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This Program is Captioned Live.Tonight - it is all but certain, Essendon set to be banned from playing in the AFL finals. The PM triggers a war of words with the NSW Premier over plans to move the navy out of Sydney Harbour. UN inspectors under fire in Syria, as the US moves closer to military action. And later on 'Grandstand', Bernard Tomic survives a 5-set epic in the first round of the US Live across Australia, this is ABC News 24. Hello, I'm Jeremy Fernandez.The Essendon football club is set to be banned from playing in this year's AFL finals as part of its punishment for the supplements scandal. The AFL will announce all the Bombers' penalties in a moment we expect will be hefty.James Bennett will be has more from outside AFL house in Melbourne. The ABC now understands that in addition to being excluded from the 2013 finals series, a penalty settlement agreed to by the AFL and the Essendon football will see the Bombers excluded from part of the 2013 AFL draft and face a fine of between $2-3 million. Football operations boss Danny Corcoran has also agreed to a suspension of a matter of months. The cases against senior club officials, coach James Hird, assistant coach Mark Thompson and club Dr Bruce Reid, however, all remain to be determined with all three of them fighting all of the charges laid against them. A press conference is expected here at AFL house within the hour. James Bennett reporting there.For more I am joined in the studio by presenter of 'Grandstand' Peter Wilkins. The information on this has been leaking out in dribs and drabs, however you look at it though, it is a serious outcome for Essendon isn't it? Absolutely. They're not unexpected, particularly after the conference at the end of last week with the 17 Presidents said that is enough, we want to get this done and since then, there has been instead of defines, probably more a mood of conciliation from the Essendon club - defiance. Paul Little the chairman and the rest of the board, but the four officials who were charged, who have been charged have still remained defiant in the face of those charges. Last night on Fox footy Mark Thompson, one of the people charged, the assistant coach, he totally rejected the claims or the charges that they were cheats and they are unhappy with that being alongside their name. That is it in a nutshell.A lot of this is about protecting the reputations as well, longer term, isn't it? About whether they actually did anything technically wrong? Absolutely and they believe they haven't done that and that is why this has some course to run. Now, Essendon, it seems, 100%, they are out of the finals, although we have yet to hear that confirmed from AFL headquarters but the 'Sydney Morning Herald', 'The Age', 'The Australian' and the ABC are reporting that and the fine of $2 million has also been reported which is extremely significant. It surpasses the biggest ever fine before for Geelong back in 2002 for their salary cap breaches. It is a hefty fine. You think maybe a benefactor is going to fork it out but still it is a scar on the club, a $2 million fine and they will be missing the finals. What is uncertain the moment is whether they have
been the moment is whether been stripped of all the points. They might have been been stripped of all able to save that points. They might have able to save that so they don't
finish in last place with the wooden spoon. We will no doubt hear that very shortly from AFL headquarters.This is the second day of these negotiations. We understand that the AFL has been putting that the AFL has been pressure on Essendon to resolve this as soon as possible, particularly before the finals get underway. It appears that is not going to come to pass because of this break down? It will come to pass, I think, with the final round to go, they want it done by this weekend. Essendon will be out of the finals. What is uncertain is the fate of the four officials. That could be ongoing. Who knows when that will be resolved. Certainly Mark Thompson, he has indicated his displeasure. James Hird, the senior player in this, if you like, his legal council has indicated they are unhappy with the treatment by the AFL - counsel - the suggestion of a one-year ban. He is not happy with that nor the wording apparently of the statement against him. That is up for debate. It seems as though Essendon will be out of the finals which they had to get it done because it is going to bring other teams into play. There are five teams with a chance of going into the finals so they can't let it linger too much longer. Essendon understands this and it seems as though this plea deal has been done to expedite the matter before the finals or before the final round which is this weekend, which brings Carlton, the Brisbane Lions, the West
