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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Chemical weapons probe - UN inspectors on their way to investigate Syria's.The world is watching Syria. s.The world is watching Syria. Rudd rail pledge - the Prime Minister's latest pij to win the support of win the support of voters. And state of emergency - a massive wildfire threatens San Francisco's water supply.

ANNOUNCER: From SBS, this is World News Australia. this is World News Australia. Good evening. I'm eeps Enus.And I'm Lee Lin Chin. Also tonight - Victoria Police defend an officer who shot and killed a 44-year-old man.And the price politicians pay - Andrew Wilkie on the break-up of his marriage.I would swap it all to have my family back together again. UN weapons inspecters are now on their way to the site of the chemical weapons attack on the outskirts of Damascus. A short time ago, they left their hotel, escorted by Syrian security forces. Hundreds of people were killed in the attack, ere killed in the attack, prompting the US and Britain to weigh up a military response. But Russia has warned any military action will have extremely dangerous consequences. This is the UN's disarmament chief, Angela Kane, meeting Syria's Foreign Minister.g Syria's Foreign Minister. Her job - to convince the Syrian regime to allow weapons inspectors to investigate the alleged chemical attack. Five days after the incident, the inspectors have been finally given the green light. The UN Secretary- General says every hour counts in the mission to find out what happened.The whole world should be concerned about any threat or use of chemical weapons. That is why the world is watching Syria.The United States and Britain say there's little doubt Syrian forces used chemical weapons. The attack killed more than 300 people, including children. Thousands were injured. Syria blames the rebels.

Government artillery and warplanes have pounded the area for days, making the UN inspectors' job much more difficult.The fact is that much of the evidence could have been destroyed by that artillery bombardment. Other evidence could have become degraded over the last few days. And other evidence could have been tampered with.One chemical weapons expert says there's still says there's still an opportunity to find evidence.It can be persistent. It can remain in the soil. It can remain in pockets underneath in a little crevice and so on.The US and the UK continue to weigh up the options in dealing with Syria, including air strikes. Prime Minister Kevin rime Minister Kevin Rudd says the facts must be established first, and then Australia will act.We will do all within our power, all within our power, to act with the international community to bring those responsible to justice. Tonight, it appears American military action in Syria is one step closer. But with the drumbs of a wider war now beating, Syria's President remains defiant. Bashar al-Assad has told a Russian newspaper that any US military intervention will end in failure. A senior regime figure, the Governor of central Hama province, has been killed in an alleged car bombing. Anas Abdul-Razzaq Na'em was returning zaq Na'em was returning home in a convoy of vehicles when the attack occurred. State TV blames the attack on rebels. Dr Na'em, a former Ba'ath Party leader in Hama, was appointed in mid-2011, a, was appointed in mid-2011, four months into the revolt against the government. The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has laid out evin Rudd, has laid out

I'd much rather spend money now, to get better outcomes tomorrow, rather than in 40 years time.Kevin Rudd says it's about contrasting priorities - it's also about politics.It would cost less than Mr Abbott's unaffordable, unfair, paid parental leave scheme.Former Liberal leader Malcolm Turnbull has given Labor some ammunition. He says those arguing the Coalition's parental leave policy is too generous have a point.When people say it's too much or it's too generous, that is a reasonable objection.Malcolm able objection.Malcolm Turnbull today effectively torpedoes Mr Abbott's entire case on the paid parental leave scheme.His campaign against the scheme may be working - the weekly Newspoll showing a slight reversal of fortune. But there's a lesser impact after preferences. After yesterday's Coalition launch, Tony Abbott's campaigning in Brisbane, highlighting his announcements for apprentices and dementia research. He's no longer promising a surplus in his first term.We will deliver a surplus as soon as surplus as soon as we humanly can.Tony Abbott's keen to emulate the record of his conservative heroes, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. He says they and Australia's John Howard made their nations stronger. One who'd like his own turn at the prime ministership, Clive Palmer, has laid out his policies alongside fellow Queenslander and minor party founder Bob Katter.Abbott wants to shrink the economy to the size of a pea. Rudd wants to join Abbott. They both want to tax us into oblivion.Give Clive and myself and the other small parties a break. Give us a fair go. If you don't, you will break your country. Besides, they say, the other leaders are boring. Residents of an Aboriginal community in the Arafura Sea are among the first to vote in next month's election. The Electoral Commission flew into the Warruwi community on South Goulburn Island to set Goulburn Island to set up a polling booth for 220 voters. 38 remote polling booths will be visiting some of the most isolated parts of the country to ensure more than 400 communities have the opportunity to vote. Us a voting early - expatriate Australians livering and working in China. Voting centres have been established in three Australian consulates to allow Australians to register votes for any electorate in this country. San Francisco's water supply is now under threat er supply is now under threat from the giant wildfire burning in Yosemite National Park.The fire has burned through more than 50,000 hectares, and is getting closer to a reservoir from which the city takes much of its water.It's a massive fire that's proving hard to stop. For a week now, they've been trying to control the blaze, but it continues to burn out of control.

