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(generated from captions) they stop that they've got to handball itAnd James Courtney has just won the V8 supercars ways in Winton.Sounds good. Thank you Danny.Returning to our top story now the Coalition's election campaign launch. Our political editor Lyndal Curtis has been interviewing politicians at the launch in Brisbane today. She asked Liberal Senator Fierravanti whether Tony Abbott's pitch will get the over the line on September 7.Tony's pitch was absolutely fantastic today. It was itself really is about trust and who do you trust and Tony at the end of his speech asked the very important questions about who the Australian public should trust and that is should trust and that is him and his team, because 16 of his team have already been there, they've done it, they've solved problems before and they're ready and able to do it again. This was not just Tony, it was his team, it was a fantastic launch and it was great to be here.There was a fair bit of negativity from some-his team including Julie Bishop, was she set up to be the person who attacks so Mr Abbott could be more positive?I think Julie comments were absolutely pertinent. Julie is spending so much of her time going out and about as we all are, and she was I think really relaying what she's seen on the ground and what we're all seeing in terms of the messages that we're receiving from ordinary Australians,.Now there was some policy announcement Mr Abbott's speech including indexing the Commonwealth seniors health care card. What will that mean in practice?I think that for self-funded retirees, this is a very good message and I think that that certainly as manier Abbott said it will be important for them, particularly in terms of accessing of medicines on the PBS. There were also announcements in relation to dementia which I'm very, very pleased about, the $200 million with dementia with $285,000 people who today have dementia and by 2015 we're going to have 1.1 million people with dementia. Dementia research is vitally important Australia.Change to the Commonwealth seniors health care card, it would mean more people getting access to cheaper medicines on the PBS?My understanding is that it will affect their access, Tony made that announcement, I'll leave that to Mr Button and Mrs Bishop who have pertinent, it's their responsibility so I'll leave them to give out the detail in relation to that.But the direction pitch, the new thuntion in the speech were to older Australians and to apprenticeship, they're pretty traditional campaign?I think older Australians are very important as shadow Minister for ageing and mental health, every household in Australia either has an ageing or a mental health issue or both and certainly today's announcement about dementia is very, very welcome, I know that there are many Professors and many scientists in Australia who are working very, very hard on this and we can only hope that do and we can only hope that they
do find but potentially a do find not only what causes but potentially a cure, it's
very, very important do find not only what causes it
but potentially a very, very important and I know
that there are many, many researchers in Australia doing fantastic work, but it is - we are an ageing population and this is Var important component of that.There are two areas in your portfolio where we vbts yet seen policies, that's on both ageing and mental health. When will e-6-3 those details?We'll see those details soon, as I said, they are very important areas and I've spent a lot of time out and about talking to stakeholders, ordinary Australians, about the issues in ageing, both from the provider perspective, the need for greater certainty, and flexibility in the system, but more importantly from older Australians who say to me that they appreciate the need to contribute to their care but they want to ensure that they get the care they need when they need it, how they need it and wherever they need it. And that's really important. We have a system that is both stakeholders that are both across the residential and the community sector, a lot of people do want to stay at home and the system as it is at the moment does need improvement, especially in terms of the red tape and the administrative burden that daily providers face and which they tell me repeatedly wherever I go around Australia so we'll be having some things to say about that