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This Program is Captioned Live.Tonight - it is all but certain the Essendon Bombers set to be banned from the AFL finals. The PM triggers a furious exchange with the NSW Premier over plans to mover the navy out of Sydney Harbour.The British Government draws up contingency plans for possible military intervention in Syria.And later on 'The Business', an $860 million wipe-out surf wear retailer Billabong laid bare. Live across Australia, you're watching ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Juanita Phillips.The Essendon football club is set to be banned from playing in this year's AFL finals as part of its punishment for the supplements scandal. The AFL will announce all the Bombers penalties shortly and the understands they will be hefty. James Bennett has more from outside AFL house in Melbourne.The ABC now understands that in addition to being excluded from the 2013 finals series, a penalty settlement agreed to by the AFL and Essendon see the Bombers excluded from and Essendon football club will see part of see the Bombers excluded part of the 2013 part of the 2013 AFL draft and face a fine of between face a million. Football operations boss Danny Corcoran has agreed to a suspension of a matter of months. The cases against senior club against senior club officials, coach James Hird, Assistant coach Mark Thompson and club doctor Bruce Reid all remain to be determined with all three of them fighting all of the charges laid against them. A press conference is expected here at AFL house within the hour. From 2004 to 2012 Adrian Anderson was the AFL's general manager of football operations making him responsible for the day to day running of the competition. Earlier on '7.30' Leigh Sales asked Mr Anderson how the development are reports that Essendon will miss out on the finals.The AFL wants to have this issue resolved before the finals. Essendon are alleged in the charge sheet to have used banned performance enhancing
drugs. From an AFL point of view, for the integrity of the finals series it is important to have that question resolved.The other penalties that are talked about, the one that matters a lot to football clubs is draft picks. They are the life blood of the future of a football club. The fine is the least significant here. We saw with Carlton the sanctions that they were meted out for salary cap breaches, the long term effects that loss of draft picks can have and I think probably the fine is probably the least significant and also it makes sense for both the AFL and Essendon to resolve this year's finals series, from Essendon's point of view to bring forward as much as possible so that this saga doesn't affect the football club.The
situation with regards to the players remains situation with players remains unclear because the ASADA investigation is not finalised. They haven't spoken to Dank, the man at the centre of all this, for the time being. We don't know yet whether the players may face infraction notices and while the AFL has the power to determine whether a club should participate in its finals series or not, to actually go and deal with the club will be very interesting to see how they leave open the question of any infraction notices against the club because when an official is found guilty under the anti-doping code, the club itself is automatically found guilty as well.And we can go back to James Bennett who is outside AFL house. Have you got any more information for us? In the last five minutes, Bruce Reid, the club doctor at Essendon has emerged from here at AFL house. There was a flurry of activity on the landing just adjoining the rooms where much of this negotiation has been played out. There was a series of hand shakes between Essendon's chairman Paul Little, Bruce Reid the club doctor also we have now learnt that there will be a press conference within the next 10 minutes or so. Approximately 8.15 we will have a statement from the AFL and obviously we will expect that that will confirm that AFL will ban Essendon from the 2013 finals series, obviously the ABC understands that in addition to that, there is the loss of first round draft picks next year and then also a very stiff fine north of $2 million for the club. What we don't yet know is what remains of the situation facing James Hird and also club doctor Bruce Reid and also the assistant coach Mark Thompson. They are the variables that we don't know. Just repeating, an 8.15 press conference, then we will hopefully have official confirmation.We will cross back to you then at 8.15 for that conference. Britain is drawing up contingency plans for possible military action in Syria. PM David Cameron will decide later tonight whether to recall parliament to discuss the crisis. The Assad regime is unleashing chemical weapons accused of its own people accused of deliberately
unleashing chemical hundreds. Tensions are its own people killing hundreds. Tensions UN weapons inspectors tonight return to the site of UN weapons return to the site of the