Oh, my God!Aircraft are dropping tonnes of flame-retardant powder ahead of it to try and prevent the fire from spreading even further. Thousands have been told to evacuate their homes. Protecting people and property is the priority. We're up all night every night just wondering if it's gonna come across the line and come towards us.You can rebuild, but you can't put trees up. Displaced animals - it's just sad. d animals - it's just sad.Firefighters are struggling to stop it spreading into the most popular parts of Yosemite National Park. No-one knows what started it, but it's doubled in t, but it's doubled in the last few days and has destroyed an area the size of San Francisco. ea the size of San Francisco. Water supplies to the city hundreds of miles away are threatened, as the flames close in on a massive reservoir. And electricity lines have been hit - hydroelectric power plants shut down. It's one of the biggest fires to hit California. High temperatures, dry shrubs and trees are fuelling the flames, and it continues to spread. You're watching . You're watching World News Australia on SBS. Coming up next - Melbourne Police command under fire for pre-empting an inquiry into a fatal police shooting. Shortly - fighting for life - a mother finds her child a victim of the gas attack. And later - water worries - concern over the future of one of the Northern Territory's largest rivers.

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In Victoria, the Homicide Squad and the police Professional Standards division are investigating the fatal shooting of a Melbourne man by a police officer.Victoria Police say a highway patrol Senior Constable acted in self-defence after the driver allegedly produced a knife. legedly produced a knife. But force command has come under criticism for pre-empting inquiries into the man's death. The highway patrolman stopped the car last night in inner-city Melbourne after suspecting it was carrying stolen numberplates. Police say, while he was arresting the driver, the man threatened him with a flick knife.Next thing you know, bang, bang, bang, and jumped up in the air.My understanding and my advice is that our officer believed that his life was in immediate threat, and that he has responded with lethal force.Three shots were fired, with the 44-year- old driver of the car rushed to the nearby Alfred Hospital with upper- body wounds. He couldn't be revived. No police officer, when he starts work, ever thinks that he's going to end his shift by having to take someone else's life. It's a terrible decision to have to make. But with police investigations under way and a coronial inquiry pending, critics have accused force command of breaching its own guidelines by speaking out in defence of the officer.It's inappropriate. It's disrespectful to the man who's died's family to be making these kind of comments at this very time.They're entitled to their view. My view is very straightforward. I have members who are out there today putting their lives on the line.Police are now seeking a woman passenger who fled the scene. The experienced officer was working alone when he pulled over the car. The shooting has raised more questions about the dangers of police on patrol operating without the support of a colleague. The Victorian coroner did recently recommend a ban on solo patrols in high-risk situations.Unfortunately, nobody can predict what is a high-risk situation. Our view is they shouldn't happen at all. That's the view of the majority of our members. Over the past three decades, there have been ecades, there have been more police shootings in Victoria than any other state, although before last night's incident, the most recent fatalities had occurred in NSW. A collision between a truck and a motor scooter has claimed two lives in Sydney. A man and a woman who were the rider and passenger on the scooter died at the scene at Haberfield inner west. A date has been set for the legal challenge against a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station near Tennant Creek. The action is being brought by on is being brought by a group of traditional owners who've been fighting it for more than eight years. The Federal Court case will begin next June, and is expected to last a month. Controversial street artist Adrian Doyle has painted Melbourne's famous graffitied Rutledge Lane all blue. The makeover has caused outrage among graffiti artists, who say their art has been destroyed. The lord mayor, Robert Doyle, says it's an attempt to breathe new life to a worn-out lane. In a sign of the political turmoil gripping Egypt, itical turmoil gripping Egypt, twin judicial processes have been taking place in Cairo. In one court, former dictator Hosni Mubarak appeared over the deaths of protesters in the 2011 revolution. In another, Muslim Brotherhood leaders faced charges resulting from the same uprising. From hospital bed to helicopter, Hosni Mubarak was again on the move today. Back in the docker he's facing charges for the killing of hundreds of protesters from when he was president. from when he was president. Next door at the same time, charges were being read against the Muslim Brotherhood. Local media called it the trial of two regimes. The Brotherhood are on the back foot. A poster of their president, Mursi, was carried by thousands. At this rally, it was hardly in evidence. They say they're unbowed. Aren't you worried that more people will get killed?Nobody here is afraid! Nobody afraid! Nobody. Nobody.But the truth is, arrests and a violent crackdown are keeping the supporters away. The Muslim Brotherhood's failure to understand their deep unpopularity with millions of Egyptians cost them power here. cost them power here. But the ramifications of the departure spread across the entire region. For some, it's the loss of an important ally. For others in the Arab world, Egypt has shown the way to remove an Islamist government from power. In Tunisia yesterday, a rebel movement inspired by Egypt demanded the removal of their Islamist government. In Gaza, the Brotherhoodhead's affilulate, Hamas, is encouraging diplomatic isolation. In Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Brotherhood allies have meant a hit to his popularity. At a mosque, they're clearing up - hundreds of Brotherhood supporters were killed here. It may not have been a y not have been a fatal blow.The Brotherhood has survived for about 85 years under different t 85 years under different regimes, and I doubt very much that we are seeing the end of the Muslim Brotherhood. Cairo bears the scars of weeks of bloody violence, but for now, at least, its streets are no longer a battleground. Egypt has taken pause. How this crisis ends will have consequences far beyond its borders. Working women yond its borders. Working women in Mumbai are calling for more security on their streets, following the latest gang rape. All five men wanted over the crime against a young photojournalist are now in custody. Mumbai is home to a large number of working women, and considered to be India's most progressive city. But many have been shaken by the gang rape in the heart of Mumbai.All governments must take the cities safe for their women - not only journalists, but all willen.It was at this abandoned textile mill where the 23-year-old was raped and her male colleague beaten. The five men wanted for the crime are now in custody.

