play Basketball, play piano, play swimming.What kind of work would you like to do when you're older?

Who is your favourite actress?

As it turns out, Oh MI Ran and Kim Jong-hwa are no young modern-day starlets. They played gun-toting heroines, whose patriotic credentials were never in question. How are you?I see you're still alive, haven't been captured, no hard labour camp, no concentration. It was Ray Ferguson who'd made it possible for me to visit North Korea.

He's the secretary of the Australia-North Korea Friendship Association and here that opens a lot of doors.So where are you people off to today, with us?We're on this bus, we don't really know where we're going yet. Mr Li is our... Er... Guide.It turns out that Mr Li has something spectacular planned.

The North Koreans haven't staged this show with just a few hours rehearsal. They call it the Mass Games and even the most cynical observer would have to agree it's a triumph of training, athleticism, and precision.

As the show gets under way, there's a buzz in the crowd. And then chanting and clapping. In North Korea, this means just one thing. The arrival of a leader. In this case, the very-much-alive Kim Jong-Un. It's hard to imagine any Australian politician getting a welcome like this.

The games are a masterpiece of discipline -- over a hundred thousand participants and no-one out of step.

I was hoping to speak to some of them, but that wasn't going to happen. On the way back to the hotel I wonder if I'll get the chance to see something less stage managed than the public events.

It's 8:02pm. We were meant to be downstairs at 8:00pm. Very punctual is Mr Li and today's the big day - the 27th... Victory day Mr Li has asked me to bring him our air tickets for confirmation, but in

You can feel the whole square, the whole square is literally shaking as these guys march past. It's amazing It's not just tanks and missiles that are on display, it's the people's apparent love of their leader that borders on religious zeal. Do you think everybody is very emotional or do you think some people just pretend? Hard to say?

It's a real feeling?

Besides the missiles and the emotion what's also real is North Korea's tendency to make random threats against its traditional enemy - the US.

This is what's presented to us by the media and unfortunately people believe this.Ray Ferguson, the man who helped me get into North Korea, thinks the regime gets unfair treatment from the media. But I wonder whose fault that is. Do you think they need to be a bit more open about their country?I think they want to be more open - I think they desperately want to be more open - that's why they're inviting tourists into the country - not only for openness of course but to earn some hard currency -- but they have been let down too many times by overseas journalists.

As one of those overseas journalists I'm not here to do a hatchet job but North Korea's reputation as a rogue state isn't helped by the limitations they impose.

You know, we're restricted to Pyongyang, we're restricted to a very tight schedule - very carefully managed and there's just not much information outside that.

But I guess what I can say is that I feel like just the little glimpses I'm getting of people walking along the street today we saw people on the street after the parade they were buying ice creams sitting in the shade having a chat - there are men and women walking together - I guess it just makes the place seem a bit more normal.

Day three ends with a dazzling display -- this is a city that has so far only shown us its finest.

Heading back to the hotel, I wonder what I'm missing in the shadows. The streets here are darker than those in other cities, a hint at the power shortages they face. But there are lights in some apartment windows. What life is taking place beneath them?

Day four gets off to a slow start. Mr Li is missing. The big parade is over and I have a sneaky suspicion that all the minders are nursing hangovers. Ah, there's Mr Li. Good morning, or good afternoon should I say.Ha, sure. Good afternoon.Any news about whether we can go and interview a family? Interview a family. Yeah, an ordinary family. That obviously isn't going to happen today So with time on my hands, it's a chance for a wander through the hotel. This is the revolving restaurant Clearly this is a place not often visited by ordinary North Koreans. But there are lots of distractions for foreign visitors, a contrast to what I imagine life is like outside. Whoa! Casino Pyongyang here I come.

My frustration with Mr Li due to the restrictions on us that falls away over a game of ping pong.

This is Australia versus DPRK. Oh,

something interesting.

At last, some freedom from the