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(generated from captions) as far as the Government is concerned, is it getting any traction in its negativity, saying that essentially it's This
unworkable and unaffordable? This is all part of, of course, the campaign that it's heading into, now, playing negative politics of trying to tear down what the Coalition's about?I think the Government is getting some traction on this one, largely because of the kind of internal contradictions in the policy. So on the one hand we have a workable but less generous paid parental leave scheme already under Labor. Tony Abbott, I agree with Nick, believes deeply in this scheme. He's saying they'll do a more generous one, but we are going to pay for it with a tax for big business, so there is a kind of contradiction there. It's also a very unusual use of taxpayers' money in that it's regressive - it pays wealther people more and less wealther people less. Most other schemes are designed in a way that is equitable, this one is not. I think there are internal contradictions in the policy that Labor is getting mileage with.There has also been contention around costings generally, Nick Minchin. We have had the independent thee felt there were some $30 billion worth of costs not accounted for. Is this to be an issue ongoing for the Coalition as we look at the next two weeks of campaigning? Well, I've been involved, I think, in every Federal campaign since 1977 and I think costings has been, you know, a tennis ball batted between the parties in every one of those elections. What I thought was interesting about the finding was that he says it's $30 billion the Coalition has to find as opposed to the Government's assertion of $70 billion. I think we can dismiss the Government 's assertion. Even if you take the position of $30 billion the Coalition has to find, that's 30 billion over four years, which is around 7 billion per annum, in a budget of nearly 400 billion. Now, I can tell you as a former fin finance Minister, you can outside the areas of education, health and Defence, which the Coalition has said it won't touch, you can find $7 billion a year, I can tell you, of waste and areas you can make receivings without affecting the services people expect of their Government.We are going to have to bail out there because the Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has stepped up to speak. Let's cross to that now. Sure.This is an exciting day for the council which runs this leisure centre because I am here today without. - to confirm that incoming Coalition Government will commit $7.5 million dollars towards an $17.5 million upgrade. It is a very important bit of community infrastructure. It serves a large and growing community. Obviously it's very well utilised but it is more than 40 years old now and it needs very substantial upgrade. This announcement today is a small but significant part of the Coalition's positive plans for a stronger Australia and a better future. This election, which now has just two weeks to go, pits the positive plans of the Coalition the Coalition against more of the same from Mr Rudd and an obviously divided and dysfunctional Labor Party. I want to make it absolutely crystal clear what will happen if the Coalition's elect the on September 7. We'll build a stronger economy so that everyone can get ahead. We'll scrap the carbon tax, which $550 a
will save the average household $550 a year. We'll get the budget back under control by ending the waste. We'll stop the boats, and we'll build the roads of the 21st century because I want to be known as an infrastructure PM. It's particularly important that there be a change of Government in Canberra for the people of SA, because the current Federal Government has damaged SA's economic prospects. The carbon tax, the mining tax, the changes to the Australian building and construction commission have made it far harder for major resources investment to go ahead, made it far harder for BHP to go ahead with the Olympic dam mine expansion, which was something that so many South Australians had been pinning their hopes on. If we want Olympic Dam to go ahead, to have a realistic prospect of going ahead, we need a Government in Canberra that will scrap the carbon tax, scrap the mining tax and fully restore the Australian building and construction commission. Just recently, just recently, we have seen further evidence that the Rudd Government just doesn't get it when it comes to SA with the fringe benefits tax hit on want to make it very clear to every South Australian concerned about the future of the car industry, I want to make it very clear to every South Australian worker in the car industry, we won't hit your jobs, we won't jeopardise your industry, we won't go ahead with this 1.8 billion hit on company cars which the industry estimates could cut local car production by 20%. So, it's a Government which just doesn't get it, and every time Mr Rudd and the Labor Party unleash yet another barrage of negative advertising, they demonstrate defend and no vision for the future. As I said, I'm very pleased and proud to be with Christopher Pyne, my senior South Australian colleague. He is a great, great fighter for SA, as well as being a Warrior for good causes, and I'm now going to invite him to speak to this announcement.