Still, many professional women feel the city has let them down. Bollywood stars have joined in the protests.They should be hanged right away. hanged right away.

According to India's crime records, there were almost 25,000 reported rapes in India last year. The most publicised was the fatal gang-rape of a student on a New Delhi bus. Police are trying to reassure women that Mumbai is, and will remain, a safe place. But some say the damage has already been done, and the lack of safety could mean women will miss out on a fair go at work.It puts me at a disadvantage because I'm a woman. Any editor who's going to start thinking about hiring a freelancer will say, "You know, maybe I'll go with a man."Rights groups are warning women not to retreat into their homes.I think that's a very dangerous trend, and the minute there are less women on the street, there's going to be -- it's going to be more dangerous for women to be out.The rape survivor is in e rape survivor is in a stable condition in hospital. She has told local media rape is not the end of life, and hopes to return to work as soon as she can. Sectarian violence has flared up again in Myanmar, raising concerns that anti-Muslim sentiment is spreading. Police say they have restored order after dozens of homes were set on fire by a Buddhist mob in Sagaing province in the country's north. Sifting through the ashes, trying to save what's left of a torched harvest. The carnage started after a Muslim man allegedly raped a Buddhist woman. aped a Buddhist woman.

150 villagers and monks began torching buildings after police refused to hand over the man they had arrested. Many Muslims fled for their lives, some hiding in a school.

The 969 Movement is a growing nationalist group that believes the spread of Islam is threatening the Buddhist-dominated country. The government and police are being criticised for are being criticised for failing to control the mobs. Angry mobs also set upon the UN repertoire, sent there to discuss previous attacks.I call for the government to act immediately and to act immediately and to protect all people, regardless of the religion or ethnicity.More than 200 people have been killed since June last year, while 140,000 more remain displaced. Those who haven't fled across the border are living in temporary camps.

Pakistan is encouraging members of its huge Afghan community to head home after unity to head home after years in the country. Decades of the country. Decades of war in Pakistan have seen the number of registered Afghans swell to 1.6 million, the largest refugee population in the world. Now, some families are making the trip to an unfamiliar homeland.

These are the first few moments of Gafor and his family's new life. After living as refugees in Pakistan for many years, they have just crossed the border into Afghanistan. Afghan forces are clearly in charge here, and flying high above the crossing is the flag of the country's central government. The incesteral village where he plans to settal is still a few hours drive away, but the family's first stop won't be there - instead, they come to a United Nations-run processing centre for returnees. All 11 family members, most born in Pakistan, are registered as residents here. tered as residents here. The children are given polio drops and receive measles vaccinations.

