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This Program is Captioned Live. Tonight on 7:30 WA - no Browse for Broome so what's next? What damage has been done and how do we repair that damage? Rebuilding Broome's tourism brand.We are going to take hold of our destiny and go ahead and do something.Taking off the tattoosAs I'm headed into my 40s, I just want it gone.

Good evening. Welcome to the First tonight to Broome where, after years of First tonight to Broome after years of making headlines across the country over a proposed gas hub, there is a push to rebuild the town's profile as a tourist destination. This week the Premier Colin Barnett conceded defeat on the controversial gas precinct after Woodside confirmed it wants to use floating technology. So with the project now all but debt, attention has refocused on Broome's core business - tourism and the fact visitor numbers have been falling. Here is Erin Parke.It is Ladies' Day in Broome and the party is in full swing.Atmosphere. Atmosphere. Yeah. Just atmosphere. Everyone is on holidays. It is just a great time.You can't come to Broome without going to the races.The warmth in the winter. The beach. Just the relaxed lifestyle.I really enjoy Ladies' Day. It is one of the best days in the year.Having a fabulous time.Broome Cup week drawcard
is seen as a major tourism drawcard in the middle of the high season when the town's population doubles. Visitors travel from across Australia to swim at Cable Beach, buy pearl and let their hair at the race track. But the problem with the Broome tourism industry is how quickly the party stops. In a few weeks the streets will be all but empty, along with many of the hotels.It is a drop of probably 10 to 15% in the average occupancy for the year.Michael Leake has owned and operated the Habitat Resort for nine years. It is smaller scale operators like him that are bearing the bankrupt of a big drop in the number of people visiting Broome in recent years.With the decline in tourist numbers, obviously the hours that staff work or the number of staff we employ, they're reduced and also expenditure we do in the town.Figures show the of domestic and visitors staying in Broome has dropped 20% since its peak in 2006.In better times, say four or five years ago, we enjoyed average occupancy rates of around 70% for the year, possibly a little bit more. In the last couple of years, that would have dropped down 10%.Across the road, John Gaeppen is leading camel trains has
up and down Cable Beach as he has been doing for 13 years. He remembers the golden years. Broome had been put on map, there was a lot of media coverage in Broome, the airlines came on board, more direct flights, it became more accessible to people. It is one of the destinations where most people would like to visit once in their life.Five years ago the tide turned. With the global financial crisis, travellers tightened their belts, opting for cheap and cheerful overseas destinations like Bali.Five years ago, you had trouble finding a place for your brochure, now there is empty racks. There is clearly far less tour operators in Broome now than say five years ago.In a town so small and remote, the slump of a single industry has had a big impact. Especially as the collapse of another Especially as it coincides with industry that Broome holds the collapse of close to its heart industry that Broome close to its In the industry's hundreds of people were employed in pearling but since the GFC, almost all of the pearl farms have closed and only a fraction of the only a fraction of the jobs remain. In recent years, some have looked to oil and gas to else queue the town's but plans for a major LNG precinct at James Price Point north of the town have been scrapped.If you fail to comply ...Some believe the years of protests and controversy have tainted the town's tourism brand.What damage was done outside of Broome, particularly in the Eastern States, and in other areas with the perception that tourism was no good in Broome anymore because of oil and gas. What damage has done and how do we repair that damage? All eyes are now back on Broome's ability to attract the tourist dollar.The gas hub has put a lot of things on old and now we've got a decision, we need to pick up things and move forward and say we're going to take hold of our destiny and go ahead and do something.All agree the high cost of flying to Broome is one of the biggest challenges.The attraction of Bali is in the cost of the air fares. It is a very cheap place to get to. Broome is still a expensive proposition in terms of air travel.Some argue the town needs a low-cost carrier to open the market up to travellers.You have people who have champagne tastes on a beer budget and have champagne tastes on budget and you have people who have champagne tastes budget and you have people have champagne tastes and drink have real champagne. This town can stand a mix everybody.Broome has traditionally marketed itself as something of a luxury has