Thank you very much, Tony. It's terrific to be here to welcome the Leader of the Opposition, Tony Abbott, to my community, and he's had a great welcome here at the Campbelltown leisure centre. The $7.5 million that we are pledging today will make sure that the Campbelltown leisure centre redevelopment happens and at a very high quality level. It will make an enormous difference to the community in the east and North-eastern suburbs. So I'm very grateful that Tony Abbott and the economic team of the Coalition saw the good benefits of supporting the Campbelltown leisure centre. It's also important to have Tony Abbott here in SA, because this election campaign in our State is all about jobs, about trying to get Olympic Dam back on the books again, trying to get that working again, clearing away the environmental hurdles placed in the way and the union and industrial hurdles put there by the Australian Workers' Union over a period of time. It's about confirming that we will scrap the fringe benefits tax increase, which will hurt the car industry in this State and in Melbourne, costing us again more jobs and, in fact, this morning it was reported that not only will the car workers at Holden be hit by falling car sales and the head of Hyundai only last week confirmed that the orders for car leases had fallen by 37% in the fortnight before last week, but also we see in the paper that the Holden workers, many of them, have leased car vehicles that are Holdens already and they will be hit by this PBT tax increase. are getting it both ways - they are getting falling car sales because of the FBT increase and as a
themselves personally suffering as a result of the changes to the fringe benefits tax. Finally, we are seeing again in the paper that the Government's campaign is unravelling with more chaos and dysfunction and division laid bare in the papers, in the 'Financial Review'. This is not the kind of circus that the Australian public deserve as a Government in Canberra. They deserve an adult Government that's focused on jobs, on the cost of living, on protecting our borders and on good economic management. Yet again this morning we see them back-biting, discussing their private party matters in a way that is exactly the opposite to what the Australian public expect from an adult Government. Abbott, the PM is going to return to Canberra to receive briefings on Syria. Have you been offered briefings and do you think that this move by Mr Rudd is some sort of election campaign stunt or tacticJoe, it's entirely appropriate for Syria.
the PM to receive briefings on Syria. Obviously terrible things are happening in that country. It's very important that UN inspectors be allowed in to get to the bottom of exactly what has happened. I hope the international community is able to do what it can community is able to can to try to ensure that can to try to blood shed ceases and human rights are once blood shed ceases human rights are once more
respected. blood shed ceases and ordinary
human rights are once respected. But it's entirely briefed on this. Julie bishop, appropriate that the PM briefed on this. my Deputy, and the shadow Foreign Minister will receive a briefing herself tomorrow from the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and trade that will cover these issues and obviously I'm happy to receive briefings as well as the situation unfolds. REPORTER: (Inaudible) increasing your lead again in the election campaign. How will you guard against (inaudible) secondly, we have years
heard a lot in the last three years about the things that you will undo, such as repealing the mining tax and the carbon tax, what positive vision, what new things will we hear from you tomorrow night when you launch your campaign? Well, the thing that I'll be stressing when I launch my campaign tomorrow is that we have had the same strong united team for three years. We have three years.
had the same clear plans for three years. I'll be building on those strengths. The last thing you are going to see from me are sudden backflips, sudden changes of heart, because that's not me. There is a continuity, a consistency, I like to think a coherence about the position of the Coalition. It's been that way for three years, and I am confidence that I can offer the same consistency and clarity to the Australian people for the next three years should we win the election. Now, as for the polls, look, frankly, I don't believe them. I think this is a very, very close race. It's a very, very close race. Mr Rudd believes that his negative campaigns is working. The unions have a $12 million war chest that they will spend mercilessly over the next fortnight. There will be nothing but wall to wall negative advertising from the Labor Party. nothing but relentless attacks on Labor Party. There will be
nothing on the Opposition from the Labor Party. The I say to the Australian people every time you hear Mr Rudd attacking Opposition, understand he has no record to defend, he has nothing to say about our nothing to say about our future and our country just can't afford three more years like the last six. But he thinks it's working. He thinks it's working. He's got a spring in his step because he thinks negative campaigning works. The point I keep making about the Labor Party is that they are hopeless at Government - absolutely hopeless at Government, but they are we