North Melbourne, Adelaide and the West Coast into play.One of the complicating factors is that James Hird had lodged that writ in the Victorian Supreme Court against the AFL about the handling of this whole issue? That is right. That is still going to be ongoing. That perhaps is the sticking point too, because he feels as though he hasn't been given fair and just treatment and the 34-page report, they have objected to parts of that too. He doesn't want that scar on his reputation. He the other day, he is 99% sure he is innocent of the charges against him. Through all this, he has been stoic, some would say foolish perhaps, in light of the charges against the club and him, but he wants his day in court in a sense, and he doesn't want to be saddled with that one-year penalty and being scarred as a drugs cheat.How legally sound are these penalties? These have arisen out of an interim report by ASADA. The final report is yet to come? The penalties have arisen - the ASADA report is still ongoing. It has stemmed from that but this is the AFL's - these charges have stemmed from their charge of bringing the game into disrepute against the Essendon football club. The ASADA investigation is still ongoing. There could be further charges down the track. The players at the moment are in the clear. They haven't been pinned down. No proof, if you like, of illegal drug-taking or they are unable to find that proof. That is still up in the air at the moment.This will be a considerable mental burden on the players.Absolutely. They were training at Windy Hill this afternoon, getting this
prepared for their final match this weekend against Richmond. Now, they are out of the finals. They were in position. They have nothing to play for at the moment and still they have that shadow, the cloud hanging over them about the ongoing ASADA investigation. Even though they have pleaded their innocence. Jobe Watson coming out with his very infamous statement, if you like now, we always knew we were clear of these charges all along. There is still - the charges are still hanging around. There is still a possibility of being taken to the next level by ASADA and the investigation.Should the AFL have waited before - until the ASADA investigation was complete before it lodged all this or was it time really to act, was it crucial? They had to make a point, particularly in light of Essendon's investigation into their own club which turned up their report which came up with some went on, damning assessments of what went on, this supplements program to the players being
used program to used as guinea pigs. Thousands of injections used as guinea pigs. of injections offsite some of them too. The look required some them too. The had to required
them too. The look of that required some had to act too and it has required some action. The AFL had to act too and it has been dragging on had to act too and it dragging on for seven months now. They need a resolution. Essendon facing these charges of bringing the game into disrepute have gone to the table with the AFL to at least expedite this part of it. There expedite this part of will be more.Let's cross to our reporter James Bennett who joins us from AFL house in Melbourne.James, what can you tell us? Well, at the moment, what the ABC understands obviously is that in addition to being thrown out of the 2013 finals series, a settlement between Essendon and the AFL includes a fine of between $2-3 million and also the agreement that the club will not participate in at least round one of the 2014 AFL draft. In terms of those four senior officials charged by the AFL, football boss Danny Corcoran has apparently agreed to a suspension of a matter of months. Apparently that is around four months. What very much remains at stake here, potential punishments for senior coach James Hird, club doctor Bruce Reid and assistant course
coach Mark Thompson. That is of course in addition to ASADA's ongoing investigation as we have just heard.James Bennett reporting from AFL house. Wilko we will catch up with later on on 'Grandstand'.Let's go overseas and the US has made its strongest case yet for military action in Syria. The Assad regime has been accused of deliberately unleashing chemical weapons on its own people killing hundreds of them. Tensions are high as UN inspectors return to the site of the attack after they were targeted by begins our coverage. begins our coverage. Under pressure and under fire. After their lead vehicle was attacked by a sniper, the inspection team was forced to turn back.But they regrouped and pressed on into the suburbs of Damascus.The UN says the inspectors visited two hospitals, collected samples and interviewed doctors, witnesses and patients.TRANSLATION: I started to get dizzy and I couldn't see anymore and I wanted to throw up. I didn't see in front of me and then I fell down. The situation is very bad.The inspectors don't have a mandate to determine who is responsible for the attack. The UN says they have a good chance of finding out what it was that caused such horrible suffering.Britain is talking about taking action even without a UN Security Council mandate, prompting this warning from Syria's main force
ally.TRANSLATION: The use of force without the approval of the United Nations security council is a very grave violation of international law.As the civil war rages on, top military officials from the US and other NATO allies have been meeting in neighbouring Jordan. Military action is now more likely than ever but it is not any easier and the consequences remain unpredictable. The US President says the Assad Government should be held accountable for attacking civilians and he is reaching out to world leaders for their support. Here is Ben Knight. The last time the US reacted to news of a Syrian chemical attack, its statements were cautious and vague.Not this time.What we saw in Syria last week should shock the conscience of the world. It defies any code of morality. It was an emotional statement, accusing the Syrian regime of deliberately destroying evidence of an atrocity.At every turn the Syrian regime has failed to cooperate with the investigation. Using it only to cooperate with the UN
stall and stymy investigation. Using it only stall and stymy the important effort stall and effort to bring to light stall and stymy the happened in Damascus effort to bring to happened in Damascus in the