attack after they return to the site of attack after they were targeted by snipers. Matt Brown begins our coverage. Under pressure and under fire. After the lead vehicle was attacked by a sniper, the inspection team was forced to turn back, but they regrouped and pressed on into the suburbs of Damascus.The UN says the inspectors visited two hospitals, collected samples and interviewed doctors, witnesses and patients.TRANSLATION: I started to get dizzy and I couldn't see anymore. I wanted to throw up. I didn't see in front of me and then I fell down. The situation is very bad.The inspectors don't have a mandate to determine who is responsible for the attack but the UN says they have a good chance of finding out what it was that caused such horrible suffering.Britain is talking about taking action, even without a UN Security Council mandate, prompting this warning from Syria's main ally.TRANSLATION: The use of force without the approval of the United Nations security council is a very grave violation of international law.As the civil war rages on, top military officials from the US and other NATO allies have been meeting in neighbouring Jordan. Military action is now more likely than ever but it is not any easier and the consequences remain unpredictable. The US President says the Assad accountable for attacking civilians and he is reaching out to world leaders for support. Here is Ben Knight. The last time the reacted to news of a Syrian chemical attack, its statements were cautious and vague. Not this time.What we saw in Syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. It defies any code of morality. It was an emotional statement, accusing the Syrian regime of deliberately destroying evidence of an atrocity.At every turn the Syrian regime has failed to cooperate with the UN investigation, using it only to stall and stymy the important effort to bring to light what happened in Damascus in the dead of night.John Kerry didn't say what the US plans to do about the attack but there are some strong hints. The US has moved four navy destroyers within range at the Syrian capital with Tomahawk cruise missiles on board. There have been many reasons why the US has been so reluctant to step into the Syrian civil war and that hasn't changed. It is not just Russia that is opposed to US military intervention, a majority of American citizens are also dead against it. There is a growing consensus that chemical weapons were used in Syria, the point discussed when Kevin Rudd spoke to President Barack Obama this morning.This would be a crime against humanity and a violation of international law. It would not be without consequence. President Obama is considering options.The US has gone around the UN Security Council before, in 1999, when then President Bill Clinton authorised the bombing of Serbia and Kosovo through NATO.It is a doctrine known as the responsibility to protect and it requires broad international support. A chemical attack, killing hundreds of civilians could be the catalyst to achieving it. And just reminding you, we are standing by for a press conference from Melbourne shortly by the AFL. We will hear about the penalties for Essendon over the supplements scandal. We will take you live to that conference as soon as it happens. We are expecting that in the next 5 or 10 minutes.PM Kevin Rudd has has
questioned whether Tony Abbott has the temperament to deal with an international crisis like the one unfolding in Syria. Mr Rudd says the Opposition Leader doesn't a background in foreign policy and he has described Mr Abbott as having an impulsive nature.There are, in my judgement, difficult times which lie ahead and I sometimes question, I really do question, having known Mr Abbott for a really has
long, long time, whether he really has the temperament for that sort of thing.You ever to sit back, think, calmly reflect and then work through what the best decision is. Temperament and judgement and experience are quite important.In other campaign news, Kevin Rudd has junked another Gillard Government decision and picked a fight with a Liberal Premier at the same time. The PM wants to shift the biggest east coast naval base from Sydney Harbour to Brisbane, it could take up to 20 years. The NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell is furious that it has been announced without notice in the middle of an election campaign. Mark Simpkin with more. How are you mate? Full with more. How are Full speed ahead and all Full speed ahead and all guns blazing.A phone ever been helpful.The Premier and PM ever been and PM on the attack over and PM defence.It is called a national security decision.4,000 jobs.You want more cruise ships.I'm happy to share, you should learn to share.Kevin Rudd wants to uproot Garden Island, moving at least some ships and operations north and possibly west, Perth, Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane are all options.If you take national security seriously for the future, you ever to look beyond tomorrow, bond the occasional grumpy Premier and - beyond and basically make a big call.A very big call, made without a small one.No phone call, no notice, in direct contravention of the same government's commitment in May, 4,000 jobs to be thrown on the scrap heap to try and save seats in Queensland.The Royal Australian Navy is not Premier O'Farrell's property it is the property of the Australian Government.And the Australian Government thinks the navy should be closer to potential disasters.The
