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. The US steps up the war of words as speculation mounts that an attack on Syria is inevitable.The killing of women and children and innocent bystanders by chemical weapons is a moral obscenity. On the campaign trail. Kevin Rudd faces opposition over a naval shakeup as er a naval shakeup as Tony Abbott spooks a new welfare measure. Slowly gaining the other hand, owly gaining the other hand, but California's giant wildfire still poses a big threat.

Good evening and welcome to the program. Also tonight, tributes flow in after the death of veteran Australian journalist Bill Peach. And policy drought. Australian farmers say they have been neglected in een neglected in the election campaign. Australia has joined the United States and Britain in stepping up the war of words with Syria. It comes amid increased speculation that the United States is planning to launch a limited attack after last week's alleged use of chemical weapons. UN weapons inspectors are expected to return to the scene of the chemical attacks later today after coming under fire during the first visit overnight. It was a white knuckle ride for the weapons inspectors who ended up collecting more than just samples. One of the cars taking a direct hit from unknown gunmen as the they rebel territory. As well as speaking to survive as they gathered physical evidence. The task is to ascertain whether chemical weapons were used here last week. They will not draw any conclusions with regard to who might have used them. On that front the United States already appears to have made up its mind. It was the Syrian regime, it says, and it will pay. Make no mistake, Barack Obama believes there must be accountability for those who would use the world's most heinous weapons against the world's most vulnerable people. most vulnerable people. Nothing today is more serious and nothing is receiving more serious scrutiny. Using the strongest language yet, Mr Kerry described what happened last week as a moral obscenity. The Prime Minister also talking tough following a talking tough following a phone conversation with Barack Obama earlier today. We have discussed how to chart a way forward. The international community is increasingly concluding that chemical weapons were used and that the Assad regime is in all probability responsible. This would be a crime against humanity and against humanity and a violation of international law. on of international law. It would not be without consequence. d not be without consequence. In an interview with Russian journalists, Bashar al-Assad has again denied involvement and Russia has warned the United States and its allies not to attack Syria unilaterally. But the plans for just such an attack are said to be well under way. This is going to be a punitive attack. There's going to be lived its do it, there's going to be an end to it. The administration, while wanting to respond, once equally to avoid becoming a protagonist in any open-ended fashion in the Civil War in Syria -- wants. According to experts it is most likely to take the form of Tomahawk missile strikes on targets associated with last week's the Prime Minister week's the Prime Minister is proposing to move Sydney's Garden Island naval base to Brisbane despite a $6 billion pricetag and protests from the NSW government. The opposition leader says any change should be based only on military advice, not political imperatives. He has promised Australian victims of the Bali bombings that if he wins the election he will backdate federal compensation to include them. All smiles on his morning walk, but a later stroll was less friendly after the Prime Minister announced a policy to shift the Garden Island naval fleet to Queensland, forgetting to , forgetting to tell the Premier.A phone call would have been helpful. 4000 jobs. I'm happy to share, your predecessor shared, you should learn to share.Kevin Rudd once a task force to see the relocation by 2030, as a by a defence review a by a defence review last year. -- wants.You year. -- wants.You can sit back or you can plan ahead.4000 jobs to save Labor seats in Queensland, outrageous. The Royal Australian Navy is not Premier Owen Farrell's property, it is the property of the government. Also talking national security, Kevin -- Tony Abbott once backdated payments for terror victims.When people suffer because of the fact they are Australian a decent nation should offer some acknowledgement. He says knowledgement. He says victims of domestic crime already get compensation, but he may offend some with this.If you're walking is.If you're walking down the street at 2am in King's Cross in Sydney and you get king hit, maybe you shouldn't be the.Both leaders linked national security to job security. Tony Abbott is proposing... -- shouldn't be their. There's another handout for every couple -- there. Marrying couples will get a $200 voucher to use on 00 voucher to use on counselling services with 122,000 marriages registered each year, that's $25 million. The policy has been outlined to the Australian Christian lobby, but tonight the Coalition has clarified saying the vouchers are also for conflict resolution,e also for conflict resolution, financial management and parenting and would be available to same-sex couples as well. They will address a lobby Web cast on Monday. Clive Palmer has made it mer has made it onto the Internet by trying his hand and other parts at the dance move known as twerking.That the man who should be running the country!The bar just gets higher. If you want more, tomorrow night Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott go head to head in the third leaders debate live from 6:30pm Eastern on SBS to an online. Go to our website for a look at the key seats to watch on election day, as well as a comparison of policies from the major parties. The US has rejected suggestions that the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks have been derailed by the shooting deaths d by the shooting deaths of three Palestinians at a West Bank refugee camp. Palestinian politicians have called the shootings by Israeli soldiers and act of aggression. Thousands of Palestinians jammed the streets of the Columbia refugee camp near Jerusalem and hoisted the bodies of three Palestinians killed by Israeli troops firing live ammunition earlier in the day. Armed militants came to that funeral carrying M-16s and other weapons and -16s and other weapons and firing them in the air. Another 15 Palestinians were wounded after that predawn raid inside the camp that was met with angry crowds as Israeli forces arrested a orces arrested a Palestinian wanted for questioning. Official Israeli sources say the team making the arrest was confronted by a mob hurling rocks and building materials from rooftops, and fearing for their lives called in army troops who resorted to live ammunition in self defence. Palestinians contain the soldiers arrived firing live ammunition and shooting some of the victims inside their homes. -- content. The funerals were cause for morning by some and militancy by others, living in the refugee camp that is home to some 20,000 Palestinians. Many were forced out of their homes in 1948. t of their homes in 1948. Dozens of young people then erected barricades, hurling stones and Molotov cocktails and rolling burning tyres towards an Israeli checkpoint that leads to Jerusalem. They were met with Israeli troops firing tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets that are plastic wrapped metal rounds. Israel has security control of the area but are usually met with resistance whenever venturing into the camp. The burning odour of teargas and choking black smoke from rubber tyres only underscored the deep resentments and differences that remain will stop in the United States Fire crews working to contain one of California's largest wildfires have gained some ground. Containment of the rim fire has more than doubled to 20%, although thousands of homes remain under threat. And the fire reservoir
is still burning close to a reservoir that provides San Francisco's famously pure drinking water. An orange sky blankets this part of California. For 10 days a massive blaze has raged, scorching more than 60,000 hectares of land and burning its way into the history books.This fire within the last 24 hours has exceeded the size of the 1987 fire, and has now ranked within the top 20 largest fires in California history.More than 3000 firefighters are tackling the blaze from the ground and from the air. It is still only 20% contained, but that's up from 7% on Sunday.We're starting to unday.We're starting to get a handle on this thing, it's been a real Tiger. It's been going around trying to bite its own tail and it won't let go but we'll get the.The fire is burning just e is burning just a huge and the meat is from this reservoir, the main source of fresh water for almost 3 million people in the San Francisco Bay Area. -- just a few kilometres from. California's governor has declared a state of emergency for San Francisco because of the threat to the water and electricity.This is something we have to live with. It may even get worse in years to come. But California will be ready for it. ia will be ready for it.In this popular campground just we December the National Park tourists were forced to flee. In the charred wreckage the frame of a bit that once sat in a wooden cabin. The blaze has also crossed into Yosemite and is burning in the north-west of the park. There is concern about park. There is concern about the fate of two groves of sequoias. Firefighters say they will do everything they can to save the ancient trees. You're watching World News Australia on ews Australia on SBS. Coming up next, the verdict on Essendon football club. No finals for the Bombers. Remembering a pioneer of Australian television journalism. Australian television journalism. Tributes flow after the death of Bill Peach. And later, moving the naval base. Sydney 's reaction to losing Garden Island.

