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(generated from captions) Was in 'Sirens', wasn't she?
The movie 'Sirens'. Yeah. Yep.
Amongst other things. Great actress, in her own right. And Portia de Rossi is from Geelong! You've won $20,000! (CHEERING)

Well done, Alex. Well done, Julia. Well done! Thank you. That's so exciting.
You're off to see Paul McCartney. Yeah! Oh, my God.
There you go. Well done, Alex. Enjoy the trip.
Cheers, mate. Thank you. No, you looked stoked.
Oh, mate, I'm happy. I'm happy. I'm stunned.
He's stunned. He's stoked. He's everything.
And Julia's $20,000 richer. Catch ya next time on the
Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight.

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This program is captioned live. Tonight - fatal phone call - a Sydney model killed in a car crash. Awkward encounter - the Premier takes the Prime Minister to task. After 16 hours in the bush - a motor bike rider is found alive. Australian charities welcome a simple new test for owe vaifian cancer. And does a warm winter mean a hot summer? ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with Georgie GardnerGood evening. Those stories in a moment. First to breaking news - Essendon is officially out of the AFL finals in the fallout over the drugs in sport inquiry. More on that in a moment, including what it means for the Cronulla Sharks. The family of a young model killed in a car crash delivered a heart-breaking message to every Sydney driver. Sarah Durazza was talking on her phone when she slammed into a tree at Narrabeen. She was the 7th person to die on the State's roads in one day. Sarah Durazza at the wheel of her car four years ago. The 26- year-old was a part-time model and worked as a beautician. Wakehurst Parkway last night, Sarah was killed when she lost control of her car and it speared into a tree.We are a family of six and now we are a family of five with an angel looking over us. It's my big sister. Sarah was charged with unlicence driving in 2010. A year before, she had been at the centre of a stoush between her father and Anthony Watmough at a boozy sponsor's launch.It wasn't all of the players. They were fine. But, yeah, it was distressful and what's done is done.At the scene, relatives left flowers in her memory. Everybody is upset because she was a good girl.Sarah drove off last night after an argument with her boyfriend. At one point she made a fatal decision - to talk on her phone.Her boyfriend reported that he was speaking to her and heard the crash in the background. Driving a hire car, police suspect it wasn't fitted with a hands free cradle and she could have been holding the phone at the time.Keep off your phones and drive, get to where you have to go safely. This is not a feeling that you want to feel.Kevin Rudd has set off a debate to move defence resources to Brisbane. The issue dominated campaigning on a day when both leaders appeared are theled. Sydney Harbour, the place for fun. And a playful rumble with the media, Kevin Rudd's wrestled with all campaign. It didn't end in tears but he wasn't happy. At a later media conference.Can you turn that to one side, a bit rough that light. Can somebody move that light. Sorry, these are just too bright.Testy too over the anti-campaign coverage. It's the life blood of a democracy. And clashing with Premier Barry O'Farrell over plans to move the navel base from Garden Island.A phone call would have been helpful. It's called a national security decision.And you said that you want more cruiseships.Then again, Tony Abbott wasn't the happiest when pressed about his shifting time frame for a budget surplus.It will happen sooner and more effectively under us. It's hard to say precisely when things will happen. You are playing games.He did though put a time frame on compensation for victims of terror attacks, promising legislation within 100 days. Those injured or families of those killed after September 10 2001 can receive up to $75,000. And he is committing $75 million to encourage the long testimony -- long-term unemployed to stay in jobs after they find work. Climb Palmer twerked apparently a Beyonce-style dance on Sydney radio.If you can't twerk you can't be Prime Minister.Over to you. Lane Calcutta Nine News. Well, that awkward moment between Barry O'Farrell and Kevin Rudd sparked a wharf words over the future of Garden Island. Barry O'Farrell claims thousands of jobs are at risk if the navy base is relocated. The Prime Minister's great ambush of Sydney. By late morning, the Premier had returned fire - saying that the basin jebgts nearly half a billion dollars per year into the city's economy. 4,000,000 jobs to try to save Labor seats in Queensland. It's outrageous.Kevin Rudd unashamed will he a proud Queenslander wants the Garden Island base to be no more and relocated to Brisbane, Townsville and Darwin.The last time I looked under the constitution the Royal navy did not belong to the Premier of NSW. Having inserted himself into the debate, Barry O'Farrell used a non- verbal gesture to express his feelings. Distracted from his view shared by the tourism industry that luxury liners already use Garden Island.It currently contributes $600 million to the Sydney economy, expected to grow by $1 billion by the end of the decade. The facility can be shared.Only two days ago, being farewelled from the base. That tradition is wanted to continue.Two assumptions driving the discussion - there is somewhere else to put the base there. Isn't. And secondly, the costs.Let's go now to the breaking news on Essendon - the and the performance- enhancing drugs scandal. Tom, what can you tell us?Georgie, this scandal has come to a head in the last few minutes with Essendon being officially kicked out of the AFL finals. Currently 7th but stripped of points because of the controversial performance-enhancing drugs scandal last year, overseen by James Hird and implemented by Stephen Dank. All of this has huge ramifications and in particular fifth placed Sharks where Stephen Dank worked prior to moving south. As far as the ASADA goes, a little behind the AFL one. The interim