dead happened in Damascus dead of night.John Kerry didn't say what the US dead of night.John do about the didn't say what the US plans to do about are some strong hints. The US has moved four navy destroyers within range at the Syrian capital, with Tomahawk cruise missiles on board. There have been many reasons why the US has been so reluctant to step into the Syrian civil war and that hasn't changed. It is not just Russia that is opposed to US military intervention, the majority of American citizens are also dead against it.There is a growing consensus that chemical weapons were used in Syria, the point discussed when Kevin Rudd spoke to President Barack Obama this morning.This would be a crime against humanity and a violation of international law. It would not be without consequence. President Obama is considering options. The US has gone around the UN Security Council before. In 1999, when then President Bill Clinton authorised the bombing of Serbia and Kosovo through NATO. It is a doctrine known as the responsibility to protect and requires broad international support. A chemical attack killing hundreds of civilians could be the catalyst to achieving it. Kevin Rudd has junked another Gillard Government decision and picked a Kevin Rudd has junked picked a fight with a Liberal PM
Premier at the same time. The PM wants to shift Premier at the same time. PM wants to shift the biggest east coast PM wants to east coast naval base from Sydney Harbour to Brisbane. It could take up to 20 years to complete but the NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell is furious it has been announced without notice, in the middle of an election campaign.Mark Simpkin reports. How are you mate? Full speed ahead and all guns blazing.A phone call would have been helpful.The Premier and the PM, on the attack over defence.It is called a national security decision.4,000 jobs.I am happy to share, your predecessor could share, you should learn to share.Kevin Rudd wants to uproot Garden Island, moving at least some ships and operations north and possibly west. Perth, Townsville, Cairns and Brisbane are all options.If you take the national security seriously for the future, you have to look beyond tomorrow, look beyond the occasional grumpy Premier and basically make a big call.A very big call, made without a small one.No phone call, no notice, in direct contravention of the same Government's commitment in May, 4,000 jobs to be thrown on the scrap heap, all to try and save labour seats in Royal Australian Navy is not Premier O'Farrell's property, it is the property of the Australian Government.And the Australian Government thinks the navy should be closer to potential hot spots and natural disasters.The vast majority of our operations for our naval assets and our military assets lie to our north-east, to our north and to our north-west into the Indian Ocean.True but just three months ago the Government's own white paper torpedoed talk of a fleet based in Brisbane. It identified multiple problems with the idea, including costs in the order of $6 billion, challenges associated with land acquisition, considerations and the need for extensive dredging.We are not talking about a landing point here short of 2030, 15-20 years time.It is all in the never, never, it is maybe, possibly perhaps doing things in 10 or 15 or 20 years time and it seems to be tailor made for marginal seats.A Top End tax haven, high speed rail and new naval bases. The Rudd campaign is not short of big picture policies. The initiatives will cost vast amounts of money but because they are so far in future, Labor doesn't have to say how it will pay for them. There is not much Sydney support for Kevin Rudd's proposal to move Garden Island to Brisbane. Local businesses and some residents say they would be devastated and experts say it is a major strategic asset that is worth keeping.From the sinking of 'HMAS Kuttabul', to decades of military comings and goings, the significance of Garden Island is not lost on Sydneysiders.Connection to the past, to the historic part of Sydney. The city was founded by the navy and that is where it has always been.Under Kevin Rudd potentially won't stay. The Premier used Question Time to defend the 4,000 naval staff he says would be affected.Imagine how they and their families thought as they woke up to the news this morning? It has horrified Mehmet and I think everyone in the defence industry in Sydney.If they are horrified they're not letting on.I am not in a position to comment.Local business owners
are less constrained.I think it are it will have a huge impact on are less constrained.I business. The majority it will have a huge impact business. The majority of the
customers from the Navy base.Throughout history, it is not just local sailors who have propped up surrounding businesses.I haven't had ya in 100 days.Garden Island has the Southern Hemisphere's biggest dry dock, one reason naval experts are sceptical about the proposed move.In its current location it is a major Australian strategic asset. It is in the centre of Australia's biggest city. It is close to industrial infrastructure.This would be a very expensive move. It would lead to a lot of upheaval in the navy and it would take a lot of time.The tourism industry is arguing for a shared facility between the navy and an ever increasing stream of cruise ships.Sydney Harbour desperately needs new and better cruise ship facilities and Garden Island is the only realistic option.It is clearly not a debate that will float away quietly. Three Palestinians have been killed in clashe Israeli troops and protesters in the West Bank. They were shot dead in a confrontation at the Qalandia refugee camp. Israeli officials say police responded when the protesters began throwing fire bombs and rocks. A Palestinian official said the deaths would delay the peace talks with Israel but the US which is sponsoring the talks denied negotiations were planned. The United Nations says 14 Palestinian s have been killed in clashes with Israeli forces so far this year.A huge bushfire near California's Yosemite National Park roaring closer to San Francisco's main water Yosemite National Park is