hot spots and natural disasters.The vast majority of operations for our naval assets and our military assets lie to our north-east, to our north and to our north-west into the Indian Ocean.True bust three months ago the Government's own white paper torpedoed talk of a fleet base in Brisbane. It identified multiple problems with the idea, including costs in the order of $6 billion, challenges associated with land acquisition, environmental considerations and the need for extensive dredging.We are not talking about a landing point here short of 2030, 15, 20 years time.It is all in the never, never, it is maybe, possibly, perhaps doing things in 10 or 15 or 20 years time. It seems to be tailor made for marginal haven, high speed rail and new marginal seats.A Top End tax naval base. The Rudd haven, high speed rail naval base. The Rudd campaign
is certainly not short of big picture policies. The initiatives will cost vast amounts of money but because they are so far in the future, Labor doesn't have to say how it will pay for them. The Supreme Court in Cairns has overturned a coroners decision to commit a man to trial for a double murder two decades ago. Alan Leahy is accused of killing his wife and her best friend but his successful legal challenge today casts doubt over whether the prosecution will proceed. It has been 22 years since Vicky Arnold and Julie Anne Leahy died. Today shock and disappointment for their families after the Supreme Court struck down a coroner's decision to committalan Leahy to stand trial.We thought this had progressed a lot further along the way to being the end have
and we will wait some more. We have waited this long and we can hang on a bit longer.They were all expecting probably that the appeal would be overturned and that wasn't the case. That is the Supreme Court judge's finding.In March the State coroner Michael Barnes not only overturned previous inquest findings of murder suicide, he found Ms Leahy's husband Allan had a case to answer and committed him to stand trial. That decision was challenged by Mr Leahy's lawyers who argued the coroner didn't have that power and the ruling contained legal errors. A Supreme Court judge today upheld the complaint, justice Henry ruled the coroner was wrong when he treated alleged lies told by Alan Leahy to investigating authorities as evidence of guilt. He said...

The big question now is whether the DPP will continue prosecuting the case. It can still proceed with a trial against Allan Leahy but no longer has a deadline by which to indict him.The DPP says it will carefully consider judgement. Allan Leahy wasn't in court and couldn't be reached for comment. A former aeronautical engineer has been jailed for 19 years for the kidnap and rape of a woman whom he held hostage at a farm in Victoria for five days. 34-year-old Michael Allen Pilgrim abducted the former sex worker in Melbourne last year. He chained her to the floor in Michael
a room he built. Justice Michael Tinney described the crime as chilling and sentenced Pilgrim to a maximum 23.5 years in jail. The court heard Pilgrim had a large number of other women under surveillance.A man who stalked and AFL player he had a crush on has been jailed for at least six months after an appeal today. 35-year-old Scott Thomas struck up a friendship with Richmond player Alex Rance two years ago. He subsequently sent text mess dwradges to Rance's girlfriend saying the footballer was homosexual and was living a lie. He then organised a gay orgy at Rance's parents home. In May Thomas pleaded guilt dwroi stalking and harassing the footballer. His sentence of 12 months jail was upheld at told's appeal but he will be eligible for parole after six months.The majority of children and teenagers Pontville Detention
detained at Tasmania's Pontville Detention Centre will be released into the community within days. Immigration asylum
Minister Tony Burke hopes 200 asylum seekers will be in group homes across Australia before the election but if not, the Opposition has promised to continue the job.For 275 boys, this is their temporary home in Tasmania, within days, 200 of them will begin life outside detention.It is fantastic news for those young people. It is wonderful that they are out in the community, that is where they should be.Most will live in group homes interstate. About 65 will homes interstate. About 65 stay in Tasmania.Seven Group homes will be set up stay in Tasmania.Seven homes will be set up in the
Hobart homes will be set Hobart area, the Red Cross coordinate two of them.It will be no small task. A number of detainees from Pontville have attempted self harm.These attempted self harm.These kids are completely dislocated from their families, from their culture, from the sense of belonging and having a future. There is a lot of work to be done.Making sure the asylum seekers attend school is the priority.That they can keep improving their English and as soon as possible be at the same level as their peers.In the context of the financial election, some are sceptical.This may well be just political window dressing in the last 11 days of an election campaign.The local mayor at Pontville says hundreds of thousands of dollars have just been spent on an artificial soccer field at the facility.In some ways I applaud the minister for the decision but then there is a political opportunism or is it really about humanitarian care? It is a very different story for unaccompanied children who have arrived by boat in Australia since the Government's Papua New Guinea policy. Both Labor and Liberal plan to send them offshore. There has