Welcome videos are shown to the adults, and other lessons are given on how to live in a country that, for many in his family, is mostly foreign. A stark reminder of just how precarious the security situation is in Afghanistan - upon arriving in the country, returnees are taught how to detect mines and improvised explosive devices. After filling out a final round of paperwork, he receives a $150 repatriation allowance, and an additional $30 and an additional $30 for each member of his family - money he will use to rebuild their lives in a country he hasn't called home for nearly three decades. TRANSLATION: I am very happy to be back. I'm proud to be an Afghan. Living here Afghan. Living here will be good for my family. Praise to God we made it back safely to our homeland. My plan now is to open a shop. I will work day and night to make our life better.To help with the long-term success of repatriation is the UN's refugee agency, whose workers promise to stay in close contact with the family. But for now, he and his family are content to settle in the village he was born in, and start their new lives in a very different,eir new lives in a very different, often unpredictable Afghanistanment British aviation firms have suspended all flights of Super Puma helicopters after four people were killed in the latest accident in the North Sea oilfields. Friday's incident was the fifth Super Puma crash off th Super Puma crash off the Scottish coast in more than four years. A 2009 tragedy claimed 16 lives. Survivors say this time, the chopper seemed to lose power before plunging into the sea. plunging into the sea. Super Puma is made by Eurocommenter, part of the European aerospace giant EADS. Mexican officials say they've identified 10 of 12 bodies found in cement-covered mass graves last week, as those of abducted young people. They disappeared from a Mexico City bar in broad daylight in May. d daylight in May. All were from a neighbourhood notorious for drug crime. Some of the parents of the victims are calling for new forensic tests to ensure they are identified properly. The lawyer for American Amanda Knox says she won't return to Italy for a retrial, rn to Italy for a retrial, due to start next month, for the 2007 death of her British room-mate. The 26-year-old Knox served four years of a 26-year sentence in Italy for the murder of Meredith Kercher. Knox was acquitted on appeal, but that was later overturned. Her lawyer says she's not required to attend the retrial, nor has she agreed to. In China, prosecutors say no leniency should be shown to Chinese politician Bo Xilai. The trial of the 64-year-old former communist high-flyer has come to an end as he continued to deny charges of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power. It's a tale of infidelity, murder and corruption. The case surrounding Bo Xilai has kept China hooked for days. In closing arguments, prosecutors called for a heavy sentence, saying he pleaded not guilty to the charges, and there are no extenuateing circumstances. It must be dealt with severely, according to the law. The court will announce a decision at a later date, but many believe a guilty verdict is unavoidable. Before them, navoidable. Before them, -- The former politician could even be facing the death penalty, an option in cases of bribery involving over 100,000 yuan. In the last few days, Bo Xilai has called his wife "crazy" and labelling the prosecution's main witness a "liar and a mad dog", all the while protesting his insystem. Local media have praised the transparency in this case, which is in stark contrast to previous political trials. Daily transcripts have been uploaded to social media, though there are claims testimony containing material about Beijing has been censored. Many in China have been hanging onto e been hanging onto every word at the trial that exposes the mystery surrounding top officials.A new chapter of this soap opera. In a way, the government does not want it to have a completely secret trial, otherwise they would be in trouble. Therefore, the use of microblock sepby step to release information.Now they wait to hear what the future holds for the former politician.

Returning to our top story now - the suspected chemical weapons attack on a suburb of Damascus has taken a horrifying toll on the population. Anton, we've seen families quite literally torn apart?That's right, Lee Lin. Many residents who survived the gas have fled. Hundreds of others were killed. In field hospitals, young children still lie in comas, unaware that their mothers, fathers, siblings, are dead. Last night, Channel 4 news showed images of an unknown girl in a coma for five days, suffering the symptoms of chemical poisoning. Today, our cameraman returned to the field hospital in Duma, where a woman had been seen searching hospitals, looking for a little girl.

