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Fifth test abandoned -

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EMMA ALBERICI, PRESENTER: The Fifth Test has ended in a dramatic draw, with failing light forcing umpires to call an end to play. England was hoping to make history with a first-ever four-nil series victory, but with play abandoned, the home team have had to settle for a three-nil win over Australia. Patrick Galloway reports on the final day of the now-concluded series.

PATRICK GALLOWAY, REPORTER: With champagne flung across The Oval, the magnitude of England's series win sunk in.

ALASTAIR COOK, ENGLAND CAPTAIN: When runs needed to be scored, they've been scored, when wickets need to be taken, they've been taken. I think that's a hallmark of a good side.

PATRICK GALLOWAY: After a day lost to rain, the home side resumed on 4/247. But when James Faulkner bagged his fourth, England was out and trailing by 115.

Shane Watson led by example before tea.

And as Australia's lead grew, so too did their belief in a fifth-day triumph. After all, stranger things have happened.

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PATRICK GALLOWAY: England's turn to face the music came quickly. After Clarke strode off, he set them a target of 227.

Joe Root, the first to fall, and Alistair Cook was caught leg-before for 34.

But as the shadows crept across The Oval, England's resolve strengthened, Pietersen's poise perfect with a knock that jolted Australia's 11th-hour attack.

Mitchell Starc gave his team hope, dismissing Ian Bell, but when darkness fell, it was another failed Test that came to light.

Despite the skipper's pleas, time was called on this match and the series a three-nil victory for England.

MICHAEL CLARKE, AUSTRALIAN CRICKET CAPTAIN: At the end of the day, if you look through the series, I think our batting is probably the area that's let us down.

ALAN BORDER, FORMER AUSTRALIAN CRICKETER: We've been trounced three-nil, basically.

PATRICK GALLOWAY: The Ashes go on the line again at the end of the year, this time in Australia.

Patrick Galloway, Lateline.