destination but Ron Sedon, who has been running the upmarket Cable Beach Club for almost a decade, believes there is room for a low-cost carrier.We've got to be a little bit careful in this regard. I think a full service airline is just as, probably still as important as any other alternative but I think there is room for both. Marketing is another big issue. Many operators think the town became complacent during the boom years and has failed to re-invigorate its brand. What's happened is the marketing bodies are doing what they've done for a long time and repeating the same programs. They need to think outside the box.ADVERTISEMENT:This is a wilderness camp ...The organisation responsible for marketing Broome is Australia's North West. CEO Glenn Chidlow says there is a huge amount of work being done.There is a number of things we do from a destination awareness point of view. It is just ongoing throughout the year and building on the brand that exists for Broome, very much around the exotic, romantic, beachside holiday get away and the cultural aspects of include
Broome.Recent initiatives include an online campaign depicting the quirky characters of the Kimberly and bill boards in Perth highlighting the laid back lifestyle. There was disappointment when the recent State Budget failed to deliver the millions of dollars for tourism marketing that was promised in the election campaign but there is also an awareness the industry needs take control of its own des fli u - destiny.When people start to hurt they lash out. It is someone or somebody's fault. I question whether we all collectively - I have a tourism business - whether we all collectively have taken the eye off the ball to some degree when things were ripping along, did we say "We don't need to advertise"? Some are taking the situation that their own hands.There is a group of resort managers getting together and we want to start marketing the Broome experience, thinking outside the box, come to Broome now, we have something great to you. Come up here and have a good holiday.There are hopes the tourist slump has bottomed out and the tide will turn again.This year we have seen quite a significant increase in occupancy and our forward bookings are looking quite robust, certainly a lot robust than the last couple of years. I think we have turned a corner, I really do.Erin Parke reporting there. It has been something of a horror week the State Government with the Premier declaring the loss of James Price Point a personal failure and the Education Minister Peter Collier fending off claims he lied about looming job losses in schools. The State's the troubles to intensify its attacks accusing the Government misleading the public of breaking promise misleading the to education. We misleading the public over cuts to education. interview with the interview with the Education Minister but we were told he was Minister but was unavailable. McGowan gown accepted our invitation and accepted our invitation joined me earlier.Thanks for
having me.Given the hatchet job the Government did on itself this week, you must have been tempted to take the week off? No, you have to keep working. The Government's problems are of their own making. They made a number of promises at the State election they are not delivering on so they are not delivering on I'm going to make sure people are aware of that fact.It is a rare sight to see a Premier label himself a failure, isn't it? It is. I think the Premier has given up too early on that project. He said he has failed on James Price Point and the Browse gas. The main thing we should be doing now is not surrendering. We should still be fighting to get the gas onshore to make sure WA is the beneficiary of the Browse gas fields and I think the Premier has run up the white flag too early.You have been highly critical of the Government's cuts announced over the last couple of weeks. Wouldn't you have had to do much the same thing had you been elected to Government? What's happened is the Government has not at the
delivered on promises they made at the election and cut programs in areas like education. They have too too little compassion. They have cut in areas we are just little kids education and the like, I don't think West Australians want to see that. But Mr Barnett is the one who caused the problem. If we had been elected to government, I stance
would have adopted the same stance as last time, responsible government showing compassion and essential areas are excluded.You wouldn't have made cuts to education? We didn't in government. I was the Education Minister, we made sure literacy, numeracy, kids with disabilities were protected. We made education a focus.You made such a big deal about spiralling debt in the lead-up to the election. I wonder whether that is still a priority if you were in government? Three and a half years away, we will see what the state of the books are then ...The forward estimates said you were going to inherit a State debt of $28 billion.It is a big problem. It is a big problem. I acknowledge that. What I'm going to do at the moment in the lead-up to the next election is make sure the last election is not forgotten and what Mr Barnett said before the last election was he'd keep debt down. He didn't announce any of these cuts he is making. My job as Opposition Leader is to make sure the Government is held to account. That's what I'm going to keep doing.Your job as Opposition Leader is to cast yourself as an alternative government so where would you sit with debt because it is hard to imagine you going to the next election promising anything other than spending cuts, increased taxes and charges to