been an increase in recent years in the number of informal votes cast in elections. It has become a major issue for the indigenous community. Nearly half of the indigenous population is not enrolled and many of those who are won't turn up on polling day. A strive to fill that vibe.18-year-old Lori Lolohea makes music on the streets of Blacktown but she remains untouched by-election campaigning and hasn't enrolled to vote.We don't have any clue of who and no-one has really tried to of who is representing our reach out to our community.It reach out to our is a vooi view found across the seat of is a vooi view seat of Chiffley in Sydney's west, home to the country's largest indigenous population. It also has one of the highest informal voting rates, more than 10%.In an effort to tackle the problem, the Electoral Commission has employed 116 indigenous voting information officers.To man polling places around the country, six in western Sydney.It is a message that needs to be told to everyone that when elections are here, this is your chance to have your say.The AEC estimates that only half of the indigenous community is enrolled to vote.Only 50% of those enrolled voted at the last Federal election.And 30% of those voters cast an informal ballot.Jake Soewardie fought for Aboriginal rights in the 60s but says his passion for change is over.Young people just didn't want to be oppressed or held back and they wanted change.Here in Blacktown and all across the seat of Chiffley, the median age for the Aboriginal community is just 18 years old. The race is on to make sure they cast their vote, come election day.As for Lori...We had more people just out there explaining to us what is going on, I am sure we would all stop and have a listen. A report has estimated that arthritis and related conditions are costing the economy more than $55 billion a year. The Deloitte Access Economics study was commissioned by arthritis and osteoporosis Victoria. It found health and carer costs and productivity losses all contributed to the economic impact. With an efficient 6 million Australians living with must can you low conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis.Nearly 60% are between the ages of 25 and 64,
which between the ages of 25 and which is enormous and gives us a very which is enormous and gives a very big agenda to change the conditions for these
people.The State Government has set up a clinical task force to advise the Health Minister on the issue. A recent overhaul of procedures at Logan Hospital south of Brisbane has led to a dramatic improvement. Until recently, its emergency department often couldn't cope and the State's ban on ambulance by pass added to the pressure. Now the Hospital's changed how it works and sees more patients more quickly.In the past, these ambulances could have been sent elsewhere when Logan Hospital's emergency department was full.We reached a stage where we weren't processing patients quickly enough and we were on redirect and not able to accept ambulances and the system was falling apart a few years ago.Now they are taking those patients and seeing them more quickly.Any other symptoms? They have changed processes in the emergency department, introduced rapid assessment and overhauled the whole hospital's bed management system.It means more patients are being treated in emergency and more are being admitted to the hospital.What we have been able to do is get patients admitted to the ward which has given us space it look after the other patients coming through. Things are more controlled now than they used to be.Over the past year the number of patients has increased dramatically. Logan many residents are
indigenous or come from

overseas.The kind of people you are looking at is a high risk subset and they toned utilise the hospital much more utilise the than any than any other...We will cross live to Melbourne where the AFL live is expected to announce penalties against Essendon over the supplements I want to start by addressing all Australian football supporters.The AFL commission shares your anger and your frustration that the 2013 season has too often been dominated by headlines that we would rather not see and hoped we would never see associated with our game. The issues involved in the Essendon program
football club supplements program are deeply disturbing. The investigation undertaken over the past six months and the actions we ever taken today reflects this gravity. A number of fundamental principles guide our code and collectly contribute to making the AFL a successful competition.Two of the principles are non-negotiables. The health and safety of the players and the overall integrity of the competition. The these principles underpin our rules and also our day to day decision-making. On behalf of the AFL commission I want to send a clear and unequivocal message to everybody that nothing and no-one comes ahead of the duty of care owed to our players and the need to safeguard the fairness of our competition. The pursuit of onfield success can never be allowed to obscure a commitment to these principles. The very essence of sport demands it.The AFL commission dealt with the Essendon and James Hird, Danny Corcoran and Mark Thompson in relation to the club's sup implements program. To their credit, all of the parties involved in today's hearing have worked hard to resolve the matter in