brilliant at low politics and we are going to see a lot of low politics from the Labor Party over the next fortnight. REPORTER: He's gone back to Canberra for the briefing, is that just politics, is that a stunt?No,No, it's entirely appropriate when a serious issue is unfolding for the PM to seek a briefing. I certainly will be briefed by Julie Bishop on what she hears from the secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade tomorrow, and I would expect to be briefed myself at some point in the next couple of days. REPORTER: A question, while you are here with some
Christoher Pyne, we have seen some further allegations made by Clive Palmer regarding the Peter Slipper case. Are you confident that Mal Brough has nothing further to answer on that caseThey are very old allegations. It seems that there they have been recycled They
for electioneering purposes. They have been denied now, as they were denied in the pastREPORTER: Have you spoken to Mr Brough? Not recently. REPORTER: As a big fan of John Howard, you must think it pretty poetic if Kevin Rudd lost his seat in the electionAgain, I'm just not going to speculate on polls. I want to make it crystal clear that this campaign still has a long, long way to run. If a week is a long time in politics, a fortnight is an eternity. The Labor Party - think that negative advertising and campaigning works. That is what we are going to see on aive scale. We will see the mother of - massive scale. We will see the mother of all campaigns unleashed over the next fortnight. They are already making completely fantastic claims about the Coalition, that we will sell schools we don't own, that we will sack nurses we don't employ, that we will sell parks that belong to local councils - they will not let facts get in the way of a good scare and we will see scare after scare after scare. Now, I'm confident that, in the end, the Australian people will see through all of this, but Mr Rudd obviously thinks that scare campaigns can fool enough of the people, enough of the time, for him to sneak back into Government in alliance with the Greens.REPORTER: I any urgency
just wonder why you don't see any urgency in just wonder why you any urgency in going back to Canberra to receive these briefings any urgency in going back to briefings from Syria. The latest reports are that cruise missiles have latest reports missiles have been stationed
off Syria by latest reports are that cruise
missiles have off Syria by the US. off Syria by the US. You could very well beat the PM in just very well beat the PM in just a fortnight very well beat the PM in fortnight and be making some
crucial decisions very well beat the PM in just a country. crucial decisions for our
country. Why don't you receive country. Why don't you this urgent briefing like Kevin Rudd has and return to this urgent briefing Rudd has and return CanberraAs Bishop is going to receive a briefing tomorrow morning. I'm looking forward to receiving briefings but I think it's quite possible for briefings to be had while I'm on the road. be had while I'm on the I don't for a second underplay the seriousness of this situation, and I entirely support the PM receiving briefings. That's a very good thing to happen, but certainly I will be continuing my campaign, but in between ordinary campaigning enters, I will be receiving briefings and updates on the Syria. REPORTER: On the North South Road corridor is the Liberal Party fully committed to the darling tonne upgrade or are you considering the (inaudible)? We are confident that the most important priority for the North-south corridor is the Darlington upgrade. The SA motoring organisations have publicly said, repeatedly, that this is the most urgent priority, that this is the biggest traffic bottle now. That's why we are
determined to make it happen. We are determined to get work underway within three years, because we want to make a difference and I want to be an infrastructure PM. I don't want to be a PM like Mr Rudd, who made a promise to alleviate this particular traffic black spot five years ago, and never delivered upon it. REPORTER: By the end of this year, something like half of Syrians will be homeless and a will be refugees, including more than a million children. more than a Would an Abbott Government consider increasing the humanitarian financial assistance to the situation and would it consider increasing the Syrian humanitarian refugee intake? The difficulty with any increase in the humanitarian component of our immigration intake right now is that it's being filled by people smugglers. That's the problem. That's the problem. We are getting illegal arrivals by boat at the rate of well over 3,000 a month right now, and that means that the entire component of our humanitarian immigration, the entire component is being selected by people smugglers. Now, I accept that there serious situation in Syria. It is an escalating situation, it seems. Australia will do what it can to help. We have always been a good international citizen. We will do our duty as far as we humanly can, but I think it's too early to speculate on exactly what that might be. REPORTER: Voters do seem to be worried about your paid parental leave scheme in the poll. Does that give some weight to the concerns raised about the policy been your own ranksI am very proud of this scheme. It demonstrates that the Coalition gets it when it comes to the Modern Family, mot dern workforce, and contemporary - modern workforce and contemporary