Mariom is five and still clings to life. This is her grandmother, her mother too sick to come. She now carries photos of all her grandchildren who died last Wednesday in the attack that killed hundreds within three hours. She said they all died in front of their moy all died in front of their mother, who also lost her life. It is one personal tragedy after thousands in Syria - and she blames President Assad. Just outside Damascus, in the area of the chemical attack itself, the streets of Duma are all but deserted today. Tens of thousands have fled thousands have fled to attempt the crossing into Jordan. For those who remain, many families hide inside, often without electricity. Back at the field hospital in Duma, the Channel 4 news cameraman finds another child who has been unconscious since Wednesday. Alli is four ednesday. Alli is four years old. Medical teams have had to pump toxic gas out of his body. The doctor knows we came from a big family. TRANSLATION: This child is the only one left to have survived out of a family of 40 people. He's the only one left, the only one. Just him and his uncle. He was brought here by his uncle.Alli?Then, to the amazement of the medical staff, Alli wakes up. He says his name over and ays his name over and over again, and nothing else. But he has not been told yet just what happened to him, or that all his close family are gone. Returning to e gone. Returning to the election campaign now. A fierce battle is under way for Andrew Wilkie's Tasman seat of Denison. The Independent MP is fighting to hold onto the electorate in the state's south, after winning it in 2010 against the odds. He's candidly explained the personal cost of being a crossbencher in a hung parliament. On an ng parliament. On an icy winter's day, Andrew Wilkie pounds day, Andrew Wilkie pounds the pavement, braving Hobart's cold. ent, braving Hobart's cold.Hello.G'day. My name's Andrew Wilkie.He's been dubbed the billion-dollar man, helping to prop up the minority government giving him increased leverage. Allowing him to deliver almost $1 billion of extra Commonwealth lion of extra Commonwealth funding for Tasmania. I think I've done a good job of representing the community, compared with the political self- interest of any political party.He holds Denison with an ultra-sim margin of just over 1% in a tight race, local issues mattering. Here, every vote is hotly contested.Hi, I'm Jane Austin, the Federal Labor candidate for Denison.For decades, Denison was a Labor seat. Now, the ALP is doing everything it can to take it back.People need to be very clear that it's Federal Labor that invests in Denison. Federal Labor is the best government for Tasmania.Some say the Coalition's candidate has the name for the job. I'll Tanya Denison. I'm the Liberal candidate for Denison. How are you going?Her campaign pitch includes boosting the local economy.We're well ahead. We're in it to win it. We're in it to win it by a long way. If he wins, Andrew Wilkie could be the last remaining Independent in the lower house. He says the power- sharing deal with Labor was rewarding and challenging.It's been the hardest thing I've done in my life.It's take an huge personal toll. It cost him his marriage. Look, frankly I would swap it all to have my old family back together again.Voters have mixed views on his performance.I'm hearing that he's going to get a lot of votes, yeah.Nobody's ticking my boxes at the moment.Hehe'll probably be my second vote.Here in Denison, the final result will almost certainly be determined by preferences. There's been a fierce and bitter battle between the parties over how those preferences should flow. Labor's billboards claim a vote for Andrew Wilkie is effectively a vote for Tony Abbott. The Independent MP has returned fire with his own billboard.There has been a consrtded smear campaign against me that's been running for many months. Labor's how-to-vote cards preference the Liberals ahead of the Independent MP.Andrew Wilkie is my number one competition in the seat of Denison.The Liberals are preferencing him ahead of Labor and the Greenpeace. The Greens are preferencing Labor ahead of Andrew Wilkie.We are absolutely focused on not allowing Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party bott and the Liberal Party to get control of the Senate.Andrew Wilkie is running an open ticket - he says voters should make up their own minds. Indigenous communities have joined tourism operators and fishermen in raising concerns about the future of one of the Northern Territory's biggest rivers. The Territory government has granted a large water licence to a station owned by an LNP election candidate. Locals say that could seriously reduce the flow of the Roper River. Marianne Roberts has lived on this land for as long as she can remember. Roper River is a sacred place to her, rich with culture, and a culture, and a vital part of survival.

Saltwater was given to us. It was there from the Dreamtimes.The future of this, as they know it, could be under threat. Earlier this year, the Northern Territory Government approved a water- extraction licence to a Territory station, but the water alation plan that approves licences is still only in the draft stage. The licence granted to stylo station allows it to access more than 5,000 megalitres of water - more than 2,000 Olympic-size swimming pools - every year for 10 years. Joe Morrison from the North Australian Indigenous Land h Australian Indigenous Land and Sea Management Alliance says this is bad news.On the Murray-Darling, for instance, you see that there's been lots of mistakes made about how you access these resources.From where the water is to be extracted, it's responsible for recharging one of mat ranka's tourist hot spots - the thermal springs. spots - the thermal springs. And from there, the water feeds into the Roper River. Under the previous Labor government, stylo station's application was rejected. That decision was appealed in the Supreme Court, led in the Supreme Court, and was rejected again. But that changed in March this year, when the newly elected government approved the water licence, giving Stylo Station access to more than five times the water that n five times the water that others use in the region. The owner of Stylo Station is also Country Liberals candidate Tina McFarlane. SBS contacted the McFarlanes for comment but did not hear back. It's not just the Indigenous community voicing concerns - the Northern Territory amateur fishermens Association say granting a licence this large will thuct quality of the water - and that affects the sustainability of wildlife.Having quality, healthy rivers is essential for all recreational fisheries, and the survival of fish in the rivers, obviously.But the Northern Territory Government n Territory Government says there will be no impact on the Roper River.I'm very confident that the communities along the river will not wake up one morning and find the river's dry.Until a water- allocation plan is passed, these communities will have to trust the government gets it right, so their land as they know it can survive. The Northern Territory Government is refusing to release a series of documents that it says justified changing the water allocation for Stylo Station. A complicated situation, Lee icated situation, Lee Lin. Indeed, Anton. Well, if you've ever thaw of paying big money to hear the secrets of success, this may be a cautionary tale. US proper mogul Donald Trump is being sued by the state of New York for around $44 million. The allegation - that his investt school was all a scam.