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When I raised my family, I never asked for a cent
from the government. It wasn't easy. But under Mr Abbott, women
who already earn $150,000 a year will get $75,000
when they have a baby. How can we afford that? Mr Abbott,
I'm on a $19,000-a-year pension, and you're giving money
to those who need it least. Your priorities are all wrong.

Essendon football club is said to be stripped of its 2013 premiership points over the supplement scandal. The Bombers official Mark Thompson has left the marathon talks in Melbourne, warning fans that the team won't be competing in next month's ting in next month's final series. Yet another D-Day for James Hird in the drugs saga that has enveloped the Essendon coach and his club. Anywhere near a resolution here? After failing to reach any settlement with the lead in marathon talks yesterday, Bombers officials charged are under no illusions about the breadth of the penalties. -- with the league. One of the biggest sporting stories of the year was entering the political realm.After all the dirty water that's gone rty water that's gone under the bridge, in fairness to Essendon and its supporters and players, we've just got to see this resolved.On the table for ed.On the table for the Bombers over charges of bringing the game into disrepute, the loss of premiership points and exclusion from the finals series, heavy fines and the stripping of draft picks. For James Hird, a 12 month suspension from the very game that made the Brownlow Medallist a legend. It's been more than 200 days since the story first broke, and much to the AFL's displeasure it is a story that has dominated the season, overshadowing most of football's on field exploits.The year we have had has just been really difficult, and you wouldn't want to see too many people to see too many people go through what we have gone through. h what we have gone through.Eddie McGuire revealing some of the thoughts canvassed in last weeks meeting of club presidents ng of club presidents that backed the AFL's actions.It wasn't 17 versus one, it was 17 saying to the Bombers the AFL commission works and we need it. There were plenty of people ere were plenty of people saying we don't want to take the Bombers to death on this, there has to be fair and commensurate punishment.Judging the punishment has led to a lengthy went in game -- waiting game. To one of the pioneers of Australian current affairs television, Bill Peach has died. Best known as the presenter of st known as the presenter of the seminal current affairs show 'This Day Tonight'. He was a trailblazer and a household name. He worked alongside journalists such as George Negus, Richard Carleton and Mike Willacy. Each lost his battle with cancer early this morning. He was 78. -- Each. He was a trailblazing presenter. -- Peach. Peach was born in 1935 in the NSW Riverina town of Lockhart, starting his career in radio in 1958.Oil is not the only thing in the news this Friday.He went on to create documentaries and became a household name.Instead of sticking in that studio I began travelling around the country to make these documentaries about these documentaries about Australia's history.In just two years he made 27 programs, travelling the equivalent of five times around the world without leaving Australia. And he loved the outback.It's a very important element of Australia and a alia and a lot of our legend, our pictures of ourselves, they come from this. And I'm very much in sympathy with it.He was also a pioneer of tourism, made a member of the mber of the order of Australia in 1991. He is survived by his partner, Pam, and two is partner, Pam, and two children. More than 10,000 people have rallied in the Cambodian capital to demand a probe into alleged irregularities during last month 's election. Official results gave prime Minister Hun Sen's party 68 seats against the opposition's 55. Opposition leader 55. Opposition leader Sam Ramsay says his party would have won 63 if the election was the -- Sam Rainsy. Former Australian High Court Judge Michael Kirby, Judge Michael Kirby, heading a UN inquiry into human rights in North Korea, is expected th Korea, is expected to give a news conference tonighte a news conference tonight after five days of hearings ter five days of hearings in Seoul. The three member commission has been taking evidence mainly from North Korean defectors. On the ground in Pyongyang, life continues as normal, or as normal as can be. That's what SBS journalist alias Portakabin discovered as she caught a glimpse of the everyday lives of a handful of locals. At last, some freedom from the media pack. om the media pack. Just us and Mr Li. But I can tell he's worried that we're departing from the official schedule. Where are we going? I feel a little bit nervous. But I do like the colour combination going on here. It turns out to be a skate park. It is an exclusive, a chance to meet ordinary North Koreans enjoying themselves. But even here Mr Li is nervous about us approaching adults for interviews. Do you like rollerskating?Yes.How much do you come rollerskating?On Sundays.Every Sunday rollerskating?Yes. This obviously isn't a place where I'll get a deep insight into the heart and soul of North Korea, but it is a glimpse of real-life and I have to admit a bit of fun. Intriguing, isn't it? You can see the rest of that report on SBS tonight. Amit Karzai has extended his stay in Pakistan to allow bilateral talks to continue -- amid Karzai. He asked the newly re-elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to help facilitate peace talks with the Taliban. Pakistan's security services have previously been accused of giving the Taliban safe haven an safe haven in the country. US President Barack Obama has awarded the highest US military decoration to a soldier who risked his life for a wounded colleague. Staff Sergeant Ty Caster received the Medal of Honour for his bravery under fire during a battle in Afghanistan in 2009. The president praised him for speaking openly about his posttraumatic stress disorder. 70 former Maoist rebels have graduated from Nepal's military Academy, becoming officers in the army they once thought. 66 men and four women were given the rank of lieutenant by the head of the country 's interim government. -- fought. Communist fighters battled the national army for 10 years until signing a peace agreement in 2006. Foreign experts may be called in to help the owners of Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant decommissioning the facility. Russia has repeated its initial offer, first made two years ago, to help the s ago, to help the Tokyo Electric Co. --