roaring Francisco's main water supply. Called the rim fire, it has torn its way across the State for the past 10 days, destroying homes and damaging power supplies. It is now within 2km of a reservoir that provides San Francisco with clean water. Authorities are monitoring any ash and soot contaminating the Ries voyeur as firefighters struggle contain the blaze. It is the biggest bushfire in California since 2009.Australia's banana crops are under threat from a disease that has been discovered in the NT for the first time. Two properties are quarantined and hundreds more are being inspected. Growers say the disease could wipe out their $400 million industry. Disease is no stranger to north Australia's banana industry. The destructive Panama disease has been ravaging growers for more than a decade.And now a new disease has surfaced, Banana Freckle has been found on two properties just outside of Darwin. They have been placed under immediate quarantine. A temporary operations centre has been set up in Darwin to monitor the situation and test samples.We want to be in a place where we do all that we can to make sure we don't have the disease in Australia.The disease causes dark raised blemishes deteriorating the plant and making the worthless to the Australian market.Fine sand paper it feels like.Quarantine officers are searching up to 300 properties to see how far the disease has spread. They are advising property owners not to move any banana plant material.So far no commercial properties have been affected but they aren't taking any chances. A special zone has been set up around them and quarantine officers are inspecting all fruit and vegetable plants within the area. Queensland is on high a litre and watching closely.It is a $400 million industry over there and do all we can to find the do all we can to find out where do all we can to the disease is and deal with it as and when the the disease is and as and when the need arises.If the disease spreads further quarantine officers will be forced to destroy all affected banana forced to destroy all banana plants. - high alert. To finance now and the local share market closed flat while the Aussie dollar fell back below 90 US cents.

The dollar is trying to keep its head above 90 US cents but today went under for the third time in a month. The Reserve Bank lifesavers won't jump into the surf boats to rescue it. They want it to go down. They are being helped by their American counterparts at the Federal Reserve board, talking about tapering the stimulus and driving the US dollar higher. That stimulus has also been helping to push US share prices higher as well. Wall Street has been the stand-out performer in years.
the world over the past two years. This is the chart of US shares versus the rest of the world. Global stocks have been range-bound for four years, all the money has been made at capitalism HQ in down town Manhattan. Part of that is due to a difference in actual corporate earnings per share. This chart shows US earnings have increased by 4% over the past two years while share prices have gone up 40%. 90% of the rise has been an inflation of the valuation that is applied to the same profits which comes down to a view that profits will sorry in future. - soar.Last street stocks fell a bit. They are down 3% this street stocks fell a are down 3% this month and some think it is the start of are down 3% this month think it is the start of a much bigger correction because think it is the bigger correction because the markets got carried away. markets Flight Centre surged on news of a big increase in profit and detective defend and Billabong shares slumped after reporting its loss tripled.

If you have found a piece of art with a price tag that looks too good to be true, it probably is. Art lovers have been snapping up bargains only to find they have wasted their money on fakes. Some fraudsters are so brazen, they are passing off photocopies as original prints. This is merely an illustration out of a book.Art Nina
expert Steve Coburn confirmed Nina Burridge's fears. The academic bought this Margaret Preston in Sydney from Arthouse Auctions.I thought I was buying a limited edition lino cut or wood cut of Margaret Preston and I thought that I got a very good deal.What she actually bought was a page cut out of a catalogue with a false signature.Margaret Preston made this wood cutter in 1923 and produced 50 limited edition prints. The signature is clearly different to the one passed off as hers.In Perth, Elizabeth Karol bought a similar work from the same auction years after being told it was an original - auction years.As soon as I took it out of the frame I realised looks like
something wasn't right. It looks like a photocopy of it.The catalogue description is clear, "Original Lithograph". Arthouse Auctions is one of a new breed of pop-up auction years turning over millions of dollars of artwork. When I visited one of their Aboriginal art sales in Sydney, business was brisk. Their web site promises...