Australian woman. The average family needs more than income to get by. That's why it is very important we allow women a real choice to have a family and a career. So this is good for families, it's good for business, and it's good for the economy. I'm totally committed to it, and the Labor Party, frankly, knows that it has been outplayed on this one. We have seen unions NSW come out and support the Coalition's scheme. Many Labor members of Parliament know in their hearts, and will say privately, that our scheme is much better than theirs. Our scheme is based on paying the parent who is at home for six months a full wage, a full wage. Labor's is basically a welfare scheme. If you think that parental leave is a workplace entitlement, not a welfare entitlement, you've got to back our making is you our scheme and the point I making is our scheme and the point I keep full wage to go on making is you get paid at your full wage to go on holidays,
you you get paid to take long service you get paid at your full why shouldn't you to take long why shouldn't you be paid at
your full wage to take long service leave -
why shouldn't you your full wage on parental leave? your full leave? REPORTER: Why don't your full wage on think it's sitting well with votersAgain, we have seen scare after scare, lie after lie, from the Labor Party, and, look, sometimes it takes people a little while to sift the truth from the lies that have Labor
been heaped upon it by the Labor Party. But I am confident that anyone who sits down and considers our policy will believe that this is a watershed change. This is a very significant social advance and it will only happen if there's a change of Government on spent 7.REPORTER: Are you will tog change the scheme at all to get it through the Senate if the Greens want to negotiate?If we win the election, we will have a very clear mandate - to repeal the carbon tax, to repeal the mining tax and to introduce a fair dinkum paid parental leave scheme. REPORTER: We are in Julia Gillard's home town, a number of Liberal candidates and MPs here say that her knifing has helped the Opposition in this State. Would you prefer to be facing Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard? I'm just not going to speculate on who may or have been the most formidable have been opponent. The fact is any opponent who heads up the Labor Party is a formidable opponent. The point I make is that the Australian people are sick of a political party which has no stability at the top. Let's remember, in 2004, they asked us to vote for Mark Latham. We know what happened to him. In 2007, they asked us to vote for Kevin Rudd, and we know what happened to him. In 2010, they asked us to vote for Julia Gillard, and we know what happened to her. Now they are asking us to vote for Kevin Rudd again, but, Franksly, I think - frankly, I think people are awake to the fact that Labor doesn't keep its leaders and Labor cannot be trusted to offer a strong and stable leadership team. said that he felt that Julia Gillard being knifed by - sorry, Julia Gillard being toppled by Kevin Rudd, the home town girl, would work in his favour. Do you feel if you win your seat back in this election you might have Kevin Rudd partly to thank for that success?There is no doubt in the 2010 election there was a Julia Gillard factor in SA and in Victoria. That's why the margins in many of the Labor seats are seen quite high. . Double digit figures when they had traditionally been in the low percentages. The axing of Julia Gillard, which highlighted the chaos and division and dysfunction in the Labor Party for the last six years, has meant that that factor will be removed, and I some
think SA could well throw up some surprises on election day. But there is still two weeks to go and Andrew Southcott and I and our candidates in Wakefield and Makin, Matt Williams in Hindmarsh are all working their guts out to get the message out. Damon in Kingston, etc, are all working very hard to make sure that - cathy Webb in the Senate... thank and Garry Burgess, if we win the fourth spot, we'll be doing very well and I certainly to number 4 on the Senate ticket. They are all working very hard to get the message out to the South Australian public about cost of living, jobs, border protection and economic management. REPORTER: Back on the Greens, with them in the balance of power in the Senate, how would you approach that if you win the electionIt's one of the tragedies electionIt's tragedies of the modern Labor Party, electionIt's one of the tragedies Party, that they have sold their soul to the Greens. This is their soul to the Greens. is one of the reasons why so many traditional Labor voters find it very hard to vote find it very hard to vote for the current dysfunctional and divided Labor Party. The Labor Party is tearing itself to pieces over this de facto Coalition with the Greens. I think that the Greens are political fringe dwellers. I think their economic policies - I think their general policies are way to the left of either the Coalition or the ordinary think