screening Fukushima's potatoes for radiation. These lab technicians work for the Japanese farmers union, not the government, after a couple of disastrous years when Japanese consumers, scared of radioactive fallout, wouldn't buy the regions produce. Farmers are fighting science with signs. Now everyone's harvest gets tested. The crops get certified, and sales are improving. The farmers union says this year 99% of crops tested from Fukushima have shown zero extra radiation. But that's from land which people are permitted to cultivate. Closer to the damaged nuclear plant the future is darker. Villages are still empty. Farming here would be possible for decades. Radiation levels are to hide. But some residents will eventually come back. Simply they have no other assets or no place to go -- too high. This doctor runs a research project calculating how much radiation people have already absorbed, so they can make an informed decision about returning home.We Japanese have to live in contamination. So how to live with the contamination.Abandoned villages face a fractured future where radiation levels may fall to something that's tolerable for very much older erable for very much older people, but the young people from here may decide it's too risky to ever come home. For a young man X aisle from his village, what's right for his health doesn't work for his heart -- X aisle -- banished.I had a culture in my birthplace, now I've had to find another identity and I'm not comfortable with the big shift that entailed.The destruction of lives is what is making people sick in Fukushima right now labour has bought itself a battle over plans, if it wins the election, to move at the guard naval base from -- Garden Island naval base from Sydney to Brisbane. Both the NSW government and defence experts have criticised the plan. SBS senior reporter Lee Hatcher is at Garden Island. That shows there's quite a history to this, isn't the? is, isn't the?Lee Link there have been arguments over this prime priests of Sydney Harbour real estate for decades, but the island's history and the Navy's plays here go much further back than that.Within 10 days of the arrival of the first fleet Garden Island was used. By the mid18 50s planning was under way to set up a naval base there. The Commonwealth took over in 2002. 4000 work on the base, nearly 3000 in associated industries. The government want to ship operations from here and divide it between Sydney, Townsville, Cairns, Darwin and Perth. in and Perth.It would help open up Garden Island for new uses such as greater public green spaces on Sydney 's for sure. It could create new jobs in Sydney, Perth, Darwin, Townsville and cares Cairns.The major security challenges are to the North, north-east and north-west, far from Sydney. But yet the NSW government says the move would be devastating with the loss of $470 million a year for the economy of the state. Only in May this year the defence white paper ruled against relocating to Brisbane because of the $6 billion cost.Despite the consideration in the defence white paper, despite the consideration of the former prime minister and defence Minister, we now have a thought bubble coming that will devastate at least 4000 families across this city.If you were to shift Garden Island to Brisbane that means that ships can get to Asia 24 hours faster. The only forces that need to get need to get somewhere in that kind of time frame our special forces travelling by air. For all the crises we will see in the future, having an extra 24 hours is of marginal benefit compared to the enormous cost shifting operations. Sydney Harbour is the only deepwater port on the Australian East Coast, the thought of moving Garden Island to Brisbane is nonsense.But the cruise industry sees an opportunity.Tourists want to visit this magnificent harbour, the most beautiful in the world. What would be a disaster for tourism is if we have to put a no vacancy sign at North Head during the peak during the peak of the cruise ship industry. Sydney Harbour needs new facilities and ew facilities and Garden Island is the only realistic is the only realistic option.If the government is returned a three person task force would consider this plan for two years, and if it then gets the go-ahead the move would be complete by 2030. The mortgage belt seat of Boothby in Adelaide's southern suburbs is the most marginal Liberal seat in the country. For a while the electorate looked like falling to the Labor Party for the first time since 1949. But then Kevin Rudd rolled Julia Gillard, the hometown hero. 98,000 voters live here and just 100 of them could change Boothby's political fate.The margin will vary depending on where you look, some would say no .6 and some would go no .6, we will go 0.6 for the sake of this. That's only a couple of hundred votes that I need to make up.It is Annabel Di considers' second tilt at Boothby, the margin further narrowed by a margin change. This is typical of middle-class suburbs around the nation.We want to see a healthy economy