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(generated from captions) taken up by the major parties. Good to talk to you.Thanks, Virginia.We will be hearing from Malcolm Turnbull, the Opposition spokesman on communications in a moment. He is holding a press conference shortly.He is campaigning with the Moreton LNP candidate Malcolm Cole at the Rocklea markets. We might go to Malcolm Turnbull now.We are here at the Brisbane markets with Malcolm Cole who is the LNP candidate in Moreton. We are here talking about jobs and small business in particular. The chairman of the markets Tony Joseph and Peter Kedwell who the proprietior of the cafe behind me. Jobs is the focus of our whole economic strategy. We are determined to make it easier for small business to do what it does best - creating jobs and opportunities and wealth for Australians. Small business is the engine room of the economy. That's why we will be cutting company tax by 1.5%. That is why we will be having a root and branch review of the competition laws to look at the pressure on small business from some of the bigger players in we
the corporate world. It's why we will be abolishing the carbon tax. It's why we will be cutting $1 billion a year out of the cost of red tape and regulation. You know, red tape and regulation affects businesses of every size. As you would know, Tony, it affects small businesses the most because the owner, the boss, has to do all of that compliance himself or herself. The big end of town delegate it to an army of bead counters and lawyers. So getting that regulation and red tape off the back of small business is vital. It's vital for this electorate. Malcolm has been telling me, this is a two-Malcolm show here, but Malcolm Cole has been telling me about the very troubling growth in unemployment here in Moreton during the six years of Labor Government. Why don't you talk about that, that Labor has talk about that, Malcolm?It's
really an that Labor has given Moreton.
In that Labor has In every single area of electorate, unemployment is In every single area of this electorate, unemployment higher than it was when this Government came higher than it was when Government Unemployment has gone up under Labor. What we need to do Government came to office. Labor. What we need to do is take pressure off small businesses. I run my own small business based here at the markets at Rocklea. I understand the red tape you are talking about, I deal with it every day. I know the clients and every day. I know the and the other business owners I talk to are feeling the same pinch, the heat from the carbon tax and the 21,000 plus new or that
changed business regulations that the Government has brought in over the last six years. That is flowing through to a reluctance to employ people. We need to let business owners do what they do, create strong and sustainable jobs.Do you have some questions?REPORTER: What is the plan? How will you help improve jobs?Just as we have been describing. Reducing the carbon tax, company tax, getting regulation off the backs of big businesses but small businesses in particular. And also by ensuring that the system works for small business. You know, one of the big concerns that we hear all the time is about the dominance of the big retailers, for example, of Coles and Woolies, got big implications for producers, primary producers and fruit and vegetable businesses, large stock, wheat and so forth. Across the whole supply chain, there is concern have a root and branch review about that. We are going to of the competition laws. So that small business feels that there is somebody looking out for them. There has been a real sense of being forgotten by small business sense being forgotten by the Labor Government. forgotten Government.Can I say forgotten by the Government.Can I say song. The important thing Government.Can important thing in this industry is we are dealing with a product that is a living product. Once it's picked, it's got to get to the shelf as quick as it can. The biggest problem we've had in this industry over a number of years now is being slowed down by red tape. As you were saying, we need to move our products through the system very quickly and by what you're saying is music to our ears. We would like to see just a free go at getting our produce to the customers without any hold-up whatsoever. It has been held up through different types - like we've got a code at the present time and we believe that code be there but it should be freed up in some way. That needs negotiating now.I will tell you what we are going to do with regulation. We are going to look at every aspect of Federal regulation and ask the question - what is the objective that this regulation, this element of red tape seeks to serve. What is the policy objective. Is that policy objective relevant. It if it's not, the policy should go. In most cases it will be, then the question is, is there a more cost effective way of delivering that policy objective. Can we do this in a smarter and cheaper way, both for Government and business. A big part of my responsibility in a Coalition Government, if we are elected, is going to be using the digital economy, the digital platforms to be able to deliver that. You know, one of the disappointing aspects about the Labor Government is they have talked endlessly about the National Broadband Network and built hardly any of it, spent billions of dollars and delivered very little, but what they haven't done is taken the Government, the business of Government on to digital platforms. We will ensure, for example, that every Australian, every Australian business has the opportunity to have, at no charge to them, a digital mailbox, an electronic pigeon hole, if you like, which will be the address for which all Government communications will be directed. Obviously it's an opt-in scheme, it's not compulsory. That would mean a small business would be getting all from Government, we would bring all of their communications in from Government, we would in State and local Government
in from Government, we would bring
into that one electronic into mailbox. That will ensure mailbox. That will nothing can get lost. Can you imagine the huge savings in paper and mail and all of the compliance and administration there. That's just one aspect of the policies we are going to bring to bear to make it easier for the small businesses here and right around Australia to do their job.REPORTER: The Government flags that small business will only to have file their GST twice a year. Is that something the Coalition would consider?Joe will be making an announcement in due course. REPORTER: You said it's