the overall interests of the game. The AFL and those charged considered the best interests of the game and its supporters will be served by a resolution of this matter. We can refocus on the game and the finals in the coming weeks without these distractions and uncertainty.The AFL acknowledges that neither the Essendon football club nor any of the individuals charged set out to implement a supplements program that would result in players being administered prohibited or potentially harmful substances.However, the Essendon football club today acknowledged that it had established a supplements program which was experimental, inappropriate, vetted and controlled and in inappropriate, and inadequately vetted relation to that vetted and controlled and club, firstly, failed club, firstly, it adequately protected the health and welfare and safety health of the players. health and welfare and of the players. Secondly, there was a risk that was a risk that Essendon players couldn't have been administered players couldn't have administered substances
prohibited by the AFL anti-doping code and the World Anti-Doping Code and any such risk is an unacceptable risk. Thirdly, the Essendon football club is now unable to determine whether the Essendon players were administered some substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping
AFL anti-doping code and the World Anti-Doping Code. By season of these matters, it has been determined by the commission and the Essendon football club has agreed that Essendon breached rule 16 of the AFL rules in that it engaged in conduct that is unbecoming or likely to prejudice the interests or reputation of the Australian football colleague or bringing the game into disrepute. In addition the AFL commission has found and Hird Corcoran and Thompson agreed that in consequences of their actions, Essendon football club breached AFL player rule 16.I want to acknowledge for the record that at the outset the Essendon football club came forward self reported its concerns surrounding the sur implements program and from that point the club and its officials and players cooperated fully with the AFL and ASADA in the investigation process.Their assistance has helped get a much clearer picture of the
much clearer picture events at Essendon in 2011 and events 2012. I also want to thank the 2012. I AFL integrity unit led by Andrew Dillon and Brett Clothier for their hard work and diligence in investigating this complex and challenging case. In this investigation, over 130 witnesses were interviewed and 13,000 documents were reviewed. Using the AFL's investigative powers, email serves, computer hard drives, backup tapes and mobile telephones were seized and analysed. This level of forensic inquiry shows the AFL's commitment to finding the truth and protecting the integrity of the competition. Finally, I want to commend investigators
ASADA and its first-class investigators for their outstanding work. ASADA's willingness to work closely with sporting bodies to protect the integrity of sport is the reason we have been able to consider this matter and take action prior to the finals series.I will now detail the sanctions determined by the AFL commission today.Each of the parties dealt with today chose to make significant admissions in relation to the conduct of the supplements program and this was taken into account in the commission's determinations. These sanctions are, Essendon football club a fine of $2 million. The club will forfeit its place in the 2013 AFL finals series. It will not play in the 2013 finals series, being deemed to have finished the 2013 premiership season in 9th position. The club is prohibited from exercising at the 2013 and 2014 national drafts its round one and round two selections. The Essendon football club in 2014 will be granted a selection at the end of round one at the national draft prior to any compensation selections otherwise awarded and under the rules. At the avoidance of doubt the Essendon football club has the ability to trade into the draft selections at any level of draft picked into the 2013 and 2014 national drafts. It is important to note that Essendon football club further agrees and acknowledges that it regrets the impact and potential consequences this matter may have had on the club's players and on the AFL competition in general. It recognises
supports the AFL rules and recognises the need for the integrity of those rules and the integrity of the AFL competition to be preserved by the AFL commission. James Hird. The AFL will impose a 12 month suspension from the AFL, backdated to commence from 25 August 2013. James Hird will not work with any AFL club in any capacity during this period. Danny Corcoran. A six-month suspension from the AFL effective 1 October 2013, two months of which is suspended for a period of two years. Mr Corcoran will not work with any AFL club in capacity during this period. Mark Thompson. A fine of Mark Thompson. A fine details in relation $30,000. We will complete details in relation to the
sanctions will be details in relation sanctions will be released to the media separately due to the sanctions will be released level of detail. The AFL the media separately due commission determined that level of detail. The commission determined charge commission determined that the football club official Dr Bruce Reid will be adjourned until 10