in Australia.The costs of electricity, wages, super, work cover.It should be Labor's best chance for a win.If you can pick one up k one up against the odds in SA that takes pressure off what's going on for Labor in the other states. Despite losing ground at each election since 1996, Andrew South Court thinks he has been given an unexpected boost I Boothby expatriate Julia Gillard.The Labor Party had built the entire campaign around Julia Gillard's local credentials. Unfortunately for them Kevin Rudd came along and knifed the hometown girl.Tony Abbott's pledge to spend $500 million fixing a local million fixing a local traffic bottleneck also gave him a bounce. Accusations of dirty tricks were quick to focus surfaceit was a deliberate lie designed to damage me. It was actively promoted by the Labor Party to journalists. It was way beyond a personal attack. It was a disgrace.I knew nothing of it, I don't condone it. We have fixed it and moved on.Even though Boothby is the most marginal Liberal Street as we go into the election, I suspect it will be slightly safer for Andrew after the election.The former GP quietly hoping for a health role in an abbot government. One World News Australia tomorrow night, a man and his hat. Bob Katter's secret weapon, making friends and seeking votes on the campaign trail. Australia's farmers say they have been ignored in the election campaign. Even the National party, traditionally the staunch defenders of the bush, has been quiet on agriculture. The National Farmers Federation has warned leaders they risk alienating primary producers because of the lack of ause of the lack of policy. 2012 was the year of the farmer. 2013, it seems, is not. It is week three in the election campaign and farmers are feeling left out, saying they are being ignored by the major parties.I've gone past being angry, I'm cynical about it. Farmers are certainly very surprised politicians are so afraid of the F-word, farmers. There's very little mention of agriculture or our industry.Farmers like Michael Champion,rmers like Michael Champion, who has a farm in Robertson in NSW, it is a huge letdown.It surprises me even the National party, a party supporting farmers, can't get on board and talk about some of those things, even if it is only five or 10%. Farming is increasingly tough. There's an ageing workforce. They work longer hours than most, but the average disposable income is considerably lower.ble income is considerably lower. And the workload is increasing. By 2050 the world 's production of food will need to increase by 70% to meet global demand. Bob Katter says Australia is heading in the wrong direction if it wants to help meet that shortfall.Because they're running around the telling us we're going to be the food bowl of Asia, somewhere between seven and 15 years your ven and 15 years your country will be a net importer of food.The country 's top farmers lobby group has released a scorecard rating the policies of the major parties and the Greens across five key areas. None scored well. The Greens scored the lowest. Labor scored just eight. But the Coalition, including the farmer friendly Nationals, fell behind Labor.It may be the first time that Labor has done better than the Coalition on agriculture policy and I welcome that.The shadow agriculture minister didn't return our calls, but Barnaby Joyce says it's too early to judge his party.The Coalition policy has not been released yet. I do think it was a bit rich that people did an assessment before we have released the policy.Why has the National party not released any policies when you're supposed to be the party for farmers?I have seen it, and it's coming out in the next couple of days.He hopes that is not too late to reassure Australia's 300,000 agricultural workers that he's still on the side. -- the side. Coming up on 'Insight', parole. In the week of scathing criticism of Victoria 's parole system, tonight 's 'Insight' is talking to victims, offenders, parole board members and police to find out whether systems across the country are broken. Jenny Brockie joins us now. What are people saying about the way parole systems are working, or not working?The kinds of things we will look at tonight will be the information parole boards across the country rely on when they decide whether to release a prisoner. Whether they have face-to-face meetings with the prisoners. Whether they're getting independent assessments about the prisoners, also what sort of supervision is in place. Finally we will look at whether the corrections departments across the country actually have the resources to do all that to ensure that the community is e that the community is safe.Thank you, Jenny. That's 'Insight' tonight at 8:30pm on SBS One. It's a sign of the times we know only too well, bumbling pedestrians looking at smart phones instead of watching the traffic. A US study of 35,000 teenagers has found a dramatic increase in d a dramatic increase in the number of pedestrians being killed. Here users are being urged to watch for