report isn't expected until after the season. Then we are likely to know what sharpblgs the Cronulla Sharks may be facing. All of the news out of Melbourne will be playing heavily on their minds tonight.Thank you, Tom. For 16 hours a motorcyclist lay in bushland north of Sydney, his bones broken and wondering if he would ever be found. But the man's friends didn't give up and it's thanks to their perseverance that he is alive. In safe hands, Mark is treated by ambulance officers after his night in the bush. But it was his mates who were the real heroes behind the rest cues, mounting the search and found him.He was dressed to the nines with jackets and I think that saved his life.At about 8pm Mark was riding his motorcycle and crashed and was thrown 2m down an embankment. He lay badly injured with a broken leg and couldn't move.It's quite remarkable.This morning his wife contacted friends who began the search. Two mates used a boat to go up and down the river, they heard the cries for help.He is very lucky that we didn't have the frost that we had last week, it would have been a very painful night lying there on the side of the river bank.Mark was airlifted to hospital and his mates had one more good deed to carry out - salvaging the motor bike. Damian Ryan is at Westmead Hospital now.Georgie, we hear that he is in good spirits, a warm bed. The broken leg is on the mend - a far cry from where he spent last night. When he gets out in a week or so he will want to thank a few people. The special mates who went searching for and found him. Once he gets out, you would think it would be beers all around at a pub in a couple of weeks time.Thank you. World powers are tonight poised to launch an attack on Syria - and Australia will be involved. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says we can't turn a blind eye to the greatest political crisis of our time. There is significant military assets already in the east and Mediterranean, Britain has an air base in Cyprus. The United States is in Turkey and Jordan and four warships and a submarine within striking distance of Syria. Making up for lost time. Teams of United Nations inspecters finally at a rebel-held Damascus suburb - the scene of last week's alleged chemical weapons. Taken to an underground hospital where victims were interviewed and tested. TRANSLATION: The hospitals that they interviewed witnesses and survivors and doctors.The working conditions are tough and dangerous. And as the teams were driven to the site they were fired at by snipers. This was the car that was struck. Both sides blame each other for shots fired at the passenger windows. Tensions are rising and patience is wearing out. The US has rampanted up the rhetoric.The slaughter of civilians, killing of women and children and innocent bystanders, by chemical weapons, is an obscenity.Kevin Rudd spoke to Barack Obama this morning.He is focused on the full range of options.Syria's President, Bashar al-Assad, told a Russian newspaper accusations he gased his own people were an insult to common sense. But Britain and the US aren't buying it and may even launch a military assault without United Nations approval. Peter Stefanovic joins us now. How long before we know whether there will be a strike on Syria?Well, Georgie, British Prime Minister David Cameron cut short his holiday to be here in London, where he will chair a national Security Council meeting with some US involvement, that will discuss a possible course of action in the next 24-48-hours. But the governments of US, Britain, Turkey and Australia seem convinced that Bashar al-Assad gased his own people and are determined to hold him accountable.Thank you, Peter Stefanovic. Ovarian cancer is often referred to as the silent killer - by the time it's detected it's often too late to treat. Researchers in America are developing a new screening process, which they hope will lead to earlier diagnosis. A blood test and an ultrasound - a simple combination which promises hope against this silent killer.We are very much following the internationally research in the early detection of ovarian cancer. Researchers in Texas twigged an existing screening test. The result - putting into a mathematical formula along with a woman's health factors and age. Those with a high score have an ultrasound to have a closer look. Welcome news for those attending a tea for the Ovarian Cancer Research Centre.It's great that people are being proactive in the US and trying to develop the early detection research in pris. Kate was diagnosed with the disease at only 23 years old. Campaigning for more research.A test like a mammogram or Pap smear.12,000 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year. For many, the disease is well advanced by the time its detected. It's hoped this may catch it early. Results from a larger study are available within the next two years. Sydney is about to say goodbye to our warmest winter on record - but what's in store for our spring and summer? Amber joins us now.Winter felt like spring. Spring looks more like summer. The trend of two degrees above average will continue, meaning many more sunny scenes like this in Bondi today and Cronulla. The city can expect highs of 24 degrees instead of 22 this spring. On the west it will reach 27 from a usual 25. Don't expect another record-breaking summer - temperature also hang around 25.5 in the city and 30 degrees in our west. As for rain - last summer had falls of 348mm, that's 50mm more than usual. And I'm sorry to say - it looks like it will be another wet summer this year, Georgie. Thank you, Amber. If you ever wanted to tickle a whale on the tummy - today was your chance off Bondi. And throwing in rolling around and fin flapping. The experts say that's the way juvenile whales chill out. Going by these shots - they certainly looked relaxed. In the news ahead - the moment a teenage snatches an elderly woman's handbag. A life taken by a disqualified P-plater drunk and speeding and the laws that failed her. And from water skiing to dancing - candid pictures of the Royal family. This program is not captioned. (TECHNO MUSIC)