services? The next election is three and a half years away. We will live within our means. Last time in Government we drove debt down, it was $3 million. Today it is expected to be $28 million. That's a 700% increase. We will live within our means and announce promises in the lead-up to the next election .It raises prospects of your own priorities. If that's what you inherit, that would mean Metro net would be dead in the water.Mr Barnett is succeeding in handicapping future governments. That is true. That is something whoever wins the next election will have to deal with and if Mr Barnett's successor wins the election, they will have to deal with. The next election is a long way away, we will announce our policies in the lead-up.You haven't scrapped Metro net? Perth will keep growing. Ensuring we have private motor cars is important. Last time we extended the rail north, that will part of the DNA. I want to make sure rail is the focus for a future government. But we will see the state of the books at the next election.If this Government is as bad as you say, you are going to inherit a real mess if you win the next election? The fgess are a mess. That is true. If we win the next election, we would inherit that. This is a problem in the lead-up to the next election where we will announce our priorities. If we need to cut, we will be honest with people in the lead-up to the election. Mr Barnett was not honest with people in the lead-up to the election. All the areas he said he'd manage, he'd keep electricity prices down, he hasn't done down, he hasn't done that. He said down, he hasn't done that. said he'd keep taxes done. West Australians want honesty. Mr Barnett hasn't delivered.Wouldn't you be in the same position of having to make similar cuts in similar ways or are you saying you won't have to cut? We would not have got into this position. That's the difference. Mr Barnett is the arc telgt of the - architect of the situation the State is in. Debt was low when he came to office. He has blown that. I am not going to be held to account for what he has done. I didn't win the election. If we had won, we would be delivering on our promises but we don't know where we'd be at this point in time. If we win the next election, we will deal with those situations then and announce what we will do in the lead-up to the next election.Thanks for your time. Thank you very much.

To the Federal election now and with two weeks to go to polling day, the Opposition today unveiled a controversial new plan for regional action to stop people smuggling. It has pledged to buy back unseaworthy boats in Indonesia as well as offer villagers bounties for information about people smuggling. Labor has dismissed the scheme as a grab for attention. Kevin Rudd predicted he could pull off a 1993 Paul Keating-style election comeback. Heather Ewart reports. Just past the midway point in this campaign and the pressure is on to hone the sales pitches for the crucial final stretch.We enter the campaign as underdogs. We are still underdogs. We are fighting, fighting, fighting. There are things worth fighting for.Two weeks to go now and it is clearer and clearer this election campaign pits the positive plans of the Coalition against more of the same from a divided and directionless government.Buoyed by opinion polls, continuing to run in its favour, the Opposition smells decisive victory. Kevin during a media blitz on the hustings in Western Sydney, clings to the hope he can pull off the unexpect ed.People need to think about this in terms of political history. I am old enough to remember what Prime
happened in 1993 where then entered
Prime Minister Paul Keating entered the race as an underdog.And went on to win but there is no sign yet of a repeat for Labor this time as the Opposition ramps up what it thinks is a winning formula.We are not going to be all talk and no action here. We are sending the clearest signal to the people smugglers your game is up. Your game is up. We run this country and we decide who comes here and we will exercise the control that is necessary.In Darwin came the latest addition to the Opposition's operation sovereign borders policy. A $440 million plan for more regional action to stop people smuggling.The policy which Scott Morrison and I are proud to announce today essentially involves working much more closely with source and transit countries to interdict the operations of the people smugglers.It is a new take on the old stop the boats theme that means sending more Australian police to Indonesia to work with local authorities. But way more contentious, a move to set up a village watch and offer bounties for information as well as buy back unseaworthy boats destined for people smuggling.We want to have a program that reaches out up to 100 villages across Indonesia but also the opportunity where the intelligence leads you to have the option to be able to get that boat before the people smuggler does and stop that boat from leaving Indonesia. That saves lives, it saves the taxpayers' money ultimately.It is much better and much more sensible to spend a few thousand dollars in Indonesia than to spend $12 million processing the people who ultimately arrive here, so it is a commonsense measure.A measure that was swiftly met with derision by Labor.Of all the mad ideas I have heard in