Head of art Giovanna Fragomeli declined an interview but maintains buyers were never promised Preston originals. They are purely "Decorative prints". After mediation at the Perth Magistrates Court Arthouse Auctions agreed to refund Elizabeth Karol her money. Selling art at auctions an online is a multimillion dollar business that is growing as Australians try to snare bargains. For people who don't know much about art there are traps.For art lovers it is a case of buyer beware. Australia's first real star of television and current affairs Bill Peach has died. The ABC journalist and presenter has been described as a trailblazer with a sense of humour and a passion for the bush.He was 78. Live every night at 7.30, he was Australia's television current affairs pioneer.Good evening. I'm Bill Peach and the program is 'This Day Tonight'.'This Day Tonight' was watched by millions. It showed Australia warts millions. It showed warts and all.They broke important stories and they told it warts and all.They it with important stories and they told it with outrageous humour and they were controversial stirrers of the day. (Sings) # Run, run the bastards over....We had furious debates, people attacking each other in the studio and I mean physically as well as verbally and we had riots going on inside and outside the studio.Colleagues remember his boyish charm, incisive mind and above all, his love of bush.We reporters used to go out into the bush to do a story and they would say, the bushies would say "We thought you were going to send Bill" because they loved him.After eight years of prime time television he moved to documentaries. He burnt rubber all over the country.We calculated in two years of doing 'Peach's Australia', we travelled five times around the world without leaving the continent. From television, he moved into the travel business and for over 25 years, took tourists to see the outback in style. His enthusiasm never wavered.When you see something new it is wonderful. It hits you right in the eye and that is what this country does.Bill Peach died this morning after a brief battle with cancer. The satellite tells the story. We have a series of trough systems moving across southern Australia again this week. This one has weakened out as it has moved east. Isolated showers and storms and heavy rain will persist on this line as it moves across to the Tasman Sea. Clear the rest of the Tasman Sea. Clear skies over

The top stories from ABC News - it appears all but certain that Essendon football club won't be playing in this year's finals series. Negotiations between the Bombers and the league over punishments for the club's controversial supplements program have been held over the past two days. The ABC understands the Bombers have reached a deal that will see it banned from the 2013 finals, lose a selection of draft picks and fined approximately $2 million.United Nations inspectors are due to start a second day of investigations into a suspected chemical weapons strike that killed hundreds in Damascus last week. The US has made its strongest comments yet on the tragedy, saying Syria would face action over what it calls a moral obscenity.NSW' Premier Barry O'Farrell has confronted the PM Kevin Rudd over his proposal to relocate naval capabilities away from Sydney's Garden Island. Mr Rudd today announced he would set up a task force to spend two years considering options for naval bases. Mr O'Farrell says the proposal risks thousands of jobs. The pioneering ABC television journalist Bill Peach has died at the age of first presenter at the age of 78. He was the first presenter of the ABC television current affairs program 'This Day Tonight'. The program was renowned for hard hitting interviews of politicians and its sense of humour.Time to catch up on the day's sports news with Peter Wilkins. Tonight - Essendon all but out of the AFL finals. The Bombers pay the price for their controversial supplements program but the coaching staff fight on.Also tonight - game, five sets, match. Bernard Tomic survives an epic US Open match. And band of brothers, the Wests Tigers prep prepare to face a formidable family.It is an exciting thought and it is probably something that doesn't happen that often. I'm Peter Wilkins and this is Grandstand. Welcome to the program. In just a moment, we will cross live to Melbourne for the latest from AFL house. Later, video referee Luke Patten breaks down round 24 of the NRL.It is now all but certainly Essendon the club will be banned from playing in this year's AFL finals. It has been widely reported. As part of its punishment for the supplements scandal. Amongst other things the ABC has also learned the club will pay a fine of between $2-3 million. It is understood the AFL will hold a media conference shortly. James Bennett is at AFL house and joins us now confirmed to date and what is the likelihood of a press conference in the near future to confirm the Obviously we would have to say that it is clearly taking a bit longer to hammer out what the AFL and Essendon can agree on publicly given how long it has taken to agree on it privately. There was an expectation that there would be a press conference here around 7 and then 7.15 and we are now told that might not be until 8.30 or even later. It is clearly taking quite some time