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(generated from captions) spokesman Mark Dreyfus there and a little bit earlier just after the launch our political editor lufz spoke to Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinos.Look I think one of the big picture Das was around trust. I think he was really saying "look, it's been a period of deception, broken promises, so let's put the button on reset f you want a new way you've got to change the Government." And how does that appeal to Labor and Green voters? I think if they're looking for real things to happen and not being let down, I think they should consider please
consider.HaveThere would be very few Governments in recent experience who have come to Government and have not had to break promises through reason of circumstance or a change of circumstance or a change in the economy. Can the economy. Can a Coalition Government the economy. Government really promise to
come in and break no promises at all?Having made such an issue of the trust deficit issue of the trust we've set the high jump bar very high on ourselves and we have to meet that bar, because that's the commitment Tony Abbott as given the Australian people including today. So yes, it's a high bar but we have to be able to meet it.He did today promise that electricity and gas prices would go down if the carbon tax is removed. Given that the carbon tax isn't the only reason for electricity prices in particular to go up, is it realistic to promise that they will go down or should the promise be they won't go up by as much?What we'll do there is as I understand it, work with the States to make sure it's clear on people's bills that the carbon tax has come off and that therefore relative to where they were going electricity prices have come off.Mr Abbott also said that by the end of the first term a Coalition Government would be on track to deliver a Budget surplus. Does that mean that you no longer think it realistic that you will be able to get to surplus within a first term, mare lie lay the ground work?He said on the ground track to deliver a believable surplus and you spend the first few years not only reviewing spending priorities and all the rest of it but putting in place reforms which may have a medium term impact so you don't necessarily get all of the change in spending in if areas that are being cut up front, but his main point though is - and Jeff Kennett had this experience in Victoria - if the markets in particular see that you're on the right track then as long as you're making progress they'll mark you up for that and we've also got to have regard to the state of the economy so if you're seen as for want of a better description tightening too much at the wrong stage of the cycle you exacerbate the problem you're trying to fix.He also made predictions over 10 years, a defence spengd at 2% of GDP, the private health shurnls rebate restored, ten years would put you into the third term of a Coalition Government, are you making promises because you expect to be elected for that many terms?You can look at it the other way, that he was trying to discourage people from thinking that overnight you can restore the private health insurance rebate or 2% of GDP going to debate, he was making the point that you can't have guns and butter in effect and that also if you want to achieve a surplus ultimately around 1% of GDP, things have got to give and so I think he was trying to lower expectations about how quickly some of the stuff we said needed to be restored in terms of spending levels can be done.You had the experience when you were chief of staff to John Howard of helping the PM and Treasurer put in place the charter of Budget honesty. That was designed so no longer a Government could come to power and all of a sudden discover a Budget black hole that they hadn't known was there before hand. Is it impossible for an Abbott Government to come into power and makically discover a budget black hole?What I think Tony was suggesting today is that because of the Government's record in revising the Budget bottom line so much over time, the fact that we've had a $30 billion writedown between May and the economic statement just before the election, that knowing should be left to the surprises, we hope there are no more surprises but if there are in that sense we won't be surprised because there's been a record of these numbers being wrong, and that's not a laughing matter. We do need to get the forecasting of the Budget under control, it has to be realistic and it has to be I think with a Conservative bias.Finally, do you think that the Coalition will win on September 7?Look, I think at the moment probably I'd be the other side. I putting more money on us than to be the other side. to be truthful about that, but with the other side. I mean, I have
to be with two weeks to go, and with plenty of time for people to do plenty of time for people to something wrong or stuff up, you can't bet the house on it. So you have to put yourself in the space where you just work every day on the basis that it's 50/50, it could either way and hopefully you're surprised pleasantly on election day.Arthur Sinodinos, thank you very much for your time?Thankses.And it's the Labor Party's campaign launch