Labor Party, and that's why I think if the Labor Party knew its own long-term best interests it would do exactly what we have done and put the Greens behind the major political alternative.REPORTER: If you feel that way, will you not negotiate with them? In the Senate?I am campaigning to win an election, and I have very clear policies, and if the Coalition wins the election on September 7, I would expect our mandate to be respected by the Parliament. REPORTER: How come they support your PPL and large elements of your own party and also the National Party don't support itWell, even people who are wrong on most things are right on some things. When it comes to this, they had a rare lucid moment. REPORTER: You've criticised Labor for a negative campaign, you are still ahead of the polls. Are you expecting the PM to try and have a pit stop on this election campaign and try and re-set his campaign? Are you preparing for that? Is that I'm
something you are expecting? I'm running the best campaign that I possibly can. My campaign is determined by my strong team and by our clear policies. I'll let the Labor strong team and by our clear
Party do what it thinks is in its own best political interests, but what I'm focused on is running a strong campaign which is saying to the Australian people we will do what we reasonably can to reduce your cost of living pressures by scrapping the carbon tax and that will leave households $550 a year worse off. By scrapping the mining tax, by cutting red tape by $1 billion a year, that will improve your job security. By not going ahead with the fringe benefits tax shrug on company cars, that, too, will improve your job security. I am on about practical change, real change, for the benefit of Australian families and Australian workers. Regardless of what Mr Rudd does, that's what I will be doing for the next fortnight of the campaign. Thank you. It was the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, speaking in Adelaide, joined by the local member there, Christoher Pyne, who is also the Opposition's education spokesman. They have been touring key marginal seats in SA. Meanwhile, the PM has been selling the Government's national broad brand network plan - National Broadband Network in Sydney this morning. Nick Dole is travelling with the PM.The PM has, in effect, suspended his election campaignment he's in Canberra seeking urgent briefings on the situation in Syria. Of course, the UK says it believes that the Syrian regime is responsible, and that chemical weapons were used. But the PM says he still wants to get all of the facts and he's offered a similar briefing to Tony Abbott as well. Although he's not saying whether or not he think it is appropriate - the Opposition Leader return to Canberra too. I'm not about to provide him with any such advice. It's a matter for him. My responsibility as the PM is to ensure that all the caretaker conventions are applied. And I intend to do that.Earlier, the PM was here in Joe Hockey's seat of North Sydney announcing a $10 million innovation fund for small business to help them use the NBN in the future. We had been expecting to head further North to Brisbane again and all of the polling out recently shows that Kevin Rudd really does need to spend more time, particularly in his own seat, another news poll shows that he is behind in the seat of Griffith. I'm in the business of fighting an election, and fighting as hard as I can. I will fight and fight and fight for the things I believe in, for the families and businesses who depend on getting access to high speed broadband.With a Neilson poll confirming the PM is slipping further behind, it has the Coalition leading 53-47. This is an unwanted distraction for the PM. He would prefer to be out meeting people in the various electorates that Labor needs to win over, but he says he takes his responsibilities seriously. He says he needs to seek a full briefing and he has a responsibility to inform Australians about the events overseas.So as nick Dole said the PM will have a security briefing this afternoon in Canberra. Meanwhile, the US President, Barrack Obama, is stepping up pressure on Syria over this chemical weapons attack. But over this week's suspected he stopped short of any military he stopped short any military intervention. The any military intervention. ABC's Phillip Williams has more
and a warning some viewers may find the footage in this find the footage in this report disturbing.As the world ponders what to do next, more video has emerged - this from a Syrian film-maker. Witnesses telling him of the terrifying moments after the apparent father,
attack. TRANSLATION: My father, mother, all my sisters and brothers, plus at least 50 neighbour s collapsed on the floor. I managed to bring my little sisters and two other girls to this field hospital, but nothing is left in ZamalkaTRANSLATION: We even saw cars hitting walls because the drivers lost consciousness as they tried to transport the victims for treatment.For all the video and testimony, Governments are demanding hard evidence. President Obama spoke of his concern, but he's not saying what he'll do if its proven the Syrians crossed his red line. There is no doubt that when you start seeing chemical weapons used on a large scale, and, again, we are still gathering information about this particular event, but it is very troublesome.The British foreign secretary, William Hague, was not waiting for verification. I know that some people in the world would like to say this is some kind of conspiracy brought about by the Opposition in Syria. I think the chances of that are vanishingly small, so we do believe that this is a chemical attack by the Assad regime on a large scale. But we would like the UN to be able to assess that.Perhaps surprisingly the Russian Government joined in