the study in 17 US states found that mobile phones, headphones and tablets can be a deadly distraction. The number of pedestrians injured while using those devices has gone up by 25% over five years according to the American -based global network Said Kids. Your texting and your head is down and you stepped right out into the street.Completely unaware. While teenagers are most at risk, everyone does it.I can focus on it all at the same time.In Australia the statistics are unclear and stop anecdotal evidence r and stop anecdotal evidence indicates Australia is in danger of heading the same way. We spotted many people doing it here. Many are unaware of the traffic around them. Did you notice the cars?Out of the corner of my eye, yes.I stopped before I did anything.This footage at a Melbourne train station shows what can happen. The Australian mobile telecommunications Association shows Australia has 30 million phones in operation and it is urging a commonsense approach by users.If you're about to cross the road or there are trains, buses, trains in ins, buses, trains in your immediate facility delay what you are doing. Pay attention to your surrounding environment and be careful -- vicinity.

It was one of the most talked about tennis events of the 20th century. In 1973, Bobby Riggs came out of retirement to challenge Billie Jean King in a match dubbed the "Battle of the the "Battle of the Sexes". She beat him in straight sets. Now a new documentary explores claims that rix may have brain the match to pay off gambling debts. -- be rix may have thrown the match. It was dubbed "Battle of the Sexes". September 20 -- Bobby Riggs may have thrown the match. He came out of retirement He came out of retirement to challenge one of the world 's greatest female players, Billie Jean King, and he lost. Now in an ESPN exclusive, this man is sharing what he says he kept secret for 40 years. He worked at a Florida country club and he says months before the match he overheard two infamous mob bosses saying Bobby Riggs owed the mob a gambling debt owed the mob a gambling debt of more than $100,000.They brought up Bobby Riggs kiss kiss name, and he said he would make it appear that he is trying his best, but Billie Jean King is overwhelming him -- Bobby Riggs'.She says it is ridiculous. I would bet my life that was never something that happened.Did he know Mafia guys? Absolutely. Is it possible they did this? Yes. It is all possible.But we will never be able to ask Bobby Riggs himself, he died in 1995. Up next, Craig Foster with more sport. And great Bernard. Tomic in a tight tussle on day one of the US open. Also wildlife at risk. Can they survive mineral exploration in the Arctic?

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software maker and retailer Billabong has posted an $850 million full-year loss. It's greater than expected, and three times more than the company's market value. Global sales have been hit by a downturn in the economy and the stronger Australian dollar. Billabong is also in the midst of a takeover battle. Now to the Australian share market, which closed flat amid fears of an escalation in Syria. Flight Centre was a standout, though, it posted a 23% increase in full-year profit and says it is on the hunt of acquisitions -- for acquisitions.

Time now fall the days of sports news with Craig Foster. And the Essendon 's supplement scandal continues to dominate headlines. They are out of the finals after a deal was reached with the AFL. We spoke to Gareth Boreham a short time ago regarding today's proceedings at AFL headquarters. After a long way there appears to be some resolution this evening with the AFL expected to shortly announce details of those sanctions against Essendon. Tellingly assistant coach Mark Thomson has left the talks this evening, conceding the bombers won't be playing in next month 's finals -- Bombers. Essendon looks set to be the first club in history to be stripped of its premiership points. They will also face a multimillion dollar fine and also the loss of crucial draft picks. As for James Hird, details of his penalty appeared to be bogged down in legal argument but he does face a 12 month ban from the game. Other officials, including Bruce Reid, the doctor, football manager Danny Corcoran, and Bomber Thomson himself also face bans and fines. Meanwhile the Ngatai Mexes he is happy to have silenced his critics after a five set comeback against Albert Ramos at the US open -- meanwhile Bernard Tomic says he is happy to have.


This was the

This was the return of

This was the return of Bernard

Tomic at

Tomic at Flushing

Tomic at Flushing Meadows.