On 'The Apprentice', billionaire real estate mogul trump Trump offers one lucky contestant the opportunity to learn from him.Not gonna get along with people, you may be successful. But it's gonna be a ut it's gonna be a lot harder.But it's not the first time he's offered to teach the secrets of his success.We teach success - that's what it's all about, success.Tonight, he's being sued by New York's Attorney- General, who says he was making false promises to thousands of students who took his investment courses. A lawsuit filed late Saturday alleges Trump operated his school without a licence for six years, recruiting 5,000 people through an elaborate bait-and- switch.We're going to have professors and adjunct professors that are absolutely terrific. Promising them the chance to become rich, only if they spent up to $35,000 on his exclusive classes and mentoring programs.They were fleeced. They were taken, they were convinced by very perswayive motivational speakersayive motivational speakers and videos of Trump. They didn't get any secrets, any mentorship, anything.Respond over the weekend, Trump tweeted, "Lightweight New York State Attorney-General is trying to extort me with a lawsuit." He directed followers to a website, saying 98% of former students were satisfy would their courses. Thousands of people in the Netherlands have rallied against Russia's treatment of homosexuals.

Those taking part oppose Russia's controversial new anti-gay law, which bans the distribution of information about ion of information about homosexuality to the under-18s. Russia's President, Vladimir Putin, was singled out for criticism during the so-called 'To Russia with Love' protest. Up next - Craig Foster with sport. A controversial end to the fifth Ashes test at The Oval.Also - the surprising wildlife discovery on the outskirts of a bustling Asian capital.

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Let's check some finance news. Greece's Finance Minister says the country may need a third bailout of around $10 billion -- 10 billion euro, about $14 billion. The first two packages were much bigger, totalling around $350 billion.He also says next time, Greece will not accept austerity measures. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that writing down more Greek debt could bring fresh market instability.

Time now for the day's biggest sports stories, with Craig Foster. Still more questions than answers in the Essendon drugs scandal. That's right, Anton. Bombers officials remain locked in marathon talks tonight with the AFL Commission over what penalties will be imposed over the club's drugs scandal. The Bombers look set to lose this year's premiership points and be rubbed out of next month's finals series for bringing the game into disrepute. Also yet to be determined is how many draft picks they should lose, and the length of any suspension imposed on coach James Hird. Members of England's Ashes team have created controversy after urinating on the pitch just hours after the completion of the fifth test.

test. A number of players, including Stuart layers, including Stuart Broad and Kevin Pietersen, reportedly relieved themselve saids following the match, which ended in a draw due to poor light. England denied a 4- xerosereies win after needing just 21 runs to secure victory. It wasn't the way either side would have wanted the series to end. Michael Clarke and Alastair Cook unhappy the match concluded four overs early due to bad light.I remember Aleem light.I remember Aleem touch skpheeg I asked him politely to not touch me. If I touched him, I would be suspended for three games. That's all I hat's all I can really remember.That England was within touching distance of victory came only after Clarke gave the hosts a sniff by declaring his second innings at 6/111. Shane Watson earlier belted 26 in quick time. James Faulkner hit 22 off as many balls. Clarke himself scored a not out 28 in even time, to set England 227 for victory in 44 overs during the tea break. Joe Root fell early to Ryan Harris. Australia's man of the series providing the tourists with some hope.29Th catch for Haddin. He holds the record on his own. When Cook went for 34 with 86 on the board, England were still the likelier of the two sides to win, as the match became a one-day shoot-out. With Pietersen bringing up his half-century in record time in an Ashs by any Englishman - 36 balls - it seemed the crowd would witness a thrilling climax.Carnage at The Oval.Despite the best intentions the, match ended in a draw. Australia avoiding the igenemy of becoming the first touring side to lose an Ashes Series 4-0. Five one-dayers and three T20 series lay ahead in the next three weeks, before the returning Ashes Series in 87 days. Australia's Stars handed England a 5-wicket victory in their final one-day international. The fist of three Twenty20 The fist of three Twenty20 matches gets under way tomorrow. Cardiff has pulled off a major shock in their first top-flight home game in 51 years. In the day's other match, Tottenham overcame Cardiff's Welsh counterparts, Swansea. Cardiff roared back from behind to condemn the 2012 champions' specifically assembled squad to a surprise defeat. Fraizer Campbell was the matchwinner, scoring twice in the last 11 minutes to give Malky Mackay's men a memorable victory. Golf - new world number two Adam Scott has am Scott has fired a 5-under-par 66 to capture the first leg of the PGA play-offs by a stroke. He came from six shots back, carding a bogey- free final round to reach 11 under. Tiger Woods h 11 under. Tiger Woods was less fortunate, suffering a back spasm on his way to earning a 4-way share of second place. But for Scott, the victory was a family affair in more ways than one.Just quickly, I've got to say this win is for my new member of my family, Olivia, who was born yesterday. Big shout-out to my sister and her husband Brad, who's actually my Brad, who's actually my coach too. I'm thinking of you guys.The win was the Queenslander's first since claiming the Masters title at Augusta in April.

the Masters title at Augusta in
April. Giro d'Italia winner Vincenzo Nibali has captured the red leader's jersey on day two of the Vuelta. The 178km stage saw Nicholas Rogge sprint clear in the final few metres of the summit finish. Nibali was 14 seconds back, and says he remains confident of capturing his second Tour of Spain title.

