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(generated from captions) This Program is Captioned Live.We're interrupting Landline to bring you a news conference from PM Kevin Rudd. He's travelled north from Sydney to Brisbane this afternoon. He's made some comments in the last hour or so and we'll bring that to you now. It's great to be in the port of Brisbane and I'll just commend the port owners and port management to continued first class work in the expansion of this truly important piece of Australia's national transport infrastructure. In the 1970s a dream was to build this port. It was a pipe dream. You could deliver freight up the river a bit and not much past. Back then they had a vision to build this port, it began as a small enterprise. I remember from my own State Government days 20 years ago it was not a big enterprise. Look at it today it's a port of strategic importance to all Australians an when I look at the further 2.5 kilometres of available frontage heading out into Morton Bay, and 2.5 across the eastern end of the port development here, this is a massive facility to the future. In terms of Australia's defence infrastructure and defence industry future Queensland is therefore we want to an important part of that that we're making the therefore we want to that we're making the right that we're investments everywhere for every investments everywhere every part of infrastructure. That means that we are in the process of using task force navy future, task force future navy to provide the Australian Government with its conclusions within 2 years on where our future naval assets currently at Garden Island in Sydney are deployed in the future. The Defence posture review commissioned by the Australian Government some time ago, concluded that Brisbane and other Queensland ports would be useful for those purposes. So my conclusion and that of the Government is that we need this future Navy task force to provide us now with the recommendations on one, the timetable for the implementation of the Defence posture review recommendations, two, the implementation schedule in terms of which ports are chosen and which units will be deployed at which ports and thirdly, of course, the costing associated with it. Once that report is had from future Navy task force then we will, of course, make further statements on a roll out including the allegation of - allocations of funds for the Faour. For Queensland it's pretty basic. For Queensland we want to build the new industries, the new jobs of the future Defence future including those in those associated with the Royal Australian those associated with Australian Navy. At the same time we've got to make sure that in places like Garden Island, places associated with Sydney are going to have more jobs in the future. Those jobs are going to come from a continuing naval presence at Garden Island but also the building of new industries including the cruise ship industry. These ships need to be maintained, they need to be serviced and they need to be berthed as well as the enormous tourism dollars which come in from those ships as well. So what I see here is more jobs