Tomic at Flushing Meadows. 12 months ago he was accused of giving up at the U.S. Open. But there were no signs of losing intentionally here after y here after racing to a 5-0 lead before securing the first set. Despite a spirited comeback from Spaniard Albert Ramos to win the next two sets, Tomic showed great fighting qualities himself. And even without the support of his controversial father courtside, banned for being accused of assaulting Tomic's French training partner in May, the 20-year-old survived his first real test since reaching the last 16 at Wimbledon nine weeks ago. His mature performance has s mature performance has been applauded. The aim now is to improve his world ranking of 52 and leave behind a difficult year.I don't think I should have won that match, I was very lucky to get out of bed but I found something to turn it around and I managed to play well when needed and I'm very happy -- out of it.Ashley Barty also accounted for a Spanish opponent. The teenage wildcard entrant maybe most of her debut U.S. Open appearance the promise of more given the easy 6-1, six -- easy 6-1, six -- four victory.Happy to get through in straight today, I was nervous coming in but that's alright -- macro 64.Her second-round opponent is Russian opponent Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. Stuart Broad has accepted an apology from Damon Lehman. Speaking in a radio interview last week the Australia coach accused Stuart Broad of blatantly cheating. -- Darren Lehman. That resulted in a 20% fine of his match fee.I will learn from it.Meanwhile England cricket officials confirmed they will investigate reports that players your unaided on the Oval

players your unaided on the Oval
pitch following the conclusion of

pitch following the

pitch following the fifth test. Kevin Pietersen, Stuart Broad and James Anderson are among those at the centre of the scandal. Socceroos defender Lucas Neill has been selected as an ambassador for the 2015 Asian Cup. His appointment comes 500 days out from the start of the 16 team tournament, which will be the biggest football event ever staged in Australia.The part of the art of the Asian Cup, 2015.Socceroos captain Lucas Neil and Australia's new Asian Cup ambassador is explaining his ador is explaining his absence from today's 500 days to go there then. But current a re then. But current a league player Shinji Ono and Ali Abbas, who have both won the trophy, both won the trophy, were on hand. -- A-League.We made the Iraqi community happy and they came back together. A beautiful moment for me and all the Iraqi community.Abbas plays for s plays for Sydney FC and macro oh no plies his and macro oh no plies his trade for Western Sydney Wanderers -- no. -- macro

it will be a wonderful event. The 2015 Asian Cup will see the continent's 16 best nations vying for the trophy. But for organisers the silverware isn't the only reward.When we get fans filling stadiums people will realise what football can be, international football.Australia's multicultural communities have a head start when it comes to understanding football. Asia gets bigger and bigger and football can be the bridge for our nation into Asia, it's going to be massive.The biggest football tournament ever staged in Australia will be kicked off by the Socceroos in Melbourne Chelsea manager Joe Mourinho has given Wayne Rooney 48 hours to decide if he wants to leave Manchester United and move to Chelsea. Mourinho delivered his ultimatum following this morning 's English Premier League clash between the two sides, which ended in a scoreless draw at Old Trafford. United maintained Rooney is not for sale, and have indicated they will reject the proposed third offer from Chelsea for the striker's services. Meanwhile our live coverage of the Champions League play-offs continues tomorrow morning. Join us from 4:30am Eastern for PAOK's second leg clash against Schalke. As always check your local s always check your local guides. Human rights activists in Russia have continued to denounce President Vladimir Putin's decree banning demonstrations and rallies in such ee around the 2014 Winter Olympics. The recent government imposed order nt government imposed order includes a ban on public assemblies,des a ban on public assemblies, rallies, demonstrations and marches that are not linked to any official Olympic programs. The latest decree follows a law signed this year banning gay propaganda, which has led to calls for a o calls for a boycott of next year 's games. -- Games.

Russian activists say they plan to hold a gay pride march in the city on the opening day of the Winter games in February. One of the oldest riders in cycling's professional pellet ng's professional pellet on has collected stage honours at the Vuelta. What was a flat stage ended with a t stage ended with a short sharp uphill climb, allowing RadioShack bettering Chris Horner to go away from the leading group with 1km to go. At 41 it is his first in a grand tour. He takes over the Vuelta leadership from Italian favourite Vincenzo Nibali. A reminder, you can catch daily highlights of the Vuelta tomorrow and every day from 5:30pm. Finally in sport, a knee injury has ended Australian defensive tackle Jesse Williams' rookie NFL season with Seattle. The Seahawks made the shock announcement today. His knee trouble, involving surgery in 2011 and another procedure in January, prevented many clubs from picking him in April 's NFL draft. The Brisbane raised man mountain will miss the upcoming season, which starts against the Carolina Panthers on September 8. And that is the day in sport. Coming up, the weather and... Minerals versus mammals. The Arctic's unique wildlife under threat.