immigration, I think boat buy-back wins. The whole concept that you can deal with three-quarters of a boats, most of which are being used for poor villages to make a livelihood, and Australian officials are going to wander in and buy the boats from them? It is simply crazy policy. No other way of describing this.Mr Abbott's plan to have, it seems, a three star general sitting at the end of a jet which a chequebook to buy back fishing boats in Indonesia is about as irresponsible as his plan for a paid parental leave scheme which gives 70,000 - 75,000 bucks to Syria.As Labor re fines the campaign strategy, attacking Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme is a consistent focus. At almost every turn in Sydney's western suburbs today, Kevin Rudd was at it he announced cutting GST red at it again and again even as he announced cutting GST in the
tape for small business.We're in the business of making it easier for small business to get out there get out there and prosper whereas Mr Abbott is imposing on small businesses and independent retirees and families the tax burden to pay for his unaffordable, unfair and irresponsible paid parental leave scheme.If you want to do the right thing by the families of Australia, by the workers of Australia, by the businesses of Australia, you need a fair dinkum paid parental leave policy and that's exactly what people will get from the Coalition.But Labor knows full well the policy sits uneasily in Coalition ranks and in the business commufnt worried a - community worried about its cost. That's why Kevin Rudd will continue to hammer it from now until election day. This and the Coalition's failure to release its budget costings and potential cuts. Tony Abbott took a hit on that front with respected Merrill Lynch economist Saul Eslake claiming a gap of almost $30 billion between the Coalition's tax cuts and new spending promises and savings unveiled so far.I have high regard for Saul Eslake has an economist but when it comes to budget numbers it is an entirely different thing. We have a proper process. We have gone through the Parliamentary Budget Office. Our numbers are right, Parliamentary Budget
our policies have gone to the

Office.All of our policies will be fully costed and fully funded and the overall budget bottom line will be better under us than under the Labor Party.Which jobs go? Which health services are cut? Which schools are cut? Et cetera Is this the sort of person you want running a $1.3 trillion, 1 $1.5 trillion economy. I don't think so. We have to zip and meet the think so. We have to meet the folks who live meet here.Voteers shouldn't expect to get the Opposition's costings and cuts until to get the costings and cuts until the
last last few days of the campaign. Not so long ago a tattoo was regarded as a lifelong commitment but regarded as commitment but with advances in laser commitment but with advances laser technology, a growth industry is emerging, offering to return heavily adorned skin to a blank canvas. Not that it is easy. Laser removal can be both painful to the hip pocket as well as the body. Claire Moodie reports. It is an industry that's moved into the mainstream.It is not a taboo thing anymore. It is just people who love art that want to wear art.About a quarter of young Australians are using their bodies as a canvas and there is now a tattoo parlour in nearly every postcode.I haven't seen it slow down. I don't see it slowing down in the near future either. Everybody wants a tattoo. But as Generation Ink continues, a spinoff industry is gathering pace.When you are 19, particularly living millions of miles away from home, you don't think about the consequence of it being with you forever and so a few years ago, as I headed into my 40s, I just thought I just want it gone.Justine Taylor is now paying the price for an impulsive decision during a working holiday in London.I went to see my friend at the tattoo studio. Had literally no thought whatsoever about getting a tattoo, walked out with a blue flying horse.Any particular significance to the blue flying horse? Not really. I thought it look ed pretty. I thought I liked horses. That was as much thought as I put into it.She is one of a growing number of people opting for laser treatment to tattoos.There is something for me about - I don't want to be an old woman with a tattoo. That's not something that I ever aspired to be.This cosmetic clinic has invested in what's called a class 4 Q Switched machine considered the game changer in the difficult seems
field of tattoo removal.It seems we have had the most demand from baby boomers who have had tattoos put on when they were young, in their teens or early 20s and a lot of them are very unsightly and they want them removed.They deliver pulses of laser energy, a billionth of a second in length. That goes through the skin without damaging it, gets absorbed in the tattoo ink and literally explodes it. a range of treatments on the literally explodes it.There is
a range of treatments on the Internet
claiming to offer more cheaper methods