Mark Webber has all but confirmed fellow Australian Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo will be his replacement at Red Bull next year. Webber, Webberement at Red Bull next year. Webber, who retires at the end of the season, was speaking at the Belgian Grand Prix, where he finished fifth. He says the decision who will partner Germany's reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel has already been made, and that it was a good one for Australia. Vettel won the Grand Prix ahead of Spain's Fernando Alonso, to increase his standings lead to 46 points over the Ferrari driver. Finally in sport - think Indigenous rugby, and you're likely to recall the exploits of the Ella brothers or, more recently, Kurtley Beale. However, that may be about to change. The injured Wallaby fullback was Wallaby fullback was on the Gold Coast recently in an attempt to unearth the country's latest crop of stars. After two troubled years at the Melbourne Rebels, Kurtley Beale is returning home to the NSW Waratahs. The talented fullback is currently a mentor for the Lloyd McDermott rugby development program. Now in its 21st year, it continues to provide young Indigenous men with pathways into elite rugby, with an emphasis also on education and culture.By giving back to them and giving them advice that I've been through throughout my career - if I can help y career - if I can help one kid along their journey in their life, in their career, I guess, I'll be very satisfied.Since be very satisfied.Since the glory days of the Ella brothers representing the Wallabies, few Indigenous players have pulled on the green and gold. Beale would certainly love to see more coming through the rugby ranks, and believes similar initiatives can find more potential Wallabies. For me playing at the highest level, not seeing another brother out there, it is quite sad. You like to share moments like that. At times, you do reflect on where you come from.For Lloyd McDermott, having someone of Beale's calibre helping the next generation is special, and the first Indigenous Wallaby gave a glowing assessment of what Kurtley Beale means to the game.As a player, Kurtley is something special. He's up there with the Ellas. I'm not gonna crown him the king of Aboriginal rugby at this stage. But in a few years time, him, the Ellas and the Walkers and the great rugby players will, I feel, be on a par.Beale has recently had surgery on his shoulder. He will return to action in next year's Super Rugby. If they're anything like the great Ella brothers, they'll be very special talents indeed. That's the day in sport. Craig, thank you. The weather coming up. And - hidden in plain sight - newly discovered wildlife promising to draw more tourists to Cambodia.

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The Russian army has been called in to protect the city of Khabarovsk in eastern Russia from record floods. Floodwatersom record floods. Floodwaters are already at a 120-year high. New peaks are expected over the next week. 5,000 troops have been joined by thousands of civilians to protect the city. o protect the city. Many roads and public buildings have already been flooded.

the city. Many roads and public
buildings have already been flooded. buildings have already been flc
To gs have already been flooded. To the forecast - a low and a trough are bringing rain and the odd storm to the south of Western Australia. Moist north-westerlies are bringing showers and thunder to northern Tasmania.

A new species of animals and birds are still being found in remote parts of the planet. Believe it or not, they can even be found on the outskirts of one really busy South- East Asian calkaptle.A tailor bird has been discovered living just outside Phnom Penh. Now, people are wondering why it was not noticed before.