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Rare snowfall in Chile's Atacama desert has inundated one of the driest places on earth. Residents say the arth. Residents say the snow was the first in 30 years, as we go

say the snow was the first in 30
years, as we go

years, as we go to the

years, as we go to the forecast now. A low is triggering showers and the odd storm over south-western parts of W eight. A trough crossing SA is causing showers and warm air is affecting Eastern Australia under a broad height. -- broad high.

height. -- broad high. W eight

the Arctic contains vast resources of oil and gas. It's also home to some of the most magnificent animals on the planet. Conservationists warned the survival could be in peril after Russia's plans were exposed about getting resources. We have been to investigate. We started from hatching, a county inside the Arctic Circle. From there we headed even further north -- a town deep inside. And as we headed further polar bears patrolled the shores. The Bears and the huge walruses are well adapted to the cold, but the world is changing around them.

world is changing around them. Only a few years ago this part of the Arctic Ocean s part of the Arctic Ocean would have been full of ice flows and unnavigable in an ordinary boat. But this year it's open water. Climate change has dramatically reduced the Arctic ice in summer. ice in summer. It's driving the animals onto land. These walruses are coming ashore in far greater numbers, and in places they never used to. I'm going to have to talk quietly because if the walruses panic and rush into the sea they may crush each other to death, and they are precious creatures because scientists are trying to establish if the walruses here are in fact a completely unique subspecies. The untouched landscapebspecies. The untouched landscape which the wildlife here enjoys is about to be disrupted by the arrival of the oil and gas industry. President Vladimir Putin says the country 's economic future depends on exploiting the huge deposits in the Arctic, including here in the seat. -- see. But what about the wildlife about which even now very little is known? This expedition is currently gathering DNA to try to establish which species need special protection before the boats, oil rigs and pipelines arrive.We need to make some way of protecting the animals. We need to know which are the most important places to protect.Drilling for oil in conditions better suited to polar bears won't be easy. The climate for people here is harsh, even at the height of summer. And exploration has already begun. The United States he United States has sounded the strongest warning yet that it is considering a military attack against Syria. Australia has joined the US and Britain in condemning last week 's alleged use of chemical weapons. And Essendon is being kicked out of the AFL finals, and hit with a $2 million fine over on fine over the supplement scandal. That is the world this Tuesday. Our next bulletin is at 10:30pm. We will leave you now with pictures from Europe's largest street festival, London's Notting Hill Carnival. Good night.

Supertext captions by Red Bee Media --

Tracey Emin is one
of Britain's most famous artists.

For over 20 years her work
has shocked the world

as she explores
her most private feelings

of love, loss and sexual adventure.

Because I work with, within my art,
because I work constantly...

going back to my own past,

I thought it might be
quite interesting

to see where the past
actually came from.

But now I'm really nervous.
And I'm not sure
if I'm doing the right thing.

The fact
that I'll never have children

means that I'm the end of my line.

After me, I stop. I'm the last
of my kind. There is no more.

If, when I find out that
I come from the most

loving, simple, ordinary,
lovely suburban family

that anyone
could ever want to come from,

I think I'll slit my wrists!

I think it will just
drive me insane.

I'd think "How the (BLEEP)..."

"How the hell did that happen?"

Tracey's art
takes many different forms.

Over the years she's become as much a
part of the spectacle as her work -

making her the bad girl
of British art.

Now at 48,

Tracey's first major retrospective
has just opened in London.

I'm at really good point
at the moment

and I have a massive museum show on
at the Hayward Gallery.

There's about 1000 visitors
a day going, which is fantastic.

For the first time in my life I've
had overall really good reviews

and a lot of positive response
about the work.

Tracey lives and works
in Spitalfields in East London.

She knows that her mother's roots
are in the East End.

But her father, Enver,
who passed away last year,

came from further afield.

My dad's Turkish-Cypriot.

His grandfather was from Africa,
from the Sudan.

He was a slave
in the Ottoman Empire.

He was given his freedom in Cyprus.

That's as far as I can go back
on my dad's side.

But, on the other hand,
my mum's family,

I don't know
anything about them except

they come from
the East End of London.

No one actually volunteered any
information while I was growing up.

You'd think people would say
"Oh, your great-grandfather..."
Or this or that.

But there was never any information.

My mum is so excited.

She's beside herself because
she doesn't know anything either.

Hi, Mum.
Hi, darling.

It's windy.
It's really windy out there.

How are you?
Good, thanks, yeah.