effective, less painful and cheaper methods of removal but, according to the Australasian College Dermatologists, laser is the only one backed by peer-reviewed scientific evidence.The chance of a cream or anything other than a Q Switched machine removing a tattoo is very small. Buyer beware.While other States are less strict, in WA class 4 lasers have to be operated by a medical practitioner.The guy in his 40s, he has some snake coming out of a skull and the kids and their kids' friends are spooked by this scary tattoo and he says "It was alright when I was 25, now I'm 45 and have a 5-year-old and she thinks it is ghastly".Dr Neil Hewitt has diversified from conventional medicine to tattoo removalist come counsellor.The commonality between patients is they want change. I always say to patients it is about second chances. It is about giving you a second chance.But that second chance comes at a price. Justine Taylor will spend $1,500 getting a tattoo removed that cost her £90 in the UK.You don't care about the pain or the expense. I just ... my next option is chopping my arm off. (Laughter).But not even arm off. even these arm off. (Laughter).But even these lasers are foolproof.It requires anything from four to 12 sometimes more treatments and not all colours respond equally so blue, black responds very well but red responds well but green, purple, aqua, yellow and white do not tend to respond anywhere near as well.The success rate is about 85%. They still need to have quite a few sessions and the sessions are done eight to 12 weeks apart.Among Dr Hewitt's patients are those who have already tried other methods.They've come to me scarred, terribly scarred, and they say "Can you fix that?". I can't fix it. The horse has bolted.The problems have led to calls for better regulation of a growth industry.I think as the tattoo removal sector starts to grow, I think it's got to mature and you have to find somebody to regulate that. So does Justine Taylor have any advice? Yes, don't do it. (Laughter) I have told - all if guys at work love me because I have said as a community service get your teenage daughters to come and speak to me when they are thinking about getting a tattoo and I'll talk them round.But young women now make up at least half after the tattoo market.More fashionable and more accepted by modern society. All sorts of people, anywhere from doctors and lawyers to tradies to people who work on the mines.As the tattoo business continues to prosper, the removal industry looks set to grow along with it. Both will be exhibiting at a major tattoo expo coming to WA for the first time next month. I think it's good in the aspect that people that haven't done their research on their artists maybe got a tattoo that's not so great, they have the opportunity now to get rid of that and possibly put a nice piece done by a professional artist over the top of it.I've gone from being antitattoos to kind of liking them. Not just for commercial
reasons either. It is them. Not just reasons either. It is an art. reasons either. It Don't do it. I think that's the moral Don't do the moral of that story. Claire Don't do it. I think Moodie reporting there. That is 7:30 WA for this Moodie reporting there. That 7:30 WA for this week. For more about our programs, 7:30 WA for this week. For about our programs, visit our website, ABC. Thanks for your company. Join us next week for more WA current affairs. Until then goodnight.

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This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned. This program is not captioned.

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Hello, I'm Jane Hutcheon, welcome to the program. As a fifth generation Texan, Brene Brown knows a thing or two about being tough. She was also born with a big heart and a strong desire to help people. She is a scholar and a research Professor in social work at the University of Houston. In her new book, 'Daring Greatly', she explains how vulnerability is essential to living a happy life. Professor Brown became an internet sensation after her first Ted talk three years ago and is speaking with Whitney Fitzsimmons. Brene Brown, welcome to One Plus One.I'm excited to be here.You are a fifth generation Texan. You have a family motto that is lock and load.That's true.How did that Brene
manifest itself in a young Brene Brown?I think I was probably raised - I think Australians and Texans have a lot in common. I was raised with the ethos of suck it up, get it done, soldier on, tough it out, you know. So there was not a lot of fooling around, just very kind of be strong and be tough.Knowing what you know now, what would you say to that young girl back then?You know, I think one of the things that even genders in kids growing up in that culture, whether it's here or it's in Texas, is a lot of armour. Like look at me, I'm super cool, nothing bothers me. I can take anything. I think I would say to her, you don't really have to be so tough and whenever you are pretending to be so hardcore, I know you're afraid and that's OK.You do say that perfectionism is not about striving for excellence. What is it?That was as a recovering perfectist that was interesting to me. It was all about what will people think. Perfectionism is externally defined. We carry perfectionism as a way to protect ourselves. and do it all perfectly, I can avoid and do it all perfectly, I avoid being criticised and blamed and avoid being criticised blamed and judged. The truth is you can't avoid those experiences because they are part of the human experience. What that shield does, it keeps