He's very small, very quick, and has a distinctive orange cap. Meet the Cambodian tailor bird - a new species of bird discovered through a clabilation of three wildlife scientists. It all started when one was testing out his new camera.How we found the bird back in January 2012 at this site, and didn't know what it was. Then Asheesh saw the same bird in early June. Again, he didn't know what it was but got some really good photographs. That piqueed my interest.Simon then determined that the bird was not an anomaly of an existing tailor bird species. The scientist visited several other nearby scrub areas, finding a population, proving it was, indeed, n, proving it was, indeed, a new species. We're about a 30-minute drive from Phnom Penh, the country's largest city. This is where the bird was first spotted. By rd was first spotted. By no means is this a remote area. That's part of the reason why this is such an interesting discovery. The undiscovered bird hiding in plain sight can be drawn out by playing a recording of out by playing a recording of its song on a smartphone. So, why hadn't it been discovered before?The main reason is because main reason is because the places it lives aren't very interesting. It lives in dense scrub and most of the birds that live in dense scrub are very common birds that nobody would pay any attention to.But thanks to some scientists who did pay attention, the d pay attention, the new Cambodian tailor bird will draw in more tourists. Already we get hundreds of birdwatchers every year coming through Cambodia. coming through Cambodia. This is a new thing. Nobody has ever seen this before.And so many more people can see it, the scientists ask that the bird be classified as near- threatened, so ear- threatened, so the building boom of the city does not swallow its habitat. Recapping our top stories now - UN officials are ories now - UN officials are on their way to the site of the chemical weapons attack in Syria that shocked the world. They're due to visit the eastern Gutta region, where the opposition says government opposition says government troops killed hundreds of civilians in last week's attack. ans in last week's attack. The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has laid out a timetable for a high- speed rail link between Melbourne and Brisbane if re-elected. And the trial of the 64-year-old former communist high-flyer, Bo Xilai, has come to an end. Prosecutors say he does not deserve leniency, and does not deserve leniency, and have called for a heavy penalty. That's the world this Monday. Can our next bulletin at 10:30 on SBS One.Meanwhile, you can get all tonight's stories at SBS online, and follow ine, and follow us on Twitter. Goodnight. Goodnighow us on Twitter. Goodnight.
Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media -

A broadcast by Christine Milne
for the Australian Greens

for the 2013 federal election.

We want a caring society but
you can't have a caring society

if you haven't got a healthy
environment, clean air, clean water,

uncontaminated soil.

The Greens are consistent,

we've got the courage to keep on
campaigning for it

inside and outside
the parliament.

We'll roll out school funding soon.

It's madness to cut universities
in order to fund schools.

We want to see universal access
to dental care,

we want to make it just
as convenient and easy

for people to go to the dentist
as when they go to a doctor.

We should think about refugees
in terms of compassion.

These are people who want to invest
their talents, their lives,

their commitment to our country.

We need to look back and see that
the refugees who've come here before,

far from being a threat
to the country,

have made us a much richer culture
in Australia.

There are so many opportunities
in addressing global warming

and at the same time,
giving people jobs.

When you think about the future
of Australia

and where the job opportunities
are going to be,

they're going to be in growing
high quality, healthy food

and beverages for the future.

That's why it's essential
we look after the environment

and think about what are
the challenges of the 21st century

and that's where you start to open up
amazing job opportunities.

If you keep on thinking
that Australia's future

is going to come out
of holes in the ground,

you're actually risking the economy.

Caring society recognises
that love isn't about law.

The Greens are standing up
for a society

in which people care for each other.

When people vote for us

they can trust us to follow through
because we care.

ADAM: Back now to Tasmania,

and this gobsmacking piece
of coastal real estate

is the Freycinet National Park.

And right next to the park
is a farm.

32 hectares of the purest
salt water I've ever seen,

packed full of prime
Pacific oysters.

With a Tassie breakfast and lunch
already under my belt,

it's time for dinner.

I can't think of any food where
clarity and cleanness is more prized

than in an oyster.

And when you look at
these surroundings,

you can see exactly why the oysters
from here are so special.

The man who farms them
is the same man who dressed me,

and that's Giles Fisher.

One of the things that
we can do here, Adam,

is that we can eat the oysters
straight from the water.

The water's incredibly clean.

Have a crack at that puppy.

Don't think you get much fresher
than that, do you?

That's unbelievable.

The flavour of it is just amazing.

It's creamy, it's salty
from that sea water.

But it's just that pristine
clean taste in the mouth.

There's nothing else there...
That is nice, isn't it?

..other than just oyster flavour.

I've always preferred
a Coffin Bay oyster,

but after trying these
I might have a serious rethink.

Now, Giles reckons that the water
temperature has a lot to do with it.

The colder temperatures
mean slower growth.

That's obvious.

But also the flavours
become more intense

as things are growing more slowly.

How many oysters
have you got here?


4 point something.

4.6 million, I think,
on the farm at the moment.

is what most of us have
with potato chips.

I can't stop at just one.

And with that many oysters, I'm sure
Giles could spare a half dozen.

These oysters are so beautiful.

They've got a wonderful clarity
of flavour to them,

with that little metallic
cucumbery finish on the end.

Going to do something very simple

because I don't want
to detract from that.

Gonna do oysters with a vinaigrette
of cucumber, dill and gin.

Just start with some fresh dill.

Shred that very finely.

Goes into our jar there.

Next, some really nice
Tasmanian olive oil.

For our vinegar, we're going to use
a little bit of rice wine vinegar.

You could also use cider vinegar.

Also, just for a little bit
of a different flavour,

a squeeze of lemon.

Little bit of grated shallot.

And also a little bit
of cucumber as well.

Oh, hello.

There's literally a fish swimming
round my feet as I'm doing this.