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of the Royal family.
A great grandmother is facing surgery after chasing a young thief who 134567ed her handbag in the corridor of a Brisbane hospital. -- snatched. 84-year-old Betty Partridge slipped and fell and broke her pelvis in two places. Two teenagers have since been arrested. It's senseless behaviour that ruins so many families. Banned drivers getting behind the wheel and claim an innocent life. The parents of a young mother killed two years ago at Kellyville are demanding tougher punishment for repeat offenders. Carol cries every day.For me, I wish he would rot in hell.Talking of the speeding, drunk and suspended P-plater who killed her daughter Kathryn. The horror crash on a suburban Kellyville street cost a little girl her mother.How do you tell a 3-year-old she will never see mummy anymore. What's an appropriate penalty for that? I don't have one.Steve O'Donnell was sentenced to at least one year and nine months in jail. A punishment these grieving parents says highlights a justice system that gives too many a second chance.The system needs to differentiate between those people who make a once-off mistake and those people who are habitule and repeat offenders.The law currently carries a maximum penalties of 10 years imprisonment for this offence - deemed adequate.Nobody has ever been given more than five years. The law needs to be enforced.In its last three years police had to knock on the door of 55 families because a banned driver took a life. 26 of those offenders had been disqualified because they had already committed a crime on the road. And two of them ignored orders to never drive again.As a father, I don't know what to tell these people to console them that somebody or loved one isn't coming home.Colin and Carol will never recover from the death of their daughter. Sadly, they don't believe Steve O'Donnell will be a changed person if he walks free on parole next year.It's not fair to Kathryn and not fair to the person who is likely to be killed today or tomorrow because of the same thing. Rare images of the world's most photographed family are up for auction. Including Prince Charles water skiing on a chair, Princess Anne off a horse and the Queen dancing the twist. Taken by Ray Bellisario. The curtains came down on the life of a TV trail blazer. Bill Peach, the original host of the first A Current Affair's show died from capbser.Good evening, I'm Bill Peach and the program.He was 78. Sport is next - good evening, Ken.Tonight - Paul Gallen strikes back after his courage was questioned by veteran coach Brian Smith. Wayne Bennett takes a swipe at the NRL over Kade Snowden's suspension. And a first round epic for Bernard This program is not captioned. The US Open.
Paul Gallen took aim at Brian Smith who launched a strange Twitter attack at the Sharks's skipper. Smith questioned Paul Gallen's bravery. He says he's not qualified to comment. Shane Flanagan reflected on the performance. Controversy wasn't far away. Former coach Brian Smith took to Twitter last night questioning the courage of Paul Gallen after this shot from dill Napolitano. Smith said that Paul Gallen tried to avoid him later in the game.Did you run for him after that?Brian Smith can say that if he wants.Why does Brian Smith hate you?I don't know, mate. I'm not too concerned about it. Have you guy has a history?Not really. I didn't have too much to do with him at the Eels. He tried to break his tongue but the mention of peptides was the breaking point. I wouldn't say he is that qualified to express it. I don't want to give him more significance than he deserves. He means nothing to me. At the Bunnies, all four Burgess brothers picked for the clash with the Tigers. Luke has a pick for between the twims.Tom has a straight nose.Benji Marshall plays 200th game on Friday night. He took the chance to thank supporters.I feel blessed and honoured to play at a gream club, make great mates and play a premiership.After Kade Snowden's 7-week plan Wayne Bennett took aim at the NRL. Players have to have the right to defend themselves. The old system was better.

Bernard Tomic survived a first round on the opening day of the US Open. He trails Albert Ramos two sets to one and recovered to win the match which lasted almost four hours. An easier passage for Ashleigh Barty who advanced 6-1, 6414. The Australians chopped and changed the order constantly during the lost series in England.We will be pretty settled in Australia knowing the conditions well. Obviously different conditions here and how we wanted to play. So Australia won't be an issue.The series begins in Brisbane on November 21. Thank you very much, Ken. Coming up - Sydney petrol prices reach their peak and Amber with the weather.Thanks. A dry August, some light showers on Coming up: A local not for profit year
organisation robbed twice. An 18 t
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A moment.
Today the the share market

Higher. We enjoyed a mostly sunny day with light to moderate winds. A mild night it reached a top of 22 degrees across most of Sydney. Tomorrow, a trough and cold front brings showers to Victoria and Tasmania. While a high will direct showers onto the northern Queensland coast. A beautiful day is on

Way for Brisbane.

Thank you, very much, Amber. Tracy Grimshaw is up next with A Current Affair. Join me at 7pm on Gem. That's Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Georgie Gardner. Thanks for being

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shards of glass all over the floor.
They then proceeded to break throug r
doors on either side of the common B
room. Now in the frame was a signed spr
Brumbies jersey to be used in the ar
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around $600. The money raised services
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services and programs for local also
children with cerebral palsy and chi
also to provide equipment for the atten
children. AFP forensic have th
attended the scene, they' re doing fin
their bit here to see if they can